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US Television: The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episodes 1-11

Episode 1:  Pilot
Original Air Date:  September 10, 2009

As news of mysterious deaths begin to appear in the local news, Elena Gilbert returns to school after the death of her parents in a car accident four months earlier.  Elena tries to hide her pain beneath a cool exterior while her brother Jeremy becomes involved in drugs and partying and holds onto his anger.  Elena sees Stefan Salvatore and is immediately drawn to him and the feeling is mutual.  When Elena shows up at the local hang-out with Stefan at her side it's a surprise and disappointment to Caroline, her friend that has her sights set on Stefan and Matt, the boyfriend Elena broke up with.  Vicki Donovan is attacked in the woods.  Damon arrives to complicate things in Mystic Falls.  Damon draws Caroline's attention.

Episode 2:  The Night of the Comet
Original Air Date:  September 17, 2010

As more mysterious deaths begin to plague Mystic Falls, the local officials become more and more suspicious and start to suspect something sinister.  The town prepares a celebration to mark the appearance of a rare comet.  Jeremy and Elena's legal guardian, their aunt Jenna attends a parent/teacher meeting with one of Jeremy's teachers to discuss his poor performance in school.  Elena and Damon meet when she goes to the Salvatore house to speak with Stefan.  Despite Stefan's efforts to remove Vicki's memories of being attacked, she begins to regain all of her memories.  Stefan and Elena speak about Damon and Katherine and how things are too complicated for them to be dating.  Damon attacks Vicki a second time and uses her as a pawn in a game he's playing with Stefan.  Stefan and Elena tell each other what they would write in their diaries.  Damon takes control of Caroline.

Episode 3:  Friday Night Bites
Original Air Date:  September 24, 2010

Bonnie is increasingly suspicious of Stefan and warns Elena to take things slow with him.  Stefan proves himself to be a superior football player as well as being a master of knowing the dates of important historical events.  Stefan tries out for the football team and Elena attends cheerleading practice but later quits the squad.  Elena has Stefan and Bonnie to dinner at her house in hopes Bonnie will warm to Stefan and realize what a good guy he is.  Damon, now in complete control of Caroline, arrives uninvited at the dinner party with her.  While it eases some of the tension between Bonnie and Stefan but increasing it between Stefan and Damon.  Damon gets the invitation into Elena's home that he wants.  Stefan gives Elena an ornate necklace filled with vervain to protect her from Damon.  Stefan breaks up a fight between Jeremy and Tyler and his hand is cut in the process.  The cut heals but Elena knew it was there.

Episode 4:  Family Ties
Original Air Date:  October 1, 2009

Damon tells Stefan he has decided to stay in Mystic Falls with him and Elena.  Elena asks Stefan to be her date to the Founder's Party.  Damon compels Caroline to take him to the Founder's Party.  Zach shows Stefan a secret stash of vervain he's been growing because he trusts him and knows Stefan will need it if he wants to do something about Damon.  Bonnie tells Elena a story about Katherine, Damon and Stefan that she was told by Caroline who, in turn, learned it from Damon.  Stefan tries to drug Damon with vervain but Damon senses the herb before drinking it.  Damon reveals to Elena Stefan's real past with Katherine without revealing they are both vampires.  Damon takes a crystal while at the Founder's Party.  Bonnie starts coming into the realization that she really is a witch.  Elena sees bite marks on Caroline's neck and is concerned that Damon may be hurting her so she confronts Damon and tells him to stay away from Caroline.  Damon intends to kill Caroline but is weakened by the vervain Stefan put in her drink at the party.  When she awakens, Caroline finds the crystal Damon originally took in the grass next to her.  Stefan locks Damon away and takes his ring from him in an effort to "re-educate" him.  The town officials know vampires are back in Mystic Falls.

Episode 5:  You're Undead to Me
Original Air Date:  October 8, 2009

Elena finds Vicki in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she gets up the next morning and knows she spent the night with Jeremy.  Stefan and Elena are supposed to meet after school to talk but he's late because he's dealing with Damon.  Elena and Matt play pool and talk about Stefan.  Matt urges Elena to talk to Stefan about the doubts she is having.  Stefan arrives and while he and Elena are talking he is recognized by a local resident.  Elena leaves and goes home to sulk.  Later that evening, Stefan goes to her home to cook dinner for her and tell her about his past with Katherine as well as everything about what his favorite music, books and movies are.  From his imprisonment, Damon exerts what control he still has over Caroline for her to help free him.  She frees him and he attacks Zach and she manages to escape.  Elena sees the man who recognized Stefan and he tells her he remembered Stefan and his ring and Damon from a vampire attack in 1953 and it gets her to thinking.  Using the resources Logan Fell has access to, Elena sees video of the 1953 attack and recognizes the Stefan she knows.  When Bonnie sets a car on fire at a car wash she runs to her grandmother for answers.

Episode 6:  Lost Girls
Original Air Date:  October 15, 2009

Elena, struggling with the information she has learned about Stefan, demands that he tell her what he is.  Reluctantly, he tells her he is a vampire.  Frightened, she goes home only for Stefan to follow her so he can explain things to her but he leaves when she tells him that if he means her no harm he will go.  Damon feeds well on Vicki and her three partying friends.  He calls Stefan and orders him to give him his ring back.  Elena asks Stefan to meet her to tell her the truth.  The secret group of town members who know about the vampires continue their work to identify the vampire killing the towns people.  Damon takes Vicki back to the Salvatore house and allows her to drink his blood.  After a day of wild partying, Damon kills her and she awakens needing only to feed to become a vampire.  In two separate times, 1864 and modern day, we learn some of the histories of Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Katherine.  The secret vampire squad comb the woods at night in search of vampires as Damon pays a visit to Elena.  Vicki flees into the woods and Stefan follows her.  He is shot with a wooden bullet by Logan Fell.  Before he can stake Stefan, Damon arrives and removes the bullet from Stefan's body.  Stefan returns the ring to Damon as Vicki feeds on Logan.  The sheriff and the others find Logan's body.  Stefan tells Elena he failed to stop Vicki from feeding.  She tells him she cannot be with him.

Episode 7:  Haunted
Original Air Date: October 29, 2009

Vicki attacks Tyler but is saved by Damon and Stefan and Damon removes his memory.  Jeremy insists on joining the search party looking for Vicki.  Stefan tries to encourage Vicki to feed on animal blood instead of human blood but his every word is contradicted by Damon.  Bonnie's grandmother gives her a history of their family and of them being witches.  Vicki gets away from Stefan and Damon and goes home.  She can't enter the house until Matt tells her to come in.  Elena orders Vicki to stay away from Jeremy and she refuses.  She then tells Jeremy he can't see Vicki but he refuses.  Damon ingratiates himself with the mayor's wife to get information about the hunt for vampires.  Elena and Stefan must find Vicki and Jeremy at the school Halloween party before Vicki can harm him.  A struggle ensues between Vicki, Elena, Stefan and Jeremy and as Elena and Jeremy are running back into the school, Vicki grabs Jeremy.  Vicki is staked and Stefan and Damon must clean up the mess.  Damon erases Jeremy's memory of Vicki's death at Elena's request.

Episode 8:  162 Candles
Original Air Date:  November 5, 2009

It's Stefan's one-hundred and sixty-second birthday and he receives a visit from one of his oldest and dearest vampire friends, Lexi.  Despite still loving him, Elena wants Stefan to stay away from her.  Damon offers his assistance to Sheriff Forbes to help find the vampire(s) in town.  Bonnie cheers Elena up by levitating feathers from her pillow.  Damon wants his crystal back and since Bonnie will not give it to him, he wants Caroline to get it for him but Bonnie will not give it to her either.  Lexi is shocked when Elena comes to the house to see Stefan and she sees how much she resembles Katherine.  Caroline throws a party at the Mystic Grill and while there, Lexi gives Elena some advice on love.  Damon attacks a couple and kills the man.  The woman, identifies Lexi as the vampire who attacked her boyfriend.  The sheriff and her deputies take Lexi into custody and when she tries to escape the sheriff shoots her with wooden bullets and Damon stakes her.  Bonnie has a dream of her 1864 ancestor, Emily Bennett.

Episode 9:  History Repeating
Original Air Date:  November 12, 2009

Bonnie sees visions of her ancestor, Emily Bennett who asks her to help her.  The new history teacher, Alaric Saltzman arrives.  Because of his poor grades, Saltzman offers Jeremy the chance to write an extra credit report about local history.  Jeremy introduces Alaric and his Aunt Jenna.  Stefan tells Elena he will no longer be attending school because it's best that he "backs off".  Damon demands the crystal from Bonnie.  She throws the crystal away only to find it has returned to her.  After Elena tells Stefan about Damon tormenting Bonnie for the crystal he vows to learn the truth about why the crystal is so important to Damon.  He reveals that he plans to bring Katherine back using the crystal.  Caroline, Bonnie and Elena hold a seance and Emily possesses Bonnie who destroys the crystal.  In a fit of anger, Damon attacks Bonnie once Emily has left her body.  To save her, Stefan gives her some of his blood.  Stefan tells Elena he is leaving Mystic Falls.

Episode 10:  The Turning Point
Original Air Date:  November 19, 2009

Logan Fell, now a vampire, arrives at the Gilbert house wanting Jenna to let him in but she refuses.  To research his history paper, Jeremy reads Jonathan Gilbert's 1864 journal.  The more he reads, the more interested he becomes in what is written in the book.  Sheriff Forbes arrives at the Salvatore home to see Damon about a new vampire attack (committed by Logan).  Damon promises to help find the vampire and Stefan knows he cannot leave town now that there is trouble brewing.  Caroline and Matt's friendship begins to warm into a romance.  Stefan goes to see Elena and confides in her about the new attack.  Both Stefan and Damon want to know who turned Logan and what he wants.  After Jeremy and Tyler get into a scrap in the school, Mayor Lockwood takes them outside to "fight it out like men".  Alaric Saltzman stops the Mayor from urging the boys into a fight.  Logan, to save his life, tells Damon that there are others wanting to open the tomb and they can help him.  Alaric Saltzman has an altercation with Logan Fell and only one survives.  Stefan wants to keep his distance from Elena but she refuses to let him make the decision for her.  After an intimate evening with Stefan, Elena sees a picture of Katherine and is shocked to see that they look so much alike.  She leaves the Salvatore house and in involved in a car accident with a dark stranger standing the road.

Episode 11:  Bloodlines
Original Air Date:  January 21, 2010

Elena survives the car accident and is saved from the dark stranger by Damon.  Elena, before passing out, tells Damon she looks like 'her'.  Damon takes Elena, who isn't wearing her vervain necklace, on a trip he embarks on to Georgia.  He wants to see an old friend, a witch, to find out how he can release Katherine from the tomb.  Jeremy meets a mysterious young woman, Anna, when he goes to the library to do further research on his history paper and the two discuss the local vampire legends.  Bonnie appears to have lost her powers and consults with her grandmother about it.  Damon's witch friend, Bree, double crosses him putting him and Elena in danger.  The man who loved Lexi attacks Damon for revenge.  He is bent on killing him until Elena intercedes on his behalf.  Damon, knowing of Bree's betrayal has one last meeting with her.  Elena questions Damon as to why he brought her with him he tells her she isn't the worst company in the world.  When Elena confronts Stefan about Katherine he tells her he saw her before they met in school, that he was the one who pulled her from the car accident her parents died in.  He drops a bombshell to Elena about her family which causes her to question her Aunt Jenna about the new information.

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