Saturday, August 21, 2010

CDN Television: Rookie Blue, Episode 1.9 "Girlfriend of the Year"

Rookie Blue
Season One, Episode Nine, Girlfriend of the Year
Original Air Date:  August 19, 2010

Andy confides in Tracy that she hooked up with Swarek but that nothing happened because the lights came back on.  Swarek gives McNally and Nash the job of putting shredded documents back together until a bigger case calls them all away.  Epstein and Shaw are working together and Peck and Diaz are partnered this week catching speeders.  A routine speeding case ends up as the search for an abducted little girl, Rebecca.

A car and a truck that speed past Shaw and Epstein end up in an accident.  The driver of the truck is nowhere to be found but the woman driving the car is in serious condition.  After running the plates, they learn that an Amber Alert was issued for a little girl last seen in that truck.

Peck and Diaz find Rebecca's backpack and jacket but no sign of her.  McNally and Swarek are assigned to the parents while Nash and Williams are assigned to stay at the mothers home in case Rebecca comes home.  Swarek is suspicious of the mother and wants to focus on her, believing she is hiding information.  He and McNally discuss the case with Callaghan.  It's clear the tension between McNally, Swarek and Callaghan is playing a part in their working relationships. However, when the truth starts to emerge about the details of the case, Swarek and Callaghan see eye to eye on what should be done.

The woman injured in the automobile accident tells Epstein she was chasing the truck because she saw the license plate on the Amber Alert.  She tells him the driver wasn't a man but a woman and gives a description. 

Nash finds a bottle of prescription drugs in the mothers medicine cabinet with the downstairs tenants name on them.  She and Williams go into the neighbors home and they find a CD with a message from Connor Chapman, their suspect, on it. 

When the woman injured in the accident positively identifies the downstairs neighbor as the woman driving the truck, the investigation intensifies.  McNally is sent in to speak with the mother who opens up and tells her the truth about what happened the day Rebecca went missing.  Thanks to a tip from a cabbie, Rebecca is found with Connor Chapman and his girlfriend on a bus and returned to her parents.  The case seemed to greatly affect Officer Shaw.  I wonder if there's something more there that might be revealed in a later episode?

Callaghan questions McNally about her and Swarek.  McNally tells him the truth and he leaves.  He's angry at her and it's clear they now have some serious damage control that needs to be done in their relationship.

We're almost through the first season of Rookie Blue so it's about time for the big issues to start coming out.  We have our weekly cases but the secondary story lines my favorites.  I'm very interested to see how the whole McNally/Swarek/Callaghan love triangle thing turns out.  Of course, I'm cheering for Sam.  I like the friendship developing between Nash and Williams.  I'm hoping that Diaz and Peck are over with for good.  He's too nice for her.

Here's hoping next weeks episode is full of fireworks in tension between McNally, Callaghan and Swarek!

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