Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AUS Television: City Homicide, Episode 4.11 "Pirates"

City Homicide
Season Four, Episode Eleven, Pirates
Original Air Date:  September 15, 2010

A man is found dead with a name and mobile phone number written on his hand.  The name and number leads Jennifer and Nick to a teenage boy, Stewart Franklin.  The investigation leads the detectives to DVD piracy.

When Jennifer and Nick go through the dead man's hotel room they find he was a private investigator checking up on DVD piracy for movie studios.  The investigation leads to an old drug suspect and Jarvis takes the lead on the arrest since he knows the suspect, Phong Lam.  Allie saves Levitt's tail at the bust when a man in the house comes up behind Rhys with a knife.

Jennifer takes special interest in finding Stewart when she learns he's missing.  When he is found dead she's convinced he was murdered.  The case becomes even more important to her than it was to start with.  When she and Nick interview Stewart's employer, Lance Hardwick, they find yet another teenage boy who is connected to the case, Jarod.
The investigation zeroes in on Hardwick.  Jen and Nick get his fingerprints (in a roundabout way:  he closed a rubbish bin behind his bakery) and learn he was involved in the rape and murder of a 19 year old girl in Darwin.  The only problem:  without a photograph of him touching the bin they can't prove the prints Jen lifted were indeed Hardwick's prints.

With no other option, Jen devises a plan to send Rhys in as a buyer for Hardwick's old burning equipment in hopes Hardwick will inadvertently give them some information.  Things go wrong when Jarod shows up at the bakery.  Turns out, Jarod had a trick up his sleeve.  He put himself in danger to get a confession from Hardwick recorded.

Paul the computer geek is back in this episode.  I love it when he makes an appearance.  He's so obviously got a thing for Jen!  She's is very aware of it and is always nice and polite to him.  I always find the interactions between the two amusing.

Paul, while doing a mandatory check of all police computers, finds that one of the team has illegal DVD's on the hard drive of their computer.  Jen advises him to tell Waverley but Paul is reluctant to do so because, as he tells her, it wouldn't be a good career move.  When the results come down Paul didn't rat on anyone.  But, we find out that the one with the downloads was (surprise, surprise) JARVIS!!  After Paul dropped the "illegal material on the hard drive" bomb we were led to believe it was Rhys.  He had a rather cavalier attitude towards DVD piracy at the start of the show and he is a newbie, after all.  I never would have imagined it would be Jarvis, though.

This episode is the kind of show that I've come to know and love City Homicide for.  There are tons of twists and turns, lots of suspects and seedy characters and great interaction between the detectives.  And more great news, Matt is back next week!  Glad to see him returning as I've missed him the past couple of weeks!

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