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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.21 "The Sun Also Rises"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.21, The Sun Also Rises
Original Air Date:  May 5, 2011

The night of the ritual has arrived and Klaus has everything, and everyone in place.  Up until the last minute, Bonnie, Jeremy and John look for a way to save Elena.  Jeremy and John find a way but the price that must be paid is great.  Bonnie steps into action against Klaus.  Matt makes it clear to Caroline how he feels about her life now.  Tyler and Caroline come to an understanding in their friendship.  Damon finally reveals he was bitten by Tyler Lockwood and Stefan vows to find a cure for his brother.

Caroline and Matt are trapped in the Lockwood cellar while Tyler, in wolf form, rages outside the gate trying to get to them.  Matt fires the gun against Caroline's protests as she knows the wolf is still Tyler.  The wolf slumps to the floor wounded and Caroline opens the door and tells Matt to take her hand.  He wants to shoot again but she insists he take her hand.  When he does, she secures their escape from the cellar.

Katherine and Damon look over the werewolf bite on Damon's arm.  She doesn't think it looks that bad but he says it will be.  She asks if he's going to just die and he counters if she knows anything about a cure, which she doesn't.  He puts on his jacket to leave and she asks if after 145 years she doesn't even get a last goodbye.  He tells her she doesn't get one.  She gets in his way telling him not to leave mad.  She insists Klaus forced her to call Jenna and she didn't have a choice but he says that's why he gave her the vervain.  Katherine states it was Jenna or her and she chose Jenna.  He points out that Katherine is the only one that will win in the entire situation and asks how it happened.  She calmly tells him she didn't let love get in the way.  He tells her to enjoy and eternity alone and starts to leave.  She asks what he is going to do and he turns to tell her he's going to offer himself as a replacement to Klaus.  She reminds him that Klaus saw his werewolf bite and will not take him as a replacement because of it.

Elena asks Jenna if she remembers what happened.  Jenna says she (Elena) called her because she was scared but realizes it was really Katherine who called.  When she walked into the house a vampire grabbed her and made her drink his blood and she doesn't remember anything after that.  She asks Elena why she doesn't remember anything and Elena wants to know if Jenna remembers what she told her about how someone becomes a vampire, which she does.  The realization she is a vampire dawns on her as Greta walks over to the two women telling Jenna she bets she is hungry.  Elena makes a move to overtake Greta but the witch throws her back and sets a ring of fire burning around Elena to keep her in place.  Greta cuts her wrist and offers it to Jenna who is reluctant to take it.  The longer Greta holds her wrist before Jenna the less she can hold out and she eventually takes Greta's wrist to drink her blood.  When Greta feels Jenna has had enough she pushes her to the ground and walks away.  She turns back around and sets a ring of fire to burning around Jenna like she did with Elena.

At the old plantation, Jeremy and Bonnie are going through the old grimoirs to find a spell that will prevent Elena from becoming a vampire but they are finding nothing.  Alaric, Stefan and Elijah arrive at the plantation and Elijah explains the ritual further saying things will happen in stages.  The werewolf will die first, then the vampire and finally the doppleganger.  Once Elena dies the curse will be broken and Klaus will become hybrid.  He will be vulnerable during his transformation and Bonnie will be able to kill him during that time.  Elijah assures them if Bonnie can deliver Klaus to the brink of death he will personally finish the job of killing Klaus.  Stefan's phone rings and it is Damon calling to tell his brother he won't like what he's about to tell him.  He tells Stefan the sacrifice is happening and he tried to stop it but it got complicated.  Stefan tells him they are sticking with the original plan and meeting Bonnie as they speak.  Damon tells Stefan about Jenna and the latter turns to look at Alaric as Damon continues to tell him Klaus will be using Jenna as the vampire for the ritual.

Jenna tells Elena she feels like herself only not.  Everything is brighter and more amplified.  Part of her is terrified but part of her doesn't want to feel anything.  Tearfully, Jenna asks if she's going to die and Elena forcefully tells her she will not let that happen no matter what she has to do.  Behind them, they hear the painful screams of a woman and they both look.  Greta leads Jules in and throws her to the ground.  Jules asks what is happening to her and Greta informs her she cast a spell to slow down her transformation so her insides are trying to tear themselves free then raises a circle of fire around her.  Elena tells Greta witches are supposed to maintain the balance of nature and it is her duty to them to keep the curse sealed.  Greta tells her her duty is to Klaus.  Klaus steps out of the shadows and asks the women if they are ready.

Caroline and Matt enter the Lockwood house and lock themselves in.  Matt doesn't feel they are safe there as Tyler will get in if he wants to.  Caroline asks how he knew what she was since she compelled him to forget.  He tells her he was on vervain and faked forgetting so he could spy on her for her mother.  Shocked, Caroline asks him what her mother said.  He tells her Liz Forbes hates vampires, she always has and probably always will.  She asks where this leaves them and he shakes his head and tells her stuck in the house trying not to get mauled to death by a friend.

Damon answers a knock at the door to find John Gilbert standing there.  John is worried because Elena hasn't returned any of his calls for days and he wants to see her.  Damon informs him that Klaus has taken Elena and the sacrifice is happening that night.  John asks how he could let that happen and that he was supposed to keep Elena safe.  Damon says she is safe as he fed her his blood.  John makes a move against Damon who throws him against the wall.  John tells Damon he ruined Elena's life.  Damon understands this and tells him it gets worse, something John doesn't think is actually possible.

Jules screams in agony as Klaus hands the moonstone over to Greta so they can begin the ritual.  She begins the ritual and Klaus walks to the circle around Jules.  Jules looks to Elena and tells her everything she did she was just trying to help Tyler as she didn't want him to be alone.  The circle of fire goes out around Jules.  She tries to escape but Klaus is on her in a flash and takes her to the ground and plunges his hand into her chest and pulls out her heart as Elena and Jenna watch in horror.

Jeremy finds some kind of resuscitative spell in Emily Bennett's grimoire.  Bonnie saw it but Emily didn't explain exactly what the spell did.  Jeremy thinks Jonathan Gilbert might have written about the spell in his journals and suggests he will have Stefan bring them.  They hear someone enter the house and soon Alaric walks into the room with them.  He tells them Elijah and Stefan are upstairs and he asks Bonnie if he can have a second with Jeremy.  When Bonnie has gone, Alaric tells him something has happened with Jenna.  Upstairs, Stefan is telling Bonnie about the developments with Jenna and Elijah explains Jenna was punishment for meddling.  Bonnie wants to go now before Jenna can be sacrificed but Stefan tells her she will die and that isn't an option.  Stefan tells Bonnie they are going to offer another vampire that Klaus will want more.  He will offer himself to Klaus.

Klaus squeezes the blood from Jules' heart into the boiling liquid Greta is chanting over and asks if it is working, which she confirms.  Jenna tells Elena that the day the lawyers called to tell her she was going to be the guardian for her and Jeremy her first thought was "isn't there someone else who can do this?".  She tells Elena she failed her, something which Elena vehemently denies saying she is the one who failed.  She tells Jenna that being a vampire makes her stronger and faster and she can fight back.  She tells her aunt she will get through it and be alright but she wants her to promise that when she gets the chance she will run.  Jenna nods her head in agreement.

Matt looks out the window and asks if Caroline thinks he killed Tyler.  She tells him it takes a lot more than one bullet to kill a werewolf.  She asks him if he thinks her mother wants to kill her and he responds he thinks her mother doesn't know what to do with her daughter.  They hear a sound on the front porch and Matt, gun in hand, goes to check it out.  Caroline won't let him shoot and looks out the door glass to see Tyler on the porch.  She tells Matt to give her his jacket and opens the door and puts the jacket around Tyler who looks up to her and says her name with a confused look on his face.

Elijah tells Stefan Bonnie did a locator spell to tell them exactly where Klaus has Jenna and Elena.  Stefan says he will head over first and Elijah and Bonnie will come in second at the right time, just as the moon hits it's final phase.  Elijah insists Bonnie must stay hidden until the time is right as Klaus cannot know she's alive.  As Stefan starts to leave Elijah tells him he is very honorable.  Stefan stops and looks to Elijah and asks if he is because the whole plan is contingent upon Elijah's honor.  Elijah tells him he will not fail him but Stefan brings up that Klaus is his brother.  Elijah tells him that he had siblings and a family but over the centuries Klaus hunted them down one by one and took them from him and scattered them across the seas where their bodies could not be found.  Stefan comments that Elijah wants revenge and the latter admits that sometimes there is honor in revenge.  Again, he assures Stefan that he will not fail him.  Stefan then asks Elijah to 'please end this' and walks away.

John Gilbert arrives at the old plantation with a box full of the Gilbert journals.  He believes he knows of the spell from Emily Bennett's grimoire.  Upstairs, Alaric tells Damon of Stefan's revised plans, which don't make him very happy.  Damon insists they have a witch that can kill Klaus but Alaric reminds him it will kill Bonnie.  Damon strikes the wall in anger and recoils in pain bringing a look and question of concern from Alaric.

Greta continues chanting the spell as Klaus turns to Jenna.  Elena begs him to let Jenna go since she followed his rules and didn't run.  They can't leave Jeremy without a family.  Klaus smiles and says he doesn't recall you being on the guest list and turns to look up at Stefan who is standing on the hill above them.  Jenna and Elena look to Stefan as he tells Klaus he is there to talk and Klaus goes up to speak with him.

Bonnie and John tell Damon they found something in the Gilbert journals.  A mother called on the services of Emily Bennett because her child was sick and dying.  Emily cast a spell that would bind the woman's life force with her child's.  The child died but the mothers life force flowed through her restoring her to life.  If Elena's soul remains intact she will come back to life and not as a vampire.  Damon protests the plan but John tells him he refuses to let Elena become the thing he's spent his life protecting her against.

Jenna and Elena wonder what is being said between Stefan and Klaus and Elena tells her aunt she can hear what they are saying if focuses on them.  Stefan tells Klaus he will take Jenna's place.  Klaus comments he rather appreciates the symmetry of three women, three goddesses sacrificed at natures altar.  Jenna struggles to listen to the conversation and can finally hear them talking and hears Stefan tell Klaus to make the trade of him for Jenna.  She tells Elena that Stefan is wanting to take her place.

Matt asks Caroline how Tyler is doing and she tells him he's sleeping and he should be better by morning after some rest.  Matt tells her the last few days with her have been great and he thought he might be able to get past the vampire thing but he doesn't know if he can.  He understands this is her life now but his life is an absentee mom, a bunch of bills to pay, school and a job.  It's bad sometimes but it is his life and he thinks he wants to live it without everything in Caroline's world.

Bonnie works Emily Bennett's spell with John as Damon and Jeremy anxiously wait.  When the spell is complete, they start to leave for the meeting with Klaus.  Jeremy wants to go with Bonnie but she casts a spell on him to keep him from leaving with her.  When everyone leaves the house Alaric finds he cannot exit the door.  Bonnie has cast yet another spell to prevent him from leaving so he will not get hurt.

Stefan and Klaus come down from the hill and Stefan tells Elena it will be OK.  Klaus, holding a stake, asks Elena who it will be and waves the stake from Jenna to Stefan.  She says 'no' and Klaus tells her not to worry as there actually is no choice.  He goes behind Stefan and plunges the stake into his back.  Klaus has other plans for Stefan and he wants him alive.  Greta lowers the circle of fire around Jenna and Elena tries to get out of her circle.  Jenna tells her it is alright as she knows what she has to do.  She rushes to Greta and bites her neck.  Klaus comes up behind Jenna and plunges the stake into her back then throws her to the ground as Elena stands watching, crying.  Jenna looks up to her niece and Elena tells her to to just turn it off and she won't be scared anymore.  Klaus turns Jenna over onto her back and plunges the stake into her heart.

Stefan awakens and sees Jenna's lifeless body with the stake still in it.  Greta continues the spell as Stefan whispers "I'm so sorry" to Elena.  She shushes him and whispers back "they're gonna kill him".  Klaus walks to Elena and tells her it is time.  The circle of fire around her extinguishes and he puts his hand out for her.  She stands and walks past him to stand next to the altar where Greta is chanting and where Jenna's body is.  Stefan struggles to get up but cannot.  Klaus turns Elena's face to his own and thanks her.  Klaus bites Elena's neck and drinks her blood as Stefan watches helplessly.  Klaus drops her body to the ground and the fire Greta has been chanting over dies out.

Klaus can feel his transformation happening and begins walking as the moon enters its final phase.  As he begins to transform, Bonnie enters throwing him to the ground.  Damon breaks Greta's neck as Bonnie continues chanting against Klaus.  Damon picks Elena up and carries her to Stefan.  As Bonnie continues to chant, Klaus comments in surprise that she was dead.  Damon removes the stake from Stefan's back.  He tells Damon to get Elena out of there but he isn't leaving until Klaus is dead.  Damon picks Elena up and carries her away as Bonnie continues to chant bringing Klaus to the brink of death.  Elijah walks up to his brother and plunges his hand into his chest telling him in the name of their family.  Klaus tells Elijah he didn't bury them at sea and their bodies are safe.  If he kills him, he will never find them.  Stefan urges Elijah not to listen to him but Klaus mutters that he gives him his word.  Bonnie warns Eiljah that if he doesn't kill Klaus she will kill them both even if she has to die to do it.  Elijah looks to Stefan and Bonnie and, with genuine remorse, apologizes to them then spirits his brother away.

At the old plantation, John Gilbert is writing.  Alaric is worried that they haven't heard anything by now.  Jeremy asks if John read everything regarding the spell, which he did.  He wants to know if John understood what happened to the child's mother after the baby was brought back to life.  He tells Jeremy she saved her daughter and found peace.  John gives Jeremy a letter with instructions to give it to Elena.  He then hands him his Gilbert ring to give to her as well.  John tells him to take care of each other as they hear the door open upstairs.  Alaric and Jeremy rush upstairs to find Damon bringing Elena into the house.  As he's carrying her to a couch, Damon tells Elena if she comes back as a vampire he'll stake her himself so don't.  As he lovingly strokes her hair he tells her he can't stand the idea of her hating him forever.  Jeremy asks anxiously how she is but Damon doesn't know yet.  Alaric asks about Jenna and Damon turns his head and shakes it and tells Jeremy he's sorry.  John looks toward the room with Elena then walks outside the house.  Inside, Elena gasps to life and Damon asks her how she feels.  She tells him she feels fine much to the relief of Damon and Jeremy.  Outside, John falls to the ground, dead.

Caroline sits down on the couch next to Tyler who is waking up.  He tells her she was right that he shouldn't have come home.  She tells him he never should have left and he shouldn't leave again.  He tells her it's the second time he's tried to kill her but she replies no friendship is perfect bringing a laugh from them both.  She tells him Matt broke up with her and that instead of bailing on her again he (Tyler) could just say "thank you, Caroline for taking care of me".  She starts to cry and he puts his arm around her.  The two of them recline back on the couch together and he thanks her for taking care of him.

Damon informs Stefan there was plenty of room at the Gilbert family plot and he compelled two of the gravediggers to do the work.  He asks how Elena is doing and Stefan tells him she lost the only parent she had and is in shock.  Elena is preparing for the funeral and sees family photos on her mirror.  Jeremy enters her room and gives her the letter from John and the ring.  When he starts to leave Elena calls him back to apologize for how many people he's lost.  He tells her he still has her.  When he leaves, she sits down to read John's letter.  He wrote that it was no easy task to be an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child.  He failed that task and because of his prejudices he failed her.  He's haunted by how things might have played out differently had he listened to her side of things.  For him it is the end but for her a chance to grow old and do better with her own child than she did with his.  For that child he gives her his ring.  He doesn't ask for her forgiveness or that she forgets, only that she believes.  Whether she's reading as a human or vampire, she loves her the same as he's always loved her and always will.

At the Gilbert family plot Elena places a rose on the graves of John, Jenna and her parents.  Alaric places a rose on Jenna's grave.  Damon walks to the entrance of the cemetery.  Stefan tells him they are going back to the house but Damon says he'll skip.  Stefan informs his brother Elena needs them all right now.  Damon asks what the plan is.  The curse is broken and how does one go about killing an all powerful wolf/vamp and his two-faced older brother.  Stefan says he has no idea and Damon tells him to get an idea--fast.  Stefan insists he won't let Elena lose anyone else.  Damon tells him he wouldn't make any promises.  When Stefan asks what he means, Damon tells him Tyler bit him, nipped him really, and shows him the bite.  Stefan vows they will find a cure but Damon reminds him there isn't one.  Stefan tells him they kept Elena human; they found a way when there was no way.  He promises Damon he will do it.  Damon tells him if he wants to do something for him he will never let Elena find out as the last thing she needs is another grave to mourn.

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