Monday, August 30, 2010

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 1.2

Series One, Episode Two
Original Air Date:  August 29, 2010

A couple with an overdue baby comes into the hospital for an induced labor.  They want everyone involved in the delivery to be naked because they want their child born into a "room of natural bodies".  Cherie and Darcy are trying to figure out how to deal with the constant crying of their son.  Geraldine Proudman wants to enter the field of online dating and gets advice from her children.

Nina is extremely uncomfortable throughout the entire episode.  She goes in to buy some junk food after her night shift is over and encounters two young girls that insult her and she immediately categorizes in her mind as less than moral ladies.  Once the couple makes the request for everyone in the delivery room to be nude Nina's neurosis and imagination kicks into full speed.

Nina is extremely uncomfortable with the thought of being nude in the delivery room and she lets the fact that everyone calls her a "prude" get to her.  No one else seems to have an issue with a nude birth and they all laugh at her when she objects.  She even imagines the girls from the market at the start of the episode taunting her with a chant of "Prudy Judy never in the nudie, 'cause you think it's rudie and your name is Judy." 

She's thrilled when Chris asks her out for a bit of lunch and angry when Billie interrupts them.  Billie tells her she's got to sleep with "Doc Hottie" before he starts thinking of her as just a friend.  She allows everything Billie said, what she imagines the girls from the market saying, the nurses calling her a prude and her own mind to get to her.  She ends up telling the couple the truth that they want her to be a professional and capable more than anything else.

True heartbreak comes for her towards the end of the episode when she feels ready to make her move with Chris and then sees Zara and Chris in a room together with their shirts unbuttoned.  Immediately thinking they were having a moment, Nina runs from the room.  She spends the night at home crying most certainly believing she's missed her chance with Chris.

Billie and Darcy go to a house that's listed with them that has a "difficult" owner.  Billie wants to handle the house on her own so Darcy drops her off and leaves.  She's left there to deal with the man and the horrible state of the house.  A professional cleaning crew even refuses to help clean the house.  Calls to her father and Mick for help get her nowhere so she calls Nina.  Problem is, she interrupts Nina during lunch with Dr. Gorgeous.   An angry Nina drops off all the equipment Billie will need and our heroine Billie gears up for the job ahead.  She goes in, completes the mission and makes it out alive.  When talking to Mick after her hard day he doesn't want her to nag and she tells him that she can't rely on him and that she doesn't think she admires him.  It can't be love and if it is, there's something seriously wrong.

I really enjoyed this episode.  I'm horribly sick right now and didn't really need to be laughing much but I couldn't help it.  I spent an hour enjoying every coughing fit the laughter caused.  I'd have to say this has been my favorite episode to date.  I'm looking forward to next weeks Offspring!

Offspring airs on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Ten Network.
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