Friday, September 10, 2010

CDN Television: Rookie Blue, Episode 1.12 "To Serve or Protect"

Rookie Blue
Season One, Episode Twelve, To Serve or Protect
Original Air Date:  September 9, 2010

It's evaluation day for the rookies.  Williams and McNally respond to the death of a teenage girl, Julia, at a party.  Nash's ex is wanting back in the picture and Jerry seems a bit worried about it.

Diaz and Epstein find copies of their evaluations and aren't pleased at what they say.  Knowing they have one more shift before they receive those evaluations, they want to prove everyone wrong, prove that they are good cops.

McNally is worried when her father didn't show up for one of the nightly meetings he's been attending.  He returns her call saying he attended another meeting.
Andy finds ID on Julia's body but it doesn't belong to her.  She and Williams go to the address on the ID and find the ID belonged to Julia's older sister.  Williams orders Andy to do the death notification.  The mother is a soldier on leave and apparently approaches everything, including her parenting, with a military attitude.

While speaking with two of Julia's friends, Epstein learns that she was seeing a boy named Adam who they thought was a bad guy.  Adam and Julia had a heated argument at the party.  Swarek and Peck get him into an interview room to try and get the truth about what happened to his girlfriend.  He tells them Julia was pregnant.

Julia's mother, Dana goes downstairs and Andy finds her sitting at her desk holding a gun.  Williams is able to talk Dana into putting the gun down and they cuff her for her own safety.

Diaz confiscates all the cell phones at the party and on one he finds a video of Julia falling to her death.  The video clears Adam of pushing her from the roof.  Julia slipped and fell.

At her evaluation, Andy is clearly bothered by the nights events.  She is convinced that Dana would have killed herself had Williams not arrived when she did.  She's afraid that the longer she stays on the job the worse things are going to get and that she will not "be able to take the uniform off" and will become like Dana.

Andy decides she wants to stay on the job and all five of the rookies pass their evaluations with flying colors to become full fledged members of 15 Division.  Everyone goes to the bar to celebrate.  Peck asks Swarek if they can 'get some air'.  Andy sees them leave together and she can't help but watch after them as they are leaving.  Please, Rookie Blue writers, don't put Peck and Swarek together.  Not a good pairing, there.

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