Thursday, September 9, 2010

AUS Television: City Homicide, Episode 4.10 "Just Desserts"

City Homicide
Season Four, Episode Ten, Just Desserts
Original Air Date:  September 8, 2010

A celebrity chef, Sal Barbieri, is brutally murdered and the suspects range from his wife to critics to his badgered staff.  Rhys Levitt joins the Homicide team and is paired up with Jennifer to work the case.

Chef Barbieri isn't a very nice man to start off with.  He's cruel to his staff and a serial adulterer.  So, there aren't a shortage of suspects.  Just about anyone who knew him would want him dead.  This wasn't one of the more complicated cases that has been dealt with on the show.  It was pretty straightforward.  I think the introduction of the new character was almost a bigger event than the actual case.
Levitt is outspoken and seemingly loves to make comments to suspects and witnesses during investigations much to the chagrin of his partner.  He got on Jennifer's nerves during the investigation leading her to research him.  The details she found seemed to make him appear to be all the more mysterious.  He has no real experience with police work having barely gotten out of uniform by time he went to Oxford University to study.  It isn't until the end of the episode that we learn Levitt is the nephew of Bernice Waverley.  Of course, we find that out after Kingston has already told him what she thinks of Waverley, which isn't very nice.  Poor Allie.  She's stepped in it again!

I'm not sure what to make of the new guy right now.  I liked Allie Kingston and Nick Buchanan straight away but Rhys Levitt is going to take a little getting used to for me.  He seems way too young to have made it all the way into the Homicide unit even with the little boost he got from Aunty Bernice, no doubt.  I almost get the feel that his character is supposed to be the "young and good looking" replacement for Daniel McPherson's Simon Joyner.

Damien Richardson is still in the credits but Matt Ryan wasn't in this weeks episode.  I'm still holding out hope he hasn't left the show.

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