Sunday, September 19, 2010

Music: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down "When We Swam"

Fans of the hit Australian television show Offspring know the song When We Swam very well as it is the theme song for the series.

When We Swam is an upbeat number that gets into your head and refuses to leave.  The song, appearing on the bands current record, Know Better Learn Faster (2010), is super catchy and super addictive.  Days, and even weeks after you hear it you will still be humming the tune and catch yourself singing "oh, bring your hips to me" at random times throughout the day.  Thao's awesome vocals grab you right off.  I love her voice.  When We Swam has made me an instant Thao with the Get Down Stay Down fan!

The band consists of Thao Nguyen, Willis Thompson and Adam Thompson.  The bands beginnings can be traced to the meeting of Thao and Willis at a re-enactment in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  They met Adam Thompson later at a Richmond delicatessen.  They have four full records to their credit thus far along with three record appearances by Thao:

The Sound the Hare Heard (2005)
Like the Linen (2005)
We Brave Bee Stings and All (2008)
Know Better Learn Faster (2010)

Thao's Young Man appears on Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album (2005)
Thao's Cool Yourself You are Flush Red & Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind appears on Thao/The Thermals - Record Store Day Split 7" (2005)
Thao appears on several tracks on Portland Cello Project:  The Thao and Justin Power Sessions

With awesome songs like When We Swam, I foresee a brilliant and very bright future for Thao with the Get Down Stay Down.

To hear the complete song, watch the video on You Tube.  Official video courtesy of KillRockStars.

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