Thursday, August 26, 2010

AUS Television: Tangle, Episode 2.6

Season Two, Episode Six
Original Air Date:  August 24, 2010

Gabriel breaks up with Sophie telling her his "heart isn't in it".  Tim goes to Singapore and tells Max to look after Christine.  Ally confronts Tanya about the money she's getting and finds out it is for her daughter Ophelia who is Vince's daughter.  Gigi overhears Ally and Christine talking about Vince and Ophelia.  Max and Nat tell Christine that he wants to live with Nat.  Christine is angry, Max tells her she disgusts him and Christine slaps him.  Max leaves and goes to Ally's house.  Christine and Spiros' relationship goes to another level.  Gigi ends up missing and she has gone to see Ophelia.

What an episode!

I kind of thought that Gabriel wouldn't be able to stay with Sophie very long.  It doesn't matter who he goes to, his heart is always with Ally.

Speaking of, Ally has her hands FULL this week!  She follows Tanya to the grocery where she confronts her about the money Vince left her in his will.  It's for Tanya's daughter, Ophelia, who happens to be Vince's daughter.  Vince and Tanya carried on an affair for two years and he was the one to break it off when Ally became pregnant with Gigi.  Ally seems almost able to deal with the fact Vince had an affair with Tanya.  After all, Vince having affairs isn't old news to Ally.  I think it would have been easier for her had a child not been in the picture.

An upset Ally calls Christine needing to talk about everything.  Gigi overhears the two women talking and leaves to see Ophelia.  Not knowing where Gigi went sends Ally into a state of panic.  She calls Gabriel, Christine and Nat and, like true friends and family, they come to her aid immediately.

Gigi and Romeo both know about Ophelia being their sister.  Gigi remarked to Romeo that he was becoming like their father and he is.  Romeo is holding a lot of anger right now.  I truly hope that living around Joe, who seems to be much calmer and less prone to fits of anger than Vince, does Romeo some good. 

Christine and Spiros.  For a while there I didn't think anything would end up happening between them.  He wasn't about to give up though, running down a flight of stairs to meet the elevator.  It will be interesting to see just what comes of their new relationship in season three (if there is one).  Will it be a long lasting one?  Will it just be a little fling?

I loved how this series ended.  The ending of series one was shocking and sad because of the death of Vince.  This series ended much differently.  It almost felt like an entirely new chapter was starting in Ally's life.  She had her family together, she had her friends together, she kissed Gabriel! and Max and Christine have sort of made up but they still have TONS of talking to do about so many things.

I had to smile as the camera pulled back on Ally sitting at her radio in the shed Joe had built for her.  It was nice to see her doing that again; nice to see her life coming back together.  She always seemed so happy sitting there talking with her cosmonaut friend.

Well, this is the end of season two.  It's bittersweet because, while it's great to find out what happened I'm really going to miss the show.  The writers and actors on this show are brilliant.  Here's hoping there will be news of a third season very soon!


  1. I loved this episode, and I'm sad that its over so soon. I really hope there will be a season three too. All that stuff with Ally, and the kids now having a step-sister was very interesting! I kind of thought at the start of the season that they may have something about Vince having even more affairs with various other women, but I don't think I was expecting that!

    I am glad Max and Christine (kind of) seemed to be okay in the end. Tim seemed to have no idea about anything that was going on. The thing with Spiros was interesting too, him running to catch the elevator, and Chrisine finally giving in. I do wonder what will happen between them (I think I kind of like them as a 'couple'), and they are all more reasons why I hope there's a third season!

  2. Like you, I didn't expect that Vince would have another child somewhere. More affairs, yes. He certainly had plenty of those. But Ophelia came as a surprise to me. Ally handled it quite well, I think. It was a lot for her to take in but she did great. I almost think at this point nothing about Vince would surprise her.

    I'm very happy that Max and Christine seem to be sort of fine. I would have hated to see Max go on hating Christine because that would have totally devastated her. I loved that she was so honest with him to tell him she didn't know if she and Tim would be splitting or not.

    I'm kind of wondering if Spiros will be able to have the patience for a long relationship with Christine. She was on the fence about them getting together for a long time. She kissed him, then she didn't want to see him, then she went to see him, then she didn't want him to ever call her again. He must really be very fond of her. Honestly, I think I'd rather see her with Spiros than Tim.

  3. When it showed the scene in the opening from episode 5, it seemed as if Ally had an idea about it, maybe she had a bit of an instinct of sorts. Ophelia obviously knew about everything, I think she did quite well to keep it to herself!

    Yes it was good that Christine was honest to Max about that. I can imagine it would be hard for her to be by herself if Max does move in with Nat, but if he does, I hope he would still visit her!

    I think Christine was so hestitant about Spiros because she's been so moral her whole life. Maybe he knew sort of that as well, but still kept persuing her because he thought there might be a chance she'd give in! Tim wouldn't be very happy if he found out, especially considering his strong dislike of Spiros!

  4. Good point about Christine and her feelings of morality. Tim would most definitely be livid if he found out. I can see that making for an extremely tense episode.

    I'm interested to see how the writers will be handling Romeo in a third season. He's most certainly working with some serious anger issues and I hate to see him turn into Vince. Vince was scary sometimes and it will be sad to see Romeo go down the same path.

  5. I think there would be some sort of punch up between Tim and Spiros, he would definitely not be a happy man. But he's been there himself with Nat so you'd think he'd have to have some sort of understanding.

    Yes I would hate to see Romeo turn into Vince, but even Gigi pointed it out, so it seems like that's the path he may go down. Maybe now that someone else has seen it, Romeo can stop it so he doesn't turn out that way.

  6. I can certainly see Tim taking a swing at Spiros. If it does come to that, I can imagine Christine being angry. That might be the straw that breaks the camels back and end their marriage.

    I'm wondering how things are going to turn out with Ally's sleepwalking? She's developed quite the dangerous habit there and I hope it's not a forshadow of something bad. I really like Ally and I'm so hoping things work out great for her now.