Thursday, August 12, 2010

AUS Television: City Homicide, Episode 4.6 "Last Seen"

City Homicide
Season Four, Episode Six, Last Seen
Original Air Date:  August 11, 2010

The decomposing body of a woman missing for 18 months is found in the bush.  Her parents are asking about her in the Homicide office before Freeman and Kingston have even returned from the scene raising suspicions about a leak in the office.  The suspects are varied and range from a boyfriend to a cab driver to a stalker of the young woman.  Meanwhile, Emma is increasingly more unsettled about Matt's unwillingness to talk about her job opportunity.

Ally Kingston makes a mistake on this case.  She calls an old colleague who, in turn, releases information about the discovery of the body to the victims parents.  Kingston seems quite mistake prone and when she messes up she doesn't fool around with the little mistakes, it's usually a big mistake.  Ally is driven to solve this murder and she does just that.

I like the pairing of Kingston and Freeman.  They work rather well together.  Duncan Freeman has been one of my favorite characters since day one so any chance to see him on screen is a major plus, in my very humble opinion.

I always knew Stanley Wolfe was cool.  When Kingston pushes a press photographer and the photographer ends up calling for her suspension Wolfe speaks to her about the issue.  He warns her to protect the victims family by protecting herself and if she wants to shove a member of the press "do it off camera".  I had to smile when he said that.

I find it very interesting how angry Matt appears to be towards Emma right now.  They always seemed to be such a good couple.  I don't know if he's angry because her new job opportunity will take her out of the country or angry for another reason and using the job as an excuse.  I guess time will tell that.  I've always thought it would be cool for Matt and Jennifer to get together.  I thought they might early in the series before Emma came along.  If Matt and Emma part ways maybe there's a chance for Matt and Jen yet.

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