Sunday, May 15, 2011

US Television: L.J. Smith's The Secret Circle in Development for the CW Network

I've been an L.J. Smith fan for a very long time.  I remember purchasing and reading The Secret Circle when it was originally published in 1992.  I bought the paperbacks and had to wait for the final book in the series, The Power, to be released.  The novels were so engaging and well-written that waiting for that last book was tough!

I was thrilled when the CW turned Smith's popular novels The Vampire Diaries into a series.  Kevin Williamson and the fine cast and writers have turned an already amazing series of novels into a stellar television series.  I was surprised the same hadn't already been done for The Secret Circle.  Imagine how pleased I was to hear news that plans were moving forward to finally do just that!

Kevin Williamson is one of the names behind the soon-to-be series, The Secret Circle.  He has been hard at work on writing and developing the series, the pilot of which has received excellent reviews in early screenings.  If the show is picked up (which hopefully it will be--and most seem to think it definitely will be), it could enter the CW lineup in September.  Vampire Diaries fans needn't fear Williamson will trade in vampires for witches.  He'll still be firmly at the helm of the popular series which is getting ready to embark on its third season.

The Secret Circle focuses on Cassie Blake, a young girl who moves to New Salem with her mother.  Shy Cassie soon learns that she is a witch.  She meets other teenagers in New Salem who are also witches and are part of a secret coven, the Circle.  Cassie struggles with her friendship with Diana, the covens leader, a rivalry with another of the Circle's witches, Faye and Cassie's love for Adam, Diana's boyfriend.

The Cast of The Secret Circle:
Ashley Crow - Jane Blake
Thomas Dekker - Adam Conant
Gale Harold - Thomas Meade
Shelley Hennig - Diana Meade
Natasha Henstridge - Principal Dawn Chamberlain
Louis Hunter - Nick Armstrong
Jessica Parker Kennedy - Melissa Glaser
Britt Robertson - Cassie Blake
Phoebe Tonkin - Faye Chamberlain

The series is being developed and executive produced by Kevin Williamson.  Andrew Miller, Sarah Fain, Leslie Morgenstein, Elizabeth Craft and Gina Girolamo also serve as executive producers. 

The CW Network will be presenting at Upfronts in New York City on 19th May, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. (EST).  At that time, they will be revealing their fall line-up which will include returning series and any new series they have decided to run with.

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