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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.4 "Memory Lane"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.4, Memory Lane
Original Air Date:  September 30, 2010

Katherine reveals secrets from 1864 to Stefan that he didn't know.  Jenna holds a barbecue that Damon uses as a chance to prove Mason Lockwood is a werewolf.  Caroline puts ideas into Elena's head about Stefan's concerns for Elena.  Katherine gives Stefan an ultimatum about his relationship with Elena.

Stefan has a nightmare where he is in 1864 at a party at the Lockwood Mansion with Katherine.  A jealous Damon looks on as they dance until Katherine points out that Damon has found someone else to spend his time with.  Stefan looks over and sees it is Elena.  As Damon and Elena leave, Stefan runs after them and ends up in the Mystic Grill watching Damon and Elena play pool together.  Katherine tells Stefan that it hurts to see Elena with Damon and now Stefan knows how she feels and that he loved her once and he will again.  Stefan awakens holding Katherine. 

Damon is going to be attending Jenna's barbecue much to the surprise of Elena.  Actually, the barbecue was his idea and he is using it as a means to get to know Mason Lockwood better and prove he is a werewolf. 

Tyler is worried that he might be at risk for the Lockwood curse and Mason isn't really much help.  Mason feels Tyler is safe because he won't trigger the curse but he provides no details as to how the curse can be triggered.  He insists it is better for Tyler if he knows very little about the curse in the first place. 

Katherine provides Stefan with more information about werewolves in Mystic Falls.  She tells him about George Lockwood and werewolf attacks in the 1860's.  In an exchange of information, Katherine asks Stefan why he didn't burn her picture and why he really came back to Mystic Falls.  She believes he came back to fall in love with her all over again.  When Katherine kisses him, he stabs her in the back--literally.  Stefan takes her to the cellar and chains her up.  He wants the truth and will even resort to torturing her with vervain in order to get it.

Katherine relates more of what happened at the Founder's Party at the Lockwood Mansion in 1864.  She and George Lockwood speak at the party and it is clear they both know the secrets they both hide.  She reminds Stefan of when he brought her home to the Salvatore house that night after the party.  Of how he declared his love for her.  When she retired to her room, she compelled a waiting Damon to leave her.  She said she never had to compel Stefan for his love and only compelled after she showed him who she really was to take away the fear he had of what she is.

George Lockwood used the vampires to cover his own tracks but he did strike a deal with Katherine.  He will set her free from the church so she doesn't die in the fire with the other vampires.  She confesses that she sold her friends and family (the other vampires) out without even blinking. 

Katherine orders Stefan to not see Elena anymore.  If he disobeys, she will kill everyone Elena loves while Elena watches then kill Elena.  Enraged, Stefan threatens Katherine with a stake but Katherine is able to overtake him.  She has been sipping vervain every day for the past 145 years to build up a resistance.  He caught her by surprise once and she will let it pass, but not a second time.  When they hear Elena has arrived, Katherine plunges the stake into Stefan's leg then heads upstairs to introduce herself to Elena.  Stefan runs into the room and Katherine disappears. 

Damon arrives at Jenna's party and is clearly an welcome guest.  Mason introduces himself to Damon saying he'd heard great things about him.  Caroline is at the party and she is dealing with her new life but it is a struggle.  She tells Elena that Stefan hates that Elena is a constant temptation; the desire to rip out her jugular.

Damon sets a pie down in front of Mason with a silver server in it.  Rather than touch the silver, Mason takes a piece of pie by hand.  The action isn't lost on Alaric or Damon.  Elena wants to leave the barbecue to go to Stefan but Caroline insists she shouldn't claiming there isn't anything worse than a clingy girlfriend.  When Elena insists on leaving anyway, Caroline offers to drive her.  Before leaving, she lets the air out of the back tire.  While waiting for the tow truck once the tire is completely flat, Caroline and Elena disagree when Caroline says that the relationship between Stefan and Elena will never work.  Caroline runs down a list of everything that will never be with the relationship.  The attitude surprises Elena who wants to walk to Stefan's home once the two truck arrives.  Caroline grabs her arm to stop her from leaving but she does anyway when the tow driver pulls up.

Mason confronts Damon and tells him he means no harm to him or Stefan.  The incident in the woods was because Mason didn't have enough time to chain himself up properly before changing.  Mason extends a hand to Damon wanting them both to be above an age-old feud that applies to neither of them.  Damon shakes but goes immediately for a silver knife once Mason leaves the room. 

Mason and Damon leave the barbecue and Damon stabs Mason with the knife.  Mason pulls the knife from the wound and tells Damon that now he's made an enemy and walks away. 

When Mason arrives home Tyler pushes him into telling him what triggers the curse:  human blood.  If he takes another human life then the curse is his forever. 

Katherine accosts Caroline at the Mystic Grill and makes it clear that she can and will kill Caroline a second time.  When Stefan and Elena arrive at the Grill later, Caroline apologizes but Elena admits she was right in what she said.  Stefan and Elena argue over Katherine.  Elena doesn't want Katherine to get between them but Stefan says she already has prompting Elena to leave.  Both Caroline and Damon overhear the argument between Stefan and Elena.  Damon leaves the Grill and Katherine is waiting outside.  She warns him not to try and be the hero or he will end up dead.

At Elena's home, Stefan is there and the fight was staged for the benefit of Caroline.  They suspected that Katherine was using her.  Stefan feels it is best that not even Damon knows the truth, that everyone believes they have broken up for good.

Katherine's deal with George Lockwood was that he save her from dying with the other vampires and she gives him the moonstone.  The same moonstone Mason Lockwood has been wanting since his return to Mystic Falls.  Before she left Mystic Falls the first time, Katherine knelt over Stefan's dead body and promised him she loved him and that they would be together again.

This episode gave us more of the back story from 1864.  I like that little bits of the back story are being given to us at a time rather than one or two huge episodes that lay it all out.  Mason Lockwood appears to be a good guy.  He didn't want any trouble between he and Damon--until Damon started it.  If Damon had left well enough alone and not been so Damon then the Salvatore's might have had quite an ally against Katherine because you just know she's going to cause some massive trouble in future episodes.  Just how did Mason trigger the Lockwood curse.  Who did he kill to start it and why?  An accident or something that happened on purpose?  Just like with the 1864 back story, little bits heighten the mystery! 

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