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US Television: Blue Bloods, Episode 1.22 "The Blue Templar"

Blue Bloods
Season One, Episode Twenty-Two:  The Blue Templar
Original Air Date:  May 13, 2011

The Reagan family organizes to deal with the Blue Templar and find out who really killed Joe Reagan.  Meanwhile, Jamie, who Frank doesn't want involved in the Templar investigation so as not to draw attention is assigned to protective duty to a young woman who was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

Jamie and Danny take the news of Joe's involvement in the investigation of the Blue Templar to their father, Frank.  Jamie tells his father, grandfather and brother what he's learned from conducting his own investigation and the evidence Lydia Gonsalves had assembled regarding Joe's death.  She had arrived on the scene, Detective Malevsky had killed the two dealers then told her they shot Joe.  She didn't believe Malevsky so the Blue Templar saw her to be a liability.  Frank asks why Jamie didn't bring everything to the family when it started and he tells his father Joe kept it from him and he thought it was something Joe had left for him to carry on and he wanted to honor him.  He admits he's in over his head now.

Two men are loading money into bags as two others stand guard.  Outside, two men enter the building through the front while one goes up the fire escape.

Henry Reagan explains that after Serpico and the Knapp Commission and the static that came with it, the Blue Templar was started as a way to police the police.  They thought it would be good to have a band of brothers keeping lookout from the inside.  For a while, it served a purpose.  There was a good man in IA who appreciated what they were trying to do but then after a while, the core group retired and the Templar became just a group telling war stories about the bad old days.  Frank admits he was never much of a joiner.  When Danny was tapped, it was to get new blood in the Templar.  He thought they could do some good again but it dissolved into a bunch of cops sitting around strip clubs where the girls knew every cops name and the bill for the drinks never showed up so he got out quick.

The men continue to load the money under the watchful eyes of those standing guard.  The door of the apartment bursts open and two men with guns raised enter, one yelling "Police!  Don't move!"  Other men enter the apartment and shots are fired killing all the men loading the money and those standing watch.  The shooters grab the bags of money and leave the apartment.

When Frank began his tenure as Commissioner, he conducted a full audit of all the departments fraternal organizations with IA, including the Blue Templar.  He never saw anything that would cause concern much less, alarm.  He saw what he was supposed to see.  He asks Jamie who his FBI contact was and is told it was a female agent, Henderson who made it sound like Joe was working with them.  Frank then asks if anyone from IA was involved and Jamie tells him Lieutenant Bello interviewed him when he was seen in Chinatown with Henderson and that she came forward and backed up his story.  Frank tells Jamie he should have come to him right away.  Danny's phone rings and he tells the caller to go ahead and he'll meet them there.

Danny arrives at the scene of the shooting to find Jackie there.  She tells him all four slain men were packing and none managed to get off a shot.  Two ear witnesses heard some commotion then a lot of gunfire in a short amount of time.  Both witnesses said they heard voices shouting 'police, don't move'.  Danny looks outside on the fire escape and finds a kevlar glove, same as the police use.  That, combined with the police commands lead him to theorize dirty cops.  He cites an incident in Brooklyn South last weekend and that there might be a pattern.  He tells her to canvass the building while he calls Frank to tell him they might have stumbled upon something there.

The next day, Frank is in his office with Don Sperling (Ezra Knight) where he is being told one of the men killed in the previous nights ambush was a confidential DEA informant and was also in business with some of his detective.  Frank asks for proof and is told copies of the wire records are being made even as they speak.  They have a voice but no name to go with it.  Just one voice on tape.  Frank asks how much money they are talking about and is told given the chatter leading up to the event he estimates around $12 million in cash and another twelve in pure heroin.  Frank then asks what the DEA's stance is.  They have almost two years in the operation and would rather not come out of the shadows for some rogue cops.  They are pulling all their guys out clearing the way for Frank's department to move ahead.  Don apologizes to Frank saying he realizes this is the worst kind of news someone in his position can get.  Frank disagrees saying it's a close second.

That night, Danny brings his father, Jamie, Henry and Erin up to date on the facts of the shooting.  Henry asks if Frank is talking to IA.  He isn't, not even Bello.  Frank trusts Alex but he won't know if the Templar has eyes and ears there and since Jamie was there on an un-related incident, he doesn't want to set off alarms.  Erin points out that Frank cannot handle the situation on his own and he says he isn't as he has her and Danny.  He asks if they can trust Jackie and Danny confirms they can.  Jamie asks what about him and his father tells him he has to go about his business like nothing is out of the ordinary since they already have eyes and ears on him.  Erin brings up the monumental task ahead of them and asks if there's anyone else they can trust.  Frank says there is and he'll bring them in at the right time but they don't know how high up or how deeply the infection is at this point.  For now, the operation stays in house, in the Reagan house.

While on his beat, after giving directions to a tourist couple, Jamie sees a woman running down the middle of the busy street yelling for help.  He runs to her and pulls her out of harms way to the sidewalk where she tells him someone tried to kidnap her.

At the Reagan house, a new member has joined the team, Cliff Reacher (Mike Colter).  Cliff was a former Marine who served with Danny.  Erin is unsure about his involvement but Frank insists she listen to the DEA tape.  As they are listening to the tape, Henry arrives with lunch and Frank receives a call.  He answers and tells the caller to run the ballistic evidence through IBIS to see if the weapons were ever in their system.  Cliff tells the Reagan's to make a cross-over comparison he needs a sample of the voice and asks where they want to start.  Danny chooses to begin with Malevsky.  Erin warns that's a leap but Danny insists Malevsky's name is one that's been leaping up over and over again.  Erin can't get a warrant based on the tape they just listened to.  Danny doesn't want her to do that and asks Cliff if they can use a call made to the house, which they can.  Danny asks his grandfather about a charity he works with and suggests he make a call to Malevsky for a donation.  Frank gives his consent and the call is made.  As Henry is speaking with Malevsky, Cliff runs the comparison and comes up with a match.  Erin still doesn't think they have enough to work with.

At the precinct, Jamie gives Laura Peck (Natalie Knepp) a cup of coffee as he takes her statement.  He asks if she knew of anyone who might have a motive to kidnap her.  She tells him about her father who was a CEO of a mortgage company and when things went south, thousands of people got slammed but he walked away with millions of dollars scott-free so if you throw a rock in Greater Boston you'll hit someone with a motive.  She's in New York for a job interview with a museum in Abu Dhabi.

Danny goes to the Manhattan North Precinct to put a tracker on Malevsky's car and places it behind the drivers side mirror.  Malevsky sees Danny and asks what he's doing up there.  Danny tells him he came to close a few cases up with one of the detectives working there then they talk about his car a bit before Malevsky mentions the detective Danny said he was there to work with was off that day.  Danny said the files would be left on the desk.

Jamie's captain (Robert Turano) asks if he's interested in some overtime and when he says he is he's told he can be stationed outside Laura Peck's hotel room as he had offered her police escort until they had a better assessment of the ongoing threats regarding her attempted kidnapping.  Jamie escorts Laura back to her hotel room where he checks the room then asks for a chair to sit in out in the hall.  Her phone buzzes but she doesn't feel like talking to anyone and doesn't take the call.  He asks her to give him a heads up if she does have a visitor, which she agrees to.  After looking at his Harvard jacket she asks which of the teams he's a fan of.  He tells her he doesn't follow college ball but he went to school there, something that surprises her.  As he's getting ready to go outside the room there is a knock on the door.  Laura asks who it is and the visitor identifies himself as Billy.  Laura opens the door and she embraces the man who is there.  He enters the room and tells her he came the second he heard.  She introduces him to Jamie as Billy Coffin (James Snyder) and he comments about her getting a bodyguard.  Jamie says he's just a presence at Miss Peck's option.  Billy thanks him for being there and Jamie goes out into the hall where he calls his father to ask what they have.  Frank tells him they're making progress and have eyes and ears on Malevsky.

Erin tells Cliff if the subjects of the wire go for 30 seconds or longer without saying anything related to the investigation he needs to minimize the wire.  Drop in 30 seconds or so later with hopes they change the subject to something they can use later.  Cliff comments that's crazy but she tells him it's the law as they can't listen until they get what they are looking for.  He says he misses Marine intelligence but Erin is a lot prettier.  The phone on the wire rings and Cliff informs them there's an incoming from Malevsky's cell.  Malevsky's caller, Damon Camia (Jordan Lage) tells him there's a guy in the scene they didn't know about, a spook and they don't know what law enforcement organization he's with yet.  Malevsky asks what they do know and Camia tells him a guy got "Reaganed".  Malevsky tells Camia to tell everyone to get ready as they are moving the party up.  When the conversation is over Danny hits the table and Frank comments "they gave it Joe's name".  Cliff's computer gives him the name Damon Camia and location of Rego Park, Queens.  Danny recognizes the name and mentions that both Camia and Malevsky worked in Warrants with Joe.  Frank asks what they have.  Erin says they still don't have enough for what they want them for.  Franks phone rings with a call from Baker.  He asks who was the supervisor that signed off on it that day.  He thanks her and hangs up and tells them to cover the guys from every possible angle.  Cliff gets to working on setting up the tracking as Frank tells Erin to get the necessary warrants on Camia as he's going to see an old friend.

Frank arrives at the home of Gerry and Alice O'Brien (John Speredakos & Becky London).  She's happy to see him and, after they exchange pleasantries he asks to see Gerry.  When he arrives at the door, Frank asks him to take a walk.  They talk briefly about their families until Frank comes out and asks about how on January 9th he signed off on a cache of confiscated weapons as being destroyed but a number of Glock 9's never made the trip to the furnace.  He asks who he gave them to.  Gerry immediately becomes overwhelmed and Frank gives him ten seconds or no deal.  Gerry asks what deal and Frank tells him the only deal that's out there for you and begins to count back from ten.  Gerry gives Frank the names Art Buchanan (Shaun Kevlin) and Will Atwater (Mark Armstrong) from Narcotics, Manhattan North.  Frank asks if that is it and he says they were the two he dealt with.  Frank tells him there's another name, whoever reached out and brought him in in the first place, and that he knows he'll find the match and begins counting back again.  Gerry gives him the name Teddy Chapin.  Gerry asks what the deal is and Frank replies that he wants his shield and guns on his chief's desk first thing tomorrow and his only pension is whatever he made working his little side deal and he doesn't want to see him at a precinct, a retirement party or even wearing an NYPD ball cap and not a word to anyone.  Gerry thanks Frank who then leaves.

At the precinct, Danny speaks with Jackie confidentially to ask her to put a tracker on a guy as the warrant is on the way.  She asks if they picked up a case she didn't know about and he tells her he's going to ask her to do something and he knows she won't want to do it.  He tells her the guy is on the job and gives her Damon Camia's name.  She doesn't want to do the job as it goes against everything she is.  He tells her Camia and the Blue Templar killed his brother Joe.  Jackie watches from her car as Camia gets into his own.  She calls Danny to let him know and says she will stay with him.

Jamie knocks on Laura Peck's door to tell her the room service she ordered has arrived.  She invites him in as she ordered enough for them both.  Reluctantly, he agrees.

At the house, Cliff has nothing from his end of the operation.  Frank wonders how he couldn't see everything and Danny advises him not to go down that road.

Jamie and Laura talk after dinner and he tells her about how he decided to become a policeman instead of a lawyer as he'd planned.  As they're talking, her phone rings and she answers it telling Billy she'll call him back in a bit and tells him she loves him.  When Jamie gets up to leave and thanks her for dinner she explains that Billy is gay.  He tells her his relief should be there any minute and he should get back outside.  She stops him asking if he'll be back tomorrow and he says he will if it's assignment.  She kisses his cheek then the two kiss.  They are interrupted by his replacement who knocks on the door.

Jackie continues to follow Camia.  A car pulls out behind her and speeds up to hit the back of her car.  It then drives up beside her and hits her car from the drivers side forcing her off the road and her car runs beneath a parked pick up truck.  She calls Danny who asks where she's been.  She tells him a black SUV followed her from the airport and she thought she lost him but he came up behind her and pushed her off the road.  She's fine with just a few bruises from the airbag.  She then tells him Camia dropped off his wife and kids at the airport with a lot of luggage.  She got close enough to hear him tell them he'd be seeing them in a few days.  He asks where Camia is now and she says it looks like he's back at his house but she feels the guys are getting out of Dodge.  He tells her to keep her phone on and ends the conversation.  Frank doesn't want to wait any longer.  He tells Erin he can bring in Buchanan and Atwater for receiving the weapons out of Property and asks about Camia.  She says if they assume his wife is traveling with a lot of money they can run the manifests and alert customs on the end and possibly sweat the wife.  Danny asks where he should start and Frank tells him Malevsky.

As Jamie is walking home he stops and calls the detective to ask about Laura's case.  He speaks with Detective Trotta (Michael J. Burg) and asks if DCPI has released any information regarding the kidnapping attempt.  Her father is traveling in Europe and they haven't been able to reach him.  They wanted to talk to him before releasing the information and possibly causing a scare among female tourists.  Danny calls the hotel to speak with Laura but she doesn't answer her room phone so he turns around and runs back toward the hotel.

Danny finds Malevsky's car parked outside a church.  He rings the bell and speaks with Father Duff (John Mainieri) about the car.  Malevsky donated it for the church raffle.  He dropped the car off about 10 minutes ago.  Danny calls Frank to let him know Malevsky dumped his car and is off the grid.  Frank tells Danny to go after Buchanan.

Laura and Billy are out walking as Jamie runs up and sees them from across the street.  An SUV stops next to Billy and Laura and a man gets out, hits Billy and grabs Laura trying to put her in the car.  Jamie runs across the street, yells to the man holding Laura and draws his weapon.  He fires, hitting the man.  Laura is able to escape and the SUV speeds away from the curb.  Jamie cuffs the man he shot and asks Laura if she's alright.  Billy says they should get inside but Jamie tells him to stay where he can see him and tells Laura to call 911.

Danny is sitting outside of Buchanan's house talking to Frank.  It doesn't appear Buchanan is at home as there are no signs of anyone at the house.  As he is telling Frank things don't look good, Buchanan leaves his house and gets into his car.  Danny follows him to find out where the party is.

Detective Trotta tells Jamie that Boston PD had both the driver of the SUV and the man Jamie shot in their system.  He asks Jamie for a theory and he tells Trotta he suspected Coffin when he first said he came to see Laura as soon as he heard.  Coffin could have only heard about it through the men who tried to abduct her.  Trotta asks if it was the first time he'd shot anyone and when Jamie says it is, he tells him to enjoy the paperwork.  When he's gone, Jamie gets a call from his father.  After the conversation, Jamie goes to Laura to tell her he needs to leave as his family needs him.  She thanks him and gives him a hug.  He tells her if she needs anything he works out of the 12th and to look him up.  He continues that if Abu Dhabi doesn't work out they have a lot of nice museums there in New York.

Danny tells Frank that Buchanan just picked up Malevsky at a diner off the BQE and they're back on it heading north.  Cliff informs them Atwater and Camia both just got off the BQE just north of the Pulaski Bridge and are on the side streets at Greenpoint.  Danny will stay with Malevsky and call in the location.  He feels if it's what he thinks it is they'll need backup and it will have to be guys that will actually back them up.  Frank assures him he has guys and says Jamie is on his way and orders Danny to wait until he (Frank) arrives.  Cliff wishes Frank good luck and tells him he'll coordinate with his driver.

At the party, everyone arrives carrying bags.  Malevsky begins passing out the bundles of money to each man at the party starting with Alex Bello.  Frank and his team arrive and assemble outside.  Frank's trusted officers enter with guns ready ordering the men inside not to move.  They all back away from the money or sit down the bundles they are holding.  Danny enters gun drawn with Frank coming in last.  He tells Alex "you I did not see" and Alex says that getting over on him was maybe the hardest part as Jamie searches and cuffs him.  Frank addresses the entire group of men in the Blue Templar.  He tells them before he takes thier shields there is a question he wants answered.  He asks which one of them killed his son.  None of the men answer.  Frank walks to the bar and, in a rage, shoves a tray of bottles to the floor.  He tells them he'll ask again "who shot my boy".  Malvesky speaks up saying just so Frank knows, it isn't like Joe wasn't warned.  Frank turns to face Malevsky who walks toward Frank saying 'just like the rookie over here again and again but you people just don't take a hint, do you?'.  He tells Frank for what it is worth, he's sorry as it wasn't anything personal against Joe.  Malevsky pulls a gun from his coat and puts it under his chin.  Frank calmly looks to him and tells him we all die sometime it's just a question of when.  Malevsky looks to his friends then kills himself.  Danny orders a bus be called and Frank tells him to take their shields and walks from the room.

At Frank's house, before Sunday dinner he tells Danny and Jamie that he hopes they both never have to fire their weapon in the line of duty again.  Jamie admits the paperwork is murder and Danny jokes to his father if there isn't something he can do about that as Commissioner.  At the dinner table, Frank decides the discussion of who will say Grace by suggesting they all do.

Frank, Henry, Erin, Jamie, Danny and Linda go to the cemetery to pay their respects to Joe.  Frank says he likes to think Joe was with them last night as he knows he's always with him.

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