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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.24 "Oia'i'o (Trust)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty-Four, Oia'i'o (Trust)
Original Air Date:  May 16, 2011

Steve receives another envelope containing a brass key that belongs to a piece of antique furniture.  Laura Hill is murdered by a car bomb and Five-O begins the investigation.  However, as they proceed into the case, shocking details begin to emerge as to who was behind her murder and why.  Meanwhile, Danny and Rachel make plans to leave Hawaii and go back to Jersey together.

Danny is in bed watching Blue Hawaii as Rachel sits down on the side of the bed and tells him Stan is coming home tomorrow night and they have to tell him.  Chief Mahaka (Kelvin Han Yee) pushes a badge across his desk to Chin Ho telling him to take it.  He compliments Chin Ho for how he handled the situation with his uncle and all the false accusations of his having stolen the money.  It showed character and now that the the case is closed and his record is cleared the HPD would like to re-instate him as a Lieutenant, a bump in rank from his former position of detective.  Chin appreciates the offer but they are doing great work at Five-O and that's his home now.  As he's leaving HPD, he passes Sgt. Duke Lukela (Dennis Chun) and another officer.  Both men are carrying bags.  Chin asks what he has and Lukela explains a rancher found what looked like burnt money on his property.  They are going to run the pieces that still have serial numbers and try to figure out where it came from.  At Five-O, Chin talks with Steve about what he learned from Lukela.  Steve tells him it's impossible as both he and Kono saw the money burn.  There is also no hard evidence linking the money back to them and the exact amount was returned to the locker where it was taken from.  They both look to the stairs where Governor Jameson (Jean Smart) and Laura Hills (Kelly Hu) are descending.  The ladies stop and greet the two officers.  When the ladies have gone, Steve asks Chin when he's going to ask Laura out but he laughs it off.

Steve and Chin arrive at Five-O headquarters and Jenna tells Steve he has another envelope delivery.  He gets one every Wednesday like clockwork.  Inside is a skeleton key.  He explains that it drove him crazy as he tried it on every lock in his father's house and his father's old HPD desk and it worked on none of them.  Jenna did a little research on the key and found it belongs to a piece of antique American furniture from the 1800's, something his father never owned and Steve suspects it might have belonged to the person his father was investigating.

Outside, Laura continues to update the Governor on crime statistics saying it looks like the Five-O task force is making an impact.  The Governor warns they shouldn't sell HPD short as they are doing a great job as well.  She takes the opportunity to tell Laura it's perfectly alright for the woman to make the first move and tells her to call Inspector Kelly today.  Laura chuckles and goes to her car.  When she starts the ignition, the vehicle blows up.  Steve, Jenn and Chin Ho run out of the building, guns drawn.

Jenna and Danny survey the car and she believes some detonating cord was used meaning the initial blast came from the wheel itself.  Danny hands Steve a small evidence bag with what Kono thinks looks like BB's in it.  Steve identifies them as projectiles from a claymore mine.  Jenna finds an electric blasting cap wire from a claymore attached to the ignition.  She's seen a device like this one before and she knows who set the bomb:  the person who killed her fiance and Steve's parents, Wo Fat.

In the office, she explains that the improvised explosive device is one of Wo Fat's preferred methods of execution especially when he's trying to send a message.  Danny thinks the bomb seems sloppy but Jenna says it isn't, Wo Fat is just vindictive.  When Steve took out Victor Hess and the Yakuza he made it personal.  She brings up a visual on the screen and explains how the bomb works.  When the ignition engages, approximately 700 steel balls about 1/8 of an inch shoot out at around 4,000 feet per second through the interior of the vehicle.  The blast aims square at the drivers face making it a very personal targeted attack.  Chin doesn't understand why Wo Fat targeted Laura Hill and not one of them.  The first question is where he would have gotten his hands on a claymore mine.  Danny asks if they wouldn't have heard about it had one been stolen from a military base but Steve points out that the police would be the last to know when something was stolen from a base.  He tells Jenna to double check with all bases on the island to see if any claymores are missing.  She also offers to check with contacts she has on the black and gray markets to see if they know anything.  He sends Chin and Kono to search Laura's office while he and Danny check her house.

Danny and Steve arrive at Laura Hill's home to find the door open.  They draw their weapons and enter the house.  They look around and see the house has been tossed but find no one.  In one of the pulled-out desk drawers Steve sees a stash of envelopes exactly like the ones he has been receiving the contents of his fathers toolbox in.  He takes Laura's appointment book back to the lab for a writing sample.

Charlie Fong informs Steve and Kono it definitely was Laura Hill's writing on the envelopes Steve received.  The only difference between the two samples are slant and pressure.  She was under stress when she addressed the envelopes to Steve.  She used heavy pressure indicating she was very serious about what she was doing and her letters were upright indicating she was trying to cover up her tracks.  Kono tells Steve she and Chin searched her office from top to bottom and if she had any more of his father's things they were not there.  He doesn't understand how Laura got her hands on the evidence as it was stolen by the Yakuza.  Jenna calls Steve with the information that she pulled a serial number off a piece of the claymore and tracked it down.  The mine was stolen four years ago from a shipment destined for Iraq and the military held their own investigation.  CID investigated a defense contractor by the name of Dale O'Reilly (Val Lauren) but never convicted him or recovered any of the stolen shipment.

In Pearl City Steve and Danny go to a military surplus store where Danny tells Steve this is what it will look like when Steve dies; that will be his heaven.  They see Dale and speak to him but the man says Dale isn't there.  When Steve brings his photo up on his phone he apologizes saying you never know who will come looking for you.  Steve comments like someone in the market for a claymore mine.  Dale takes off running with Steve in pursuit.  Dale pulls a machete but Steve has his gun drawn and threatens to shoot him in the face if he doesn't put the knife down.  Danny says Dale's name from behind him and when he turns sprays him with pepper spray.  Steve asks him who he sold the claymore to and Dale screams out the name "Steve McGarrett".

At headquarters, Danny tells Dale he is definitely going down for accessory to murder.  He wants to know who told Dale to say the name "Steve McGarrett" but he's unresponsive.  Danny shows him a picture of Wo Fat and asks if it was him but Dale doesn't even look at the picture.  Danny informs him they tracked down the $50,000 Wo Fat paid him but he still says nothing.  Danny proceeds to tell him Wo Fat used the claymore to kill a government official, someone he knew.  Dale tells Danny he will not talk to him as Steve enters the room carrying a chair with a computer on it.  He raises the screen and Dale's brother, Army Sgt. Gary O'Reilly (Shane Seggar) is on video wanting to speak with Dale.  Gary asks Dale what's going on and when he doesn't answer, asks if he's still there.  Dale begins crying and Steve closes lowers the computer screen.  He tells him the next time he sees his brother in a federal courtroom when he's (Dale) charged with treason and crimes against his country.  He will be branded a terrorist and his family will suffer as a consequence.  Gary will be disgraced and forced to leave the service all because Dale won't talk.

Jenna congratulates Steve and Danny on their work with Dale saying between the claymore and O'Reilly's testimony they have Wo Fat cold.  All they need to do is find him.  Chin tells the three that he just got off the phone with the crime lab.  They finished processing Laura Hill's house and found prints all over the place.  The prints belonged to Steve McGarrett.  Steve had never been to her house before that day.  Chin tells his boss that someone wants HPD to think he's been there before as he's being set up.

At the Governor's Residence in Honolulu, Steve and Danny arrive as she's finishing a conversation with Laura's parents.  She wants them to be able to tell her they have something and they do.  Danny says they know who killed Laura and Steve hands her a folder telling her the man's name is Wo Fat and details his connections to the Yakuza.  She leafs through the folder as he's talking and asks why they think he's responsible.  Danny reveals they have a man in custody who sold Wo Fat the explosives used in the murder.  Steve includes that as soon as the man sits with an attorney he will give them a full statement in exchange for leniency.  HPD is taking him to jail right now.  She congratulates them on their work and asks how close they are to finding Wo Fat.  Steve says they aren't close enough and Danny adds they are piecing things together and would like to ask her some questions about Laura.  As she's telling Danny Laura never mentioned Wo Fat's name to her, Steve glances to a corner of the room and sees an antique bureau with a locked top drawer.  She asks why they think Laura was murdered and Steve says he isn't sure but they're working on it.  Steve thanks her for her time and he and Danny get up to leave.  She stops Steve telling him this is very personal to her and asks him to find Wo Fat by any means necessary.

Outside the governor's mansion, Danny asks Steve what is with him.  Steve doesn't answer right away but turns to watch the guard enter the security code on the keypad.  Once he has the code, Danny asks why Steve neglected to tell the Governor about the envelopes.  Steve asks if Danny noticed the bureau in her office.  Steve thinks the brass key Laura sent him fits that lock and he thinks the Governor is hiding something.

Steve and Danny arrive at Five-O headquarters arguing about Steve's plans to find out about the bureau in the Governor's office.  She had a press conference in a couple of hours and he will make his move then.  Danny tells the rest of the team Steve's plan to break into the Governor's mansion and everyone agrees with Danny that it is a bad plan.  Steve tells the team about the bureau on the Governor's office and Kono asks if the key fits what he thinks he'll find.  He tells her the rest of his father's stuff then answers his ringing phone.  He hangs up and tells the team the transport taking O'Reilly to prison just got hit.

Steve and Danny arrive and find O'Reilly and both of the officers transporting him dead from a hail of gunfire.  An angry Steve asks Danny how Wo Fat knew.  Danny pulls him aside to tell him no one but them knew O'Reilly would testify against Wo Fat but Steve reminds him the Governor knew.  He reminds him of her having lunch with the head of Yakuza and Steve feels she's in his pocket.  Danny says she's the top elected official in the state but he doesn't care.  If she caused the death of three people, she goes down.  Steve agrees they need rock solid evidence and Danny tells him they have to use their heads.  They'll look at all the evidence his father collected and see if it points to the governor.  Danny's phone rings and it is Rachel wanting to see him in an hour at Sand Island.  Danny goes back to Steve and tells him to go home and get some rest and in the morning they'll look at the evidence and come up with a game plan.  Steve agrees but when Danny walks away he takes the key from his pocket and looks at it.

That night, Steve waits for the Governor to leave her residence then goes over the wall and breaks into the house.  He goes to her office and tries the key in the lock of the bureau drawer.  It opens and inside he finds photographs of Laura putting the envelopes beneath the windshield wipers of Steve's car.

Danny meets Rachel at Sand Island.  She tells him she's pregnant and he's definitely the father.  He hugs her and she asks how she tells Stan she's leaving him and is pregnant with Danny's child.  He offers to go with her but she says it's something she needs to do by herself.  Once it's done she wants to leave Hawaii as it's Stan's home, not hers.  She checked with the airline and there is a red eye to Newark leaving tomorrow night.  When he tells her he'll come with her she says he can't leave as he has a life there.  He tells her she and Grace are his life.  Where they are is where he wants to be and will be.  She asks about his job and he tells her they'll go and get her settled in Jersey then he'll return to Hawaii, wrap up all his cases and that will be it.

Danny opens the door and enters the McGarrett home and seconds afterward, Steve grabs him with his gun raised.  Danny asks what's wrong with him and Steve asks if it would kill him to knock on the door.  Danny asks what is going on then begs Steve to tell him he didn't break into the governor's house.  Steve tells him the key fit and shows him pictures he took on his phone of the photographs he found in the bureau.  He tells Danny the Governor found out Laura was sending him pieces of evidence and he believes Laura was taking that evidence from the governor to return to Steve.  Danny asks why she did it piece by piece and Steve theorizes she probably hoped the Governor wouldn't notice anything was missing.  He shows Danny Laura's datebook and reminds him that every Wednesday he gets something from his father's toolbox.  They go back a month and find that every single one of Laura's Tuesday lunches are open.  The Governor has a standing lunch with the Chief of Police every Tuesday.  Laura used that time to enter the Governor's office and steal a piece of evidence.  Steve feels it's his fault Laura is dead because she was trying to help him.

Steve shows the team the pictures he found in the bureau and confirms that he feels the Governor had Laura murdered and Wo Fat made it happen.  The team want to bring her in but Danny points out they have no evidence except the photos Steve illegally obtained by breaking into her house and she could claim he planted there.  Steve says their focus now is to silently investigate the Governor like his father did.  Once they find something, they bring her down and she leads them to Wo Fat.  Chin's phone rings and when he answers it Duke asks if he's sure he doesn't want his old job back as it looks like his current one will not exist much longer as a warrant for murder has been issued for Steve McGarrett.  Chin goes to Steve to tell him HPD is on it's way to arrest him for killing Laura Hill.  They hear the sirens outside and Steve orders them to get everything off the screens and wipe the drives.  Chin asks Steve what he's going to do and he replies he has no honest chance of beating it if the Governor is involved.  Danny tells him to lay low and the team will get something on the Governor.  Steve again tells them to clean house as he's running from the office.  Kono works feverishly to remove all evidence as Steve runs from the building.  He is stopped in the hall by an HPD officer who orders him to put down his weapon.  He starts to get to his knees then stands and fights the officer to make his escape.

Steve drives up to Kamekona's house in a vintage black Mercury Marquis and tells his friend he needs a gun.  Kamekona points out he's a parolee and possession of a firearm can send him back to jail and asks where his gun is as he's a cop.  Steve tells him he's not a cop anymore and he needs his help.  Kamekona takes him to an old truck that is packed with weapons.  Steve chooses the weapons and ammunition he wants as Kamekona looks on.

HPD scours Five-O headquarters while the team waits in an office.  Chin refuses to stand around and do nothing and leaves the office.  Detective Ahuna tells Kono he has orders to bring her in as they have a witness that can place her at the scene of a break in at the HPD Asset Forfeiture Locker and she knows something about some money that went missing recently.  Danny tells her to not say anything and he will take care of it and she leavs with Ahuna leaving just Danny and Jenna.  He tells her to watch HPD while he find McGarrett before they do.  As Danny is leaving headquarters, Kamekona calls him about Steve.  He's worried about him as he paid him a visit and loaded up for bear.

Danny races to intercept Steve if he can trying to call him along the way but Steve doesn't answer his phone.  Rachel calls Danny to let him know she and Grace are at the airport and asks if everything is fine or if he's having second thoughts.  He tells her he loves her, everything is fine and he will meet her at the gate but he has something to take care of.

Steve arrives at the Governor's Mansion and one-by-one takes out the guards as the Governor sits inside working.  He enters her office and she tells him she was hoping they were wrong about him.  He tells her he didn't kill Laura, she did and if she moves he'll put a bullet in her.  She asks what he wants and he takes his phone out, turns it on to record and throws it on her desk.  He wants a confession.  He wants the truth but she maintains she doesn't know what he's talking about.  He tells her he knows everything and she asks why he doesn't just pull the trigger.  He wants answers and she tells him to trust her, that isn't what he wants.  Her phone rings and he warns her not to answer it.  He tells her his father was investigating her and he knows all about her connections to the Yakuza and Wo Fat.  He wants to know who gave the order.  He knows who set the car bomb that killed his mother and he knows Victor Hess killed his father but he wants to know who gave the order--Wo Fat or her.  She tells him he caught the man who killed his father and he took down the men who killed his mother.  She gave him the ability to do that.  She gave him the immunity and means and she protected him.  He states she put the money in the Asset Forfeiture Locker and she admits she was trying to protect him as Five-O has done a lot for the people of Hawaii.  He warns her to stop lying and says she created Five-O so she could keep an eye on him so he wouldn't pick up where his father left off.  She tells him she's always been loyal to those who have been loyal to her.  He asks if that's why she had Laura murdered because she was disloyal and the Governor answers 'yes'.

Wo Fat tasers Steve from behind while the Governor erases her confession from his phone.  She asks what they will do as they have to get rid of him.  Wo Fat assures her he has everything under control and shoots her with the gun Steve brought there that night then puts the gun in Steve's hand as the sounds of sirens grow closer.  Chin arrives with HPD and orders them to set up road blocks and get EMS there and orders other officers to accompany him.  Inside the Governor's office, Steve struggles to his feet as Chin and the officers enter the room.  Chin orders Steve to put the gun down as Duke confirms the Governor is dead.  Steve tells Chin it wasn't him, it was Wo Fat but Chin tells him they checked the house and no one was there.  Chin cuffs and arrests Steve and takes him from the Governor's house.

Danny arrives as Steve is being led out of the Mansion and Chin tells him the Governor is dead.  As he's being put in the car, Steve tells Danny it was Wo Fat.  Danny wants Chin to let him go but Chin says he can't as Steve was the only one there and his gun was just discharged.  Danny says they have jurisdiction as they are Five-O and Chin tells him there is no Five-O anymore.  Danny asks Chin if he just went back to them after everything they did to him but Chin doesn't answer.  Danny knocks on the window next to Steve and tells him he'll get him out of everything and to just hang in there.

Rachel and Grace wait at the airport until the final boarding call is issued.  They get on the plane when it's obvious Danny isn't going to arrive.

At the precinct, an elderly woman positively identifies Kono as the woman she saw near the Asset Forfeiture Locker.  Ahuna tells her she will have to turn in her gun and badge pending an investigation.  Behind them, Steve's mug shot is being taken and he and Kono see one another.

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