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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.9, "One for the Money"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Nine, One for the Money
Original Air Date:  May 1, 2011

The "Breakout Kings" are called into action when a charming thief escapes from prison.  As they delve further into his life, they find a long trail of women easily under his spell.  Could one of them be his true love and the key to finding him?  Meanwhile, Shea wants a conjugal visit with his wife but convincing Charlie and Ray to allow it is a huge hurdle so he takes matters into his own hands.

At Orleans Correctional Facility in Albion, New York, a prisoner's cell has been trashed.  When complaining to the guards does no good, one of the prisoners, Andre Brennan (Richard Burgi), convinces the other that he needs to retaliate against the three men he feels trashed the cell.  He lays out the plan the man should follow and assures him he will be there to back him up.  The plan goes into action and Andre again provides assurance he will be there for backup.  The attack begins and, when the action starts, Andre quietly slips away in the confusion.  Andre and another prisoner go to the roof where Andre scales the side of the building and leaves the grounds for a waiting SUV.

At Maybelle Minimum Security Prison in Hudson, New York, Shea and his girl, Vanessa (Tattiawna Jones), are talking during a visit and she tells him she's proud of him for the work he's doing with the Marshall's.  She asks if the people he works with are nice and he says they are.  When she asks about the "other informants" he immediately corrects her saying he isn't an informant.  They simply bounce stuff off him.  She tells him nothing has changed between them and, if anything, she loves him more now because he's doing what is right by them.  When they are together again they will be free and clear--no more running, they can't go back to that.  She expresses her wish they could be alone as he kisses her hand.  He refuses to allow her to have to go through the security measures for them to get into a conjugal trailer.  When she leans across the table to kiss him one of the guards yells to him "no excessive contact" and they break their kiss.  He tells her he will figure something out.  The guard calls to him that the transfer van has arrived.

At the office in Brooklyn, New York, Charlie goes over Andre Brennen's information with the team.  Andre's cell mate died in the riot started so Andre could escape.  Lloyd asks how Andre escaped but that is unknown as the warden is still conducting his investigation.  Brennan was in prison for tax evasion but he had been suspected as being an associate of the "Bad Elvis's", a sophisticated group of jewelry thieves that have never been caught.  Two security guards were killed in a robbery in Brussels two years ago so the Bad Elvis's are known for violence.  While Interpol never pinned the Brussels job on Brennan, they know he was the mastermind.  Lloyd questions the moniker of the group and Julie explains they were given the name by the press after a heist where the group wore ridiculous pompadour wigs.  Shea points out that "Breakout Kings" is a name that has a ring to it and Lloyd asks if that is what they are calling them and Erica remarks she loves it.  Ray tells them they aren't called Breakout Kings because they aren't breaking out of anything.  Erica takes a picture of Andre Brenna from a folder and comments on how attractive he is.  Shea reads over Brennan's list of luxury belongings and notes he must have been thieving for a long time before he was caught because of his high lifestyle.  When Ray asks if the team is ready to do some work or continue going over the folders Lloyd points out the amazing list of Brennan's conjugal visitors.  Julie brings up an image sent to them by the warden's office, the tip of a copied key made from some kind of plastic that was found inside the lock in the visitors area.  Shea feels they should talk to trustees and guards as Brennan got the key from someone to make the copy.  When Charlie goes into his office, Shea follows and asks if he could get some alone time with his girl.  Charlie replies that he is getting time, time off his sentence.  Apart from that he gets nothing.  As he is leaving the office, Charlie tells Julie to run every trustee as he wants to see everyone who has ever had contact with Brennan and pull his visitation log as he wants to know what Brennan is up to.

Charlie and Ray interview Jose Fuentes (Joshua Barilko) a trustee at the prison about the key.  At first, the man denies knowing anything about the key.  When they inform Fuentes his wife just paid cash for a brand new Escalade, and show him proof, he angrily exclaims he's going to kill her as he told her to sit on the money for a year.  He admits that Andre gave him $25,000 to make a copy of a key for him.  He told Andre he needed another week to get the key.  An angry Andre, needing the key immediately doubled the amount to $50,000.  He doesn't know why Andre was in such a hurry and only assumes he was breaking out for a woman and comments on some of the ladies that used to visit Andre at the prison.

At the office, Erica, looking at Andre's mug shot, comments he is well endowed.  Julie questions how she knows and she explains he is confident, yet calm and doesn't need to resort to all the nonsense men do that need to compensate.  He knows what he has.  She points out his expression in the photo as "Whatever.  I don't need to make a big deal out if it.  You know why?  Because I'm packing."  Shea speculates that she didn't get that from a mug shot but instead because she hasn't had a conjugal in three years and is a little frustrated.  Lloyd chimes in saying he thought it wasn't the size of the liner but the motion of the ocean that mattered.  Erica asks who told him that and asks him not to say his mother.  He simply says he read an article in Psychology Today.  Julie finishes her phone call and tells the cons Andre paid a lot of money to get out that day so Charlie and Ray want them to focus on anything time sensitive and what women were Andre's most recent visitors.  Lloyd sees information on Kate Lavin (Josie Davis) and selects her since Andre is a man who lives for instant gratification, his vanity, his trappings of wealth and self-satisfaction.  He clearly suffers from persistent ego aggrandising disorder so his first order of business now that he's out of prison will be to follow that suit.  Shea asks what that means and Erica points out Brennan will need to get laid.  Lloyd informs them of all Andre's lady callers, Kate visited him the most in prison and one of those visits was a conjugal.

Charlie and Ray pay a visit to Kate Lavin's home and she admits she knows Andre.  She claims she became enamoured with him after meeting him through a friend he used to date.  She admits she's heard the 'rumors' about his criminal activities but that she has never personally witnessed him stealing anything.  Charlie asks what her prison visits were about and she tells him she felt sorry for him and since she'd never had a conjugal visit in prison and thought she'd check it off her list.  Ray cuts to the chase and tells her he wants the truth from her and they want to know where Andre is and what he is up to.  She insists he isn't helping him evade arrest and tells them that one month ago Andre asked her to wait for him and run away to his uncle's property in New Mexico.  She felt it was a bit desperate so she turned him down and maintains that was the last time she saw him.  Charlie notices her packed luggage and asks if she's going somewhere and she tells him she just returned from a trip as she is seeing someone else.  Charlie gives her his card and tells her to call them if she has any further contact with Andre.

Charlie and Ray return to the office and Charlie questions Julie if she has anything on Andre's uncle in New Mexico.  The phone rings and Julie tells Charlie Director Knox is on the line.  Shea makes a call to an associate asking if he still has access to the uniforms.  When he's apparently given an affirmative answer, Shea says he needs a favor.  Charlie takes the call from Knox in his office and despite giving his boss what information they do have an assuring him they are working diligently on getting Brennan back into custody, Knox is clearly displeased and makes sure Charlie knows it.  Charlie leaves his office and tells the team he was given a way to go by his boss and wants to know what everyone has as they have to catch Brennan.  Lloyd explains he doesn't understand where New Mexico fits into Brennan's profile as he is a 4-start kind of guy and wouldn't want to live on a farm in New Mexico.  Julie informs them Brennan's only uncle died eight months prior and never owned a farm.  Ray knows that Kate was lying to them.

Andre arrives in the Presidential Suite of a fine hotel to meet with his associates.  Kate Lavin hands him Charlie's card and asks what they are going to do about the Marshall's.  His phone rings and he takes the call.  It is from a woman, Heather Storrow (Helena Mattsson).  She wants to know what is going on and he promises everything will be made clear and asks if she's ready for them to be together forever.  She asks how that will be possible as he's a fugitive.  He tells her to just be ready as he has to take care of a few things and will call her back.  When he hangs up, one of his associates, Doug (Colin McClean) steps forward and tells him there's too much heat from his breakout.  If they are going to do the deal, Andre needs to disappear and wait to hear from them.  Andre calmly looks to everyone and says he only has two questions.  The first is if everything is on schedule.  When Doug says everything is under control, Andre takes out a gun and kills him.  He poses his second question "who is in charge".  Kate replies that he is.

Ray, Shea and Lloyd enter Kate's house and find her bags are gone.  Ray calls Charlie to let him and know and the latter says he and Erica will watch the street while they search the house.  While Lloyd and Shea look at one of Kate's nighties, Ray searches the cupboards.  Ray tells them to put the garment down and do their job.  Shea points out that is why they need conjugal time because at a certain point you can't think of anything else and wants him to talk to Charlie.  Ray comments they have a chance to get out early and it still isn't good enough.  Lloyd finds a box of cigars on a table and looks them over.  He notes that Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and he runs one of them beneath his nose to savour the smell.  He recoils and says it isn't a cigar, it's a turd.  Ray has found a packing envelope showing the cigars were sent over that morning.  He takes the box from Lloyd to inspect it closely.  He points out one of the traits of the Bad Elvis's was coded communication.  Lloyd says that sometimes a box is just a box but Ray finds a false bottom in the box with a paper containing the name of hotel where Andre met earlier with his associates.

At Hotel Deveaux in Manhattan, New York, Ray learns from the desk clerk that neither Andre or Kate registered for a room in their names.  Charlie looks to a maid vacuuming nearby and gets $40 from Ray.  He tells Ray to lock down the lobby with Erica then goes to the maid and speaks to her in Spanish.  As she's from Philly, she doesn't speak Spanish.  He shows her Brennan's mug shot and asks if she's seen him.  She smiles and admits she has saying he's unforgettable, handsome and charismatic and that he's staying in the Presidential Suite.  He then shows her some money and says he needs a big favor.  She lets Charlie, Lloyd and Shea into the Presidential Suite so they can look around.  Lloyd comments that Andre buys his women via his lavish lifestyle.  He gets high from vicious cycles of spending.  He spends because he's a walking ID and he steals because he can't not spend.  He is incapable of laying low which will be good for them.  When they enter the kitchen of the suite they find Doug's body.  Ray removes a hotel parking receipt from the man's pocket and calls Ray to have him check out the car.

When the car is brought to the front of the hotel, Ray and Erica look through it.  In the trunk, Erica finds a case full of high-tech safe cracking equipment.  From across the street, Andre and his team are watching Ray and Erica search the car.  Kate is worried about the Marshall's but Andre is still cool and collected.  He tells the team if anyone wants to bail they can now but will receive nothing.  Andre receives a text and when he returns it, Kate asks what the woman's name is.  He tells her she doesn't know her.  Kate guesses she's young, pretty, naive and believes all he tells her.  He turns to her and says he thought he told her enough times but apparently he hasn't then warns her to get her head in the game.  She tells him this will be her last job as she's finished after this, something he agrees with.  Ray calls Charlie to tell him what they found in the car and spots Andre watching them.  As they must wait for Charlie to get there, he tells Erica to stand in front of him and talk about anything.  She starts talking about conjugal visits and remarks visits would help clear her head.  He comments she is "mungry" as Lloyd said earlier and she smiles saying she's "mamished".  He tells her to take it up with Charlie but she says she'd rather take it up with him.  When Andre realizes Ray has made them, he speeds out of his parking place.  Ray runs toward the SUV while giving Julie a description but he's only able to get half of the plate.

At the office, Julie has Douglas Acadia's information for them.  He has no priors and is unmarried and has been unable to find any connections between he and Andre or Kate.  Julie has already spoken with Major Case and NYPD for the Bad Elvis case files but she is awaiting approval from the sergeant.  Ray gives her a name telling her to inform him Ray Zancanelli said to send the files over.  Charlie wants to know more about every single woman who went to see Andre in prison.  The telephone rings and Julie informs Charlie that Andre Brennan is on the line wanting to speak with him surprising everyone in the room.  As Charlie and Ray are walking into Charlie's office, Erica asks Julie what Andre's voice sounds like.  She replies "creme de menthe".  Andre introduces himself and tells Charlie he'd love to meet with him, especially if it was to work out a deal.  Charlie asks what he's offering and receives the answer "my cohorts".  Charlie mentions finding Doug in the suite and asks how many more are left.  Andre replies there are three others and he is ready for a change that doesn't involve incarceration or being a fugitive.  Charlie asks where they can meet but Andre wants the deal up front.  He walks, with witness protection, for his testimony.  When Charlie tells him he can't personally offer a deal but can put him with someone who can, Andre politely tells him he doesn't like to hang up on people so that is why he is informing him of it beforehand then hangs up.

Charlie asks Julie if the back trace on the phone has started and how long it will take.  She tells him 5-10 minutes but that was 5 minutes ago.  Charlie is anxious to get Brennan into custody and pushes hard and Julie informs him she can do her job.  He's more than a little annoyed that Andre had the nerve to call him at the office and "run game" on him.  Julie gets the information that Andre called from a pay phone at Mercer and Grand.  Charlie takes the address and tells her to have Lloyd meet him at the car.  Charlie and Lloyd go to the location of the phone and find a cigar bar nearby.  Lloyd doesn't think Andre would call from a traceable phone outside one of his hangouts but Charlie asks Lloyd where he, a known problem gambler, was then they caught him.  Lloyd admits he was in a casino.  They go into the cigar bar and look through Andre's stash for clues.  Lloyd smells a cigar from each box until he finds the displeasing cigars.  Inside the false bottom they find a postcard with a modern expressionist painting on it and the information "Friday, 9:00".

At the restaurant beneath the office, while waiting on their pizza, everyone looks over the painting on the postcard trying to figure out what it is.  Julie sent an image of the painting to Major Case Squad in hopes someone could identify it.  Shea feels they should be talking to one more of Andre's girls, Heather Storrow as she visited him three times in prison but didn't stay for the conjugal.  When Lloyd asks why she is important, Shea explains that maybe all the women are Bad Elvis's and maybe none are.  Andre and Heather might have been a couple on the outside.  Lloyd then theorizes the "Madonna/whore" of it all.  A man courts a woman with the qualities of his mother and, over time, begins to see her as a mother figure.  He reserves his sexuality for the 'dirty women' and cannot love a woman who satisfies him sexually and cannot sexually satisfy a woman he loves.  Ray thinks Shea may be onto something and gets up to go upstairs to call Heather in.  Shea wants to go for the interview and when Ray asks why, he insists Heather was his call and he's trying to help out while Julie is accepting a package from a messenger.  Charlie gives him permission to attend the interview and the two go upstairs.  Shea tells Ray he can start the interview with Heather and he will listen in.  When Ray and Heather walk away, Shea makes the excuse to Julie he left the file downstairs and will be right back and gets into the elevator with the messenger who turns out to be Vanessa.  He stops the elevator so the two can spend some quality time together.  Downstairs, Charlie asks Erica to do a search for famous shipwreck paintings.  She finds the painting and they learn it is at the Geller Museum in Midtown.

Andre and his team are putting their plan into action.  They break into their target and bypass the security measures as planned.  Heather tells Ray she loved Andre before she knew he was a criminal.  His arrest turned her world upside down.  Her visits to prison were to make sure she didn't love him anymore.  She insists he isn't a bad man as not paying taxes doesn't make someone a monster.  Ray agrees and tells her about him being a suspect in a murder, something she doesn't believe.  Andre and his team continue bypassing security to reach their intended goal.  Charlie arrives in the office commenting about having to take the stairs.  Shea, who is getting out of the elevator tells Charlie it got stuck and that he doesn't like snakes and enclosed spaces and insists he get the elevator fixed.  Julie brings Charlie a picture of a jewelry collection that arrived yesterday and is being housed at the Geller Museum.  Charlie goes to get Ray and orders Shea to get the others downstairs.  Julie informs Shea is fly is open and he knows that she knows what really happened with the elevator and quietly tells her he misses his girl.  Charlie opens the door and tells Ray they figured out the thing.  He thanks Heather for coming in and that she deserves better than Andre and leaves the room.

The team arrive at the Geller Museum to the sound of an alarm.  They enter, guns drawn.  They are met by a women who tells them to put their weapons away as it is only the primary alarm sounding and they have confirmed there has been no security breach.  She shows them the jewels and states security has been with it around the clock since it landed.  Andre and his team continue their work and Kate informs them they are good to go.  They get the vault open.  At the museum, they learn the alarm was pre-programmed to go off and could have been programmed months ago.  The Gellar Museum was a distraction.  Ray asks Julie to get information on every alarm that went off in the city that night and she gives him a list.  Andre and his team empty diamonds into their bags while she goes over the list.  She comes to Schullman and Sons Diamond Wholesalers on 47th Street.  Andre and his team have what they came for and start to leave.  Andre, seeing a pearl necklace, pauses.

The team arrive at the Diamond Wholesalers and are informed between nine and ten million was taken from the vault alone.  Erica notices a case broken into and asks what is missing and is told about a pearl necklace, not worth much compared to the diamonds.  Lloyd again states Andre will not be leaving town alone.  He will be taking a girl with him, one he can impress with pearls leading Ray to remember Heather wearing pearl earrings when he spoke with her.  Ray and Charlie go to see Heather and tell her Andre is a murderer and thief and will continue to do both because he's good at it.  Ray convinces Heather to give them some information.  Through tears, she tells them Andre just called begging her to meet him so they could run away together.  When Ray asks where he wants to meet, she asks if Andre is really a murderer.  Charlie tells her the photos are in the car and asks what she wants to see.  She tells them Andre told her to meet him at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in half an hour and wait for him.  Ray gives her a tissue and puts the package he took it from into her purse before they leave.

At the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the police arrive.  Andre is sitting in a car and is pleased law enforcement bought the story then pulls away.  He pulls up to the curb and Heather gets into the car.  They two kiss and he asks if she was followed.  She tells him she wasn't as she took a cab, then the subway then walked around the block as he said.  She tells him they said horrible things about him and he asks who she will believe, him or them.  With a kiss she tells him "you".  He gives her the pearl necklace he stole from the Diamond Wholesalers for her faith in him.  He tells her they will be leaving tomorrow for Buenos Aries but he has to buy them a little time first.  He places a call to Charlie and tells him he wants to take his offer as he is done running.  Charlie asks where he is.  Andre says he must take care of a couple of things first but says he will meet him at a coffee shop the next morning at nine.  Charlie tells him it means so much to him he's getting misty-eyed thinking about it and asks if he can borrow a tissue from Heather's purse.  Andre asks Heather if they gave her tissues.  Charlie taps on the window with his gun and law enforcement move in.  He orders Andre out of the car and Ray opens Heather's door and takes the tissues he put into her purse out telling her they are what they call a "bird dog", a tracking device and orders her out of the car.

Charlie and Ray bring Andre Brennan back to the office and Julie and Erica take the opportunity to get a good look at him.  Erica comments he's so much better looking in his photos and Julie reluctantly agrees.  Charlie tells him they will be coming by in a half hour to pick him up.  Ray brings cheap cigars and champagne into the office so the team can celebrate Brennan's capture as Julie and Shea share a look about what happened earlier.  Later, Julie knocks on the bathroom door and asks Shea if she can come in.  He grants her permission and she opens the door.  She steps inside and tells him she doesn't appreciate the situation she's in because of him.  She's risking her job by not telling Charlie.  She knows that everyone is aware of her personal issues and feels he might have thought she was a pushover because of it.  He insists it wasn't like that and he just needed some time with his girl as he's been locked up for a long time.  She tells him she's been locked up for a long time as well.  After she washed out of the Academy, she lived with her mother for three years doing telemarketing as she never left the house.  She thought that would be the rest of her life until Ray called her for the job.  They both want out of prison and the team is an opportunity for them both to get their life back.  She tells him not to mistake her illness for weakness and to not put her in the position again as she will tell Charlie if he does.

During a visit at Maybelle, Shea tells Vanessa he can't wait six years.  She points out they would be fugitives again.  He takes her hand in his and says they would be together and that's all that matters.  He tells her "this is for you" and kisses her hand.  When he leaves she looks into her hand and sees a diamond then to Shea standing at the gate waiting for the guard to open it.

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