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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.22 "Ho'ohuli Na'au (Close to Heart)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty-Two, Ho'ohuli Na'au (Close to Heart)
Original Air Date:  May 2, 2011

When a famous photographer, Renny Sinclair, is murdered during a Hawaiian photo shoot Five-O is called out on the case.  The prime suspect, one of Renny's old girlfriends turns out to have an alibi so the team must dig deeper into his life to find out who might have wanted him dead.  Could the answers they find be even more sinister than a lover scorned or even the bookie Renny is deeply in debt to?  Meanwhile, Chin Ho's uncle has gone to Internal Affairs and confessed that he stole the money Chin Ho was blamed for stealing.  Chin makes a decision regarding the investigation that could end up sending him to prison.  Kono crosses paths with a very old acquaintance during the course of the Sinclair investigation.

At Puaena Point, North Shore, O'Ahu, famed photographer Renny Sinclair (Rick Springfield) is doing a swimsuit photo shoot.  He comments to one of the models "you're beautiful, Alana" bringing a smile from her.  When he's finished taking pictures, he guarantees the cover is in the last sequence he shot.  He throws his camera to his assistant Amy (Andrea Bowen) as Alana (Serinda Swan) walks to him and takes his hand.  The two put their arms around one another and walk away as Amy gives the crew their instructions.  Once away from everyone, Renny and Alana kiss and he asks if she's not getting too tired as the setups are taking way too long.  She assures him she's fine and is way more than OK as she's on a beach in Hawaii with the man she loves.  He tells her they should stay there a couple more days, fly her family in and get married right there.  Under the watchful eyes of another of the models, Jordan, he tells her to get changed.  They kiss once more and she leaves him to change clothes.  Amy walks up next to Jordan and asks if she's alright.  Renny goes to his trailer and goes inside.  As he's going through the pockets of a pair of jeans he hears a sound at the door.  He tries to open the door to see who is outside but cannot.  From the window he sees a fire begin to rage beneath the trailer and tries harder to open the door.  He beats on the windows for someone to help him when another blaze flares up in the back of the trailer.  The models and crew leave their tents at the commotion and see Renny's trailer engulfed in flames.  As they run toward it the trailer explodes.

When Steve McGarrett finishes a run at Kamehame Ridge, Windward, he finds an envelope beneath the wiper blade of his truck.  He looks around but sees no one he could suspect of having left it there.  He opens the envelope, that has his name written on it, and removes a key bearing the number "103". 

At the Lower Makapu'u beach in Windward, Kono and a little girl, Susie come out of the water.  Susie asks Kono if she was bummed when she was beaten in the finals for junior nationals.  Kono admits she was and Susie says she (Kono) came back and beat the girl who took her at the finals in the U.S. Open.  Kono tells her that was fun.  Susie gives Kono and Kawika (Kala Alexander) a hug then runs to her parents.  Kawika tells Kono the little girl was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was six months old.  The environment in Hawaii has been good for Susie and thanks Kono for helping him with his charity.  She is glad he invited her as she can't think of a better way to spend her day off.  Her phone rings calling her into work.

Danny and McGarrett arrive at the Sinclair scene and Kono brings them up to speed.  She shows them the shackle lock that was on the door.  They had to cut the door handle off to get it open.  Renny didn't stand a chance of getting the door open.  Chin Ho steps out of the trailer to show them the magazine cover showing Renny surrounded by flames with the caption "Worship Me" saying it might have inspired the killer.  Steve knows the killing was personal.  He tells Kono to stick with the crime techs to finish processing the scene while he, Chin and Danny go to talk to witnesses starting with Renny's closest associates.  As Five-O are chatting about Danny needing to stick to the case since the women are "insanely hot and make millions of dollars" a fight breaks out between Alana and Jordan.  Steve and Danny rush over to break it up.  Alana screams that Jordan killed Renny as he didn't love her anymore.  Alana takes an ultrasound picture from her pocket.  She wants the woman to see that she not only took Renny away from her but she took him from his unborn child.  Steve takes Alana aside while Danny escorts Jordan away.

Steve asks Alana why she thinks Jordan killed Renny and she tells him she was jealous of she and Renny's relationship.  Danny asks Jordan if she still loves Renny and she asks what that has to do with anything.  They dated six months ago.  Danny points out the baby and Alana and Renny getting married killed any chance of Jordan and Renny getting back together.  She insists she was over him.  Alana tells Steve Jordan wasn't over him.  She lost it after he broke up with her and she doesn't feel she really recovered.  Jordan tells a different story to Danny saying she wished Renny well and never looked back and wasn't going to stand in the way of him being with Alana.  Alana says Jordan couldn't stand seeing the two of them together and happy.  Jordan questions why she would have taken the job if she wasn't over him.  If she were to turn down every job because of past relationships with photographers she wouldn't have a career.  Alana tells Stevie Renny was everything to him and she doesn't know where she will go from there.

Chin speaks with Amy who tells him everyone knew Jordan still had a thing for Renny.  He asks where Jordan was when the fire started and Amy tells him she should have been in the changing tent but she was running around getting things ready for the next set up so she couldn't say for sure.  He asks about the other models and she says from what she could tell, everyone loved Renny.  The next day would have been one week that Amy was working on the shoot as she was a local hire and doesn't even know the names of most the people there.  He next asks if there was anyone on set that didn't work there, visitors or people around the trailer that shouldn't have been there.  She mentions a guy that drove a silver Porsche who Renny told her to allow in.  She didn't get the plate number and didn't even see what the driver looked like.

At the HPD Crime Lab, Kono meets Charlie Fong (Brian Yang) who knows who she is before she even introduces herself and asks how she is, catching her by surprise.  She cannot place where they know one another from and he comments he knew she wouldn't remember then says they should get started.  He shows her a reenactment he put together from the Sinclair crime scene data.  Of the two gas cans collected at the scene, one was placed under the exterior of the trailer and the other inside under the bathroom sink.  Kono asks if they ever worked a case together, which they didn't.  Fong continues that once the exterior flames caught, they ignited the second can inside.  She asks if he was able to analyze the gasoline sample.  He's running it now and if it is viable, they should know what station the gas was purchased at.  He found something inside the melted gas can but can't see what it is from the x-ray.  The plastic will have to be carefully melted away to extract the object.  She asks if he graduated from her school but he didn't.  She smiles and comments he's not going to make her realizing where they know each other from easy.

At Five-O headquarters Steve arrives as Chin is finishing a phone call with IA.  He is to meet with them that afternoon at three.  Chin's uncle talked with them and admitted he was the one who stole the money and why.  IA has officially reopened the case.  Steve points out it will clear Chin's name but that doesn't make things easier for Chin.  His uncle was a good cop who did good work and if he's found guilty it will bring his 25-year arrest record into review.  Steve offers to call the governor but Chin refuses saying it is his problem and he will handle it then walks away.  Danny arrives asking what is wrong with Chin.  Steve tells him his uncle is about to be arrested.  Chin has held the secret for so long he'd rather live with it than see his uncle go to jail.  Danny questioned all the models that morning and it turned out that Jordan and Alana were both in the changing tent at the time of the fire.  He had HPD run Renny's financials and phone records and found dozens of text messages, but no calls.  When Steve wants to send the texts to an analyst to break what appears to be a code, Danny takes the paper and points out the texts aren't code but instead bets on sports teams.  Renny had open credit markers all over Las Vegas.  All the money he made went right back out in bets.  They settle upon Renny's bookie as a new suspect.

Chin goes to see his uncle who is fishing at Makai Pier in Windward.  His uncle tells him he shouldn't have come since IA opened the case he's in violation of a department mandate if they have contact with one another.  Chin tells his uncle about being called by IA and having to appear before the review board.  Uncle wants him to tell the truth when he appears.  Chin insists it doesn't matter anymore and what does is keeping him out of jail.   Uncle insists Chin owes him nothing and needn't be silent any longer.  Chin wants his uncle to go back to IA and tell them he hasn't been thinking clearly since his wife died and didn't know what he was saying and that Chin took the money.  Uncle refuses saying it could put Chin in jail and he's not lying anymore.

Charlie Fong tells Kono the findings are back on the gas used to start the fire.  The additives in the fuel are a match to a local chain, Lex Brody, of which there are 12 stations on the island.  They need to match the fingerprint to a specific Lex Brody station and they will know where the gas was bought.  Kono and Charlie go out to collect a gas sample from each station.

At Five-O headquarters, Chin feels he found the mystery man who visited Renny at the shoot that morning.  He shows Steve a picture of a silver Porsche from a traffic camera near the crime scene.  The plates go back to a shell corporation linked to Derek Marcum (Andy Trask), a major-league bookie who runs most of the action on the island.  From what Chin hears, finding Marcum is by referral only.  Danny enters Steve's office with a client list he put together from numbers texting Marcum's pre-paid cell.  He knows of the perfect guy to give Marcum up.

Kamekona is trying to get someone he's hired to be his shaved ice mascot to be a bit more energetic and passionate about being shaved ice.  Steve and Danny pay him a visit and ask him to help them find Marcum.  Kamekona claims he doesn't gamble for money but they know differently and that he hasn't won a bet in six months and owes money to Marcum.  They want him to call Marcum and say he will not pay him a cent of what he owes him and if he has a problem with it they know where he works.  Kamekona refuses but Steve and Danny are able to change his mind and he makes the call.  As Kono and Charlie are leaving the last station, Steve calls and tells her they think they might have a suspect but they will need evidence and to call him when they get it.  She starts the car and Charlie suggests some music and mentions her liking Boys II Men and even her favorite song of theirs.  She thinks she's figured out where they know each other from (camp) but she's wrong.  As expected, two of Marcum's men arrive to see Kamekona.  As they are hassling him, Steve and Danny come out and want to talk but the men bolt and, after a short chase, catch them.

The men take Steve and Danny to Marcum's home in Kahala.  They move all the men working the phones into the office where Marcum is and Steve orders him to keep his hands where he can see them.  They ask about Renny and Danny tells him they have him on camera leaving the photo shoot right after Renny was killed.  Marcum is surprised to learn Renny is dead.  He tells them Renny was a friend, not a word he uses lightly and he wouldn't kill a client if he were, hypothetically speaking, involved in illegal book making.  Renny didn't owe him a debt.  He was at the photo shoot because Renny asked to borrow $291,570 and he gave it to him.  Danny asks what the money was for since it was a very specific amount but Marcum insists that while banks ask those questions, he doesn't.  He shows them how Renny had planned to repay the money:  a book and a contract.  He had signed over the first $400,000 of profits from a book of photographs he was going to publish to Marcum.  Steve says if the contract is legit is backs up Marcum's claims, if not, it gives him motive.  In the meantime, they take him into custody so they'll have him while they're checking the contract.

In the lab, Kono and Charlie are working on the gas samples.  She continues trying to place where she knows him (it isn't from surfing).  Charlie is able to pinpoint the exact station where the gas was purchased.  If the killer used a credit card they can pull the receipts and cross reference with suspects.

At Marcum's house, Steve tells Danny to run the contract through handwriting analysis to make sure the signature is actually Renny's and it wasn't signed under duress.  Danny points out the very specific amount of money had to be for something very specific.  Steve will have HPD forensic accountants dig deeper into Renny's financials for that exact amount.  Steve calls Chin as he's heading for the IA meeting.  Chin answers saying he's going to tell IA he took the money and he shouldn't try to talk him out of it.  Steve says he's just calling to wish him good luck.  At the IA meeting, Chin is told the board will listen to his statement.  Chin tells them his uncle was devastated by the death of his aunt and wasn't thinking clearly and tried to implicate himself in a misguided attempt to help his nephew salvage his reputation with HPD.  He tells them he did take the money.  Chairman Akahoshi (Duane Char) asks if after all these years of vehemently denying the theft and fighting against it even with a resignation he's now admitting to the theft after his uncle came forward.  Chin insists his uncle is lying to protect him.  Akahoshi asks how they can know the situation isn't reversed and how he can explain the fact none of the money has turned up after all the years of financial surveillance they have had on Chin.  Chin tells them he never spent the money.

Kono pulls her car up next to Chin's and finds him sitting there in thought.  She gets in the car with him.  He tells her he told IA he took the money.  She asks if they believed him and he says they didn't right away and tells her about the spending habits and how he explained that.  IA ordered him to produce all the money by the end of the next day.  Charlie is calling from the HPD Lab but Kono ignores the call.  She tells Chin no one in the family has that kind of money and he can't go to the bank.  She wants him to go back to IA and tell them he lied to end things but he says he's not going back.  Her phone rings again and he tells her to answer it.

At headquarters, Steve tells Danny the handwriting analyst confirmed Renny signed the contract with no markers to indicate signing under duress.  Danny spoke with Renny's attorney in New York and his will supersedes any other arrangements he might have made.  Most of Renny's assets are to be put into a trust for a woman named Pauline Lucero.  Danny's running background to find out who she is.  Kono and Chin enter the office and she tells them the lab managed to get the item that was melted into the gas can out.  She brings it up on the screen--it is a lighter that sells for thousands of dollars.  Danny shows them a picture of Alana from Renny's book where she is holding the lighter.

Steve finds Alana sitting on Waikiki Beach and sits down next to her.  He shows her the picture of her with the lighter wanting to know more about it.  It was shot in L.A. and Renny insisted the cake in it be purple.  He tells her the lighter she's holding was used to start the fire.  She explains it was Renny's lighter as the client gave it to him as a gift at the end of the shoot.  She last saw it yesterday in his trailer.  She didn't think he would have loaned it to anyone as it was worth a lot of money and he cherished it.  Anyone could have stolen it as there were a lot of people on the beach.  He asks her about Pauline Lucero and, while she doesn't know the name, she does remember a woman named Shannon Lucero.  She was one of Alana's role models as a little girl.  Shannon and Renny dated in the early 90's.  Renny had told Alana his relationship with Shannon ended badly as she wanted to get married and have children and he was just starting his career and wasn't ready.  Steve's phone rings and it is Chin calling to say that HPD's forensic accountants showed the amount of money Renny borrowed from Marcum is the exact amount the U.S. Department of Agriculture says it costs to raise a child to the age of 18.  Steve tells him he thinks Renny and Shannon had a daughter named Pauline.  He wants him and Kono to run Shannon through Interpol and the Italian embassy and to cross-reference the name Lucero against receipts from the gas station where the gas was purchased.

Chin runs the Lucero names and finds that Shannon Lucero is deceased.  He finds information on her daughter, Pauline and learns that he's already spoken with her:  Renny's assistant Amy.  Kono confirms that Pauline Lucero purchased the gas the day Renny was murdered.

Five-O arrive to take Pauline into custody and she tires to run but is easy caught on the beach by Steve and Danny.  They cuff her and before they put her in the HPD car Steve asks how she could kill her father.  She tells them Renny wasn't her father as he left when her mother was pregnant and never even knew her.  When her mother got sick, he turned his back on her.  She tried to contact him but he wouldn't take her calls.  She tells them he wanted to be worshiped, so now he can be.  Danny tells her of what they found regarding the money Renny had borrowed and set up in a trust for her in his will.

At the beach, Kono comes out of the water and meets a friend who brought her cousin, Charlie Fong.  Charlie and Kono played spin the bottle and kissed at her friends 10th birthday party.  Kono was the first girl Charlie kissed. 

Kawika brings Susie to see Steve and Danny.  She asks Danny if he's a surfer.  He admits he isn't and tells her he's a cop.  She comments his hair looks like a surfer's haircut.  He assures her it isn't.  When Kawika and Susie go back out to the water, Danny asks where Chin is and Steve tells him he doesn't know but he said he had to do something before he came.

At Marcum's house, Chin enters the office and Marcum tells him he's answered all the questions and paid his bail and is done talking about Renny.  Chin tells him he's not there about Renny.  Marcum tells him he's listening and Chin hands him the deed to his house.  When Marcum asks what he'd want that for Chin tells him he needs $200,000 and he needs it now.

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