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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.21 "Ho'opa'i (Close to Heart)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty-One, Ho'opa'i (Close to Heart)
Original Air Date:  April 18, 2011

The wife of an undercover policeman, Reggie Cole is murdered in her home along with an FBI agent.  A powerful New York crime boss is the prime suspect for the killing.  McGarrett and Five-O must find the killers and who was responsible for hiring the hit before Reggie can exact his own revenge for the death of his wife and to keep he and his son safe.

Lisa Cole (Selita Ebanks) and her young son, Kevin (Kewsi Boakye) are walking along the beach when a man holding a football, Reggie Cole (Sean Combs) comes into view.  Kevin asks who he is and she tells him it's his father.  Reggie gives his wife flowers and a kiss then tells his son he's gotten so big and gives him the football.  Lisa notices two other men standing behind her husband and he tells her they are a precaution.  Reggie speaks with his son again and Kevin tells him they saw a dolphin.  Reggie tells him they might go swim with the dolphin later.  Reggie embraces his family.

Later that night, he and his wife talk about the time he's spent undercover--almost two years.  Lisa is upset their son didn't even recognize his father.  Reggie tells her no one has ever been as close as he is to getting the guy he's been working undercover with.  He wants his family back but needs a little more time to close the case then he promises he'll be home for good.  Reggie takes a walk on the beach and sits down to think.  As he's there, he hears a popping sound behind him--gunfire.  He runs to the house and finds one of the agents protecting him dead.  The second, Art Newman (Nicholas B. Gianforti) has been shot in the collarbone.  Newman tells him there are two shooters and points out the direction they went.  Reggie takes Newman's gun and moves through he house.  He finds his wife dead on the floor.  His son runs into the room and one of the shooters enters and begins shooting.  Reggie returns fire and is hit.  Reggie tells Kevin to go to his room and hide until his daddy comes to get him.  Reggie pursues the men outside and to their vehicle where he manages to shoot one of them before the drive away and he crumples to the ground.

Steve McGarrett returns home from a morning swim to find Kamekona in the house.  When he asks why he's there, Kamekona tells him it's too cook him breakfast.  Steve and Kamekona had bet on a basketball game and Steve won so Kamekona, being one who never welches on a bet, must serve as Steve's personal chef the entire week.  The first meal he cooked:  SPAM, potato frittatas and SPAM fried rice.  Everything he's going to cook for Steve that week will have SPAM in it as it's the Hawaiian steak, the nectar of the islands.  Steve notices an envelope on the floor at the front door.  It wasn't there when Kamekona arrived and he thinks someone must have slipped it under the door while he was in the kitchen.  Inside the envelope are the photographs of Steve's mother's burned-out car that were stolen from his father's toolbox.  Steve receives a call about the Cole incident and gives the orders to not approach the house as Five-O are on the way.

Five-O and the HPD arrive in full force at the Cole home and find Reggie on the ground.  He awakens and grabs Steve's arm repeating his son's name again and again.  Steve asks who Kevin is and Reggie tells him it's his son.  Steve assures him they'll find Kevin then motions for Chin to enter the house as one of the officers stays with Reggie.  Chin Ho and Kono enter the house and find Agent Newman while Danny and Steve go in and find the slain agent and Lisa.  Steve and Danny enter Kevin's room and find him huddling in his closet, crying.  Steve introduces himself to Kevin and promises him no one will hurt him and carries him from the house.  Outside, he puts him down and promises he'll get him some answers about his mom and dad but he needs him to go with another officer who will take good care of him but that he will be back for him.

Chin Ho shows McGarrett the FBI credentials of the wounded agent Newman and the credentials of the slain agent, Martin Stallworth.  Both agents are based out of the New York Organized Crime Unit.  They have Reggie's name but the only identification he had on him was a New York driver's license.  A dark vehicle arrives and a women gets out and walks to McGarrett.  She introduces herself as Agent Allison Marsh (Cara Buono).  She asks about Reggie and Steve informs her he survived along with his young son.  Danny asks if she knows who the shooters might be and she tells them Reggie has been working undercover for the FBI in Jimmy Cannon's (Keith David) New York crime family.  She tells them the FBI has no idea how things happened but that Cannon must have somehow found out about Reggie's ID and sent his men to wipe him and his family out.  McGarrett isn't familiar with Cannon but Danny knows of him from his days in Jersey.  Marsh tells them Cannon was coming to Oahu to visit his son, Richard Cannon (Hurshae Summons), a civilian with no connection to his fathers business.  Reggie came in a day ahead of Cannon to set up a security detail but wanted to get away to see his wife and son.  No one was supposed to know.  Marsh informs them it's an FBI matter and the Bureau will be taking over the case.  After Steve tells her a little boy will grow up without a mother because of a leak in her agency she warns him he can't go after Jimmy Cannon.  He simply replies "watch me" and walks away.

Steve and Danny pay a visit to Reggie Cole at King's Medical Center.  He assures Reggie is safe as they have HPD people with him protecting him.  Reggie tells them there were two shooters but he didn't see their faces as it was dark.  After he found Lisa, he fired, then they fired.  He hit one of them and they drove off.  Steve asks how many people knew he was going to be in the house and he tells them his supervising agent and the three agents on detail.  Very few people in the FBI know he exists.  Reggie is certain Jimmy Cannon had something to do with the hit and he wants him to pay for killing his wife and warns them that they don't know who they are dealing with and that Cannon will put walls up wherever they go.  Steve says they'll go where the case takes them and guys like them will go right through those walls.

At the house, Kono takes photographs of bloody footprints on the floor.  She has found evidence of two shooters confirming what Reggie told Steve and Danny at the hospital.  Danny isn't impressed with that.  She smiles and asks what if she told him she had a witness.  That would blow his mind.  She takes him outside and shows him a motion-sensing camera enclosed in a plastic box hanging high in a tree.  There are two dozen of them around the preserve to stop illegal spearfishing.  That one camera in particular is facing the crime scene.  He starts to call the Parks Department to get someone there to open the camera enclosure but that isn't necessary.  Kono grabs a rock and quickly climbs the tree, hammers the box open with the rock and retrieves the camera.

The HPD officer looking after Kevin brings him into Reggie's hospital room for a visit.  Reggie tells his son how much he loves him.  When Kevin asks if he's going to catch the men who hurt his mother, Reggie promises him that he will.

At Five-O headquarters, Kono shows Steve the video footage from the camera.  It shows a Ford Explorer pulling into the house just before dawn with the lights off.  Two men go into the house then come out two minutes later.  The camera shows one of the men having been shot, just as Reggie said had happened, then the Explorer drives away.  Steve has her rewind the tape.  He wants the crime lab to go back to the scene to look for evidence where the Explorer sat and the man was shot and hospitals checked for reports of gunshot wounds.  Kono is going to try cleaning up the faces in the grainy video.  Steve asks her to run whatever she gets against all known members of Cannon's organization in the database.  He asks about the bootprint at the crime scene.  The tread is common and sold worldwide and they will need a suspect to match it to or it's worthless.  Chin Ho arrives to tell them he spoke with the M.E. and the slugs retrieved from the victims were made of Tungsten steel--the same kind of bullets used in a handful of New York murders the feds believe, but can't prove, Jimmy Cannon ordered.

Steve and Danny go to the Cannon Compound in Kahala to see Jimmy Cannon.  At the gate, they are told by Cannon's guards that he isn't seeing anyone today and to go get some lunch and one of the guards puts money in Steve's shirt pocket.  Steve puts both hands on the wheel, which Danny knows means to buckle up, and drives the car through the gates.  They walk in on Jimmy Cannon and his son during lunch.  Jimmy tells his son to go inside but Steve says he should stay if he wants to find out who his father really is, a statement Richard finds offensive.  Danny asks Jimmy if he thought he'd get away with killing Cole's wife and attempting to kill him, something Jimmy claims to know nothing about.  Steve makes the situation a bit clearer to Jimmy but he again denies having anything to do with the crime.  Steve shows him a photograph of Jimmy's signature bullet that was found at the crime scene but it doesn't bother him any.  Steve gets up to leave but asks Jimmy and his son for their shoes.

Back at headquarters, Steve arrives with a bag containing the Cannon mens shoes and the shoes of his bodyguards.  Kono has cleaned up the video a bit and has a better picture of one of the shooters.  She contacted the FBI Organized Crime task force for mug shots of every known Cannon associate.  The enhanced image matched none of them.  Steve hopes Reggie can identify the man.  He and Danny go to the hospital to see Reggie and find his police guard gagged and handcuffed to his bed and Reggie gone.  The doctors lounge was broken into and some clothes are missing.  A Jeep Cherokee is also missing from the parking lot.  McGarrett orders an APB issued on Reggie and the stolen vehicle.  Steve knows Reggie wants to protect his son and avenge his wife but the question is where he starts.  Danny, knowing Reggie is a cop, suggests he'll start at the crime scene.

Steve, Chin Ho and Danny return to the Cole house and find the HPD officers there tied up in the living room.  One of the officers tell them Reggie just left, took their car and something from the wall.  Danny checks the wall and finds the stolen clothes and a bag.  The bag is a crash kit, something heavy undercovers use to stash things away in case their cover is blown and they have to break out quick--cash, credit cards, clean ID's and clean weapons.  Chin learns that HPD tried to activate the vehicle locator on the stolen squad car but it isn't working.

At Five-O headquarters, Kono asks Kevin for help.  She wants to know if he saw any of the men she has photos of at the house.  Once he knows Kono is a special police just like his father, he looks through the photographs and doesn't remember any of them.  When she removes the picture from the video camera from an envelope, he becomes upset.  He saw that man at the house.

Steve and Danny know they must find Reggie before he can exact any revenge on Jimmy Cannon or his men.  Kono calls to let them know Kevin recognized the man from the video but couldn't I.D. any of the known Cannon associates.  Danny rules out the possibility that the shooters are new hires as Cannon would be more careful than that.  None of the shoes matched the prints from the crime scene.  Chin Ho enters the conversation to tell them he thinks he knows how Reggie's cover was blown.  Of the three agents assigned to Reggie's detail, only Newman and Stallworth were at the house.  Agent Marsh was absent during the shooting due to a family emergency.  Marsh was supposed to log in changes to Reggie's protection detail, something she didn't do.

Steve brings Marsh in for questioning and she maintains her daughter was sick.  He asks how much Cannon was paying her because she needed the money.  She tells him she lost her house because her ex-husband stopped paying alimony.  When he tells her she needed money desperately, she demands to talk to his boss.  He tells her he answers to God and the Governor, neither of which will help her out right now.  She admits she lied.  She wasn't at the safe house because she is in a bad custody battle and is worried her ex would take her daughter out of the country.  She pulled some strings to have him detained by the local police because she felt it was the only way to keep him in the country so he couldn't take her daughter away.  She didn't have anyone cover her because all she needed was a couple of hours and Agent Newman said he and Stallworth could handle things while she was gone.  She tells him if she had known they were compromised she never would have left.  Kono knocks on the door to tell Stevie HPD found the squad car Reggie stole.

In Pearl City, Danny and Steve go over the abandoned squad car.  The vehicle locator was disabled and Reggie had been using the computer in the car twenty minutes earlier to run a 1996 white Ford Explorer.  Seventy-one potential candidates were returned in the search along with license photos.  Chin calls to say the lab came back with a match to the blood sample found from the man Reggie shot.  It was a local man, Aidan Pouchai.  Danny runs the name and finds an address.  They go to the Waipahu address and find Aidan in his truck, dead.  Steve's phone rings and it is Reggie.  He tells Steve he didn't kill Aidan, that someone else got to him before he could question the man.  Steve wants Reggie to come in so they can work to clear him but he refuses.  Steve again asks Reggie to trust them and let them help him but he says whoever got his wife killed was someone he trusted so trust isn't his thing anymore.  He tells them to stay out of his way and hangs up.  Danny and Steve figure out Reggie is listening to police chatter on a portable radio he took from the squad car.  Danny is preparing to call in and order radio silence when Steve suggests a better idea:  give Reggie something to hear.

They call in an armed suspect in the case at Ala Moana Beach park.  As Reggie is watching Steve and Danny lead HPD in the arrest from a distance, Kono and Chin Ho close in on him and order him to raise his hands and walk backwards.  He complies and they take him into custody.  Danny and Steve arrive and Kono shows Steve a .38 caliber handgun she found on Reggie.  The M.E. pulled two .38 slugs out of Aiden.  As Kono and Chin lead him away, Reggie protests loudly claiming he didn't kill Aiden.  In the trunk of Reggie's car, Danny finds another gun and magazines loaded with Tungsten steel bullets.  Reggie tells them he got the gun out of Aiden's car and took it for evidence.  Again, he states he didn't kill anyone and tells them Cannon didn't either.  Steve asks what he's talking about and Reggie tells him Jimmy Cannon didn't kill his wife.

At Five-O, he again tells them Jimmy Cannon didn't kill Lisa despite everything pointing to him.  He knows that Jimmy wouldn't trust some local low-level for a major hit as he has too much access to major talent.  Jimmy was set up and whoever did that killed Aiden.  Chin enters the interrogation room to tell Steve the ballistics report came back and the .38 found on Reggie doesn't match the slugs found in Aiden.  Reggie tells McGarrett that he thinks he knows how to find who is responsible for the murders.  Reggie shows Steve and Chin Ho the Tungsten bullets he found in Aiden's car.  He takes one apart to show it has a full load.  He takes another apart and it has only a half load.  A bullet rigged to only have half the force would be used not to kill someone but to not kill them and still give them an airtight alibi.

Steve accompanies Reggie and Agent Marsh to the hospital to see Agent Newman.  Steve tells him they know he made the Tungsten bullets half load so they would wound but not kill.  They pulled his prints off them and then found $500,000 in a Cayman Islands account.  Marsh asks Newman who paid him to give away the location of the safe house.  Reluctantly, Newman tells them he never met the person who paid him and only talked with them over the phone.  He gives them the name of the second shooter:  Nelson Lee (Zero Kazama).

Enroute to Nelson Lee, Steve tells Reggie they need to take Lee alive as he has to be able to I.D. who hired him to kill him and his family.  They arrive at Lee's and find him outside.  He runs when he sees them drive up.  Reggie chases him through neighboring houses while Steve drives through the neighborhood to cut Lee off.  Steve ends up getting to Lee first and knocks down an awning, catching Lee under it.  Lee gets up and stands before Steve and Reggie, who is holding two guns on Lee.  Steve, who also has his gun out, yells to Reggie to not shoot.  When Steve sees Lee go for his own weapon, he gives the OK for Reggie to take a shot.  Both men fire taking Lee down.  Before Lee can die, Reggie questions him as to who sent him to kill him and his family.  Lee tells him that Jimmy Cannon's son, Richard is the one who hired him.

Five-O and Reggie descend on the Cannon compound to arrest Richard.  Jimmy tells Reggie he betrayed him and that he didn't kill his wife.  Reggie admits he knows that, then turns his weapon toward Richard stating he did it.  Steve begins reading Richard Cannon his rights while his father tells his son to admit he had nothing to do with the hit.  Steve advises Richard to remain silent because the pre-meditated murder of a federal agent and a police officers wife in front of their minor child is special circumstances, meaning the death penalty under Federal law.  HPD takes Richard away and Steve and Reggie tell Jimmy how Richard was protecting his inheritance.  He thought his father would lose his businesses so he sent men to kill Reggie and his family and planted evidence to convict his own father before the case could be closed against him.  He then started to kill the men he hired.  Once his father was in prison for murder, Richard would take over the empire.  Jimmy was betrayed by his own son.  Reggie promises Jimmy that he will hunt him down like a dog.

Reggie and his son are going to Washington as he plans to keep his promise to Lisa.  He accepted a desk job at FBI headquarters in the Organized Crime division.  He'll help build a new case against Cannon and be able to come home at night to his son.  Steve tells him if he decides he wants to raise his son out there to let him know.  He can use a man with his skill set.  Reggie tells him he's going to bring down Cannon first but he might come back and take him up on that offer.  He thanks McGarret and the team then looks at clouds with his son.  Kevin asks if he thinks his mother sees the same cloud they are looking at.  Reggie tells him he knows she does.

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