Television Shows

It's important to say that I'm not a reviewer.  What you'll find here leans more towards re-caps than reviews.  I tend to be a little easier on shows than an earnest reviewer would be. If a show gives me the half hour or hour of escapism I'm looking for and isn't horribly dreadful I tend to be favorable towards it.  That being said, while summarizing or reviewing television shows isn't the primary focus of my blog, it hasn't escaped my observation that the summaries that have been posted are some of the most popular posts on the blog.  For that reason, I have decided to add this page of quick links to each of the shows I have covered, and plan on covering in the future, so the archives and post labels do not need to be searched just to find a specific show post.

Please note that it will be a very rare instance for me to blog about American television shows as there are other blogs out there that do a much finer job at that than I believe I ever could.  My focus will be on shows from the UK and Australia with perhaps a few American shows that really impress me enough to blog about them thrown in here and there.

For a wide variety of television shows from the US and the UK I highly recommend visiting the A Media Mindset blog.  You'll be glad you did.  :-)

British (UK) Programs:
Stephen Fry in America
Law & Order:  UK
Birth of Britain with Tony Robinson

Australian (AUS) Programs:
City Homicide
The Circuit

American (US) Programs:
Stark Raving Mad
White Collar
Breakout Kings 
The Vampire Diaries
Hawaii Five-O
Beast Legends

Canadian (CDN) Programs:
Rookie Blue
Blood Ties