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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.23 "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty-Three, Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)
Original Air Date:  May 9, 2011

When a raid on Wo Fat's safe house turns up the wrong man inside the residence, a chase ensues leading Danny to a house three doors down.  A man is dead inside the house and Danny is exposed to a deadly chemical agent.  Sang Min returns with an ominous message for Steve McGarrett.  Meanwhile, Internal Affairs makes it clear to Chin that they know he was taking the blame for his uncles crime.

In Kahala, O'Ahu, Five-O and the Honolulu Police move in on a home where Wo Fat is believed to be located as thermal imaging, which Kono is monitoring, shows one lone individual in the house.  Steve McGarrett warns Five-O and the HPD that, even though he's alone, Wo Fat is still extremely dangerous.  Jenna Kaye gears up to go in with the team but Steve handcuffs her to a police car pointing out she isn't a field agent.  He refuses to let her get hurt on his watch.  They move in on the house and HPD breaks the door open triggering a blast that blows the officers in front of the door back.  As a firefight ensues, Jenna Kaye tries to free herself from the door handle of the police car and reaches inside for something to break the handle free.  Kono keeps an eye on the lone occupant of the house via thermal imaging and yells to Steve that he's on the move.  Steve enters the house ordering his team and HPD to surround the perimeter.  Kono keeps Steve up to date on the movements of the occupant as Steve moves through the dwelling.  She tells him the man is moving upstairs and Steve follows.  He comes face to face with the lone occupant of the house, Sang Min (Will Yun Lee).  Both men are surprised to see one another and do not fire upon each other.  Sang Min dives out the window onto the grounds below and Steve follows.  He tells the team he has eyes on the target but it isn't Wo Fat, it is Sang Min.  As they are running around the house, Min turns and fires in Steve's direction causing Steve to duck behind the house and confirm the identity of the occupant to Kono.

Sang Min runs into the street to make his escape and is hit by Jenna Kaye who is now driving the police car she was handcuffed to.  Danny comes around the corner just as Min is getting up to run and orders Kaye to get down as he and Min exchange fire.  Min dives over the wall of a nearby house and Danny orders Kaye to stay where she is and then follows Min.  He follows him to a lavish estate three doors down and communicates to the team that he has Min and gives the location.  He enters the house and finds a man on the floor dead.  There is spilled milk on the floor nearby with an overturned carton on the counter and the man's face reveals he obviously died of something serious.  Danny kneels and feels for a pulse.  Steve has arrived at the estate and as he's surveying the area, Min drives a car from the garage almost running Steve over.  Steve fires but Min is able to make his escape.  Chin and Kono arrive at the house and Steve gives Kono the description of the car Min is driving with orders to call it in to every agency.  Jenna walks up to the house with the cuffs still on her arm (but no car) prompting Steve to question her about the car.  Kono tells Steve the APB has been issued and Jenna asks who Sang Min is.  Chin gives her the quick description of him including that he is an associate of Victor Hess and runs in the same circles as Wo Fat.  Steve theorizes that Sang Min could have been targeting Wo Fat since the front door was rigged with an explosive charge.  The charge could have been meant for Wo Fat.  As they are talking about why Sang Min would want to kill Wo Fat, Danny stumbles out of the house toward them.  They hear him coughing as he slumps down to the ground.  They run to their friend who tells them he isn't hit but something isn't right as he can't breathe.  As Kono is calling an ambulance, Danny tells Steve about finding the body.  Jenna and Steve go inside and when she sees the body she stops Steve from getting any closer saying what killed him could have been biological.  Kono calls to Steve and he runs to Danny who has started to convulse.

Danny is rushed into the Hawaii Medical Center in serious condition.  Steve tells them he has been exposed to a toxin for about 20 or 30 minutes and his team is still working on identifying the toxin.  A team of investigators in yellow suits comb the house looking for any clues to the identity of the mystery toxin and get a reading from the overturned container of milk.  Jenna, dressed in a yellow suit, studies the body of the dead man as the milk container is packaged for testing.  Once outside, Jenna tells Chin and Kono the victim inside died from a chemical nerve agent.  She spent two years with the CIA's Biological Threat Assessment Team and one of the case studies she worked on was the 1995 subway attacks involving sarin gas.  The victim has the same symptoms as those from the subway attacks.  Since everything is localized around the man's head, she believes he ingested the sarin orally leading Kono to comment someone spiked the milk he was drinking.  Jenna tells them sarin is also trans-dermal meaning Danny was exposed to it when he touched the victim to check for a pulse.  She calls Steve to tell him of the sarin exposure and what treatment the doctors need to get Danny on ASAP.

Chin, Kono and Jenna arrive at Hawaii Medical Center asking about Danny.  Steve informs them it's still early but he's responding to the drugs and the doctors think he will pull through, much to everyone's relief.  He tells Jenna she was right about the sarin and if she hadn't found out he would have been dead.  She asks if he has a family and he tells her about Rachel and Grace which prompts Chin to remind Steve that Danny was supposed to have Grace that weekend.  Once he is a bit more stable he will be moved to a room where he can have visitors.  In the meantime, they need to ID the victim and find out where the milk was bought so they can make sure there isn't any further risk.  He sends Kono and Chin to find out where the milk distributor sells all their milk and pull it from the shelves even if it means taking resources away from finding Sang Min.  He asks Jenna to coordinate with the CDC to make sure nothing else is contaminated.  She offers to send a sample to a contact at Langley to see if they can pinpoint the source of the sarin.  After Steve again thanks her, she begins rambling about her job and her quest to find out who killed her fiance.  He interrupts her to thank her for helping Danny and saving his life.  He tells her to call him if she gets something as he has something to take care of.

Grace is getting out of school at the Academy of the Sacred Hearts and Uncle Steve is there to meet her.  As he's getting out of the car, his phone rings.  It's Sang Min.  Steve asks if the bomb on the door was meant for Wo Fat but Min tells him it doesn't matter as they both missed their shot but he might be able to give Steve a second chance and asks what it is worth if he helps him find Wo Fat.  Steve makes it clear that it isn't worth much since Min burned them once.  Min tells him the situation has changed.  Steve says if he wants to 'make a deal, great, this is what I'm prepared to offer you' and hangs up as Grace spots Steve and runs to hug him.  He tells her Danno isn't feeling his best and he's going to take her to the hospital to see him.  She asks if he's going to be alright and Steve tells her he might not talk like it but her dad is one tough guy.  He asks if she's going to be brave like Danno and she nods.

At Five-O Headquarters they know the dairy products sell at over 100 locations on the island.  All milk cartons were pulled from the shelves and the CDC is doing random testing but none of the samples have turned up positive for sarin except for the carton the victim drank from.  Kono says it's looking like an isolated incident and Jenna adds the question is was it random or was he targeted.  When Kono comments sarin seems like an odd choice for a murder weapon Jenna tells her since 9/11 so many terror cells have been taken down that sarin brokers are looking for new customers.  Anyone with cash and black market connections can obtain it.  Chin enters with an ID on the victim:  Amoka Mulitalo.  He was arrested six months prior for misdemeanor trespassing, an interesting thing since the house where he died didn't belong to him.  The house belongs to Jeff and Sheila Fallon (Stephen Landis & Eileen Fairbanks).  They pay taxes in California but keep the Hawaii home as a vacation rental.

At Kewalo Basin Park in Honolulu, Chin speaks with Amoka Mulitalo's daughter, Olina (Yasmin Dar).  She tells him her father wasn't the same after an auto accident.  He suffered with impaired memory and he couldn't manage for himself leading her to have him move in with her.  He would sometimes go for a walk and forget how to get home.  When she couldn't find him, she'd file a missing persons report and the police would find him a few days later on the streets or in a shelter.  Kono and Jenna do a video conference with the Fallon's who do not recognize Amoka Mulitalo.  They tell the Fallon's they believe Amoka was squatting in their home and drank sarin-laced milk while staying there.  The Fallon's exchange a look and tell them they were supposed to come to Hawaii last week and asked their caretaker Gabriel Delgado (Kelvin Yu) to stock the refrigerator.  The trip was canceled and they last spoke to Gabriel a few days ago when they fired him for writing himself checks from a checkbook they had given him to do maintenance on the house.  Jenna calls Steve with the news telling him Delgado does have a criminal record and served time for several home invasion robberies and he does have motive.  She's still running background but Chin and Kono are on their way to apprehend Delgado.  Steve hangs up to speak with the doctor.  The doctor tells him Danny is ready for some visitors and Steve takes Gracie, who has been drawing Danno a picture, in to see her father.

Danny gives his daughter a big hug and she shows him the picture she made for him.  He shows it to Steve after telling her it's a 'masterpiece'.  Steve asks his friend how he is feeling and Danny replies he feels like everything is going to explode and like it's the worst hangover he's ever had.  Grace asks what a hangover is and he tells her it's something she might find out about when she's 30 or 40 years old.  He thanks Steve and the latter tells him since he's doing good he'll had back to the office.  He'll swing by and pick up Gracie later and she can stay with him until Rachel gets back.  He again asks Danny if he's alright and he tells him he's got everything he needs right there and puts his hand on his daughter's shoulder.  As Steve is leaving, Danny hears Miley Cyrus singing from Grace's backpack and asks about it.  She tells him Sam bought her a cell phone.  She takes it out and answers it and it's her mother, who wants to talk to Danny after Grace tells her she's with daddy who is in the hospital.

Kono and Chin Ho find Delgado at a diner.  He runs out the back when Chin says his name and Chin takes chase after him while Kono goes back out the front.  Chin chases him out the back of the diner and as he's trying to make his escape, Kono holds out a garbage can lid and he runs squarely into it.  At headquarters, he tells them his son is sick and, after being locked up for the first five years of his sons life, finds he cannot pay his hospital bills now that he's out.  He admits he got another job and was going to replace the money he took from the Fallon's as soon as he got paid but they discovered the theft before he could.  He's surprised when Chin suggests he tried to kill them so he wouldn't go back to prison.  He admits he bought groceries for the Fallon's but doesn't even know what sarin is.  Chin shows him pictures of Amoka's body and a shocked Delgado reveals he knows Amoka.  He takes his son to Blessed People's Mission where they have a free clinic once a week.  Amoka sometimes sleeps at their shelter and he found him to be a kind man.  He knew Amoka was having a hard time at the shelter so he told him about the rock. 

Kono checks out the Fallon home and finds a rock that contains a spare key.  Chin brings Jenna and Steve up to date on Delgado and that he told Amoka about the spare key so he could stay at the Fallon's home when the shelter got too overcrowded.  Chin checked the mission and everything checked out.  Steve knows Delgado didn't plant the sarin as he wouldn't have allowed Amoka to stay at the house if he was trying to kill the Fallon's.  Kono enters to tell them they might have found a new suspect as she was able to find a print off the spare key.  The prints are those of Elliot Connor (James Remar).  He is the brother of Sheila Fallon and the COO of Jeff Fallon's company which manufactures industrial equipment.  There has also been news of friction between Jeff and Elliot.  Steve tells them to talk to Jeff while he goes to see Elliot.

Chin's phone rings and he takes the call in his office.  Chin tells the caller he already gave his statement and if he wants to bring him in again they know where to find him.  Kono opens the door as Chin throws his phone down on his desk.  He tells her he returned the money to IA to keep Uncle safe.  She asks where he got it and he tells her he took a loan out on his house.  She tells him IA will simply need to run the serial numbers on the bills and they will know they weren't part of the stolen money.  He tells her that's impossible as the inventory logs of the Asset Forfeiture Locker went missing years ago and is well-known fact because it's the worst kept secret on the island.  She tells him he's been carrying the secret for a long time and took the blame for a crime he didn't commit and even lost his job, friends and family.  He has a chance to get out from under it and he's throwing it away, put himself in debt and go to prison.

Steve and Jenna arrive at Fallon Global and ask to speak to Elliot Connor but are told he's in a meeting.  After Steve shows his badge they get to speak to him and he tells them rumors of a rift between he and Jeff are nonsense although he admits they did have disagreements.  Jenna asks what they were about and he tells them Jeff relocated him to Hawaii to run the Pacific base of operations as the company is planning a big push into Asia.  They had differences in opinion on marketing strategy.  He maintains they can butt heads at the office but, at the end of the day, family comes first and work second.  Steve asks if the Fallon's have him check on their property in Hawaii and he says they don't as they have a caretaker.  Steve next asks why they found his prints on the spare key.  He laughs and says he used the key to drop of papers.  Jenna immediately knows he's lying based on his body language and calls him on it much to Steve's amusement.  Steve asks if Jeff knows he's using his house to have an affair, something Connor takes offense to.  Jenna again calls him on his response and Steve points out he has a tan line where his wedding ring should have been.  Steve comes out and gives Connor two theories:  he was using the house for his affair or he was there to try and kill Jeff.  Connor admits he hasn't used the house in months since he was confronted by Jeff about it, which was the real reason things have been tense at work.  Steve wants to speak with Chloe Ballantine (Bre Blair), the woman Connor is having the affair with and says she's right outside.

At the hospital, Kamekona arrives to see Danny carrying two buckets of Filipino fried chicken (no breasts as it was a long drive over).  Danny asks Grace to put her headphones on so he can talk to Kamekona as chicken wasn't the reason he wanted to see him.  Danny asks Kamekona about Sang Min.  If he can make some calls to find him a second time since he found him before.  After telling Danny that he doesn't bring his phone into hospitals because of how they interfere with pacemakers, Danny lets him use his phone, after he wipes the chicken grease from his fingers--on Danny's blankets, nonetheless.

Steve and Jenna return to headquarters as Kono received a call from Jenna's CIA contact.  A match was made to the sarin and it was from the same strand as that used by a Chechen terror group in a botched Moscow attack five years previous.  The supplier was identified as Mikhail Yursky.  Yurksy arrived in Hawaii five days ago on a fake passport.  The killer has been I.D.'d, he just needs to be found.

HPD and Five-O raid Mikhail Yursky's hotel room in Waikiki but he is nowhere to be found.  Steve calls back to headquarters and asks Kono and Jenna what they have.  Jenna informs him they found a credit card under Yursky's name and he purchased a flight to Borneo leaving that night.  As they are talking, Kono gets a fresh hit on the credit card.  He's using it at the moment at an ATM at Central Pacific Bank.  Steve and Chin Ho move out while Kono tries to stall Yursky at the ATM.  As he's trying to withdraw money from the ATM, Kono works from headquarters to slow the transaction.  Yursky gets a "card error" message.  He takes his card out to check the magnetic strip and starts to try again but hears McGarrett and Chin Ho approaching and flees.  They pull in front of his car and he backs out hits another car in the process.  Yursky takes off with McGarrett in pursuit as Chin calls the description of the vehicle in.  HPD responds attempting to block the roads for Yursky.  He maneuvers around them but the chase ends when his car strikes a van.  He removes a gun from the glove compartment and gets out to flee on foot, firing at Steve and Chin.  As Yurksy is trying to scale a fence he begins to experience problems and falls to the ground on the other side.  He had a canister of sarin with him and was exposed to the gas.  Chin calls in HPD and HAZMAT and an ambulance but Yursky dies.  In the trunk of his car Steve finds even more biohazard canisters.

At the hospital, Danny and Grace are watching Spongebob Squarepants when Rachel arrives.  Grace runs to her for a hug.  Rachel turns to Danny, takes his hand and kisses him on the forehead, twice.

When Chin finishes a conversation with HAZMAT he tells Steve they finished checking the canisters from Yursky's trunk and found they were empty with no signs of toxins.  They arrive at the office to find a serious look on Kono's face.  When Steve asks her what's going on she nods toward the office.  Waiting inside is David Akahoshi (Duane Char) from Internal Affairs.  He tells them he came to return something to Chin Ho and opens a briefcase he is carrying.  The serial numbers on the bills don't match the stolen money which tells him Chin is trying to cover for his uncle.  Chin brings up the missing inventory logs and Akahoshi tells him IA faked the story of the lost inventory logs so if Chin had taken the money he would feel safer spending it.  Since he never did, they know he didn't steal the money.  Kono tells Chin things have gone too far.  Chin tells Akahoshi he's gotten his money back and asks him to let it go.  Akahoshi replies that he cannot.  He knows Chin was trying to protect his family so he will not be charged with obstruction of justice.  He won't even ask where Chin got the money he gave to IA.  However, his uncle stole from the police department meaning he stole from the people of Hawaii and he will have to answer for that.  Once he leaves, Steve tells Chin that he is going to ask and wants to know where he got the money.  Chin admits he took out a loan on his house through Marcum.  Steve tells him to return the money and get the deed to his house back.  Jenna comes into the room telling them they need to see something.

She briefly explains the storage and chemistry of sarin and what the ideal storage container for the gas is.  Because of how controlled and hard to obtain the canisters are, she finds it impressive they found 36 of them in Yurksy's trunk.  The manufacturer of the canisters was Fallon Global.  Jenna pulled Yursky's phone records and found he called Elliot Connor the day he landed in Hawaii.  Steve and Chin return to Fallon Global to speak with Connor.  He denies ever having seen Yursky.  Chin tells him he called Connor three times but he maintains he didn't speak with him.  He asks when the calls happened and when Chin gives him the date he tells them he was on the big island and didn't get back until Saturday.  His hotel can confirm that.  The only person who takes his calls is his secretary, Chloe.  Chin goes out to speak with her but she is gone.

Chin calls down to have the building locked down so Chloe cannot escape as he and Steve go after her.  As she is trying to drive out of the parking garage she nearly runs Steve over.  He takes his gun out and shoots her tires causing her to run into a rubbish bin.  At headquarters, she tells them she and Elliot were happy and wanted to be together.  Chin points out Jeff and Sheila wanted him to end the affair and she couldn't accept that.  When she is reluctant to answer questions, Steve forces her to look at the picture of Amoka.  She eventually starts talking saying Yursky contacted the office looking to purchase a certain produce they make but after a background check they refused the purchase order.  A couple of days later, he calls back and offers her $20,000 to fix invoices.  Along with taking the money, she asked him to commit murder.  Steve and Chin lay out how she used sarin because it was big and bold and would confuse the police making them think terrorist instead of murder.  She could be free to continue her relationship with Elliot who would then have control of Fallon Global.

Steve pays a visit to Danny at the hospital and finds him resting comfortably with Rachel lying next to him, his arm around her with Grace asleep nearby.  Danny smiles up at Steve who leaves a few seconds later with a smile on his face.

At headquarters, Steve has received another envelope.  This one contains a medal, the Order of the Rising Sun.  It was awarded to a Japanese pilot who bombed Pearl Harbor.  Jenna asks how it got into his father's toolbox.  Steve doesn't know but mentions his grandfather died at Pearl and perhaps the same person who mailed the postcards from Osaka mailed the medal to his father.  She asks what Wo Fat's connection to the medal could be and he says he'll know when he finds him.

The next day, Rachel and Grace drop Danny off at Five-O headquarters and Grace asks if he'll go to the beach with them.  He would love to but he has to get to work and gives her a kiss and thanks her for taking care of him in the hospital.  Rachel tells Danny she is grateful his incident happened because she was looking for any excuse to come home.  She doesn't think there's anything left of her marriage to save, which Danny remarks 'that's good'.  She tells him they'll talk later and the two embrace.  She gets in the car and drives away as Danny walks toward headquarters.  He turns and watches Rachel drive away with a smile on his face.

Danny comes into the office and hugs his friends and thanks Jenna with a hug for saving his life.  Steve asks for a sidebar with Danny and asks about he and Rachel.  He asks how long it's been going on and Danny tells him a little while.  He asks Danny if he was ever going to tell him to which Danny replies they've become very close.  Steve muses that Danny had one near-death experience and now he's gone all warm and cuddly on him and asks if he wants to hug him now--which he does.  Their hug is interrupted by Sang Min who has walked right into headquarters.  They all draw their weapons on him and Chin forces him to the floor.  Min begs for Steve's help saying he will plead to any charge and take the maximum sentence as long as he's placed under protective custody.  Danny asks what happened and Min tells them Wo Fat, he tried to make things right with him but he told him he wouldn't rest until he was dead and when he is, he will come for McGarrett next.

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