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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.10, "Paid in Full"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Ten, Paid in Full
Original Air Date:  May 8, 2011

When a dangerous hit man escapes from prison the team must find him and get him back into custody before he can complete his deadly mission.  Meanwhile, Shea overhears a conversation between Charlie and Ray about Ray not being a full-fledged U.S. Marshall.  This leads to conflict between the team and we finally learn exactly what each of the cons did to land them in prison.

At McCollum-Walker Correction Facility in Suffield, Connecticut, Virgil Downing (Mark Pelligrino) is rolling a magazine in his cell.  His cellmate tells him he's rolling it wrong if he wants to inflict real pain with it.  He continues to tell him he'll need a guy like him for whatever it is he has going.  When he receives no response as the man puts the rolled-up magazine into his shirt sleeve, he tells him the fact he feels he's too good to talk to any of them is why no one likes him and that he should watch his back.  A guard knocks on the door to get Virgil.  He tells him to turn around and step away from the door.  When the guard enters the cell, Virgil uses the magazine to get out of the cuffs then overpowers the guard and takes his keys.  He places the magazine on his cellmates bunk as the man looks on in surprise then, taking the guards vest, he leaves the cell and closes the door.  He clings to an overhead steam pipe in the hall and another guard passes right beneath him, leaving an entry open.  Downing walks through an area where another inmate is mopping the floor.  He breaks off part of the handle and stabs in inmate with it.  As another guard enters to assist the injured inmate, Downing targets him with pepper spray and exits the area.  A guard finds the first guard Downing overpowered and calls a "man down" alert.  As the guard team organizes to apprehend Downing, a guard in the security room watches him head from block to block on his way west.  The guard team go outside at D block, where the Sergeant said Downing was headed but he is nowhere to be seen.  Downing exits A Block and uses the vest to bypass the razor wire and goes over the fence.

In the office, Charlie orders the cons to get into their civilian clothes and start going over the case files as he takes Ray aside.  He tells him he just heard from Director Knox who has been keeping an eye on the team and likes the way things are going.  He's been asking a lot of pointed questions about Ray.  Shea, who is looking over a box of doughnuts on Julie's desk, overhears Charlie and Ray talking over the radio and hears Charlie say if Ray keeps delivering, it could get him back in with the Marshalls.  She comes into the room and he turns the radio off.  Ray asks Charlie if this means he will have his badge re-instated and Charlie says he hasn't been given a timetable but simply said if Ray keeps working which point he interrupts saying it was like an "attaboy" from the top brass.  Ray wants to get back to work but Charlie stops him saying it's a good thing and he should stop being so stubborn.

Charlie brings the team up to speed on Virgil Downing.  He's a hitman who's only conviction is for murdering a police commissioner in Waterbury, Connecticut but he is suspected in three dozen other contract killings.  Ray adds that he doesn't discriminate in who he kills and one story even has him pulling a hit on a mob boss's dog.  When Shea comments that killing the dog isn't right Ray muses that killing a police commissioner didn't bother him but a Pekingese did.  Shea returns comment that he's partial to the underdog since he isn't a law enforcement officer like Ray is, drawing a look from Lloyd.  Charlie continues that Downing is 'Teflon' as he's highly-skilled, well-prepared and cautious.  The only reason he was caught in Waterbury is that his appendix burst while he was fleeing the scene and was found laid out with the murder weapon still on him.  Prison bosses haven't figured out how he slipped past response teams and he has many aliases, none of which tie together.  Julie adds that they do know he keeps his money in offshore accounts that the FBI seized after his arrest meaning if he wants to flee the country he needs to start working again.  When Lloyd makes a joke about using the phone book and Facebook, Charlie calmly tells him that can earn him a one-way ticket back to Rahway.  Ray notes that Downing was the trigger in a double killing at LaGuardia in 2003.  He has a CI who knows something about how that crime went down.  Charlie suggests he give him a call and Ray corrects it's a her.  He takes the rest of Shea's uneaten doughnut from his hand telling him they need to take a drive.

Downing enters an apartment building carrying a brown paper bag and eating an apple.  He stops, puts the bag and apple down then opens a grate and removes a gun wrapped in cloth.  He takes the gun pieces out and pockets them then puts the cloth back where he removed it then gets his apple and leaves.

In Greenwich Village, New York, Shea and Ray are waiting in the car for Ray's CI who is late.  Shea comments Ray's snitch is blowing them off but Ray insists she'll be there and asks if she's a snitch what that makes him (Shea).  While he is telling Ray the differences between a snitch and a confidential informant, a transvestite, Chastity (Daren A. Herbert), opens the back door of the car and gets in, surprising Shea.  Ray starts to hand her money then pulls it back asking if she's ready to trade on their mutual trust.  When she says she is, he gives her the money and she turns to Shea for an introduction.  Ray asks her about a regular client of hers.  She says he's still a Tuesday and Thursday regular and comments how dumb he is and Ray asks if he's dumb enough to talk and she says if you get enough coke in him he won't do anything else.  Ray asks if he's ever mentioned Virgil Downing and she says he has.  Ray asks if someone wants to hire Virgil and she says no one can because he's in prison and Ray informs her he busted out.  She says good for him but he is now persona non grata because his rep was ruined when he got caught.  Shea asks if she has a name for the broker used to hire Virgil and she says for someone like him, you need a referral just to get a referral and she cannot help them.  When she has gotten out of the car, Shea asks what all that got them and Ray replies they know Virgil won't be going back to his old line of work anytime soon.

Downing, carrying a small take out pizza box and eating a bit of pizza, enters a building after tugging on a window washers line.  As he's standing at the counter with the guard, the window washers rig topples putting the man in jeopardy.  The guard runs out to help and Downing pushes the pizza box past the metal detector and goes to an office where he surprises a young man.  He takes the gun out from under the pizza box and points it at the young man who asks what it is.  Downing calmly says "this? it's for Genevieve" and shoots the young man three times killing him.

When the team arrive, Erica and Charlie look at facial recognition images of Downing on the computer, something Charlie feels Downing should have known.  Erica thinks he probably didn't know as cons often have trouble keeping up with the latest gadgetry or anything else and notes she just found out Bea Arthur died.  Lloyd tells Ray a joke about why heart transplant recipients always choose Republican hearts, a joke Ray has already heard, then comments Erica just told him about Bea Arthur, which was devastating.  When Ray steps away, Shea tells Lloyd he knows he heard Charlie tell Ray about getting him back in with the Marshalls.  Lloyd feels it could mean anything from Ray being in the doghouse with the Marshall's to being on probation but he didn't lose his badge as he's in charge of a team of U.S. Marshall's.  Shea points out that Charlie runs the show even though Ray is the one with the field experience.  Ray returns to tell them the victim, Parker Bancroft (Geoffery Hymers) had no apparent enemies and gives Charlie shell casings found at the scene.  Lloyd feels it's bold Downing left the casings behind.  Shea points out if you wear gloves you don't have to worry about finding the casings after the hit and you can just walk away.  Charlie thinks they should look at any shootings since the escape where 22-long rifle casings were found.  Erica joins them to add that Parker's co-workers are upset and said he was a good guy for someone who came from Wall Street money and got his job through family connections.  When Charlie asks if the death might have been from resentment Ray mentions the word on the street that Virgil is unemployable and the hit might have been a personal vendetta.

Downing, dressed as a maintenance man and carrying a bag of tools stops outside and apartment seeming to work on the radiator until a woman walking in the hall leaves.  He knocks on the door then picks the lock.  He enters the apartment and turns on the light startling the man inside.  When he stands, Downing shoots him once then turns the light off and leaves.

While they are eating, Shea asks Erica if she knows Ray isn't a Marshall and she comments that he is because he caught you two.  Shea starts to tell her what he overheard and Lloyd interrupts asking what it even matters and Shea replies that they are lying to them and possibly lying about the time they are getting off their sentences as well.  Lloyd doesn't buy into what Shea is saying but Shea pushes that as much as Lloyd wants to believe the situation is legit, they can't assume it is.  Ray comes to the table to tell them the police caught a home invasion with a print-free casing matching that used to kill Parker Bancroft.

In the office, Ray asks Lloyd what sort of name the victim has and he identifies it as Nigerian.  He was a grad student studying engineering.  Charlie adds that the murder feels like a hit to him and Ray says they'll have to wait until forensics gets back on the shell casing.  Shea gets up and comments to Lloyd "see, once Charlie gets them" and walks to the coffee machine leaving an awkward silence.  As Ray goes to speak with Shea, Charlie tells Julie to get on the line with forensics and lean on them.  Ray asks Shea if he has a problem and Shea questions the deal they have going, which Ray confirms is backed by the Marshall's.  Shea asks that he would know since he's really a full time Marshall.  Ray puts his hand on Shea's shoulder and asks who he thinks he's talking to as since he brought him in he can knock him right back out.  If he keeps running his mouth, he sends him back to Sing Sing and lets everyone know who he's been working for.  Shea slaps Ray's
hand away and claims he was just joking and didn't mean to strike a nerve.

Julie learns that the most recent victim was a member of the Nigerian royal family, a distant relation.  Erica reads in a file that Parker's family is from old money and that might be a connection between the two known victims.

In New Britain, Connecticut, at Tattoo Artatorture a man is getting a tattoo when the tattoo artist hears a car alarm.  Thinking it sounds like his ride, he gets up and runs outside.  When he's gone, Downing enters the shop and locks the door behind him.  He asks the guy in the chair how it's going and when he asks who he is, he raises his gun and tells him "this is for Genevieve" and shoots him three times.  The tattoo artist tries to get back into his shop but finds the door locked and looks through the door to see Downing fading into the shadows of the shop as he's leaving the back way.

The tattoo artist admits he barely saw the killer but thinks Downing might have been the guy from a picture Ray has and he gives them an identity on the victim, Laird Lipinksi (Daniel Lucifora).  Shea says Laird was shot three times to the chest like Parker but the Nigerian was shot only once but Ray points out forensics matched the casings so they know it was Virgil.  Shea thinks the new tat was to cover an old one and, when Ray asks the artist about it he confirms the man was trying to cover up a Sigma Beta Chi tattoo because he thinks he hated the whole college deal.  Julie finds information that Parker Bancroft was in Sigma Beta Chi with Laird until the latter left school right after he was tried and acquitted as an accessory to rape.  Ray asks who was charged with the actual rape and Charlie theorizes Parker.  The name of the defendant was withheld because he was under 18 at the time.  Erica says if it was Parker they need to focus on the accuser because there might be a really angry girl out there looking for the kind of justice Downing can deliver.  Julie does some looking but finds the Rape Shield Statue has her name sealed as well.  Charlie says he'll call his judge to have him unseal the records but it might take a couple of hours.

At Newington College in Newington, Connecticut, Ray, Lloyd and Shea enter a frat house to find the boys playing and listening to loud music.  Shea doesn't think they'll find out anything as most of the guys there weren't there at the time of the rape.  Lloyd, however, feels differently.  Someone there knows something.  They enter a room where two boys are being hazed in and talks to a guy who graduated a couple of years ago.  When Ray asks if he knew Laird Lipinski the guy asks if he's a cop.  Ray tells him he's a U.S. Marshall, actually and the guy is starting to make him angry.  He grabs the guy by the hair and, after he protests saying he knows his rights, asks if he knows Lipinksi was murdered.  He asks about Laird being dead leading Ray to ask if he knew about the rape that happened there, too.  When the guy asks 'what rape' Lloyd steps in to explain to the guy why he should be more cooperative with his colleague.  The suggestion of getting a warrant for the guys computer hard drive is enough to do the trick and he tells them it was an alleged rape and Parker was the one who 'closed the deal'.  Ray asks about the Nigerian's involvement and the guy asks if he is someone else the Krause chick wrongly accused and says they say "pulling a Krause" when you blame a guy for something he didn't do.  Ray asks about the name and the guy gives them "Guinevere, Genevieve, something like that".  As they are leaving, Ray calls Julie with the girls name.

Downing is sitting at a bar having a drink watching the news about the three recent murders he committed.  He throws his glass as he watches the broadcast.

Ray stops the car and gets out.  When he's gone, Lloyd asks Shea if he asked Ray about being a Marshall and if he said 'yes'.  Shea says not exactly but they need to start worrying about the deal because something isn't right.  Lloyd asks what Shea wants to hear and he replies that he wants confirmation the deal is legit.  Lloyd's phone rings and it is Julie.  Ray meets with Genevieve Krause (Marcella Lentz-Pope) and identifies himself as a Marshall.  She asks what he's there for and he tells her about the defendants in her rape trial being murdered and they believe someone hired a hit man to kill them.  She tells him she had nothing to do with it as Lloyd calls to Ray.  He steps outside to speak with Lloyd for a second then comes back in to ask if her father worked as a guard at McCollum-Walker Penitentiary, which she confirms he did.  He tells her the murderer escaped from her father's prison and he will need her to come with them.

At the bar, a woman, Rose (Kristen Gutoskie), enters and walks behind the bar to find broken glass.  She turns and looks to see Downing behind her, his gun raised.

At the office, Shea explains the hustle Downing ran for his escape as they watch surveillance footage of him moving through the prison.  Someone re-routed the camera signals to make it look like Virgil was in D Block when he was really in A Block.  Genevieve's father arrives and she asks him what this is about and he tells her a whole lot of nothing.

In interview, her father says he knows nothing about the escape but wishes he did as he did a number on some of his guys, something Charlie points out isn't exactly true as he went easy on the guards when he killed an inmate.  Ray accuses him of helping Virgil out so he could settle the score with his daughter's rapists, something he denies.  As Charlie is asking why Virgil would kill the men accused of raping his daughter after escaping prison Julie brings a note in to him.  After he again maintains he doesn't know, Charlie notes that he drained his savings account of $40,000 the week before Virgil escaped from prison.  He explains he took the money to Atlantic City where it was lost.  Ray admits he can sympathize with him as he has a daughter around the same age.  Genevieve's father becomes upset and tells them the money he took out of the bank was money he saved for seventeen years so his daughter could have a college education.  Her time at college was stolen from her the night those boys attacked her.  He admits he isn't bothered by the fact they are dead but again maintains he didn't hire Virgil to kill them.  Charlie tells him if he can give them the name of where Downing is going next they will cut a deal with him.  He says deals are for guilty people and takes a card from his pocket saying that's his lawyer and if they want to talk further, talk to him then gets up and leaves.  He takes his daughter and leaves the office.

No one is happy he walked out of the office because they all know he's guilty.  Ray asks Julie to call headquarters to put a tail on Krause but Erica doesn't think that will do anything as he won't get near Virgil now.  Tensions are running high as they have no idea where Virgil could attack next.  Charlie tells the team to keep their nose to the grindstone as they will get him.  Erica says she wants to and then makes a point to ask that she will get her one month off when they catch him, something both Ray and Charlie confirm.

At the bar, Downing tells Rose about his problems.  The cops are after him and he has to rush, something he doesn't like.  Her phone rings and when she answers, he raises his gun.  She tells the caller she's at the bar and there might be a bit of a gas leak and they should come check it out then hangs up.  She asks if he'll let her go and he tells her not quite yet.

At the office, Lloyd asks Julie if Ray is still a Marshall.  She asks what that is supposed to mean and he says it's a straightforward question.  She asks why they always seem to be looking for ways to ruin what looks like a pretty good setup to her and tells Lloyd if they want time off their sentence to do their job.  Her phone rings as Lloyd is walking away.  He walks past Erica and Shea and tells them Ray is totally not a U.S. Marshall.  Julie calls Charlie to let him know Krause's supervisor is downstairs.

The supervisor tells Charlie that Downing escaped on his watch and he wants to get to the bottom of it.  He has brought Devonn Dawkins (David Tompa), another McCallum-Walker inmate along with him.  He's a junkie that won't help in court but has information they can still use.  He was under the stairs when he heard Virgil and Krause talking.  When Charlie asks what he heard, Dawkins wants to know what they'll hook him up with inside.  The supervisor gets up to get coffee saying he trusts his prisoner will be handled properly, something Charlie assures him of.  Shea knocks on the door with his coat wrapped around him to obscure his features asking to talk with Dawkins.  Charlie lets him in and he asks Dawkins if a brother named Sparks still calls the shots at Walker.  When Dawkins nods, he takes a bottle from his sleeve telling him it's a 12-year-old single malt.  He can give the bottle to Sparks and he'll be untouchable.  Dawkins asks if Shea's a con and the latter raises his jacket to hide his face and leaves the room.  Dawkins tells Charlie and Ray that Virgil and Krause made a deal but Krause refused to pay a dime until all four were delivered.

The team go over the files but Parker and Laird were the only two charged with the rape and there aren't any mentions of anyone else being involved.  Lloyd points out it isn't who is legally responsible it is who Genevieve's father blames for his daughter's attack.  He asks Julie about an outburst in the courtroom.  Before it happened, Ryan Montgomery had given testimony.  He was the bartender who said Genevieve was wasted when she went with Parker to the frat house.  Lloyd feels Montgomery is the man as he's a blue collar working guy like Krause and he feels betrayed by Montgomery for standing up for a rich kid in court.  Julie found one Ryan Montgomery who applied for a liquor license in Queens.  She goes through her files and finds that Ryan Montgomery was the previous tenant in the same apartment where the Nigerian was murdered.  Erica knows that the difference in the M.O. for that murder and the others was different because the Nigerian was a mistake.  Charlie asks Julie for the Queens bar address.

Downing is playing darts and tells Rose he has one simple rule:  hit only the people on your list and don't touch anyone else.  Her phone rings again but she doesn't answer it.  Ryan Montgomery arrives at the bar and comes in calling to Rose.  Downing steps out with his gun raised and when Ryan asks what is going on he says "this is for Genevieve" and shoots him three times.  Rose tries to run but Downing steps in front of her, gun raised.  She begs him for her life saying she's not on the list but he points out he's 'in the weeds'.

The team arrives at the bar where Ray comments Rose was collateral damage like the Nigerian student.  There is still one more intended victim which could be anyone, something pointed out by both Erica and Lloyd.  Ray is angry at the thought of Downing finishing his job and getting away clean.  Shea brings up the issue of Ray lying to them and asks point blank about why he hasn't been straightforward about not being a cop anymore.  Charlie interjects to quiet Shea but Ray steps up and asks if they want to know what he did and he admits to his crime.  When Erica asks how he can look down his nose at them when he's a con himself.  Ray, angry, asks Shea if he wants to judge him since he (Shea) was a gangbanger who profited from his own people, Erica was a psycho vigilante who chose vengeance over motherhood and Lloyd wrote prescriptions to college kids to cover his own debts resulting in the OD of an 18-year-old girl.  Lloyd walks out of the bar in shame leaving Charlie to say that is enough from everyone.  He orders Shea and Erica to go outside and get Lloyd and put him in the car.  When the cons are gone, Ray apologizes but Charlie doesn't respond.  He calls Julie to get a friendly judge on the line as he needs an arrest warrant.

In New Britain, Connecticut, Ray and Charlie go to the Krause home with an arrest warrant to arrest Genevieve Krause.  When her father protests, Charlie tells him there were two names on the college fund account and since he insists he didn't hire Virgil, it had to be Genevieve who did.  As Charlie is arresting Genevieve, her father protests.  Ray steps in and tells him if he doesn't want his daughter arrested he needs to give them Virgil Downing.  Krause shoves the arrest warrant at Ray and Charlie leads Genevieve from the house, her father telling her he'll take care of it.

At the office, Genevieve asks what happens next and Charlie tells her that NYPD will get first crack at her since Parker was killed in New York.  Ray gives her the option to help them by telling her father to give them Virgil.  When he talks, she leaves.  Erica motions to Charlie and asks if she can talk to Genevieve.  Erica and Genevieve go into an interview room where Erica tells her how much they have in common.  Genevieve opens up to Erica about how the rape was as hard on her father as it was her.  He couldn't move past it and what he would do to the boys if he could get his hands on them.  Erica asks about the bartender since he was just a witness.  Genevieve maintains she doesn't think her father put the three bullets into Montgomery's heart.  Erica asks how she knew the bartender was killed with three bullets to the heart.  She claims she read it in the paper but Erica points out Virgil's M.O. was never released to the press.  She gives Genevieve until she gets to the door to tell her exactly what and when she knows or the arrest becomes more than a ploy to pressure her father.  She says she didn't believe he'd actually do anything but when she heard about Parker being killed she went to him and he told her about Virgil and things were already in motion and couldn't be stopped.  Erica asks who the fourth target is but she says she doesn't know causing Erica to tell her to figure it out fast.  Genevieve says she was on a date that night and he left with his old girlfriend.  She went back to the frat house with Parker because she lost her ride to the dorms.  Her father hated Justin for that.  Erica asks where he is now.

A car is parked outside Atlantic Pavilion in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.  Justin and a girl are inside making out and his phone is ringing.  The girl tells him she won't give up and he insists it isn't his girlfriend but he will get rid of whoever is calling.  He answers the phone and it is Charlie calling to tell him his life is in jeopardy and needs to know his location.  Justin thinks it's a prank but Charlie continues to explain and gives his location as they have been tracking his cell phone.  Justin gets out of the car asking who it really is and Charlie tells him about Genevieve's father blaming him for the rape and might have sent someone to kill him.  Downing walks around the corner and Justin begins waving at him thinking it is Charlie.  Charlie tells him that isn't him and orders him to run.  Justin drops the phone and takes off running with Downing in pursuit.  Justin arrives at a locked gate and Downing catches up, gun in hand.  He tells him "this is for Genevieve" but cannot shoot because Charlie arrives, gun drawn.  Downing ducks aside as Charlie shoots.  The two men exchange fire until Downing's gun empties.  He jumps over the railing to the ground below where he injures his ankle then takes off running as best he can.  Downing gets into a vehicle to drive away driving toward Charlie.  Charlie throws a planter over the railing.  It lands on the windshield of Downing's car causing him to wreck.  Ray drives up and orders Virgil out of the Jeep and takes him into custody.

That night, at the office, Julie tells Genevieve her father is downtown in booking and gives her the address.  Charlie and Ray are bringing Downing in as she is leaving.  He looks at her and asks "you must be Genevieve" before Charlie pulls him away.  After Genevieve leaves, Ray tells the cons to get their prison gear back on as he's taking them back to Maybelle.  None of them move and when he questions them, Lloyd steps forward and admits he wrote the prescription but it was an accident.  The girls boyfriend broke up with her and she committed suicide.  Shea tells him he doesn't have to explain himself to anyone but Lloyd continues that what happened was his fault and he regrets it and wants them all to know it.  Charlie comes out of his office and closes the door.  He tells the team that the task force was put together by special deputy Ray Zancanelli.  The only reason he agreed to head it up was because he believed it would be motivated by people who wanted to get their lives back.  That will require that they all look past each others baggage and if they feel they can't do it, raise their hand.  When no one does, he tells them all to move on.  As he's walking back to his office, he stops and tells them that, by the way, he has a congenital heart defect and could drop at any moment and now they've all seen each others dirty underwear.  He unlocks the door to his office and goes back inside.

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