Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Australian Television: Tangle, Episode 2.3

Season Two, Episode Three
Original Air Date:  August 3, 2010

Ally finds a second will that is signed and names Gabriel as executor.  Romeo finds and takes one of Vince's guns from a packing box and later wants to join a gun club.  Ally and Nat go out together for a night on the town.  Gigi spends the evening playing cards with a guy she met that she thought was following her on her way home from school.  Gabriel has dinner at the home of a patient and her teenage son while Ally meets a guy at the party she went to with Nat and goes home with him.  Romeo and Max continue smoking weed on a regular basis, especially Max.  Nat goes to Gabriel to work out some kind of peace between he and Ally.  Nat goes out with Mel and her boyfriend Conrad for a drink.  Something starts to happen between Christine and Spiros.

Poor Ally.  She's carrying so much baggage around with her.  She feels guilty about Vince having affairs on her.  Like it was her fault he was a dog.  The tension between she and Gabriel is still pretty strong even though it appears it's starting to loosen up a bit.  I hope they get back on good terms with one another because I really like both characters.  Ally deserves something good in her life and she needs to reach out and grab it. 

We learn a little bit more about Joe in this episode.  He has a criminal record but is unwilling to elaborate on it when asked by Romeo what he did.  He comes to stay a week with Ally and the kids instead of returning to Broom because he is rethinking his career path.

I have a really hard time NOT liking Nat.  She's wild, unpredictable, funny and she cares a great deal about the people she loves.  While she has her problems, she's always so likable.

The beginning of some great fireworks has quite possibly started in this episode.  Christine and Spiros are "playing a very dangerous game with a lot to lose".  I know there is more to Spiros than meets the eye and can't wait to find out more about him.  He obviously wants to begin an affair with Christine and I think she wants to as well but she's afraid of what will happen.

I can only imagine that the next three weeks are going to be packed full of tension, fireworks and bombshells because the scene is most certainly being set for it!


  1. Me again (haha)! I really enjoyed this episode, I think it is maybe my favourite so far.

    Some interesting developments too - the 'new' guy Conrad and Nat, I think something will happen there down the track and Melanie won't be too happy about it! And Spiros and Christine was somewhat of a surprise, mainly because there didn't seem to be anything in the previous episode. But I thought the hand touching scene between them was great, says a thousand words.

  2. Welcome back!

    Yes, I think there will definitely be something happening between Nat and Conrad. Even if Nat really isn't actually interested in him, something will happen just so she can get back at Melanie through him.

    I can't wait to see how things end up with Spiros and Christine. He's clearly made his move now and the ball is in her court. I can't wait to see what she does.

    This show gets better and better every week, doesn't it?