Monday, September 13, 2010

AUS Television: Offspring, Episode 1.4

Series One, Episode Four
Original Air Date:  September 12, 2010

Billie brings a man home but finds things with him aren't what she thought they would be.  Micks old girlfriend, Ivy, shows up at the pub.  Jimmy and Odile house sit.  Jimmy puts a profile of Mick on the online dating site seeking an older woman.  Darcy has a date which ends with a shock. 

In one of several quite funny scenes from this episode, Nina tries yoga to relax and while in a position, has a quiet moment of flatulence.  She hopes no one heard it then goes back to fantasizing.  She wants to be home in bed and she sees herself there with Chris.  Once again, here comes the flatulence.  The look on Nina's face here is priceless!
Billie brings Boyd, the guy whose house she is selling, back to the room she has at Nina's and things don't go very well.  She's clearly faking having a good time and actually leaves him to talk to Nina.  She's still not over Mick.

Darcy brings his date home and can't focus on the job at hand because Ray starts crying.  Cherie is caring for him and encourages Darcy to return to his date, which he does.  The next morning, both Darcy and Cherie get a BIG surprise when Darcy finds that his date died during the night.  He calls Nina who confirms she is dead.  The death causes Darcy to re-assess things in his life.

Favorite quote of the episode, from the always-outspoken Billie: "Oh my god, I'm in a room with a real, live dead woman."

Jimmy and Odile are arrested when the police receive complaints from the neighbours where they are "house sitting".  The house belongs to Odile's aunt and the arrest shows Jimmy a completely different side of Odile.  He learns she has a couple of outstanding warrants.  He doesn't seem too very pleased with her right now.

Billie and Nina go to the pub because Billie wants to make Mick jealous.  She kisses Boyd and Mick does see it.  However, things don't quite go to plan when Mick kisses Ivy as they take a break after their song.

Nina leaves the pub and runs into Chris.  He confides in her about his missing wife and that he wants to kiss her but doesn't want to drag her into the disaster that is his life.  Once she's home, Nina realizes that she very well might be in love with Chris Havel.

Eddie Perfect is just amazing in Offspring.  Not only does he add some great comedy he is brilliant with the music.  This episode has him playing a wonderful song on the piano over scenes of Nina and Chris attending to an emergency birth, Darcy and Cherie seeing the dead woman off with the authorities, Jimmy and Odile enjoying the house they're sitting and Billie showing Boyd's house.  It's a perfect couple of minutes.

I think as we progress through the season the series gets better and better.  The characters are all fully fleshed out now and we've had enough time to pick favorites and come to really care about them.  The series started off a tad slow for me but it's come to be a show that I really enjoy and look forward to Sunday's for.

Offspring airs on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Ten Network.
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