Thursday, March 10, 2011

UK Television: CBBC's Young Dracula Returns for Third Series

The ScreenTerrier blog has posted a news story that the CBBC kids drama Young Dracula will be returning soon to UK televisions.  The series already has two very successful (and award winning, I might add) series under it's belt and will be returning for a third.  This news should make the adoring fan base of Young Dracula quite happy!

The first series ran in 2006 and consisted of fourteen episodes.  Series two aired in 2007-2008 and consisted of thirteen episodes.  It focused on the Dracula family.  Having been run out of Transylvania by a torch-wielding mob, the Dracula's have arrived in the fictional town of Stokely.  The vampiric family consists of Count Dracula and his two children, Ingrid and Vlad, and the Counts servant, Renfield.  Vlad wants nothing more than to be a normal boy.  He meets Robin Branaugh, who just happens to be fascinated with vampires, and the two quickly become best mates.  Young Dracula dealt with real issues facing children in a fantastical, yet down-to-earth and humorous manner.  The second series ended with a cliffhanger, something which annoyed fans of the show as they felt they would never find out what happened next.

Filming will begin in May on series three and, to date, the only confirmed returning actor from the original two series is Clare Thomas who played Vlad's older sister, Ingrid Dracula.  However, Craig Roberts (Robin Branaugh) has confirmed via his Twitter account that he will not be playing Robin when the series returns.  Just who and who doesn't return remains to be seen.  We should be seeing more information closer to May.  As a fan of Young Dracula, I am happy the show will be returning for a third series.  However, I am disappointed the awesome Craig Roberts will not be returning as Robin Branaugh.  I can't see any other actor being as good in that role as Craig.  Without him, Robin just won't be Robin.  Regardless, I'll still be tuning in for series three.

Young Dracula (Original Cast):
Gerran Howell, Vladimir Dracula
Keith Lee-Castle, Count Dracula
Clare Thomas, Ingrid Dracula
Simon Ludders, Renfield
Andy Bradshaw, the voice of Zoltan (Vlad's pet stuffed wolf)
Donna Grant, Magda Westenra
Craig Roberts, Robin Branaugh
Lucy Borja-Edwards, Chloe Branaugh
Terence Maynard, Mr. Van Helsing
Terry Haywood, Jonathan "Jonno" Van Helsing
Aneirin Hughes, Graham Branaugh
Beth Robert, Elizabeth Branaugh
Ben McGregor, Ian Branaugh
Luke Bridgeman, Paul Branaugh
Harry Ferrier, Will Clarke

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