Saturday, August 7, 2010

CDN Television: Rookie Blue, Episode 1.7 "Hot & Bothered"

Rookie Blue
Season One, Episode Seven, Hot & Bothered
Original Air Date:  August 5, 2010

A heat wave is going through causing some people to act strangely, thus causing more work for the police.  Swarek and McNally pull over an ice cream truck that is being driven erratically only to find that the truck was being driven by a young girl.  Peck and Epstein find themselves faced with caring for an agoraphobic woman going into labor in her home.  Shaw and McNally respond to a case that might possibly tie into the ice cream truck incident earlier that morning.  The power goes out across the city turning things into a nightmare for the police. 

Peck and Epstein must deliver the baby on their own as they can't reach emergency services because of the power outage and ambulances are backed up and cannot get to them.  Peck is rather whiny about the entire situation and actually wants to arrest an agoraphobic woman in the middle of labor to get her out of the house and to a hospital.  Great people skills, huh?  Epstein refuses to let her do that and they end up delivering the baby beautifully.  Epstein's caring nature even succeeds in getting the woman to leave the house to accompany her premature baby to the hospital.  Of course, later, Peck thinks she was "pretty great" during the whole delivery.  I don't think so! 

Swarek and McNally seem to be joined at the hip much to McNally's displeasure.  She doesn't feel he trusts her as a police officer much and is writing all the reports and getting his coffee.  As Epstein put it, she's his "hot secretary with a gun". 

When Swarek is injured and his nurse "friend" arrives at the station to administer nitroglycerin to someone else, the nurse insists he stay to get stitches in his hand.  Rather than send McNally out on her own, Swarek partners her up with Shaw.  They respond to a call of shots fired but instead find it to be a case of a missing young girl.  The mother was worried about her daughter and feared the police wouldn't respond if they didn't think the situation was more dire. 

Swarek talks to the little girl who stole the ice cream truck for McNally and finds out that she was running from a man at the park.  Swan is in a mess of trouble when the man the girl was running from hits him over the head when Swan comes too close to discovering his secret.  The man shoots Swan but, thankfully, his vest saves his life but McNally must go after the man before he can kill the little girl.

McNally is forced to shoot the man when he draws on her.  She did as Swarek advised her at the beginning of the show, she followed her instincts.  Of course, she's shaken by what happened.  Callaghan surprises her by wanting to spend time working on the case of the man McNally just shot instead of spending the evening with her.  She talks with Swarek for a few minutes and he tells her if she needs to talk just call him.  She goes home and spends some time crying then leaves and goes to Swarek's house.  She doesn't want to talk and she and Swarek end up in his bedroom when the power comes back on.  He gets up to turn a few things off (WTF??!!) and McNally gets a call from Callaghan.  She doesn't answer it but she gets dressed to leave all the same.

What was Swarek thinking?  Let the TV blare!  Let the radio go.  Let the blender blend to its heart content.  When he got up to turn things off he really turned things off.  Just when I thought Team Swarek was going to score some major points.  Sigh.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes about from all this.  McNally is clearly having serious doubts about her relationship with Mr. Pretty Boy Detective so I'm holding out hope that Swarek still has a good chance.

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