Saturday, April 30, 2011

US Television: Blue Bloods, Episode 1.20 "All That Glitters"

Blue Bloods
Season One, Episode Twenty:  All That Glitters
Original Air Date:  April 29, 2011

When a tourist to New York City is killed during an apparent robbery outside a trendy lower-east-side restaurant, Danny and Jackie begin an investigation into the extremely high-profile case.  The evidence leads them to a Haitian immigrant who, by all means, looks perfect for being the suspect.  However, things become more complicated when the immigrant, an ex-policeman himself, gives them evidence that very well could mean the murder was more than a crime of opportunity.

A couple from Iowa, Lance and Margaret "Maggie" Olson (George Merrick & Tara Westwood), are dining at a trendy lower-east-side restaurant and discussing the fun day of sightseeing they had.  The waitress, Maya (Elizabeth Fye), comes to the table to close out for the evening.  Lance pays the bill and gives her a very generous tip while discussing his business back home.  He grows corn that is turned into ethanol.  He mentions having his after-dinner cigar and the waitress tells him to not have it in front of the restaurant because the smoke gets in and the customers hate it but to instead go down a little way to the left.  He promises Maggie he will be back before she can finish eating.

Friday, April 29, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.20 "The Last Day"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.20, The Last Day
Original Air Date:  April 28, 2011

After receiving a phone call from his mother begging him to return, Tyler Lockwood comes home to Mystic Falls unaware of everything that has happened.  Elijah reveals his plan to save Elena's life but Damon takes matters into his own hands as he doesn't think the plan will work.  Stefan takes Elena on a romantic day out as it could very well be the last day of Elena's life.  Damon tries to fix a mistake but pays a dear price for it.  Klaus obtains his vampire, his werewolf and the doppleganger for his ritual.

Elijah, Stefan and Elena discuss the events that will be unfolding that night.  Elijah confirms to Stefan the Sun & Moon Curse is fake but that Klaus has a very real curse placed upon him and what will happen if he succeeds in breaking that curse.  Damon enters the conversation wanting to kill Klaus that day with Bonnie but Elena points out that is not an option as if Bonnie used that much power it would kill her.  Elijah explains the ritual Klaus will be performing that night.  A witch will channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that is contained within the moonstone.  Klaus will then sacrifice both a werewolf and a vampire then, in the final part of the ritual, he will drink the blood of the doppleganger to the point of death.  Elijah removes an aged bottle from a box and explains it is an elixir he acquired some 500 years ago for Katherine.  It possesses mystical properties of resuscitation.  In theory, Elena will drink the elixir and she will die but will then come back to life.  Damon isn't pleased with this plan and feels it will not work.  He asks about the Gilbert ring and Elijah explains it only works on humans.  Since dopplegangers are a supernatural occurrence the odds is the ring will not work.

Music: Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams

I've loved Stevie Nicks for more than thirty years.  Whether it was her music with Fleetwood Mac or her solo career, of her songs I find to be utter brilliance there are too many to name.  I own every single album and know every song by heart.  So, when word of a new Stevie Nicks record came down the path, it was excellent and exciting news.

For In Your Dreams, the legendary Stevie Nicks teams up with another music legend, Dave Stewart.  Dave Stewart, formerly half of the massively successful band, Eurythmics, is also an accomplished, and extremely talented, producer and songwriter.  Also making guest appearances with Stevie are Fleetwood Mac band mates Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham.  Not only does Buckingham lend his guitar work to Soldier's Angel, he lends his vocal talents as well.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

UK Television: CBBC's Young Dracula Series 3 Officially Announced

Back in March, word came that the CBBC had given the green light for a third season of the popular series Young Dracula.

Now, it's official.

On 21st April, 2001, the BBC Press Office issued a press release detailing future children's television programming.  Included in the release is a bit more information about the third series of Young Dracula.

From the release:

The diverse range of commissions, The 4 O'Clock Club, Young Dracula, Sadie J and Tracy Beaker Returns feature a tantalising mix of vampires, feisty teens, squabbling siblings and care home antics.

By popular demand
Young Dracula is swooping back to CBBC. We pick up the story four years on and Vlad and the Count have fled from Stokely. Pursued by slayers and radical vampires alike, The Count and Vlad keep a low profile and "hide in plain sight" by buying a school. The Count is determined that Vlad fulfils his destiny to lead the vampire race, but this is threatened by The Count's own tendency to create mayhem and disaster on a daily basis and by the re-emergence of the anarchic Ingrid, who brings a trail of destruction in her wake.

An irreverent, gothic comedy,
Young Dracula shines a mischievous light on family relationships and what it is to be a teenager trying to make his way in the world. The third 13x30 minute series will be filmed around Liverpool and promises some exciting new characters as well as the return of familiar favourites. The series is produced by Lis Steele and executive produced by Josephine Ward.

With filming scheduled to begin in May 2011 it shouldn't be too much longer before we see Young Dracula back on our screens!

You can read the entire text of the press release here.

For more information on Young Dracula:
Young Dracula Official CBBC Web Site:
The Internet Movie Database:

US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.8, "Steaks"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Eight, Steaks
Original Air Date:  April 24, 2011

The team is called in when two men escape prison in the coffin of a large inmate they killed.  As they have taken a guard hostage, they must be found before they can do anything to him.  When they find the guard dead and learn that the escapees have an agenda, the team must work fast.  Ray gives the cons an incentive:  whoever does the best work on the case can claim a free steak dinner being offered by a new restaurant.

At Cayuga Correction Facility in Auburn, New York it is breakfast time.  The prisoners are shuffling through the line to get their scrambled eggs and one of the inmate serving the eggs, Carl McCann (Matthew John Armstrong), removes a bag of white powder from his shirt sleeve and pours in on a portion of the eggs and covers it with a spoon of more egg.  When a heavyset inmate (Michel C. Foucault) arrives in front of him he gives him a single spoonful of egg.  The inmate tells McCann to keep them coming and McCann gives him another large spoonful.  The heavyset man sits down with his breakfast and begins to eat as McCann watches on from the food line.  He soon begins feeling the effects of the powder.  He grabs his chest then his head falls back in death.  The prison doctor calls the time of death as 10:17 and tells an inmate orderly in the infirmary, Oliver Day (Jonathan Keltz) to call Potter's Field to tell them they need special accommodation for a large corpse.  A white truck carrying the large pine box and four inmates to assist with burial enters Potter's Field followed by a car.  Back at the prison, the doctor is examining the knee of another prisoner.  He asks his nurse to get the man a cold compress but she cannot open the door to get it.  At Potter's Field, the men get out of the truck to begin the burial while the guard watching them, Officer Dirk Ferris (Jesse Bond) taunts them the entire time.  When the nurse cannot open a door she calls the doctor over for assistance.  The doctor struggles with the door and once he finally manages to get it open, the body of the heavyset prisoner falls out onto him.  At Potter's Field, when the box hits the ground, the lid bursts off and McCann and Oliver Day jump out of the box.  They overtake Ferris and take his rifle.  They take the keys to the car and put Ferris in it then drive out of the cemetery.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.19 "Klaus"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.19, Klaus
Original Air Date:  April 21, 2011

Elijah awakens in the basement of the Salvatore home.  He and Elena leave the house so they can talk alone and he tells her a shocking truth about Klaus, himself and the Originals.  Jenna comes to learn the truth about vampires.  Tension begins growing and reaches a boiling point between Stefan and Damon.  Elena and Elijah renew the terms of their deal.

Elijah awakens and sees Elena but thinks she is Katherine.  He remembers first meeting her in England in 1492.  He is introduced to Katherine by Trevor (Trent Ford) and is rendered speechless upon seeing her then tells her she reminds him of someone.  Elena identifies herself to Elijah before he seemingly becomes unconscious again.  He jerks back awake again and gets to his feet unable to breathe as he hadn't been invited into the house that is now under the sole ownership of Elena.  Elena helps his stay on his feet as he tells her he can't be in the house.  He stumbles out of the basement with Elena running behind him.  She finds him crouching on the doorstep, catching his breath.  He tries to re-enter the house and, when he can't, he asks what happened.  She shushes him and whispers she will tell him and points upstairs to indicate Stefan and Damon are home and that they must speak elsewhere.  She asks him if she can trust him and he returns the question to her.  In a show of trust, she gives him the dagger used to kill him.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.21 "Ho'opa'i (Close to Heart)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty-One, Ho'opa'i (Close to Heart)
Original Air Date:  April 18, 2011

The wife of an undercover policeman, Reggie Cole is murdered in her home along with an FBI agent.  A powerful New York crime boss is the prime suspect for the killing.  McGarrett and Five-O must find the killers and who was responsible for hiring the hit before Reggie can exact his own revenge for the death of his wife and to keep he and his son safe.

Lisa Cole (Selita Ebanks) and her young son, Kevin (Kewsi Boakye) are walking along the beach when a man holding a football, Reggie Cole (Sean Combs) comes into view.  Kevin asks who he is and she tells him it's his father.  Reggie gives his wife flowers and a kiss then tells his son he's gotten so big and gives him the football.  Lisa notices two other men standing behind her husband and he tells her they are a precaution.  Reggie speaks with his son again and Kevin tells him they saw a dolphin.  Reggie tells him they might go swim with the dolphin later.  Reggie embraces his family.

Monday, April 18, 2011

US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.7, "Fun With Chemistry"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Seven, Fun With Chemistry
Original Air Date:  April 17, 2011

The team is called into action when a man escapes prison after murdering his mother and taking a young woman hostage.  As they work the case, they learn the young woman isn't really a hostage but instead, the escapees girlfriend.  What is even more surprising is which of the two is the passive participant and which one is the aggressive.  Meanwhile, both Julianne and Erica express interest in someone on the team.

It is visiting day at Wallkill Correctional Facility in Wallkill, New York.  The families and loved ones of various prisoners have come to visit.  One man, Barry, is visited for the first time by a girl he met online, Starla Roland.  Another prisoner, Mars O'Connell (Rodney Eastman) is visited by his mother.  Mars' mother had told him he wasn't her son anymore unless he apologized to her.  Thinking she was there for that apology, she gently touches her sons face.  He takes hold of her and puts a knife to her throat.  He orders the guards to open the fence or he will cut her throat.  When the guard gives him an ultimatum to release her or be shot, he apologizes to his mother then cuts her throat.  He then takes Starla hostage and holds the bloody knife to her throat.  The protect the children and families inside the gate, the guard orders the gates opened.  Mars moves through the gate with Starla.  He drags her to her car and orders her to drive away.

Friday, April 15, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.18 "The Last Dance"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode Eighteen, The Last Dance
Original Air Date:  April 14, 2011

Klaus continues to inhabit Alaric's body and goes out to see Elena in person.  The school is hosting a 60's themed dance and Klaus sends a message to Elena that he will be there.  Stefan, Damon, Elena and Bonnie make plans to go after Klaus at the dance but they don't know he's in Alaric.  Damon and Bonnie have a plan to kill Klaus that may be the the death of Bonnie--literally.  Elena enacts a dangerous Plan B.

Klaus, inhabiting Alaric's body, goes through the closet to select something to wear and isn't impressed with the selection of clothing available to him.  He asks Katherine for her opinion and she tells him the dark colors suit him better.  He asks about the dagger and white ash and she tells him it was used to kill Elijah and he can be found in the Salvatore's basement.  Klaus wants the dagger to stay exactly where it as as the last thing he wants to do is resurrect Elijah.  Katherine reminds him that Alaric is on the outs with Jenna.  He asks what else and she informs him that's it.  He touches her hair and she shrinks away asking him to just kill her as she's told him all she knows.  He believes that she believes that but wonders what they could be keeping from her.  He looks into her eyes and asks her to tell him.  She says they were wanting to see if there was a way Bonnie could kill an Original without the dagger.  He questions that Katherine said Bonnie didn't have her powers any longer and she replies that Bonnie doesn't, or didn't, she isn't sure as she's out of the loop since he kidnapped her.  Again, she begs him to kill her an be done with it.  He tells her that since he spent 500 years searching for her, her death will last at least half that long.  He holds out a knife and tells her he wants her to stab herself with it.  She takes the knife and plunges it into her leg.  He tells her to take it out.  While he's gone, he wants her to do that over and over and over again.  If she gets bored, switch legs.  He's going to go see Elena.  He kisses her lightly on the forehead and tells her to not look so glum as her fun is just beginning.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.20 "Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty, Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)
Original Air Date:  April 11, 2011

McGarrett and Danny go hiking in the mountains but get more than they bargain for when they find a dead boy.  The investigation takes Five-O into a possible connection to drug running via fishing boats.  Things become complicated when the evidence leads them to a runaway suspect in the murder of a college girl.  Meanwhile, Kono and Chin Ho must deal with the impending death of their Auntie Mele.  For Chin, the situation is even more tense because of his past troubles with the police department.

Danny and McGarrett are hiking in the Ko'Olau Mountain Range in O'ahu, a place McGarrett's father brought him every year as a child.  They're there to see the petroglyphs which Danny says is a fancy name for graffiti etched in rocks.  McGarrett gets Danny to stop talking for a bit so they can enjoy the breathtaking view around them.  He tells Danny he found another envelope on his doorstep yesterday morning containing an old matchbook that used to be in his father's toolbox.  Danny asks if he thinks Wo Fat sent it but McGarrett isn't sure.  Steve insists he's going to find out what the final case his father was working on was.  Danny doesn't think that explains why someone keeps sending the case evidence back to McGarrett.  Steve thinks someone might be trying to lead him back to Wo Fat.  Or, as Danny suggests, Wo Fat is trying to lure Steve McGarrett.  They continue walking until they reach the petroglyphs and McGarrett explains them to Danny.  McGarrett becomes interested in something over Danny's shoulder and goes to the edge of the rocks.  Someone is at the bottom.  Steve takes off his pack and calls to the person.  When there is no answer, he takes a rope from his pack and repels down to find the man is dead.

Monday, April 11, 2011

US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.6, "Like Father, Like Son"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Six, Like Father, Like Son
Original Air Date:  April 10, 2011

When a dangerous inmate with anti-government views escapes from prison the team are called into action.  They have one day to find him before he can plant and detonate a bomb in a grand attempt to honor his hero and avenge his mother's death, which he blames on the government.  Meanwhile, Lloyd struggles with the choice of whether or not to call his father despite knowing everything his mother told him about the man was lies.

At Federal Corrections Institution in Fairton, New Jersey, an inmate returns to cell #12 and his cellmate, Christian Beaumont, asks if he was able to get what he went for.  The man sits down on his bunk and takes out a small bag of flour he stole from the kitchens for Beaumont.  As Beaumont lectures his cell mate on the amount of money spent on the prison systems, he dismantles a light bulb and puts the flour into the glass of the bulb.  He drops the bulb down the front of his trousers then he and his cell mate shake hands.  His cellmate tells him he will miss his wisdom and wishes him luck tomorrow.  Beaumont tells his cellmate to "keep fighting the fight, patriot".  At the county court house, Beaumont is sitting across from a lawyer who has a threatening letter Beaumont had sent to a government official.  He is told that if he pleads guilty a six month sentence will be recommended for the offense.  Beaumont tells the man he has to go to the bathroom.  When the man asks for an answer first, Beaumont cites the violation of his 14th amendment rights by him not being granted to bathroom facilities.  He even includes case law establishing the violation.  The man signals a court officer to take Beaumont to the mens room.  Once there, Beaumont retrieves the light bulb and adds to it a fuse which he holds in place with the gum he's been chewing.  He lights the fuse with a match and, when the court officer comes back in to get him, he throws the bulb out to the mans feet.  When the bulb explodes, Beaumont gets the keys off the officer and unlocks his cuffs.  He takes the officer's gun and shoots another court officer who comes to check on the scene.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Television: Blue Bloods, Episode 1.19 "Model Behavior"

Blue Bloods
Season One, Episode Nineteen:  Model Behavior
Original Air Date:  April 9, 2011

When Linda Reagan's niece, Sofie, an aspiring model, collapses on the runway during Fashion Week, and a former model turned reality television star dies at the same show, they find the two women were poisoned with the deadly death cap mushroom.  While information about the dark side of the modeling world is revealed during the investigation, truths about the relationship between Linda and her sister, Wendy come to light as well.  Meanwhile, Frank and Henry Reagan are distressed over news their parish priest is being transferred to Bolivia.

Linda (wearing a dress she plans to return the next day!), Erin and Nicki attend a fashion show where Linda's niece, Sofie (Sonya Harum), is modeling.  Linda goes backstage with her sister, Wendy, to see Sofie as the models prepare for the show.  An ex-supermodel (with a T.V. show), Milli Sky (Karolina Muller), comes through and warns Sofie not to fall down since it's her big day then huffs off after demanding a mineral water from her assistant, Cameron (Marina Squerciati).  Sofie's mother advises her to not let the woman jinx her.  Wendy sends Linda back out to the audience so Sofie can 'focus'.

Friday, April 8, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.17 "Know Thy Enemy"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.17, Know Thy Enemy
Original Air Date:  April 7, 2011

Isobel is back and Jenna doesn't take the news lightly.  Katherine and Isobel have a plan to save Katherine's life but things take a turn when Isobel betrays her friend.  Isobel and Elena have one final conversation.  Matt and Caroline talk and she tells him all he wants to know only for him to take the news to Liz Forbes.  John Gilbert and Elena come to an understanding.  Katherine receives a message from Klaus.

Jenna is shocked to see Isobel, someone she thought was dead, standing on her doorstep.  She's even more shocked when Isobel tells Elena she's happy to see her again.  Isobel comments to Jenna that she's (Jenna) the woman who is dating her husband (Alaric).  She asks Jenna to invite her in so she can speak with Elena, something Elena protests against.  Isobel tells Elena she needs to talk to her but Elena answers "no" and slams the door.  Jenna, in tears,  questions Elena if Alaric and John knew that Isobel was still alive.  Elena says she can explain everything but Jenna doesn't want to listen and runs upstairs and to her room.

Monday, April 4, 2011

US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.5, "Queen of Hearts"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Five, Queen of Hearts
Original Air Date:  April 3, 2011

When Leila Tomkins escapes from prison Charlie, Ray and the team must jump into action to prevent her from reaching her son, Taylor and harming him or anyone else.  They follow a long line of men Leila has conned and used to escape hoping one of them will lead them to her.  Meanwhile, Lloyd is dealing with his own problems as his prison gambling debts have grown to $800 and he's been given the ultimatum of pay up or be killed.

At Bixell Correctional Facility in Bedford, New York, Leila Tomkins is pacing nervously back and forth telling herself to "smile, everything's gonna be fine".  A guard, Eddie, comes to get her saying the warden wants to see her.  They go to a deserted room where they begin kissing and she asks him if he "brought it", which he replies he did.  He gives her a garment bag and she tells him to not go anywhere while she goes to change clothes.  She puts on the suit and heels he has brought for her and goes back to him.  She takes a cell phone from her pocket, causing him to ask where she got it from.  She tells him from another friend and shows him the phone that has a picture of his son on it.  She tells him if he wants to see his son outside of a pine box she needs to be in town in a half hour.  Eddie pushes her against the shelf but she warns him against taking any action.  She tells him she's already thought of how he can get her out.  A Scared Straight program is going on at the visiting block and it ends in 10 minutes.  Reluctantly, he complies.  As he's walking her outside, he tells her she will get caught but she assures him she'll make it out just fine.  She tells him to keep the other guards busy or his son dies and she threatens the woman ushering the Scared Straight participants onto the bus with death ensuring her a place on the bus.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recommendation of the Month: Justified

What do you get when you mix a hot U.S. Marshal with a big hat and fast gun with a variety of eastern Kentucky hillbilly criminals, a boss who can't have the wool pulled over his eyes and two strong and beautiful woman that can't be intimidated by anyone?  You get Justified.

Justified is a little over half-way through its second season on FX.  Recently, a thirteen-episode third season was announced.  The series is based on two Elmore Leonard novels (Pronto, Riding the Rap) and a short story (Fire in the Hole) using the character Raylan Givens.  Leonard, one of America's finest novelists and screenwriters serves as one of the executive producers on the series.

US Television: Blue Bloods, Episode 1.18 "To Tell the Truth"

Blue Bloods
Season One, Episode Eighteen:  To Tell the Truth
Original Air Date:  April 1, 2011

Danny Reagan, who is at the right place at the wrong time, tries to stop and then witnesses a murder.  A routine investigation becomes something more when he is able to identify the shooter and the shooter turns out to be an important businessman, Raymundo Salazar, with suspected ties to a South American drug cartel.  After Salazar is arrested, Danny's wife, Linda, is placed in mortal danger by Salazar's men to guarantee Danny will not testify against Salazar.

On his way home from a late shift, Danny Reagan receives a phone call from his wife, Linda.  She called to tell him she loves him and to bring home milk.  He stops by a convenience store he frequents and chats with the proprietor about cookies his wife bakes as he shops.  Outside, two men are sitting in a black Hummer.  The man in the passenger seat, Raymundo, has a gun and is waiting for someone, wanting to kill him.  The driver tries to talk Ray out of the murder but Ray is unwavering.  Inside the store, Danny continues collecting the items he is going to buy and as he rounds an isle, he sees Ray outside with the gun.  He drops his shopping basket and orders the store owner to call 911 then draws his weapon and charges out the door.  Ray fires three shots at a man walking along the sidewalk as Danny rushes out the door identifying himself as a police officer.  Ray turns and fires in Danny's direction but misses him.  The driver pulls the Hummer onto the street and Ray backs toward it, firing his gun.  He gets into the vehicle and fires at Danny once more before it speeds away.  Danny rushes to the side of the young man Ray shot and calls in the shooting but the young man is mortally wounded and dies in Danny's arms.  Danny notices a yin-yang bracelet on the young man's wrist.

Friday, April 1, 2011

AUS Television: City Homicide, No Greater Honour, Part Six "Ghosts"

City Homicide
No Greater Honour, Part Six, Ghosts
Original Air Date:  March 30, 2011

Greg Stevens confessed to a hospice priest that he'd murdered three people before dying.  When Duncan and Rhys start investigating the claim, they find that the three names Stevens had written inside his Bible were connected.  The case takes a shocking turn when the evidence leads them to the son of the man Stevens used to work for.  Homicide isn't quite prepared for what they learn next.

Duncan and Rhys are called to the hospice bedside of a man, Greg Stevens, who has died from prostate cancer.  Not much is known about him other than he had lived on the streets before having been diagnosed with cancer.  Stevens told the hospice Father (Trent Baker) he had murdered three people but didn't give any additional details.  The Father gives them a small Bible Stevens carried around with him.  Inside the front cover he had written three names:  Mavis Simmons, Peter Faulkner and Ruth Benson.

Bernice Waverley fills Stanley and Jarvis in on Lombardi's plans for Homicide, which doesn't set too well with Stanley.  Bernice plans to tell those assigned to the squad that night that Friday will be the last day for Homicide.