Saturday, August 21, 2010

AUS Television: Tangle, Episode 2.5

Season Two, Episode Five
Original Air Date:  August 17, 2010

Ally, who appears to have developed a case of sleepwalking, is awakened walking down the middle of the street at night.  Gabriel drops in to see Ally once the kids and Joe are gone for the day.  Tim starts looking for apartments in Singapore.  Christine takes Max to see a therapist because of his lying about his hearing while seeing a therapist herself.  Gigi goes to see her friend again.  Max has a serious question for Nat.  Christine tells Tim she doesn't want to go to Singapore.  Spiros steps up his pursuit of Christine.

Max and Christine have a talk about his relationship with Kelly.  She wants to make sure that not only are they having safe sex, but good sex.  Max is a bit put off talking to her about sex. 

Both Christine and Max's therapy sessions are revealing about what they do and don't want.  They both don't want to go to Singapore but for very different reasons.  Max sees Singapore as "another complication".  For Christine, she feels if she doesn't go it will destroy her marriage. 

Romeo and Max skip school to go to the pub.  When Romeo gets drunk Max has to call Joe to come pick him up.  Romeo confides in Joe that he misses his dad.  I think Joe is probably a better father figure than Romeo's dad was.  Sure, we don't know what all of Joe's secrets are yet but he still appears to be a more kind and caring man than Vince ever was.  He doesn't seem to be near as selfish.

Ally invites Gabriel, his girlfriend and her son over for dinner.  Nat invites Conrad.  While he's drunk, Romeo invited Ophelia and Olivia over to his house for a party.  Sophie is star struck over Nat.  Everything she says ends up coming out wrong.  Joe catches Gabriel kissing Ally before he ends up sitting in on the seance the kids are having.  Gigi wants to know if her dad's spirit is there.  The seance breaks up but not before some of the kids feel something in the room.

I find it very interesting that Max is actually considering living with Nat instead of going to Singapore.  I think in a very strange way that Nat would make a great mother to Max.  She obviously loves him a lot and I think she'd try her best to do the best for him.

Christine truly wants to have an affair with Spiros.  They end up sharing a passionate kiss in Spiros' car outside the Williams' house and Max catches them.  Christine begs him not to tell Tim.  I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of fireworks in the Williams house very soon!

Next weeks season finale sure does look to be an exciting one!  Nat and Max confront Christine with the fact Max, who now apparently really dislikes Christine, wants to live with his mother.  Ally confronts the woman Vince left $50,000 to.  Gigi comes up missing.  I hate it that the season is coming to an end so soon but, at the same time, I can't wait to see next weeks show!


  1. I really enjoyed this episode. The therapy part was interesting, I liked how they went back and forth from Max to Christine. Don't know if I like Gabriel's girlfriend, but I can't see him staying with her for much longer anyway. He still likes Ally obviously! I wonder if they'll end up together.

    I think Nat would try to be a good mum to Max too, though I can see that I am going to feel sorry for Christine. It looks like she's going to lose everything, which was what she was afraid of to start with. There appears to be a bit of a double standards thing happening there though. It seems that it was okay for Tim to have an affair, kiss Nat a few times, stay in a hotel with her overnight, want her to run away to Singapore with him... yet Christine kisses Spiros and she's "going to go to hell"!

  2. I've been wanting to see Ally and Gabriel get together for a little while now. He does seem to really like her still and she needs something good in her life right now.

    I do feel sorry for Christine. Things are falling apart for her completely. Her whole life is in a shambles and you can't by any means put 100% of the blame on her for everything going wrong. And from the previews for next week Max telling her she disgusts him. That really had to hurt.

    Yeah, it does seem like a double standard, doesn't it? It *was* fine for Tim but Christine is supposed to be above that? It was just a kiss. They haven't done anything more (yet) so she certainly hasn't yet made the same mistakes Tim did.

    I really hate to see this last show arrive. I want to know what happens next something awful but I don't want the season to be over so soon!

  3. Ally definitely needs something good in her life, I think Joe has been quite good too though. Obviously nothing more than friends though! That would be weird.

    I was surprised to see in the preview that Max tells Christine that she disgusts him. I am guessing that Max is probably shocked about it more than anything. No one would really expect Christine to do something like that, even though nothing more has happened so far. But whatever happens though, I do hope that she and Max can at least work something out, because its obvious she loves Max, even though she knows she is not his 'mum'.

  4. I'm really liking Joe's character. He seems like the complete opposite of Vince. He's been great for Ally and the kids so far.

    I was quite shocked to see Max lash out Christine in such a way. They have always seemed to be so close. Christine does appear to love him so much and she's been a great mother to him. I'm not going to enjoy seeing that play out this week, for sure. I just hope things end up working out good for her and Max.