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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.22 "As I Lay Dying"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.22, As I Lay Dying
Original Air Date:  May 12, 2011

Damon has all but resigned himself to the fact he will die from the werewolf bite but Stefan hasn't given up.  When he and Bonnie try to find a spell to save Damon, Bonnie hears the witches say a name:  Klaus.  Stefan seeks out Klaus to find a cure for Damon's werewolf bite.  Caroline and her mother reach a new point in their relationship after Liz Forbes makes a deadly mistake.  Elena and Damon make peace in their troubled friendship.  Stefan makes a dark deal with Klaus.  Jeremy sees two old friends he thought he never would see again.

The morning after the ritual Elena is standing at the door of Jeremy's room watching him sleep.  She slowly closes the door then goes to the door of Jenna's room, looks inside for a second then closes the door.  Damon is waiting for her in the hall.  She asks what he wants and he says he wants to apologize.  He admits feeding her his blood was wrong and that he doesn't deserve her forgiveness but he needs it.  She tells him she needs some time, maybe a lot of it.  He nods and tells her to take all the time she needs.

Damon returns to the Salvatore house and removes his jacket then goes for a drink.  He looks at his bite, which is getting worse, then opens the curtains to allow the sun to stream into the room.  He stands before it, takes a drink then removes his protection ring.  He stands before the window as he starts to burn in the sunlight.  Stefan arrives and drags him from in front of the window.  Damon reminds Stefan about Rose but his brother doesn't care.  He takes Damon to the basement and locks him away telling him he isn't dying today.  Damon asks what the plan is and Stefan tells him they'll find something as he has Bonnie looking for something.  Damon tells his brother to just tell him goodbye and get it over with before collapsing in a fit of coughing.

Klaus awakens outside and Elijah throws his clothes to him.  He tells Klaus it's been almost two days and the full moon came and went and he remained a wolf.  Klaus is pleased to know he can change at will.  Elijah tells him he's been cleaning up his mess along the way, which Klaus comments is just like old times.  Elijah reminds him they have a bargain and that he gave him his word.  Klaus notes what kind of brother would break his bond even though Elijah tried to kill him.  When Elijah comments he could have but didn't, Klaus makes a point of telling him no one can kill him now, not even Elijah.  Elijah asks where they are and Klaus tells him he'll bring him to them soon enough.

A distraught Alaric is drinking heavily at the Grill when he receives a call from Stefan telling him about Damon.  He sobers up fast and asks Stefan what he needs.

Gone With the Wind is being shown on the square in Mystic Falls.  A few ladies and gentlemen are dressed in period dress and everyone is turning out for a fun evening.  Elena and Jeremy are planning on spending the night watching the movie as well.  He isn't too pleased about seeing a "girl movie" at first but she tells him they need to do it as it's a good three hour distraction from real life.  Caroline, chipper as ever, arrives with picnic baskets and the mentality that they need to take a page from Scarlett.  They all made it through the war, they've been through hell and her mother knows she's a vampire so it's basically like Atlanta has burned and, in spite of everything, they persevere.

Bonnie and Stefan are at the old plantation.  She's not sure it will work trying to contact Emily Bennett to find a way to help Damon.  She begins chanting and the candles light.  Stefan whispers her name and she opens her eyes saying "Emily".  She asks why Stefan is there and he says he needs to know if there's a spell to heal a werewolf bite.  She replies there isn't as nature ensures a balance to everything.  He asks if she's just saying 'no' because it's Damon and she says perhaps it's his time to die.  Stefan insists that isn't balance, it's punishment.  She insists she will not give him what he wants leading him to ask if there is an answer to give.  He begs her to tell him if she knows something; to help him save his brother.  Bonnie screams in pain and grabs her head and falls to the floor.  She tells Stefan they don't want them there and think she's abusing their power.  Stefan tells her they know something but didn't want to tell him and she admits she heard them say a name:  Klaus.

Carol Lockwood arrives at Liz Forbes' office wanting an update on where they are with the vampire situation.  When Liz tells her there have been some developments but she's handling it, Carol asks if she really is as she left her in charge the towns safety and she isn't seeing any results.  Liz again tells Carol she's handling it.  Carol curtly tells her to make sure she does because, if she can't, she'll find someone who will and leaves the office.

Stefan arrives at the town square and takes Elena aside.  He tells her about Damon's werewolf bite making her think differently of Damon's visit earlier that morning.  He admits Damon didn't want her to know but he tells her if she wants to talk to him, she shouldn't wait.  He tells her it isn't over and there might be a cure but he must find Klaus to get it.  She warns him Klaus will kill him but Stefan doesn't think so.  He feels that he's the reason Damon became a vampire in the first place and he owes it to him to find the cure if there is one.  They embrace and Stefan tells her to talk to Damon and tell him there's still hope.

A delirious Damon looks toward the door of the room he's locked in and sees a bedroom from the old Salvatore plantation.  Inside, Katherine is sitting before the mirror getting dressed.  Damon, dressed in his Civil War uniform, stops outside the room and watches her.  She informs him spying on a lady is a sign of very poor manners.  He enters the room and apologizes and asks him to help her with her corset strings.  She asks if he'll miss her while off defending the South and he admits he will.  She tells him to hurry back as she'll be lonely with him away.  When he comments Stefan should be company enough she turns to face him and asks if it's so wrong for her to want them both.  From the door, Elena calls to him asks if he can't see that she was toying with him and all he needed to do was say 'no'.  He had a choice and could have walked away.  Katherine turns his head to face her again asking him to promise her he'll return quickly.  He makes the promise and awakens in the basement room and looks at the worsening bite.

Stefan arrives at Alaric's apartment.  Katherine isn't happy because she's been waiting two days and should be free of Klaus' compulsion as he's supposed to be dead.  Stefan tells her they ran into complications.  He asks if she knows where he might be.  As they're struggling, they hear the door open and Katherine speaks to Klaus, who has returned with Elijah.  She pulls Stefan into view.  He tells Klaus he needs his help for his brother.  Klaus informs him it will have to wait as he has an obligation to his brother that requires his immediate attention.  Elijah reminds Stefan that he understands how important family is or he wouldn't be there and that his brother gave him his word he would reunite him with his family.  From behind him, Klaus tells Elijah "and so I shall".  When Elijah turns, Klaus plunges the dagger into Elijah, killing him.  After he falls to the floor, he pushes Stefan against the wall asking what they're going to do with him now.  He plunges a stake into Stefan as Katherine watches.  He tells him the stake is scraping against his heart and one little move would kill him.  Katherine points out Stefan is trying to help his brother and Stefan tells Klaus to make him a deal.  If he gives him the cure he'll do whatever he wants.  Klaus removes the stake and walks over to the counter where he pours some blood into a glass saying he's not sure if Stefan would be any good to him the way he is now.  He's just shy of useless.

As Damon is surveying his bite, Alaric arrives with a glass, Damon's ring and some liquor.  He pours Damon a drink.  Damon puts his ring on and asks if Stefan sent him for suicide watch.  Alaric points out Stefan is trying to help and Damon remarks he's trying to do what he always does:  trying to right the wrongs of the past.  Damon tells Alaric he should want him dead as he's the reason Jenna got killed but Alaric says he doesn't blame him for Jenna.  Damon then points out he turned Isobel into a vampire.  Alaric asks Damon for his glass as neither one of them are drunk enough for that conversation.  Damon reaches through the window on the door and grabs Alaric and begs him to kill him, something Alaric refuses to do.  Damon falls to the floor and says 'Elena'.  Alaric tells him she isn't there.  Outside, Elena drives up to the house and as she walking in, hears a noise.  She stops to listen and when she turns to go inside, Liz Forbes stops her, puts her hand over her mouth telling her not to make a sound.  Damon tells Alaric he needs blood and the latter goes to get him some.  While he's getting a bag of blood for Damon, Liz, gun raised, asks where he is.  The deputy calls to Liz from the hall and Alaric warns her not to go in with Damon.  She sees Damon on the ground and, when she goes into the room, he's nowhere to be seen.  From beside her, he says her name then grabs her and flings her against the wall.

At the square, the movie continues and Jeremy's phone rings.  Alaric asks if he's with Elena and Jeremy tells him she want to speak to Damon.  Alaric tells him Damon has escaped, the cops are looking for him and he's in bad shape so if he finds Elena he needs to get her somewhere safe.  Bonnie doesn't want Jeremy to become involved in the situation with Damon but he protests.  He tells her she can try to stop him but he's going to find his sister and walks away.

Klaus kneels next to Stefan to tell him a story he'd heard of one vampire who was on and off the wagon for decades.  When he was off, he was magnificent.  In 1917, he went into Monterrey and wiped out an entire migrant village.  He was a true ripper.  He asks Stefan if it sounds familiar and Stefan says he hasn't been that way in a very long time.  Klaus tells him that is the vampire he can make a deal with and the kind of talent he can use.  He asks Katherine to come to him.  When she does, he bites her wrist.  He then bites his own wrist and forces it to her mouth.  When his blood enters her system, the bite on her wrist begins to heal before their eyes.  He tells Stefan there is his cure.  Klaus blood is the cure for a werewolf bite.  Stefan puts his arm around Stefan's shoulders and leads him away to talk.

Damon staggers into the square and sees what he thinks is Katherine standing next to a stone monument.  Jeremy runs up to him causing the vision to disappear.  Damon asks where Elena is as he needs to see her.

Liz Forbes returns to her office where Elena is being held and Elena asks where Damon is and what they've done to him.  Liz asks why she cares as she knows what they are and what they do.  A deputy comes in to tell her Damon was spotted outside entering the Grill.  As Liz starts to leave, Elena stops her begging to go along as Damon is sick and not himself.  Liz orders the deputy to keep Elena there then leaves the office.

Jeremy manages to get Damon inside the Grill and calls Alaric.  Damon stands and turns to the entrance to see Liz Forbes standing there with her gun drawn.  When she fires, Damon runs and the bullet hits Jeremy squarely in the chest.  He falls to the floor as she calls for paramedics.  Caroline and Bonnie enter and run to Jeremy.  The ring won't work as the bullet was fired from a human.  Caroline bites her wrist and tries to get Jeremy to drink some of her blood to save him.  Alaric arrives and sees Jeremy.  Bonnie asks Alaric to bring Jeremy but Liz protests.  Caroline tells her to let them go.  Elena picks up a chair and throws it through the window of Liz's office so she can escape.

Klaus fills a bottle with his blood and tells Stefan if he wants to save his brother, how about a decade-long bender.  He has big plans for Stefan when they leave Mystic Falls.  Stefan tells him he isn't like that anymore and Klaus starts to pour the blood out.  Stefan stops him.  Klaus wants Stefan to join him for a drink.  He pushes a blood bag to him.  Stefan opens it and takes a sip and Klaus orders him to finish it.  Stefan does everything Klaus says and Klaus saves Damon.  When Stefan does, Klaus pushes another bag to him.  Stefan opens the bag and finishes it.

Alaric places Jeremy's body on the floor of the old plantation and asks if it's even possible.  Bonnie tells him there's a spell for it if they'll give her the power to use it.  She cradles Jeremy's head in her lap as she starts to chant.  The candles light and she continues to chant.  After a few seconds, she stops.  The spirits are angry at her for returning and don't want to help.  They tell her there will be consequences.  Bonnie starts chanting again and the house shakes and her nose starts to bleed.  She stops chanting and calls to Emily telling her she knows she's there.  She begs her to help her saying "I love him".  The shaking stops and the candles die out.  Bonnie begins to cry but Jeremy's eyes open and he asks what happened.

Elena runs into the square and Damon says her name from behind her.  She grabs hold of him saying they must go and he asks where they're going.  He remembers running through the woods with Katherine in the 1860's having asked Katherine the same question and she replies "everywhere".  Damon is running after her and stumbles, just as he stumbles in modern day.  In the past, he catches Katherine.  In the present, he pushes Elena against a lamp post, as he had Katherine against a tree in the past.  In the past, he asks Katherine to feed him her blood but she says she will not.  She gives him a pin telling him if he wants it, take it.  It's his choice to make.  In the present, Damon says "I choose you, Katherine" to Elena causing her to correct him on her identity.  In the past, Damon asks Katherine to promise him she won't tell his brother, which she does.  In the present, even though she struggles, Damon leans down and bites Elena's neck.  She tells him he's hurting her and he snaps to reality and pulls away from her, recognizing her.  He falls to the ground and she kneels next to him, holding him.

At the Grill, Caroline gets a call from Bonnie letting her know Jeremy is alright.  She tells her mother who is relieved saying she thought she killed him.  Caroline tells her she did.  She continues that she explained things to her once but had to make her forget because she was afraid of what she might do.  Now, she doesn't want to lie and isn't afraid of her anymore.  She takes her mothers hands and tells her she doesn't want her to be afraid of her, either.  She tells her she's still her little girl and hugs her mother.  Liz returns her daughter's hug.

As Jeremy is doing a web search for "back from the dead" he gets a video message from Bonnie.  She asks how he is and he tells her he's trying to figure out what's wrong with him as he feels different.  He tells her he doesn't know how to thank her and she replies he can thank her tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.  When their conversation is finished, Alaric looks into Jeremy's room and asks if he needs anything before he leaves.  Jeremy tells him 'no' and, after seeing how lost Jeremy looks, Alaric decides to stay the night at the Gilbert house.  Jeremy thanks Alaric for everything and Alaric tells him he can thank him tomorrow and the day after that and the day after giving the two a brief minute of happiness and a laugh.

Damon is on his bed, dying.  Elena is standing next to him and he tells her to leave as he can hurt her but she refuses.  She insists she's there till the very end and will not leave.  When he writhes in pain, she gets into the bed next to him to comfort him.  He tells her all those years he blamed Stefan, no one forced him to love her, it was his choice.  He made the wrong choice.  He looks up to her and asks her to tell Stefan he's sorry.  She replies that she will.

Stefan is on the floor with a trail of empty blood bags leading up to him.  He finishes another and Klaus is pleased how cooperative he's being.  He steps over Elijah's body and comments it's almost as if Stefan is enjoying it.  Stefan tells him no more until he gives him the cure to which Klaus replies not until they make a deal, it's Stefan's choice.  Klaus holds out another blood bag telling Stefan he can remain in Mystic Falls or embrace what he really is and leave town with him and save Damon.  Stefan grabs the bag from Klaus' hand, rips it open and drinks from it.  Klaus goes to Katherine, gives her the bottle of his blood and compels her to take it to Damon then come back, against Stefan's protest.  She grabs the bottle and rushes from the apartment.  Klaus sits as Stefan tells him she'll never take the bottle to Damon.

Damon tells Elena this is even more pitiful than he thought and she replies there's still hope.  He continues that he's made a lot of choices that have gotten him there and he deserves to die.  She tells him he doesn't but he says it's OK because if he had chosen differently he never would have met her.  He apologizes to her for the many things he's done to hurt her and she forgives him.  He tells her he knows she loves Stefan and it will always be Stefan then confesses his love for her and she should know that.  Through tears, she tells him she does.  He says she would have liked him had she met him in 1864.  She tells him she likes him now, just the way he is then kisses him.  He thanks her for the kiss.  From behind her, Elena hears Katherine say "it's me he should be thanking".  Elena stands and looks at her as Katherine tells her she's the one who brought the cure.  As Katherine walks over to Damon she tells Elena she thought she was dead to which Elena replies "I was".  Damon looks up at Katherine and comments she got free.  She pours some of Klaus' blood into Damon's mouth and tells him 'yep, finally'.  He tells her 'you still came here' and she replies that she owed him one and pats his cheek lightly.  When she stands up, Elena asks where Stefan is and Katherine questions if Elena is sure she cares.  She asks again and Katherine holds up the bottle and tells her he's paying for this and gave himself over to Klaus and shouldn't be expected anytime soon.  Elena asks what she means and Katherine tells her he sacrificed everything to save his brother, including her, and it's a good thing she has Damon to keep her company.  She tells Elena goodbye and stops before she reaches the bedroom door.  She turns to Elena and tells her it's OK to love them both as she did.  She throws the bottle of blood to Elena and is gone in a flash.  Damon weakly sits up and looks to Elena.

Klaus has placed Elijah's body, with the dagger still intact, of course, into a coffin and tells him he will be reunited with our family.  He closes the lid and tells two men to put

him with the others and they're leaving town tonight.  Stefan receives a text from Elena telling him Damon's OK and asking where he is.  Klaus asks if Katherine made it on time and Stefan tells him he won't be seeing her again to which Klaus comments because she's on vervain then remarks he's been around a long time and rarely gets played for a fool.  She won't get far as Stefan will help him see to that.  Stefan asks what Klaus really wants from him and he replies all will be explained in time once they leave Mystic Falls.  Stefan asks if they can leave and Klaus tells him not yet as he has a gift for him.  He calls a girl out from behind some crates and tells Stefan he wants to make sure their deal is honored and he will be of use to him.  He bites the girls neck and tells Stefan he could have compelled her but a real ripper enjoys the hunt.  He sets the girl free to run and Stefan, after a second of thought, goes after her.  He bites her and when she crumples to the floor, he looks to Klaus who tells him they can go now.

Jeremy awakens having heard something.  Thinking it was Alaric, he calls his name.  When he gets no reply, he gets up to search the house.  Someone steps up behind him.  He doesn't see but feels them and looks but sees no one.  As he starts downstairs, Vicki is standing the doorway behind him and follows him down the stairs.  He passes Alaric, who is sleeping on the couch, Vicki following him with every step.  She says his name and he turns but sees no one.  When he looks back, in the kitchen door he sees Anna.  He says Anna's name then turns behind him, seeing Vicki and says her name.

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