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Friday, February 25, 2011

AUS Television: City Homicide, No Greater Honour, Part 1: Reward Day

City Homicide
No Greater Honour, Part One:  Reward Day
Original Air Date:  February 23, 2011

The murder of a prison guard leads the team to a drug ring within the prison.  The list of suspects range from the usual to the surprising.  Meanwhile, Nick Buchanan meets up with Dane Majors, a man he put in prison for the murder of his wife.  There's clearly tension between the two but is it because Nick planted evidence against him like Majors claims or just because Majors got caught by Nick?  Matters are further complicated when a beautiful reporter wants to interview Nick about the Majors case for a story the Tribune is planning.  Will she uncover information that will destroy Nick?

Nick and Duncan interview Eugene Ashton (Stephen Pease), the survivor of two prison guards who were terrorized and shot.  One of the guards, Ben Kelton (Lloyd Bissell), died.  The prisoner they were transporting, Sean Lynch (Chris Weir) pulled a gun on the two guards not far from the prison.  Lynch forced them from the car at gunpoint and demanded the keys.  Ashton turned them over and while Lynch was distracted with them, Ben Kelton pulled his gun and was shot by Lynch in the chest.  Ashton turned to run and was shot in the arm.  He blacked out and when he came to, Lynch was gone and the car and Ben Kelton, dead, were still there.

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.16 "The House Guest"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.16, The House Guest
Original Air Date:  February 24, 2011

Katherine makes her case to Damon, Stefan and Elena that she can help them kill Klaus.  Alaric wants to tell Jenna the truth but he first consults with Elena.  Stefan would like to work with the Martin's and tries to convince them working together would be in everyones best interest but Jonas wants Elijah revived, with Luka paying the ultimate price.  An angry Jonas wrecks havoc at the Grill.  Matt learns the truth about Caroline but things don't go as she hoped.  Jenna and Elena get a shocking visitor.

Damon attacks who he believes to be Katherine in Elena's clothes at the Salvatore home.  Stefan walks in and questions what Damon is doing.  "Elena" asks whether Katherine is in the tomb or not.  Stefan rushes upstairs and pushes who he believes is Katherine against the wall asking her how she could do this.  Katherine walks into the doorway telling Elena that it's getting very easy being her.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

US Television, White Collar, Episode 2.14 "Payback"

White Collar
Season Two, Episode Fourteen, Payback
Original Air Date:  February 22, 2011

Matthew Keller claims he has information about forged passports that is crucial to national security and will talk only to Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey.  Keller wants to give the information to Peter in exchange for not being transferred to another prison where he will be in danger from the Russian's he owes money to.  When Peter and Neal go to the studio of Keller's former partner in crime, Jason Lang, to check out the story, Peter is led into a trap and abducted by Lang.  Lang and Keller want $2.5 million to pay off the Russians or Peter will die.  Is it a straightforward attempt to keep Keller safe from the Russians or does he something even bigger in mind?

Hughes brings word that Matthew Keller plead down to manslaughter after Peter and Neal brought him in for murder.  He was sentenced to twenty years.  Yesterday, Keller contacted the Department of Justice saying he had information critical to national security.  Keller refused to talk to Homeland Security insisting he would only talk to Peter Burke.  Both Peter and Neal doubt Keller has any real information but Hughes wants Keller's information checked out all the same.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.15 "The Dinner Party"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.15, The Dinner Party
Original Air Date:  February 17, 2011

Stefan tells Elena about how he was right after becoming a vampire and how he managed to turn himself around to be the man she knows and loves.  Damon hosts a dinner party and invites Elijah with plans to kill him using the dagger and oak ash given to him by John Gilbert.  However, Elena finds some shocking information in one of Jonathan Gilbert's journals at the lake house that could cost Damon his existence.  Elijah has a very bad night.  Bonnie has a disastrous run-in with Jonas Martin.

Still at the lake with Stefan, Elena spends her time reading the Jonathan Gilbert's journals that were found in the secret room in her parents closet.  He tells a story of how the townspeople thought Mystic Falls was safe now that the embers of the church where the vampires were burned were dying out.  The vampires they had killed had created new vampires that now stalked the town.  He writes of the vampire who killed him:  Stefan Salvatore.

Damon calls Stefan to tell him about Tyler leaving home.  They feel now that the werewolf problem is solved, the largest problem facing them at this point is killing Elijah.

AUS Television: City Homicide, Episode 5.2 "Secret Love"

City Homicide
Season Five, Episode Two, Secret Love
Original Air Date:  February 16, 2011

When the body of a young woman is found in an empty lot the case takes a troubling turn.  Numbers from a passage in the Quran are written on her forehead leading the team to believe her murder might have religions significance.  Could her brother have killed her for honour, was it her fiance or her ex-boyfriend who was still in love with her?

Rhys and Allie are called in to investigate the body of a young woman that is discovered in an empty lot.  She was stabbed with a seven-inch blade eleven times.  There's no identification with the body but the M.E. finds henna on the woman's hand and the numbers 24 30 31 written on her forehead.

Allie is able to identify the young woman.  She was an eighteen-year-old student from a Pakistani family, Marina Durrani.  Her mother reported her missing late on Sunday night, the same day the M.E. suspects she was killed.  Once he knows Marina is Muslim, Rhys Googles the numbers and finds a link to a passage from the Quran:  "And tell the believing women to subdue their eyes and maintain their chastity...".

Friday, February 11, 2011

AUS Television: City Homicide, Episode 5.1 "The Business of Fear"

City Homicide
Season Five, Episode One, The Business of Fear
Original Air Date:  February 9, 2011

The brutal murder of a customs broker leads the team to criminal activities at the waterfront.  Jarvis is asked by Stanley Wolfe to contact one of his old informants to assist in the investigation.  Things take a turn when the son of Jarvis' informant is pulled into the activities to save his family.  Meanwhile, Matt Ryan is awaiting approval of his transfer request.

Duncan and Jennifer are called in when a waterfront worker, Mervyn Mason, is found hanging from a forklift, having been run through by one of the blades.  Without the benefit of autopsy, forensics tells Jennifer they believe he was assaulted before the blade was rammed into his body.

Matt tells Stanley he was right when he told him it would be tough coming back to his old squad as sergeant.  He feels it might not have only been a tough choice but the wrong one.  Stanley wants him to give it a few months.  There's an opening in arson and Matt is hoping he can go there.  No one else knows about his transfer request and he'd like to keep it that way.

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.14 "Cry Wolf"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode Fourteen, Cry Wolf
Original Air Date:  February 10, 2011

Jules and Brady learn why Mason wanted the moonstone.  Stefan and Elena head away for a romantic weekend together but things don't go as planned.  Jules and her friends capture and torture Damon for information about the moonstone but Damon has an unlikely savior.  John Gilbert successfully plants doubt into Jenna's mind about Alaric.  Tyler makes a decision about his future.

Jules and Brady receive news from another of their friends, Stevie, about the moonstone Tyler had told them about.  He tells them about the Sun & Moon curse and how the vampires are putting everything in place to break the curse.  Brady vows that, even if they they have to kill every vampire in Mystic Falls, they cannot allow that to happen.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

US Television, White Collar, Episode 2.13 "Countermeasures"

White Collar
Season Two, Episode Thirteen, Countermeasures
Original Air Date:  February 8, 2011

When Ford, an old friend of June's husband arrives, Neal is immediately suspicious of him.  Wanting to protect June, he takes a coin Ford touched in for prints and the trail leads to someone entirely different.  Neal's suspicions are confirmed when he and Peter learn of a major counterfeiting operation that is being planned with Ford right at the center.

After a meeting with Mozzie to discuss how the building of their fractal, Neal arrives back home at June's house to find a man, Ford (Billy Dee Williams), sitting at the table.  Ford is an old friend of June's husband, Byron, who has just moved back to Manhattan.  June, as her nature is, is being very generous with Ford and helping him establish himself in Manhattan once again.  Neal isn't completely trusting of him and asks Diane to check up on him.  He gives her the coin Ford was playing with to run prints.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK, Episodes 1.1-1.13

Season 1, Episode 1, Care
Care, Original Air Date, February 5, 2009
Based on Law & Order (US) "Cradle to Grave", Season 2, Episode 18 (31st March, 1992)

A suspicious bag is found in a hospital car park leading to the evacuation of the hospital out of fear the bag contains a bomb.  Once opened, the contents of the bag are much more disturbing and horrifying:  the body of a dead baby.  The investigation leads to a near-empty apartment building with sub-standard safety and unscrupulous owners wanting to renovate.  Could the want of money have led to the baby's death?

Season 1, Episode 2, Unloved
Unloved, Original Air Date, March 2, 2009
Based on Law & Order (US) "Born Bad", Season 4, Episode 9 (16th November, 1993)

The body of a teenage boy is found not far from a homeless shelter.  Brooks and Devlin's investigation take them to a a troubled mum struggling to overcome her addictions so she can be reunited with her son.  The investigation takes a shocking turn when evidence points to the foster home the young boy was placed in and an even more shocking turn when two surprising suspects come to light.

Monday, February 7, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK, Introduction

For the past twenty years Law & Order has been one of the biggest and most successful franchises in television history.  The original Law & Order series began on NBC on September 13, 1990 and spawned two popular spin-off's:  Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit (SVU) and Law & Order:  Criminal Intent (CI).  A short-lived summer series, Crime & Punishment, a focus on real cases and real trials, aired in 2002.  In 2005, a one-season series, Law & Order:  Trial By Jury brought the wildly popular Lennie Briscoe character briefly back to television following his departure from the original series.  A new series, Law & Order:  Los Angeles premiered in 2010 after the cancellation of the original series. 

The story lines of Law & Order made the phrase "ripped from the headlines" common television vernacular, the ever-evolving cast kept the series fresh and gave us favorites such as Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Mike Logan (Chris Noth).  The flagship of the Law & Order franchise is gone now (and Criminal Intent is soon to be gone as well) but Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit and Law & Order:  Los Angeles remain to keep the franchise alive in North America and around the world.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK Cast Changes

Crime/legal drama Law & Order:  UK was recently given the green light for another 13 episodes by ITV1.  With news of the new episodes comes news that two new cast members will be joining the show as two depart.

Peter Davison and Dominic Rowan will be stepping into the vacancies left by Ben Daniels (James Steel) and Bill Paterson (George Castle).  As fans of the show will remember, Daniel's character, James Steel resigned from the CPS following him having been charged and tried for interfering with the course of justice.  Dominic Rowan enters Law & Order:  UK as Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne while Peter Davison has been cast as Henry Sharpe who takes over as CPS Director, the position previously held by Castle.

While Daniel's will not be returning to the show, Bill Paterson will return in a future series as George Castle who is now the newly appointed Director of Public Prosecutions.

For more information:  Peter Davison Joins Law & Order:  UK (

Friday, February 4, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK, Episode 4.6 "Skeletons"

Law & Order:  UK
Season Four, Episode Six, Skeletons
Skeletons, Original Air Date:  December 9, 2010 (Canada)

Skeletons, Original Air Date:  April 11, 2011 (U.K.)
Based on Law & Order (US) "Trophy", Season 6, Episode 12 (31st January, 1996)

Two young boys are found murdered and a note found with both of the bodies leads police and the CPS to a name they've investigated and prosecuted before, Andrew Dillon.  When new evidence comes to light that Dillon might not be guilty of the crimes he was imprisoned for, and his imprisonment guaranteed by missing evidence, Steel's freedom and career are in jeopardy.

A police search for a missing child, Sean Monroe, that includes the young boys father, Mick Monroe (Terence Maynard) yields a grisly shock when the lad's body literally washes out of a drain at Devlin's feet.  Sean was killed by a single blow to the head with a heavy blunt-force object.  He was killed then dumped into the drainage system.  Devlin shows Brooks a paper he found on Sean that reads "They Must Be Destroyed" which is something Brooks thought he'd never see again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.13 "Daddy Issues"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.13, Daddy Issues
Original Air Date:  February 3, 2011

Everyone learns that John Gilbert is back in town and none are too happy to see him.  Jenna learns the shocking truth about his real ties to Elena.  Jules and her friend Brady kidnap Caroline wanting to trade her for Tyler.  However, things don't go as planned.  A battle ensues between Damon and Stefan and the werewolves.  An unlikely savior comes to the Salvatore's and Caroline's rescue and leaves a message for Tyler to give to the other werewolves.  John Gilbert pays a visit to Katherine.

Tyler accosts Caroline as she is leaving her house.  He wants to talk.  She thinks he means the kiss and tells him they can't go there.  He agrees.  As she's walking away thinking the issue is settled, he asks her what happened to Mason.  When she claims to not know he tells her about Stefan and Damon killing him because they are vampires.  When she admits she knew all the time Mason was dead Tyler becomes angry and tells her he trusted her then walks away.

US Television: Jimmy Smits' Outlaw Available on DVD, Sort Of

For those of you who remember the extremely short run of this show on NBC and followed the show every week (like I did) you might be surprised to learn that all eight episodes of Outlaw are available on DVD.  This was something I wasn't ever expecting to happen and didn't know had happened until I stumbled across the listing on a few minutes ago.

You won't be able to find Outlaw at any brick and mortar stores, however.  The only place you can get it on DVD is via's Manufacture on Demand service.  You place your order and all 8 episodes will be burned to DVD-R for you.  The price of the series is $19.99 and currently lists it as being "in stock" so it is available now.

This was an extremely quiet and unexpected release.  While I would prefer the show to have been released through a more formal method I'll take what I can get.

Outlaw (2010) Manufacture on Demand DVD-R Release

UK Television: Law & Order: UK, Episode 4.5 "Help"

Law & Order:  UK
Season Four, Episode Five, Help
Help, Original Air Date:  December 12, 2010 (Canada)

Help, Original Air Date:  March 7, 2011 (U.K.)
Based on Law & Order (US) "We Like Mike", Season 7, Episode 20 (30th April, 1997)

When a former footballer is found murdered a good Samaritan becomes the prime suspect.  Things turn sinister when the footballer's murder is linked to a dangerous local crime boss.  The good Samaritan must choose between what is right and his fear to help Steel and Phillips put the crime boss behind bars where he belongs.

Footballer Robert Nichols is found dead by his sister, Jennifer (Matti Houghton).  Robert was killed as he was trying to change a flat tire on his car.  Jennifer last spoke to her brother earlier in the evening.  They were supposed to meet at Andrew's Restaurant.  Brooks and Devlin speak with the owner who tells them about the suspicious bloke who came in and cleaned his hands with napkins then left not long after Jennifer.  The rubbish bag containing the napkins he used should be in the bag that is still out front waiting to be collected.  Devlin goes out to collect the rubbish bag while Brooks stays inside, eating chips, and talking with the restaurant owner.  He mentions the man had a carrier bag from Barry Flowers with him.  At Barry Flowers, they speak with Barry Flowers (Richard Cunningham).  The man in question wanted a bridal display for that Saturday.  They find 54 weddings scheduled for that Saturday.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

US Television, White Collar, Episode 2.12 "What Happens in Burma"

White Collar
Season Two, Episode Twelve, What Happens in Burma
Original Air Date:  February 1, 2011

When the son of the Undersecretary of Asian Affairs is held in a Burmese prison charged with smuggling a rare and valuable ruby from the country the man contacts Peter and Neal for assistance.  He believes the case was fabricated.  They have one week to prove the young man innocent.  But did the Undersecretary contact Peter and Neal for reasons other than their ability for solving crimes by the book?

Neal and Peter discuss the many countries Neal visited while on the run and, when Neal questions Peter as to where he would go if he could choose any country in the world Peter answers "Sweden" because he "likes Vikings".  They arrive at their destination to meet with the Undersecretary of Asian Affairs, Adam Wilson.  Christopher Harlow, an American college student, is being held in a Burmese prison having been accused of smuggling a ruby from the country.  The State Department believes the charges are trumped up because Harlow has no criminal past or no contacts in the region and the tense relations between the U.S. and Burma.  There has been talk the ruby was smuggled out of Burma and is in Manhattan.  Finding the ruby will destroy the case against Harlow.  That's where Neal and Peter come in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UK Television: Law & Order: UK, Episode 4.4 "Duty of Care"

Law & Order:  UK
Season Four, Episode One, Duty of Care
Duty of Care, Original Air Date:  November 25, 2010 (Canada)

Duty of Care, Original Air Date:  April 4, 2011 (U.K.)
Based on Law & Order (US) "Endurance", Season 11, Episode 1 (18th October, 2000)

The death of a thirteen-year-old boy in a fire is ruled arson.  Investigation leads the police to the boys mother, Megan, as the prime suspect due to the circumstances of the boy's health.  Megan faces prison and the loss of her young daughter.  Matters become complicated when it becomes obvious her lawyer isn't exactly trying to do what is in his clients best interest.

A woman confronts a man wanting his mobile.  A fire is raging in a building and she tells him her son is inside.  Once the fire has been extinguished, Brooks and Devlin are called in as the boy didn't make it.  Fire officials think some sort of accelerent was used but they cannot give further details until they have the opportunity to do a more thorough investigation.  A man drives up wanting through to the building.  His shop was on the ground floor of the building and he is upset he lost everything in the fire.  A fireman presents Brooks and Devlin with a container of paint thinner found just inside the entrance to the flats.  The fire is officially arson.