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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.6, "Like Father, Like Son"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Six, Like Father, Like Son
Original Air Date:  April 10, 2011

When a dangerous inmate with anti-government views escapes from prison the team are called into action.  They have one day to find him before he can plant and detonate a bomb in a grand attempt to honor his hero and avenge his mother's death, which he blames on the government.  Meanwhile, Lloyd struggles with the choice of whether or not to call his father despite knowing everything his mother told him about the man was lies.

At Federal Corrections Institution in Fairton, New Jersey, an inmate returns to cell #12 and his cellmate, Christian Beaumont, asks if he was able to get what he went for.  The man sits down on his bunk and takes out a small bag of flour he stole from the kitchens for Beaumont.  As Beaumont lectures his cell mate on the amount of money spent on the prison systems, he dismantles a light bulb and puts the flour into the glass of the bulb.  He drops the bulb down the front of his trousers then he and his cell mate shake hands.  His cellmate tells him he will miss his wisdom and wishes him luck tomorrow.  Beaumont tells his cellmate to "keep fighting the fight, patriot".  At the county court house, Beaumont is sitting across from a lawyer who has a threatening letter Beaumont had sent to a government official.  He is told that if he pleads guilty a six month sentence will be recommended for the offense.  Beaumont tells the man he has to go to the bathroom.  When the man asks for an answer first, Beaumont cites the violation of his 14th amendment rights by him not being granted to bathroom facilities.  He even includes case law establishing the violation.  The man signals a court officer to take Beaumont to the mens room.  Once there, Beaumont retrieves the light bulb and adds to it a fuse which he holds in place with the gum he's been chewing.  He lights the fuse with a match and, when the court officer comes back in to get him, he throws the bulb out to the mans feet.  When the bulb explodes, Beaumont gets the keys off the officer and unlocks his cuffs.  He takes the officer's gun and shoots another court officer who comes to check on the scene.

At the office, Charlie briefs the team on Beaumont's use of the flour bulb and match head doused in alcohol to make his escape from the county courthouse.  He sent the letters to the County Land Assessor from his prison cell.  His plan was to find a less secure location where he could make his bid for escape.  Erica asks where she's heard Beaumont's name and Ray tells them of four years ago when the government seized Beaumont's family farm to build a highway.  Beaumont refused to leave and when federal agents came to get him, he opened fire in a standoff that lasted two days.  He killed one and wounded three.  Charlie adds that doesn't count the two court officers he killed that morning.  Julie interrupts telling Charlie his wife is on line one and he tells her he'll call her back.  His wife talks to Julie for a second then Julie tells Charlie his wife just wanted him to know his salsa lesson was canceled.  Shea jokes that he didn't know Charlie was a dancer and Lloyd asks if he's strictly salsa or if he also Lambada's because that dance is forbidden.  Charlie pushes on with details about Beaumont.  His mother, Carol, is dead but his father, Ellis, is alive and seems to share the same anti-government views as his son.  When Christian was jailed, his father joined an extremist group The Patriot Front. 

Dr. Lockwood, Christian Beaumont's incarceration psychiatrist, arrives at the office.  Charlie sends Ray, Erica and Shea to speak with Beaumont's family while he and Lloyd talk with Dr. Lockwood there at the office.  Lockwood tells them Christian has severe rage disorder and an acute persecution complex which was exacerbated what what he felt was an unlawful government seizure of his property.  When Lloyd asks what Lockwood's protocol with Beaumont was, he says Beaumont refused medication and once a week had strict Freudian analysis.  Lloyd questions Lockwood's use of Freudian analysis as antiquated therapy.  Lockwood leans onto the table and asks who Lloyd is.  Lloyd gives him details of his Harvard schooling and says he's the resident psychiatrist there then asks where Lockwood was school, which was the University of Illinois.  Charlie interrupts, apologizing to Lockwood saying they are looking for anything that will give them insight into Beaumont.  Lockwood takes a book out of his bag, America's Diaries.  He tells them Beaumont was particular fond of the author Carl Huntz who was executed by the federal government for killing a federal court judge.  Huntz is a martyr to the anti-government crowd.  Lloyd questions Lockwood about letting Beaumont have the book. Lockwood begins to states again that Beaumont suffered from a persecution complex and if he, as a government employee denied him reading material, at which point Lloyd interrupts, points at Lockwood and says he's an amateur.  Charlie tells him to tone it down but Lloyd continues saying Lockwood doesn't want to deny a very angry man a handbook on violence and uprising so he can keep him on the couch.  Lockwood stands to leave and tells Lloyd he is aware of who he is and he will not be spoken down to by someone who doesn't even have his medical license anymore then leaves.

Lloyd catches up with Charlie in the hall and tells him he couldn't keep quiet any longer.  Charlie says he took Lloyd in there for expertise and he insulted Lockwood.  He has one use to him there.  Charlie hands Julie the book telling her to dig up everything she can on the author.  Lloyd sits down in front of her desk and tells her Lockwood is a hack.  If you want to know what makes Beaumont tick, look at his family who cultivated his persecution complex.  He tells her he's glad his father wasn't in his life as men screw up boys.  She asks if he isn't close with his father and he tells her he hasn't seen him in about 30 years.  His mother explained that his father lives in Holland and is an important and wealthy man.  Julie gets Charlie's attention to tell him the 15th of the month (tomorrow) is the 10th anniversary of Huntz.  Lloyd agrees that people with Beaumont's condition love dates.  Julie asks if Beaumont could be planning an attack for the anniversary since he is good with explosives.

Outside Branchville, New Jersey, the rest of the team arrive to speak with Ellis Beaumont.  He recognizes them immediately as the Marshal's because they've got "that look".  Ray asks where Christian is and the man replies that he hasn't seen him but wouldn't tell if he had.  Ray asks Ellis Beaumont what several burned patches in the ground nearby are and Ellis explains them as Flag Day fireworks then asks Ray if he's heard of Flag Day.  As Ray goes to investigate, Shea sits down on the picnic table next to Ellis and asks if he wants to break bread with him.  Ellis laughs and takes another drink of his beer.  Erica looks around some vehicles sitting nearby.  Ray investigates the patches and tells Ellis they aren't from firework, but explosives.  Ellis cites the 4th Amendment telling Ray he can't even come there without probable cause.  Ray, in turn, cites the "plain sight rule" saying the evidence was clearly visible from the highway.  Erica found traces where someone had cut off handcuff's.  They all go into the shed and Ellis tells them they have no right to be in there.  Erica asks Ellis where his hacksaw is and he says it's gone missing.  Shea questions if he didn't use it to saw off Christian's handcuffs.  When he doesn't answer, Ray asks if he'd like them to ask again at the Marshal's office.  Ellis says he'd like that so he can file a report about the saw which has clearly been stolen and file a complaint against Ray for illegal search and seizure.  He orders them off his property as they have no basis to arrest him.  As they are leaving, he tells them they'll never touch him or his son.

Christian walks out of the Post Office in Greensward, New Jersey and runs directly into a man going in.  He comments about the price of a stamp and ever-increasing postal costs while the service gets worse.  The man goes inside and Christian starts walking away.  Behind him, the Post Office explodes and he calmly gets into a jeep without even looking back.

Emergency officials are on-site as are Charlie and Ray.  Charlie gives Ray images from a security camera that were fed real-time to a central office showing Christian in the Post Office.  He left a package near the desk then left.  Charlie notes the materials used in the bomb are things one needs a license for.  Ray calls Julie to ask for a list of all licensed dealers of regulated fertilizer in the area.  Charlie tells Ray he's thinking that Beaumont could have hit a number of federal properties such as national parks or military recruitment centers but he chose the post office.  In his book, Carl Huntz wrote that to cripple the enemy, you must first kill the method of communication.  He feels Beaumont is celebrating Hunts and if he is as determined as he thinks he is, he won't let the execution anniversary go unnoticed.  The post office might be just a warm-up.

At LaFontaine Feed & Supply in August, New Jersey, the team speak with the owner, Bob LaFontaine.  They ask if Christian Beaumont has bought fertilizer from his business but LaFontaine tells them he doesn't know names.  LaFontaine keeps looking at Ray and not Charlie, even when Charlie snaps his fingers directly in front of LaFontaine's face.  Lloyd  says he feels he won't look at Charlie because he's brown.  Shea brings paperwork to their attention that every week bags of fertilizer are delivered every week to the same man.  A total of fifty were ordered but Shea only sees 10 on the papers and asks where the other forty are.  Charlie calls Erica to see if there is any fertilizer behind the store.  She tells him they're looking but nothing so far.  LaFontaine protests Marshals being behind his shop.  Ray tells him he's supposed to report the purchases but LaFontaine maintains he doesn't need to report quantities as small as 2 or 3 bags at a time and he's violated no law.  Charlie steps up and tells him he doesn't care who he is or what he believes, if he gave Beaumont fertilizer to make bombs, they will nail him for murder, same as Beaumont.  LaFontaine finally looks at Charlie and tells him maybe someone who looks like him stole it.  Charlie holds Ray back causing LaFontaine to comment it's an upside down world that Ray takes orders from Charlie.  He continues insulting Charlie until Ray does hit him leading Shea to muse "I wish I'd done it".  LaFontaine walks away telling them they're in trouble now.

Beaumont is standing behind George McAllister who is working on a computer.  Beaumont tells him it's going to jump off early in the morning so they'll get full day of news coverage.  He asks McAllister if he will link their sites to the major network and he is assured they will be and all their brothers will hear the news on it before it happens.  LaFontaine enters the room to tell them the Marshals came by asking about him.  When Ellis Beaumont suggests his son maybe should pass on the plan Christian asks him why he should after everything that was taken from them.  Huntz didn't back down and neither did his mother.  Ellis tells him he isn't saying for one second Christian shouldn't send a message that needs to be sent but he should do it in a way where he will come back home to his father as he's all he's got left.  Christian tells his father he is willing to die for the cause and isn't the afraid.  They are the ones who should be afraid.  He goes back to LaFontaine and the man at the computer and asks LaFontaine if he got a name.  LaFontaine hands him a piece of paper and Christian asks McAllister what he can do with the name Charlie Duchamp.  He replies that he installed computers for the government for 15 years, what does he want him to do with it.

At the office, the cons are reading over America's Diaries for insight.  Erica comments the book is simply a series of violent ramblings and there's no way to know where Beaumont will strike.  Lloyd says anger needs focus and if the fraud therapist is correct, Beaumonts focus would be the taking of his property.  Ray asks Julie to tell Federal Protective Services to alert government buildings that deal with property rights.  She tells him she's trying but the computers are acting funny today.  Charlie brings news that LaFontaine filed an assault complaint.  Shea accuses Lloyd of making racist comments when Lloyd tells Ray it was good he hit LaFontaine and calls him a "violent Italian".  Lloyd tells Shea he doesn't make racist comments, he makes racial comments; he merely states facts.

Charlie gets a call from his wife and he asks her to not leave personal messages for him with Julie.  As she's going up the walk to their home, she tells him the only way she can get through to him is through Julie.  She stops on the porch, seeing a box and asks him if he ordered anything as they received a package with no return address.  He yells for her to drop the package and run.  The team looks toward his office as they can overhear the conversation.  Charlie hears an explosion over the phone.

At Charlie's home fire crews are extinguishing the blaze caused by the explosion.  Marisol was only slightly injured.  Ray takes Charlie aside to ask him how he's feeling.  When Charlie says he's fine, Ray tells him is okay for him to be feeling it.  Charlie insists he's fine.  As they're running low on time, they will take Marisol to the hospital then they will be getting back to work.  He tells Ray to worry about his own family as they were hacked and personnel files were breached.  Ray rushes to his ex-wife's home to check on his daughter.  His ex-wife wants him to leave.  He tells his daughter to pack as she and her mother are going to their grandmothers but his ex-wife refuses.  Her new husband comes into the house and tells Ray they have an arrangement and he needs to call before coming over.  Ray gives his ex-wife the ultimatum that she will leave with their daughter or he will carry her out himself.  She gives in.

Julie receives a call from Director Knox.  Beaumont may have gotten access to more than just Marshals information in the system.  Shea, Lloyd and Erica are in jeopardy as well.  Shea is angry because the task force was supposed to be "on the QT" and there shouldn't have been files on them.  Lloyd calls him down saying it isn't Julie's fault.  Shea comments he's protecting his little girlfriend and that she's one of them.  When Ray arrives, both Erica and Shea express concern for their safety and that of their families.  Ray tells them not to worry because Beaumont is worried about real cops and not them.  When the situation ends, Lloyd goes to Julie and says he has no idea why Shea would say something so ridiculous.  She smiles and tells him it's okay and he can use her phone to warn his mother just to be safe.  He tells her his mother has Tai Chi every Tuesday so she can protect herself but he might want to tell his father and asks if she can hunt him down, which she thinks she can.  Charlie arrives at the office and Erica asks why he's there.  He tells her his wife is healing and Beaumont is planning.  Beaumont isn't getting any rest and neither is he.  As Julie is working on the computer, a hacking attempt happens.  Ray asks if she can trace where it is coming from.  She doesn't think she can but she might be able to find out exactly who is on.  She finds the hacker is coming through a server that hosts a website honoring Carl Huntz registered to George McAllister.  She gets background on McAllister, including a photograph.  Off the Patriot Front website, Charlie reads that there will be a pre-service memorial rally for Huntz in Bourbon County in an hour.

In Hackensack, New Jersey, Charlie and Ray observe the rally and see McAllister in the crowd.  As he's cheering, McAllister glances aside and sees Charlie and Ray then leaves the rally bolting into a run.  Charlie and Ray give chase.  As they pass the vehicle where Shea, Lloyd and Erica are sitting, she is watching the chase.  She gets out of the car and bolts after McAllister and takes him down as he's unlocking his car.  In their car, Charlie and Ray question McAllister about Beaumont.  He tells them he doesn't have to talk to them as they're just a cog in the outlaw governments wheel.  Ray tells him Charlie is a cog, he's not even a cop and pushes the cigarette lighter in to light.  When Ray threatens to "have a weenie roast", McAllister begins talking.  He tells them Beaumont has a bunker in off 91 near Crandon Lakes.  After he gets the information, Ray punches McAllister.

In the office, Julie gives Lloyd the number for his father, which isn't in Holland.  He's in Columbus, Ohio.  He tells her about psychologists speaking of confirmation bias and that he's been doing it for 30 years.  He knows everything his mother tells him about his father is a fabrication but he confirms what he knows to be false by clinging to every piece of plausibility by someone wanting to protect him.  Shea calls to him from the other room that Charlie and Ray are downstairs and they have to go.  As he's leaving, he turns around and tells Julie today he will finally do it and thanks her for getting the number for him.

In Crandon Lakes, New Jersey the team arrives at Beaumont's bunker.  They take in flashlights and open the bunker doors, guns drawn.  They order Beaumont to come out with his hands up twice but get no response.  Charlie and Ray take flashlights and enter the bunker.  As he's going down the stairs, Ray gets caught in a trip wire.  He cannot move or a bomb will detonate.  Charlie tells Shea and Erica to go but wants Lloyd to search the bunker.  If Beaumont is protecting it with explosives, there must be something of importance there and he wants Lloyd to grab everything he can.  As Erica and Shea run from the bunker, Beaumont is watching with a gun.  As Lloyd searches the bunker Charlie works on trying to detonate the bomb.  Beaumont fires upon Shea and Erica.  They duck back into the bunker and Shea asks Ray and Charlie for their guns, which they hand over.  Shea's plan is that he will lay down cover so Erica, who is faster, can run to the car and start the engine.  On three, they both come up out of the bunker with Shea firing and Erica making a run for the car.  Lloyd manages to turn on power inside the bunker and continues taking things out of the bunker.  Charlie tells him if there is a break in the gunfire to take the boxes and run.  Charlie runs to get a canister of liquid nitrogen that is behind a freezer so he can freeze the detonator and buy them some time.  He tries to move the freezer but it's too heavy.  Ray tells him to leave but Lloyd runs down the stairs and to the freezer to help push.  Together, they move it enough for Charlie to get the nitrogen.  Outside, Erica reaches the car and starts it.  As they thought, Beaumont turns his attention to the car.  Shea gets up and fires.  Erica gets out of the car and works her way behind Beaumont.  When she steps on a stick, he turns and fires in her direction then gets up to run.  She fires but he makes it to his jeep and escapes.  When the gunfire stops, Ray orders Lloyd to go as Charlie works to freeze the detonator.  Lloyd gets the boxes back to the car and Erica tells him and Shea someone should drive up to the bunker so the guys can get away fast.  When neither of them want to do it, she gets in the car.  Shea has her get out because she has a kid and drives to the bunker.  He opens the back and tells them "let's go".  Charlie tells Ray to run.  The two jump in the back of the car as Shea speeds away.  When they get back to Erica and Lloyd, the bunker explodes in a massive fireball.

At the office, they go over the papers Lloyd scavenged from the bunker.  Ray finds pictures of Beaumont's mother.  Lloyd tells them to find out everything they can about her and they'll know what Beaumont's next target is.  Carol Beaumont worked for Fish & Wildlife office in downtown Newark, New Jersey but was fired one month after her son was imprisoned.  Six months later she died of a heart attack.  Beaumont blames the government for his mother's death.  Charlie tells Julie to call the office and have them evacuate the building immediately as the team head out.

In Newark, New Jersey, Beaumont stops at a red light with a black van full of fertilizer.  At the Newark Liberty Federal Building, the explosives unit has already arrived and the people are being evacuated.  There's no sign of Beaumont leading Ray to say they were wrong.  Lloyd insists he was right as Beaumont will be paying tribute to his hero and avenging his mother that day.  Shea suggests that Beaumont could be targeting the building next door.  They look up and Ray comments the top of the building looks like the blueprints Lloyd found in the bunker.  If Beaumont can take out a building that large, he will get the Federal Building as well as the entire block.  They can't evacuate all the people in the area at that time of day in time.  They need to find the bomb.  Charlie tells the bomb squad to look for anything large enough to hold fertilizer and orders the cons to stay in front of the Federal Building.

As the police search the building they have movement in the South stairwell, which is near where Charlie is searching.  Beaumont exits the stairwell and Charlie draws on him and asks where the bomb is.  Beaumont refuses to recognize his authority as a Marshal.  Charlie again asks where the bomb is and receives the same answer.  Ray arrives on the scene and Charlie slams him against a column and orders him to tell him.  When he is silent, Charlie hits him and draws his gun.  He tells him if he doesn't mind dying that's fine but he will take his father into the woods and hurt him bad before killing him.  Beaumont laughs saying his father would be proud to die for the cause and he refuses to say where the bomb is and asks Charlie if he's going to stay there and die with him.  Ray receives a call from the bomb squad that they found the truck.  The bomb is set to detonate in one hour and they should be able to diffuse it in 40 minutes and they should evacuate now.  Ray tells Charlie to grab Beaumont so they can leave but Charlie is frozen with his gun drawn.  He bends down and puts his gun at Beaumonts cheek and tells him he won't die for his cause but he will die for messing with the wrong mans wife.  He puts his gun at Beaumonts forehead and Beaumont begs him "please".  Charlie doesn't fire but instead hits Beaumont.

At the office, Lloyd looks at the paper containing his father's phone number.  He dials and asks if the man who answered is Lars Lowrey, which it is.  When the man asks who is calling, Lloyd hangs up the phone.  Ray goes into Charlie's office and tells him the job can be stressful and he will break down if he doesn't find the balance.  Ray lost his marriage and badge because he never found the balance.  He tells Charlie to go home to his wife and he'll take care of the cons.

Julie enters the room with Lloyd to tell him Ray wants everyone to go downstairs with him.  She asks if he talked to his father.  He tells her the number didn't work.  She tells him she has heard of a large Dutch population in Columbus so if he did live there at one time it confirms his mother's story. 

Downstairs, Ray gets the cons a pizza.  He tells them Maybelle thinks they're on their way back.  If anyone asks, they are to say traffic was heavy.  Erica tells Ray it isn't hard to say 'thank you' and he replies where he comes from you don't get 'thank you's' for doing your job then tells them 'good work today, good work'.

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