Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Television: Season Finale and Premier Dates

Here's a quick list of the finale and premier dates for the shows you can find on this blog.  The dates compiled here were found on TVRage.  If these dates change or when information currently unavailable becomes available this post will be updated as will the list on the left-hand side of the blog.

Finale Dates:
Blue Bloods (US):  Friday, 13th May, 2011
Breakout Kings (US):  Sunday, 29th May, 2011
Hawaii Five-O (US):  Monday, 16th May, 2011
Vampire Diaries (US):  Thursday, 12th May, 2011

Premier Dates:
Luther, Series 2 (UK):  Date currently unknown
Offspring, Series 2 (AUS):  Monday, 16th May, 2011
Rookie Blue, Season 2 (CDN):  Thursday, 23rd June, 2011
Tangle, Series 3 (AUS):  Date currently unknown
White Collar, Season 3 (US):  Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

Updated 25th May, 2011 to reflect new airdate for Rookie Blue.

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