Thursday, August 12, 2010

AUS Television: Tangle, Episode 2.4

Season Two, Episode Four
Original Air Date:  August 10, 2010

Tim is angry over recent political developments and says some things he shouldn't have.  Max has an appointment to be fit for a hearing aid.  Ally's credit card is declined at the grocery leading her to look into her finances and finds that Vince left $50,000 to a Tanya Hicks.  Christine and Spiros almost have an encounter in her office but she cannot go through with it.  Nat goes out with Conrad.  Tim calls Nat and tells her he really needs to see her.  The girl next door sneaks into Max's room again and Christine catches them together.

Tim talks himself into a corner when he makes some ill-chosen comments about the Premier to a journalist.  He's advised to lay low for a couple years and offered a job in Singapore.  He clearly doesn't want that job but I think he slowly came to realize that he made a huge mistake and left himself few options.  Spiros is told to talk up the Singapore job to Tim.  Tim actually asked Nat to run away to Singapore with him!  Did it really not come as a big surprise to anyone else that Tim would want to run away with Nat over Christine?  He's still got a thing for Nat.  We all know that! 

At the hearing aid appointment, Christine learns that Max has been faking his hearing loss.  She gets an even bigger shock when she finds Max and the girl from next door in bed.  Everything seems to be crumbling for Christine and Tim right now.  It doesn't look good for their marriage and with Tim's professional life going downhill fast things are only going to go from bad to worse.

Poor Ally.  Vince still manages to make her life miserable even from the grave.  His leaving $50,000 to Tanya Hicks has caused her problems and the one person she turns to for help, Gabriel, has disappointed her too.  Joe has his secrets (and I can't wait to find out what they are!) but he comes through for Ally and raises some money to give her for rent for him staying with her.  He's there for her when she feels horrible after finally seeing Tanya Hicks, and he has kind things to say to her.  Joe gets more interesting to me with each week.

Oh, Nat!  She just doesn't disappoint, does she?  I knew there would be something starting up between Nat and Conrad.  That she couldn't resist him.  Nat seemed so down to earth in this episode.  She was giving good advice, nurturing in her relationship with Max and generally someone people could turn to.  That's not our normal Nat, is it?  Her being so complex and never knowing what to expect from her is exactly why she's one of my very favorite characters on the show.

At this point in the season it's good news/bad news time.  The good news is that there are two more episodes to go.  The bad news is that there are two more episodes to go.  With all the interesting developments going on and with the writers on this show being so good at ending with a bang the wait between the end of the second season and the start of the third  (there has to be a third!) will be excruciating!


  1. Another great episode! And some interesting developments too. I think this episode made me realise that I don't like Tim, but I'm not quite sure why. Joe is a rather interesting character, well, they're all interesting in their ways!

    I'm really enjoying Nat this season too, and the relationship between Christine and Spiros is interesting. I think those three are my favourites at the moment. Hope there's a season three as well!

  2. Tim almost seemed like a spoiled little boy in this last episode, didn't he? He made some remarks he shouldn't have and then it's like he couldn't understand why he was in hot water over them. It really surprised me when he asked Nat to run away to Singapore with him! I almost wish Christine would find that out just to see what she'd to do him when she did!

    I've got to give Christine credit. She's trying hard not to become Tim by cheating with Spiros. She wants to but I think at the same time she doesn't want to be like Tim.

    Nat is fantastic this season! There are so many different facets to her. She's still wild and unpredictable but she's also so stable and down-to-earth in so many ways. She cares so much about Ally and Max and wants to do the right thing with them.

    Unless the writers end this season to where there's no way a third season could be possible the show has to be back for another go. It just gets better with each episode and I can't wait for Tuesdays just to see it!