Thursday, May 19, 2011

Worred about the Zombie Apocalypse? Never Fear! The CDC Has Got You Covered!

Do you often wonder what you will do if and when the zombie apocalypse occurs?  Will you be able to survive or will you fall prey to one of the zombies or, even worse, not be able to make it through because you are unprepared?

Well, put your fears to rest.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released some tips and guidelines to let you know what you should include in your survival kit and how you should plan to meet up with loved ones. 

So, my friends, follow these tips!  They could save your life!

The zombie apocalypse guide was originally prepared and posted on the CDC Blog by Dave Daigle, a longtime CDC spokesman.  Since it was released Monday, it has drawn so many hits it crashed the CDC blog (I still can't get it to come up!).

Daigle, a 52-year-old father of four is one of several writers on the blog and said he was looking for a way to create interest in preparedness in the wake of the recent disasters in the United States and with hurricane season just around the corner.  According to Daigle, "Essentially, the kids and many of the messages are the same.  We have had a hard time engaging people."

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