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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.19 "Klaus"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.19, Klaus
Original Air Date:  April 21, 2011

Elijah awakens in the basement of the Salvatore home.  He and Elena leave the house so they can talk alone and he tells her a shocking truth about Klaus, himself and the Originals.  Jenna comes to learn the truth about vampires.  Tension begins growing and reaches a boiling point between Stefan and Damon.  Elena and Elijah renew the terms of their deal.

Elijah awakens and sees Elena but thinks she is Katherine.  He remembers first meeting her in England in 1492.  He is introduced to Katherine by Trevor (Trent Ford) and is rendered speechless upon seeing her then tells her she reminds him of someone.  Elena identifies herself to Elijah before he seemingly becomes unconscious again.  He jerks back awake again and gets to his feet unable to breathe as he hadn't been invited into the house that is now under the sole ownership of Elena.  Elena helps his stay on his feet as he tells her he can't be in the house.  He stumbles out of the basement with Elena running behind him.  She finds him crouching on the doorstep, catching his breath.  He tries to re-enter the house and, when he can't, he asks what happened.  She shushes him and whispers she will tell him and points upstairs to indicate Stefan and Damon are home and that they must speak elsewhere.  She asks him if she can trust him and he returns the question to her.  In a show of trust, she gives him the dagger used to kill him.

Stefan wakes up and searches the house calling for Elena.  He finds Andie and asks if she's seen her, which she hasn't.  As Damon kisses Andie, Stefan asks where Elena is and Damon tells her she's his girlfriend then asks Andie if she has time for a bite because he's so hungry.  She asks if he can use a blood bag because she's late for work.  Stefan calls Elena's cell and leaves a message for her to call him.  Andie leaves for work as Stefan continues walking through the house.  His attention is drawn towards the basement and he, followed closely by Damon, find that Elijah is now gone leading Damon to remark "no, she didn't."

Maddox promises Klaus he will return as quickly as he can.  Katherine pours Klaus a cup of coffee and asks where Maddox is going and Klaus tells her he's going to retrieve him so he can get out of Alaric's body.  She questions whether that is a good idea and he tells her the full moon is almost upon them, he's killed the witch, he has the moonstone and the doppleganger is waiting in the wings so he's ready to break the curse.  She asks why he plans to do that there since there are so many people who are trying to stop him.  He informs her he must do it there as it is the birthplace of the doppleganger, something she didn't realize was a requirement.  He remarks she couldn't have known because as she betrayed him and fled England before he could give her the details thus leading him to find her birthplace and slaughter her family.  He tells her they can just hope Elena isn't as stupid as she was.  Katherine assures her Elena won't run and will die before she lets anyone she loves get hurt, something Klaus is counting on.

Elena stops the car so she can speak with Elijah who is drinking from a blood bag and is looking much improved.  He asks where she got the dagger.  She promises to tell him everything but insists they must work together and she needs his word.  He tells her her ability to make demands is long past.  She is making no demands, she's offering him her help and in return she wants his.  He asks why he should consider it.  She replies it's the same reason he hasn't killed her:  he needs her help to kill Klaus and she needs him.  Stefan calls and asks where she is.  She tells him she's fine and with Elijah.  When he asks her where and says he's on his way, she tells him she and Elijah need some time alone.  Stefan insists Elijah can't be trusted and he will use her to get to Klaus.  Elena tells Stefan that Elijah is a noble man who lives by a code of honor and she can trust him.  He knows she would be stupid to try and kill him again and that by removing the dagger she has proven herself.  He tells her she can't do it alone and she replies that it's her decision and asks him to respect it and to make sure Damon doesn't do anything stupid.  She tells him she'll be in touch then hangs up.  Elijah places his hand out for her phone and she turns it over to him.  Damon asks Stefan if Elena hung up on him.  When he says 'yes', he comments she's lost it.  Stefan feels if anyone can get Elijah to help them kill Klaus it will be Elena.  Damon insists Bonnie is the way.  Stefan points out Bonnie will kill herself in the process and Elena wants another way.  Damon wants to find Elena and stop her as he feels her way will get her killed.  Stefan stands and tells him to back off and they should trust her even though he doesn't like the plan any more than Damon.  Damon tells his brother that might be his plan, but his is better starts to walk away.  Stefan grabs his arm and looks into Damon's eyes and firmly tells him "I said 'back off'".

Elena tells Elijah Klaus is there and has taken over Alaric's body, something Elijah comments is one of Klaus' favorite tricks.  She asks what his other tricks are and what he will do next as he is the only one who knows Klaus.  Elijah remembers back to 1492 on the night he met Katherine at the birthday party.  She asks where the mysterious host she heard so much about is and Elijah says he's fashionably late as he likes to make an entrance.  He sees Klaus coming down the stairs and points him out to her.  She turns and watches as Klaus makes his way through the crowd of party goers.  When their eyes meet, Klaus walks directly to her.  Elijah introduces her to the Lord Niklaus (Joseph Morgan).  She curtsies and Klaus kisses her hand and tells her Niklaus is the name his father gave him but asks her to please call him Klaus and smiles.

Elijah and Elena show up at Carol Lockwood's home.  She asks what they are doing there and what happened to Elijah.  He tells her he had a bit of an incident and is hoping she can help.  She says she's on her way to a meeting but he steps forward and compels her and she invites them in saying 'anything you need'.  He asks for a change of clothes and she tells him they could try one of her husbands suits as she hasn't boxed them up yet.  When she leaves to get the suit, Elena asks how he knows she isn't on vervain.  He replies that he's the one who got her off it right before she and her friends killed him--twice.

Jenna calls Stefan asking where Elena is and Jeremy as no one is answering their phones.  He tells her Elena isn't there and asks if everything is alright.  She asks what is going on as Elena left her a bunch of messages telling her to stay away from Alaric.  He tells her Elena was hoping Jenna could stay on campus a little while longer.  When she tells him she's in her kitchen and she's supposed to meet Alaric at the Grill for lunch, Stefan warns her to not meet Alaric at the Grill and that he is coming over now to explain everything.  When he gets off the phone Damon tells him he'd love to lend her a hand but he knows Stefan wouldn't want him to do anything stupid.  Stefan asks if he's seriously going to be like that and Damon replies that he and his girlfriend are calling all the shots, he's just 'backing off'.  Stefan leaves as Andie returns and Damon tells her they should go.  She asks where and he tells her they're splitting from the team; going rogue.

At the Lockwoods, Elijah, dressed in a new suit, assumes the Martin witches are no longer with them, something Elena confirms.  He asks about Katherine and Elena tells him Klaus took her and they think she might be dead.  He doubts that as Klaus' style dictates death would be too easy for her after what she did.  Elena doesn't understand that while Elijah wants Klaus dead he still made Katherine pay for betraying him.  Elijah tells her he has his own reasons for wanting to make Katherine pay.  He tells her there was a time he would have done anything for Klaus.  In 1492, Klaus asks Katherine where she's from.  She replies she's new to town and Elijah supplies the information that she's from Bulgaria.  Klaus turns to Elijah and asks "do you mind, brother, I'd like to have a moment alone with her".  Elijah wishes his brother a happy birthday and watches as Klaus leads Katherine away.  In modern day, Elijah confirms to a shocked Elena that Klaus is his brother.

At Alaric's apartment, Katherine is listening to music and enjoying a bottle of bourbon.  She hears Damon and Andie talking as they walk up to Alaric's door.  Andie knocks on the door and asks Alaric if he's home.  Katherine tries to open the door but cannot.  Damon turns the door knob and Andie pushes it open revealing Katherine, standing there looking at them.  They enter the apartment as Andie comments in amazement that Katherine looks exactly like Elena.  Damon tells Katherine they thought she might be dead to which she replies "unfortunately not".

Stefan arrives a the Gilbert home and expresses his thanks to Jenna for not going to the Grill.  He tells her he can explain but before he can, Alaric walks into view.

Elena is surprised to learn there is an entire family of Originals.  Elijah explains his father was a wealthy landowner in a small village in eastern Europe and his mother bore seven children.  Their whole family was human and their origin as vampires is a long story but she should just know, they are the oldest vampires in the world.  They are the Original family and, from them, all vampires were created.  She points out that Klaus is his brother and he wants him dead.  Elijah comments he needs some air and the two go outside for a walk.

Katherine asks what they are doing there and Andie says they are there to rescue her.  Damon corrects her that they are there to see if she deserves to be rescued.  He says he feels that Alaric/Klaus was blending too easily and that he had some coaching.  He holds up a bottle of vervain.  She tells him it won't undo anything but he says there's always a loophole.  He asks if Klaus told her to stay in the apartment until it was OK to leave, something she can't answer.  He asks if Klaus told her to do absolutely everything he said until the end of time.  When she tells him 'no', he says that's her loophole.  He tells her to drink the vervain and it will prevent any further compulsion.  She walks toward him to get the vervain but is stopped at the door.  She demands him to give it to her but before he will, he wants to know why she doublecrossed them with Isobel.  She tells him she didn't think they stood a chance against Klaus and was looking out for herself.  He throws her the bottle of vervain and warns to her be careful with it because if Klaus catches her with it she will never get out of the apartment.  She takes a drink of the vervain and he tells her she owes him and he will collect.  He calls to Andie and leaves.

Alaric makes small talk about the knife he is using to cut vegetables as Jenna and Stefan look on.  She says she's still waiting for someone to tell her what's happening.  Alaric asks Stefan if he'd like to do it or should he.  Alaric asks her if she believes in vampires and tells her they do have a place in their history and, as a history teacher, finds them fascinating.  She asks why they are talking about it.  He replies that she's been angry with him for keeping secrets and this is one of his secrets.  He's obsessed with vampires.  She asks if he's joking.  He tells her not at all and asks if Stefan is a fan of vampires.  Stefan replies literature, Bram Stoker, it's dense but he appreciates it.  Alaric comments that vampires are the oldest creatures of the night, except for werewolves, of course.  Jenna incredulously repeats werewolves and walks away saying she knows he's joking.  He continues that he's read about the Aztec curse and explains it to her and includes that the creatures wouldn't care who they had to kill to break the curse.

Elijah explains to Elena that nothing can kill an Original, including sun, fire or a werewolf bite.  Just the wood from one tree can do it and it was a tree his family made sure burned, the white ash for the dagger.  He tells her the witches won't allow anything truly immortal to walk the earth.  Every creature must have a weakness to keep the balance.  She asks why Klaus is obsessed with breaking the Sun & Moon curse since the sun cannot kill him.  With a smile, he remarks the Curse of the Sun & Moon sounds so biblical.  In the 1400's, he remembers handing a "Roman parchment" to Klaus.  The latter looks it over and says he remembers etching it when he was quite drunk.  Elijah says Klaus' finest work was the Aztec drawings.  In the present, he admits to Elena the Aztec scrolls, African tribal etchings and any other culture or continent they felt like planting the story in.  She asks why and he explains the easiest way to discover the existence of a doppleganger or to find a long-lost moonstone is to have every single member of two warring species on the lookout.  The Curse of the Sun and the Moon is fake.

Alaric says he knows it sounds crazy but vampires are real.  When he gets up to get Jenna more wine she tells him to get out.  He starts to talk to her but she again tells him to get out.  Stefan stands and tells him he heard Jenna.  Alaric says he doesn't want to leave.  She stands to leave and Alaric picks up a knife telling her she isn't going anywhere.  Stefan rushes with lightening speed between the two and shoves Alaric against the way drawing surprise from Jenna.  As he holds the knife to Alaric's throat he tells Jenna to leave now.  Alaric tells Stefan he might not have a witch protecting him today but if he kills that body what is to stop him from using Jenna as his next one.  Again, Stefan tells her to leave.  She protests and he turns to her in anger and yells for her to go and she runs from the house in fear.  He tells Stefan to kill him but to remind Elena how easy it will be for him to kill her if she tries to stop him from breaking the curse.  Stefan hits him, knocking him to the floor then kicks him twice before rushing from the house.

Elijah admits to Elena that he and Klaus faked the Sun & Moon Curse dating back over 1,000 years.  There is a curse and the real one is much worse.  It is a curse placed on Klaus that he's been trying to break for the last 1,000 and Elena is his only hope.  She asks what the curse is and he pulls her phone from his pocket saying it won't stop its incessant buzzing.  He hands it to her and she answers it to find Stefan on the line.  He tells her about Jenna and she says she'll be right there.  When she hangs up she tells Elijah Klaus went after Jenna and she must go to her.  He says that wasn't part of the days arrangement.  She insists and gives him her word that she will be back.  He tells her that means nothing to him until she lives up to it.  She thanks him and leaves.

He remembers the past with Katherine.  She is running playfully from him.  When they stop, she tells him Klaus promised to spend the day with her but he never returned home from the night.  He tells her Klaus lives by no ones rules but his own.  She remarks he's a very charming man and hard for any woman to resists.  She doesn't know why he courts her as he doesn't seem to care about her at all.  He points out that many a union has been built on much less and she asks if it's wrong to want more.  He asks if she has more with Trevor.  She tells him Trevor believes he loves her but true love isn't real unless it's returned and asks if he agrees.  He tells her he doesn't believe in love.  She says that's too sad for her to accept as life is too cruel and if we cease to believe in love why would we want to live?  He smiles then stands with a start as Klaus walks up, his shirt stained with blood.  Katherine asks what happened and he tells her the wrong villager picked a fight at the tavern.  He leads her away from Elijah.

At the Salvatore home, Elena arrives to find Jenna upset.  Jenna leans away from Elena causing the latter to apologize saying she never meant for any of this to happen.  She tells her about Elena's mother telling her (Jenna) bedtime stories about vampires when she was little.  She didn't believe them.  Elena confirms they are and that she should of told her but thought if she didn't know she would be safe.  Things spiraled out of control and everything she did to keep her out of it blew up.  Jenna asks who else knows and asks about Jeremy.  Elena nods.  She asks if John knew.  Elena says they were just trying to protect her and will tell her everything.  Jenna admits she's scared and Elena puts her arms around her aunt to comfort her apologizing again and again as Stefan listens from the hall.

Elena closes the door and goes into the hall with Stefan who asks if Jenna is going to be OK.  She tells him her aunt is in shock and she tried to tell her all she could but was barely able to scratch the surface.  Stefan apologizes to Elena and she tells him it isn't his fault, it's hers.  She tells him she has to go back to Elijah but he tries to stop her.  She tells him of her promise to return and she cannot break that promise.  He reluctantly agrees and she promises she'll be alright.  Damon gets in her way and asks where she's going.  She tells him back to Elijah and he stops her.  She tells him to get out of her way but he grabs her arms telling her if she tries to take a step out of the house.  Andie warns him 'easy' but he tells her to stay out of it.  Stefan demands Damon let Elena go but he doesn't want to.  Stefan steps up and again demands his brother let Elena go.  Damon looks to his brother and tells him that was twice that day he stood in his way and he shouldn't try it a third.

At Alaric's, Katherine is continuing to enjoy the bourbon and music.  She dances around the apartment taking an occasional drink until she hears the keys in the lock and Alaric/Klaus returns.  She is sitting on the couch when he comes in.  He tells her to turn the music down and that the body has outlived its usefulness when she asks why he's grumpy.  She asks if he wants a drink, which he doesn't.  She again offers the drink.  He takes the bottle and throws it against the wall and grabs her to compel her to sit down and shut up.  She obediently sits.  The door opens and Maddox returns followed by two men carrying Klaus' luggage.  A young woman next enters the apartment and Klaus warmly greets her as Greta (Lisa Tucker).  She asks if he's ready to get out of the body he's in, which he is.  They both look to the door to watch two men wheeling in a large trunk.

Elena returns to the Lockwoods as she promised Elijah she would.  He welcomes her back and she immediately asks him to tell her what Klaus' curse is.  He tells her his family was quite close but Klaus and his father didn't get on too well.  When they became vampires they discovered the truth that Klaus wasn't his father's son.  His mother had been unfaithful and it was her darkest secret.  Klaus came from a different bloodline.  When his father found out, he hunted his mother's lover down and killed him and his entire family not realizing he ignited a war between species that rages even today.  The war between the vampires and the werewolves.  Elena asks if that makes Klaus a vampire or werewolf.  Elijah tells her that he's both.  A hybrid would be deadlier than any werewolf or vampire.  Nature wouldn't stand for such an imbalance of power so the witches sought to insure Klaus' werewolf side would become dormant.  Klaus wants to trigger the werewolf part of him.  If he succeeds, he can father his own bloodline and build his own race, endangering not just vampires but everyone.  Elena points out that Elijah helped him.  He admits he did that because he loved his brother but that has changed now and Klaus must die.  She says he has the dagger.  He reminds her that when a werewolf is wounded by silver it heals.  Since an Original can only be killed by white ash on a silver dagger it wouldn't work as the silver wouldn't kill the werewolf.  He says there's one way to kill any supernatural species:  at the hands of the servants of nature themselves.  As Elena knows, witches, if they can channel that much power.  He tells her the curse must be broken during a full moon while Klaus is in transition as that is when he will be his most vulnerable.  A witch with enough power can kill Klaus.  She asks what if she could tell him she knows a witch that can channel that much power.  He replies there's one more thing she should know.

He remembers the past and Klaus telling him the full moon is tomorrow and after all these centuries it's finally time.  He tells Klaus he's been to see the witches and they believe they might know of a way to spare the doppleganger.  Klaus feels she's nothing more than a means to an end and it doesn't matter if she lives or not.  Elijah questions if she should die for his gain to which Klaus replies she's human and her life means nothing.  Elijah begs him to reconsider leading Klaus to ask his brother if he's so foolish as to care for Katherine.  Elijah says he isn't and Klaus tells him love is a vampires greatest weakness and they are not weak.  They don't feel and they don't care.  Elijah reminds him they did once.  Klaus replies it was too many lifetimes ago to matter and to tell the witches not to bother as the sacrifice will happen as planned.  Elena asks him if he found a way to save the life of the doppleganger and he admits he did.  Unfortunately, Katherine took matters into her own hands first and she knows how that played out.  Elena asks him if he cared about her too.  He replies it is a common mistake, he's told, and one he won't make again then walks away.

Andie gives Damon a drink telling him he doesn't need to be angry with Stefan as he's just worried about Elena.  He tells her to go but she continues that she knows he's worried about her too.  He again tells her to go as Stefan enters the room.  Stefan asks if he's tired of his plaything already and Damon tells his brother she's just a distraction.  Stefan remarks that she's a person.  Damon says Stefan should be happy she's here as it keeps him from going for what he really wants.  Stefan turns and thanks him for being in love with his girlfriend.  Damon sits his drink down and stands.  Stefan tells Damon he can be in love with Elena all he wants if it means he'll protect her but he (Stefan) has the one thing he (Damon) never will:  her respect.  Damon hits Stefan and the two brothers begin to fight.  Elena and Elijah enter the room and she calls to them to stop.

When Elijah looks upon the brothers, he remembers the past.  Klaus enters the room angrily asking Elijah what he's done, something he doesn't understand.  Klaus tells him Katherine has fled and asks what he told her.  Elijah maintains he told her nothing but Klaus doesn't believe him and shoves him against the wall yelling for him not to lie to him.  Elijah gives Klaus his word that he will find her.  Klaus calmly tells Elijah that if he does not, he gives him his word that he (Elijah) will be dead.

Damon questions that Elena has invited Elijah in.  She tells them she and and Elijah have renewed the terms of their deal.  He assures them they will come to no harm at his hands and he only asks one thing of them:  an apology.  The brothers seem confused at first.  Stefan steps up and apologizes for the part he played in his death as he was protecting Elena and he will always protect Elena.  Elijah tells him he understands and everyone turns to look at Damon who is reluctant to apologize.  Elena tells him the sacrifice is going to happen, Bonnie will be able to kill Klaus without hurting herself and Elijah knows how to save her life as well.  She found another way as she told him she would.  Damon asks if it is true and Elijah says it is.  Damon then asks if she is trusting Elijah and she says she is.  Damon tells them all they can go to hell and leaves the room.  Stefan turns to Elijah and tells him Damon is angry with him (Stefan) right now but he will come around.  Elijah whispers "perhaps".

Damon goes into his room and finds Andie still there and says he thought he told her to leave.  She tells him he didn't compel her and she wants to be there.  He goes to her and holds onto her telling her he's upset and she knows what happens when he's upset.  She has to leave.  She refuses as he needs to know someone cares about him, she cares.  He bites her neck then throws her to the floor crying.  He kneels next to her and forces her to look at him.  He compels her to get out of there before he kills her and begs her to go.  She gathers her clothes and turns to him once more then leaves.

At Alaric's apartment, Maddox and Greta are chanting in an arc of candles as Alaric/Klaus stands nearby and Katherine watches on.  The light of the candles flares up and Alaric's body surges.  He looks to Katherine and says "Elena?" in confusion then falls to the floor.  Maddox stands and walks to the large trunk and opens it allowing Klaus, in his real body, to walk out.

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