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US Television: The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episodes 12-22

Episode 12:  Unpleasantville
Original Air Date:  January 28, 2010

Elena tells Stefan about the mysterious dark man in the road the night she had her accident.  Jeremy unknowingly later invites that man into the Gilbert home when he arrives as a pizza delivery man.  Alaric gives Jeremy an A on his history paper and Jeremy loans him the Gilbert journal.  Bonnie meets Ben, a charming guy she used to go to school with, at the Mystic Grill who is more than he seems.  The dark man from the road continues to torment Elena.  Jenna tells Elena all she knows about Elena's birth mother and that her name was Isobel.  The man from the road attacks Elena in her home but Stefan arrives just in time to save her from being bitten.  Knowing the man was invited into the Gilbert house, Damon and Stefan know there is only one thing they can do.  Elena goes to a school dance with Damon and Stefan to protect her.  Alaric introduces himself to Damon.  Anna shows up at the dance to see Jeremy and presses him to give her the Gilbert journal.  Elena faces danger from the dark man at the dance and Damon and Stefan must save her.  Caroline and Matt begin a relationship.  Stefan confides in Elena about promising to help Damon free Katherine. 

Episode 13:  Children of the Damned
Original Air Date:  February 4, 2010

In Mystic Falls of 1864, we learn more about Damon and Stefan when they lived as human beings.  We also get to meet Katherine, Emily, Pearl and Anna and see how the 1860's residents of Mystic Falls dealt with the vampire problem in their midst.  It is revealed why Stefan and Damon do not trust one another.  In present day Mystic Falls, Damon, Stefan and Elena begin work on finding the grimoire so the tomb can be opened and Katherine released for Damon.  Anna is also working to get the tomb open but for a different reason.  Stefan and Alaric meet and come to an agreement.

Episode 14:  Fool Me Once
Original Air Date:  February 11, 2010

Elena and Bonnie have been abducted by Anna and Ben so that Bonnie will help with the spell to open the tomb.  When Anna decides to use Elena as leverage with Stefan to get the spell book, both he and Damon, come to the aid of Elena and Bonnie.  Bonnie, her grandmother, Elena and Stefan agree to help Damon rescue Katherine from the tomb but they want to destroy the other vampires there by burning them.  Elena goes to Damon and promises him she and her friends will help him rescue Katherine.  The group goes to the tomb to open it on the same night that a bunch of local kids hold a party in the woods.  The witches perform the spell and open the tomb leading to a shocking discovery for Damon and a heartbreaking end for Bonnie.

Episode 15:  A Few Good Men
Original Air Date:  March 25, 2010

The vampire who escaped from the tomb at the end of the last episode attacks a man in the woods and takes his clothes.  Thanks to a bit of research by Jenna, Elena finds out a bit more information about her birth mother and goes to see an old friend of her mother's.  Matt is shocked and suspicious when his mother returns home.  Alaric learns that his wife was Elena's birth mother and calls on Stefan for help.  Sheriff Forbes wants Damon to take part in the Founder's Day Fundraiser bachelor auction.  In return for participating, he wants her to find out info on Alaric.  Alaric has a surprise of his own given to him many years ago by his wife Isobel.

Episode 16:  There Goes the Neighborhood
Original Air Date:  April 1, 2010

The vampires from the tomb are staying at a local farmhouse under the leadership of Pearl and feeding off the woman who owns the house.  Matt's mother continues her wild ways after returning home.  Matt and Caroline and Elena and Stefan go on a double date.  While the date starts out tense Matt and Stefan learn they share some similar interests.  Pearl and Anna pay a visit to Damon.  Anna and Jeremy's relationship reaches a new level.  Matt and Caroline come to a definite understanding about their pasts and their future.  The Salvatore brothers receive a couple of surprise visitors.  Jeremy makes a shocking request of Anna.

Episode 17:  Let the Right One In
Original Air Date:  April 8, 2010

Jeremy continues to press Anna about turning him.  Unbeknownst to Pearl, Frederick and the other vampires under her leadership kidnap Stefan and hold him hostage at the farmhouse and torture him as revenge.  Damon and Elena form an alliance with Alaric to save Stefan before Frederick and the other vampires can kill him.  Harper is tied up when he tries to convince Frederick torturing Stefan isn't right.  Even though she was told not to, Elena enters the farmhouse for Stefan.  Caroline's car stalls in the storm and she makes a discovery that is devastating to Matt and Jeremy.  When Stefan is almost killed by Frederick, Elena must save his life.

Episode 18:  Under Control
Original Air Date:  April 15, 2010

Stefan is trying to detox after indulging in human blood.  He claims to both Damon and Elena that he has his bloodlust under complete control.  John Gilbert, Elena and Jeremy's uncle, has business in town and comes by for a visit.  Stefan is unusually animated at a party.  Matt's mother and Tyler share a moment at the party which causes conflict between Tyler and Matt.  Damon wants to know why John Gilbert has returned to town but things take a deadly turn when John refuses to give Damon any information.  Matt tells his mother he wants her out of the house.  Stefan confides in Elena that he's struggling with his bloodlust.

Episode 19:  Miss Mystic Falls
Original Air Date:  April 22, 2010

Stefan returns to school but he is still struggling with the blood cravings he is having as a result of having to drink some of Elena's blood to survive after being attacked by Frederick.  John Gilbert continues to alert the Mystic Falls "vampire council" to signs of a vampire presence in Mystic Falls and surrounding areas.  Bonnie returns to town and to school following the death of her grandmother with a cold attitude towards Elena and Stefan.  Elena, Caroline, Tina Fell and Amber Bradley compete for the title of "Miss Mystic Falls" for the Founder's Day Gala.  Stefan agrees to be Elena's date for the Founder's Day Gala but his blood cravings get the better of him and Damon must take his place.  John Gilbert wants Damon to provide him with information but Damon proves harder to crack than John planned.  Elena and Damon take drastic measures to help Stefan deal with his problem.

Episode 20:  Blood Brothers
Original Air Date:  April 29, 2010

Stefan remains locked away to struggle through his blood addiction.  He remembers scenes from his past, the night the vampires were captured and locked in the tomb.  Damon and Stefan recall the events that led up to them becoming vampires and the choices they made once they were re-born as vampires.  Elena learns the truth about the Salvatore brothers and has to help Stefan make a tough decision about his future.  Damon and Alaric team up to try to find the John Gilbert invention Elena's uncle wants to keep it from falling into his hands and they find a surprise waiting on them.  Johnathan Gilbert tries to convince Pearl to give him the invention but their meeting turns sour.  Damon and Alaric talk about Isobel.  Anna has a devastating find when she returns home after seeing Jeremy.  Alaric receives a shocking visitor.

Episode 21:  Isobel
Original Air Date:  May 6, 2010

Isobel has returned to Mystic Falls but she isn't the same woman Alaric was married to.  She wants Alaric to set up a meeting between her and Elena and when he refuses she gives him no alternative.  Student teams are set up to create a Miss Mystic float and Caroline wants to do a Gone with the Wind themed float.  Alaric tells Damon, Stefan and Elena that Isobel wants a meeting with Elena.  Isobel is less than cooperative with Elena during their meeting but she insists Elena give her the Gilbert invention.  Bonnie and Elena call a truce.  Bonnie tells Elena, Damon she can take the power off the invention and proceeds with a spell to do so.  Jeremy and Elena's relationship breaks down when he accuses her of lying to him.  After threats from Isobel and with no choice left to them, Elena, Damon and Stefan meet with Isobel, who brings her own reinforcements, to hand over the invention.  Isobel makes a startling comment to Elena about Damon.  Bonnie admits to Caroline that she didn't remove the power from the invention.

Episode 22:  Founder's Day
Original Air Date:  May 13, 2010

Founder's Day has arrived and the entire town is preparing for the big celebration which has a Civil War theme.  Damon and Stefan continue to be at odds over Damon's feelings for Elena.  Anna gives Jeremy a vial of her blood telling him that if he has her blood in his system when he dies he will become a vampire.  Stefan tells Elena that Johnathan Gilbert is her real father.  Elena tries to repair her relationship with Jeremy.  Damon extends an olive branch of thanks to Bonnie for his belief that she removed the spell from the invention.  Johnathan Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood set their plan in motion to discover and kill the vampires in Mystic Falls.  Anna tells Damon about the vampires plan of attack.  The vampires, including Damon and Anna, are rounded up along with Mayor Lockwood and taken to a building that is set afire.  Bonnie controls the fire long enough for Stefan to run in and save Damon.  Damon tells Jeremy the truth about Vicki and why he removed his memory.  Damon and Elena talk on her front porch and he kisses her.  Katherine, disguised as Elena, kills Jonathan Gilbert in the Gilbert kitchen.

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