Sunday, September 26, 2010

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 1.6

Series One, Episode Six
Original Air Date:  September 26, 2010

Nina is nervously making preparations for her date with Chris Havel.  Billie is convinced that Cherie is having an affair with an older man.  Geraldine has a date with a mystery man, the identity of which turns out to be shocking to Jimmy.  Nina's date with Chris doesn't exactly go as planned so they plan and second date.  The identity of Cherie's "mystery man" is finally revealed.  Chris Havel gets some big news.

Nina goes to buy condoms for her date with Dr. Hottie.  What she imagines while looking over the vast selection of condoms is hiliarious!   One of the best scenes from a television show ever!

While Nina is getting ready for her date with Doc Hottie, Billie points out that Nina hasn't "de-owled" her room.  She's got owls all over the place which Billie artfully points out isn't good because they're almost totally sexless as far as birds go.  Nina doesn't want to overthink things but when she thinks Chris has arrived, Nina begins madly removing all traces of her owls from her bedroom.

It's not Chris who is there, however, it's Cherie.  Billie has invited her over because she's convinced Cherie is having an affair with a decrepit old man.  In Billie's words:  "she's like a sexual archaeologist, she's got a taste for fossils".  Billie is thrown for a loop when Cherie admits to Nina before leaving that she hasn't had sex for a year. 

Nina takes what she believes is an anti-histamine but it turns out she's taken a pill she usually takes to put her to sleep when she flies.  One pill usually does the trick but she's taken two.  She completely passes out before ordering Billie to wake her in 20 minutes no matter what.  Unfortunately, things don't go to plan. 

Nina wakes up much later only to find that Billie was unable to wake her and Chris had been there and gone.  Second best scene from a television show ever:  Billie trying to awaken Nina.  How Asher Keddie was able to get through that scene without laughing is beyond me.  If they didn't need 1,000 takes to get the scene filmed, Asher is truly a professional!  Nina is further horrified to learn that Chris heard her snoring from the living room while he was sitting in there talking with Billie. 

Billie ends up staking out Darcy's house to watch Cherie. She follows Cherie all the way to where Cherie meets with the unknown man and draws attention to herself in a major way when she sets off a car alarm.

A couple has come into the hospital and their baby is way overdue.  While consulting with them, Chris stops by and Nina excuses herself.  She apologizes profusely.  He wants to be impulsive and have their date that night.  She agrees and he kisses her, which is interrupted by Kim who walks in.  Nina's next big worry:  her bedroom is a mess.  Chris tells his mother-in-law that he will not be able to come home again that night.  Nina informs the couple that she needs to get some rest but that she'll be on call in the event the woman goes into labor.  Jimmy finally gets into the apartment and starts cleaning.  Everything is set for a fantastic night with Chris.

Chris and Nina arrive at her apartment and meet with Jimmy who "came to pick up Wuthering Heights".  Before Jimmy can leave, Billie calls and leaves a message on the machine that she thinks she has proof that "the fossil" is Ray's father instead of Darcy.  Billie goes to Darcy's as Cherie arrives at Nina's.  Before Billie can spill anything to Darcy, Cherie gets on the phone and confesses that "the fossil" is her father.

Once everyone is gone, Nina and Chris lock the door, unplug the phone and continue with their evening.  Things go as they want until Chris' phone rings.  He answers it and it turns out it's his mother-in-law.  There's been a development and they think his wife is still alive and he needs to fly to Brisbane the next day.

Jimmy, ready to jump back into dating after breaking up with Odile gets ready and heads to the pub.  He meets Mick who is there with Ivy.  Mick bets Jimmy that, at some point in the night, Jimmy will go back to his old ways of lying to get a woman.  Under Mick and Ivy's watchful eyes, Jimmy goes after a girl at the pub and things don't go very well.  He is honest and admits he works at the pub and lives with his mum.  After his disastrous night it gets even better when his mum tells him she's got a man coming over that might end up staying.  Feeling uncomfortable, he leaves in a hurry.  When he can't get Mick on the phone he goes to Darcy's.

To keep from having to tell Darcy that Geraldine is with another man, Jimmy listens to his father telling him about how hard it was for him to go on dating after the breakup of a relationship.  He goes back to his mum's house to get Nina's spare keys so he can clean up her apartment and finds that the man there to see Geraldine is his former history teacher. 

Mick wants to break it off with Ivy and even rehearses what he's going to say to her in the mirror.  However, Ivy breaks it off with him first because she knows he's still in love with Billie.

This show was excellent!  There was tons of humor (is Billie awesome or what?) and the story between Nina and Chris is getting more complicated.  The previews for next week look like "complicated" is a word that will be able to be used for every aspect of the show from here on out!

Offspring airs on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Ten Network.
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