Friday, September 10, 2010

CDN Television: Rookie Blue, Episode 1.13 "Takedown"

Rookie Blue
Season One, Episode Thirteen, Takedown
Original Air Date:  September 9, 2010

Callaghan put in an offer to buy a house and asks Andy to live with him.  Peck and Epstein are involved in a secret undercover operation with Detective Boyd.  Andy and Diaz go to a disturbance at Epstein's girlfriends house and end up blowing the undercover operation.  Peck must step up to help Diaz before it's too late.

Uh-oh.  Looks like Andy has a hand in blowing yet another undercover operation.  First, she blew the one Sam Swarek was working on at the beginning of the season by arresting him.  Now, she and Diaz have blown a major drug operation.  Both Swarek and Barber can see where Andy acted as a normal cop would by seeing something suspicious in a vehicle and checking it out.  Boyd is still furious.  Swarek ends up getting the man Andy arrested to give him information about the drug buy.
Swarek calls Angel, Gabe's drug contact and, posing as Gabe, manages to set up another deal with him for that night.  Andy wants to go undercover as his girlfriend for the operation.  She and Callaghan argue because he's not sold on her going undercover.  She's angry because Callaghan is worried about her safety but Swarek tries to convince her that Callaghan is backing her up because he's on the team to help during the drug buy.

The situation of the drug buy changes and Swarek must leave with Angel to go get the drugs.  Andy stays behind with Angel's friend.  McNally gets info from Angel's friend that Swarek is walking into a situation where he'll certainly be killed because they will know he isn't Gabe.

Peck and Diaz investigate a warehouse and get trapped in a room together after Diaz is stabbed by someone in the warehouse.  The suspect they've been looking for arrives at the warehouse.  They think they've been rescued when they hear that the police have stormed the warehouse but gunfire erupts.  Gail covers Diaz's body with her own to protect him. 

When she hears that someone was killed in the shootout Andy is genuinely afraid that it might be Swarek and is very relieved to learn he's OK.  I can't help but think that she's so worried about him not just because he's her partner but because he truly does mean something to her.  She truly does care about him more than she's allowing herself to admit.

Everything wraps up quite nicely for the characters this season.  Epstein and his girlfriend make up with one another, Diaz lost a lot of blood but he will be fine, Peck refuses to leave his side when he's taken to the hospital and Andy and Callaghan make up because she sees that he was there for her.

I was hoping that we might see some fireworks between Swarek, Callaghan and McNally and I guess we'll have to wait for season two to see if anything like that develops.  Swarek really is being the great guy about everything and Andy should be able to see that he's always there for her and believes in her even when she doesn't believe in herself.

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