Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life of Derby, UK Man Saved 28 Times By Doctors & Medics

Steve Nixon, a 44 year-old Derby, England man had a heart attack while riding his motorbike causing him to swerve into the path of an oncoming car.  Nixon's heart stopped several times at the scene and he was revived by paramedics before being airlifted to University Hospital Coventry.  Once there, his heart stopped an additional twenty-three times.  Doctors were able to restart Nixon's heart each time and were finally able to fit him with a pacemaker to stabilize his heartbeat so they could repair a torn artery.

Dr. Dawn Adamson, Consultant Cardiologist at the hospital said Nixon was suffering from a tear in the main artery supplying the heart.  He wasn't stable enough to survive heart surgery.  Instead, doctors opted for a two-hour surgery that provided scaffolding to the damaged arteries supplying blood to the heart.

Nixon, a father of three, is thankful to the doctors for working so hard to save his life.  He credits not only the doctors but the love of his family for his amazing recovery.  Nixon's wife, Miriam, put a family photograph on the back of his door so it would be the first thing he saw if he didn't perish.

This story could have had a tragic ending but, thankfully, it didn't.  I love a happy ending and this most certainly is one.

Source:  http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/health/health/3106504/Doctors-saved-my-life-28-times.html

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