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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.17 "Know Thy Enemy"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.17, Know Thy Enemy
Original Air Date:  April 7, 2011

Isobel is back and Jenna doesn't take the news lightly.  Katherine and Isobel have a plan to save Katherine's life but things take a turn when Isobel betrays her friend.  Isobel and Elena have one final conversation.  Matt and Caroline talk and she tells him all he wants to know only for him to take the news to Liz Forbes.  John Gilbert and Elena come to an understanding.  Katherine receives a message from Klaus.

Jenna is shocked to see Isobel, someone she thought was dead, standing on her doorstep.  She's even more shocked when Isobel tells Elena she's happy to see her again.  Isobel comments to Jenna that she's (Jenna) the woman who is dating her husband (Alaric).  She asks Jenna to invite her in so she can speak with Elena, something Elena protests against.  Isobel tells Elena she needs to talk to her but Elena answers "no" and slams the door.  Jenna, in tears,  questions Elena if Alaric and John knew that Isobel was still alive.  Elena says she can explain everything but Jenna doesn't want to listen and runs upstairs and to her room.

Stefan tells Damon he's on his way to find out why Isobel showed up on Elena's doorstep.  As he's leaving, Katherine mentions she doesn't think he should let Isobel know she's there.  It's better if she and John do not know Katherine stayed in town after getting out of the tomb.  Damon points out she had made a deal with John and Isobel.  She admits she did whatever she had to do to get out of the tomb but she is reconsidering her alliances.  Stefan asks what she knows.  She tells them she knows she wants Klaus dead which puts her on their team.  She brings up the fact if they ever want her to swap places with Elena again, the fewer that know she's around, the better.  Stefan tells Damon to call Alaric and let him know his wife showed up on his girlfriends doorstep.

Alaric arrives at the Gilbert house asking about Jenna.  She hasn't come out of her room since her meeting with Isobel.  Alaric questions Elena as to what she told her and Elena replies that she could tell her nothing as Jenna won't come out of her room to talk with her.  Jenna comes down the stairs and tells Alaric he has to go as she doesn't want him there.  He begins to explain that he can only imagine how she feels.  She interrupts that rage and betrayal pretty much covers how she feels.  She's leaving to stay on campus as she has a thesis to write and doesn't want to be in the Gilbert house.  Alaric begs her to stop and let them explain to her what is going on.  Jenna tells Elena to go to the Lockwood's and accept the Historical Society's check for her mother's foundation.  Elena agrees and starts to ask Jenna to stay.  She tells Elena and Alaric she can't stand to listen to any more lies from either of them and leaves.  Elena calls after her but John enters the room and tells her let Jenna go as it's better she isn't there with everything that is going on.  He begins to tell them had they been a little more honest with her from the beginning things might have been different when Alaric punches him.  Alaric apologizes to Elena and leaves the house.  When he's gone, Elena laughs a little and tells John he knows it's his fault, which he agrees with.

Caroline, upset over how things went with Matt, calls Stefan.  He asks why she allowed him to leave the house and she explains her mother arrived and Matt left.  Stefan asks if her mother overheard anything.  She didn't and thought they were just fighting.  She explains Matt knows about her and is freaking out over it.  Stefan tells her to find him and calm him down, compelling him if necessary, and asks if Matt is still on vervain.  She didn't get a chance to put it into his soda the night before so it's out of his system.  He has a catering shift at the Lockwood's so she tells Stefan she will try finding him there.

Stefan and Elena discuss the disasters happening at the moment when John tells her to come downstairs so he can talk to her.  She doesn't want to talk to him but he tells her it is important and he asks Stefan to join them.  The three go downstairs and find Isobel waiting for them.  Elena is angry that John invited her into the Gilbert home but he tells her Isobel has information about Klaus and they should listen.  She tells them since she was last in Mystic Falls she's been doing everything she could to find Klaus as the best chance was to find him before he could find Elena.  Stefan asks if she was able to find him and she tells him no one knows where Klaus is but there are rumors of a doppleganger.  John notes that these rumors give any vampire who wants favor from Klaus reason to capture Elena.  Elena doesn't want to believe as she doesn't know why Isobel would want to help her now.  John explains that Isobel has been helping all along.  Klaus has been obsessed with finding Katherine for centuries and just one of the tomb vampires letting it be known she was still alive would bring Klaus directly to Mystic Falls, where Elena would be discovered.  That is why they killed them.  Isobel tells Elena she has a safe house she can take her to.  The deed is in Elena's name and no vampires can get in without Elena's permission--not even Isobel.  She asks Elena to let her help her.  Elena tells her if she wants to help to get out of her house.

Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy go to the Martin apartment.  Bonnie suggests they take all the grimoires.  Jeremy asks what they are looking for and Bonnie tells them about the spell that one of the books contains that will allow her to harness the energy left behind when a witch dies.  When Martin gave her powers back, he left her the message that if she can find the spot where the old Salem witches were burned, she can harness their energy to use when she needs it.  Bonnie stands before a bookcase and performs a spell that causes books to fly off the shelves, one of which lands before her opened.  When she announces that is the book with the spell, Damon tells them to grab the rest so they can leave.

Isobel and a man arrive at a foreclosed house.  Katherine is there waiting on her.  The two women embrace and Isobel tells her friend it's good to see her.  Katherine remarks she hears she's been busy and Isobel replies she's been busy making a deal with Klaus to save her (Katherine's) life.  Katherine asks about Isobel's visit to the Gilbert home.  Isobel says she got jealous when John told her Alaric was dating Jenna.  She tells Katherine John thinks she's been helping him protect Elena which is why he's been keeping her informed on everything that has been going on.  She couldn't get anywhere near Klaus but she did find her way to someone in his trusted circle, one of his witches.  He said Klaus is willing to grant Katherine her freedom if they deliver the moonstone and the doppleganger to him.  Katherine assures her she can get the moonstone as the Salvatore brothers are floundering since their witch has lost her powers and they used their only weapon to kill Elijah.  If she stays with them, she's dead, however, Isobel showing up changed everything.

At the Salvatore home, Elena asks the brothers if they believe Isobel about word of the doppleganger getting out.  Stefan doesn't trust Isobel but he feels they would be stupid to ignore the warning.  Damon tells her she should stay at their house so they can keep an eye on her but Stefan objects as any vampire can enter their home.  When Stefan says her house would be safer for her, Damon says they'll stay there.  Since they won't let Elena out of their sight, one of them must accompany her to the Lockwood luncheon, a job which Stefan agrees to do as Damon says he has "witch stuff" to attend to with Bonnie.  Elena starts to mention a location where he and Bonnie will be going but Damon shushes her as Katherine enters the room.  She tells them if they have a plan to combat the impending vampire doom they should tell.  None of them will tell her anything.  She tries to get the location of the moonstone but all Damon will say is that it is in a very safe place.  She comes back that she's been honest with him and he should return the favor.  He tells her he will be honest with her in that she shouldn't mistake the fact they haven't set her on fire in her sleep for trust.

Liz Forbes tells Carol Lockwood the marshal hasn't been able to figure out what caused the fire at the scene but there was blood found, but no body.  Carol wants to know if she suspects vampires and Liz remarks she thinks the answer is always yes.  Caroline enters and asks Carol if she's seen Matt, but the latter hasn't.  She asks Caroline if she does see Matt if she could ask if he's heard from Tyler.  She says the note he left said he needed time to figure some things out and she wished she knew where he was.  Caroline sees Stefan and Elena and excuses herself to go speak to them.  Stefan asks if she's found Matt.  She tells him she hasn't and is worried what will happen if he tells her secret.  Stefan says they must find him before that can happen.  Elena has no idea where he could have gone as Matt wasn't really one to run.

Damon takes Jeremy and Bonnie to the spot where the witches were burned, including Emily Bennett.  When Bonnie asks how he knew the location he tells them because he tried to save her (Emily).  They arrive at an old plantation causing Jeremy to ask Damon if he's sure it's the right place.  The three enter the house with Damon in the lead and as they are walking through, Damon finds he is frozen to one spot on the floor.  He tells Bonnie to stop whatever witchy prank she's playing but she isn't doing anything.  His ring stops working and the sun starts burning him.  He tells Bonnie to do something and she works a spell to free him from where he stands telling him she doesn't think the witches like him being there.  Damon goes outside to wait.

Katherine starts searching the Salvatore house for the moonstone, pocketing money she finds during her search, of course.  As she's washing soot from the fireplace from her hands she sees something in the soap bowl that draws her interest.  She reaches in and pulls out the moonstone.

Isobel has a meeting with Alaric on the street and tells him she's just cleaning up some loose ends.  He tells her they have none but she maintains she needs to apologize to him.  She's realized that she doesn't want to do what she has to do without him knowing how much she loved him.  She says "he's all yours" and a man standing behind him puts his hands on either side of Alaric's head causing him to fall to the street in pain.  Isobel turns and walks away leaving Alaric at the mans mercy.

Outside the old plantation, Damon tells Bonnie and Jeremy to hurry up.  When he tries going inside again, the door slams before him causing him to walk away.  Bonnie asks Jeremy to hand her the grimoire.  He asks if she's sure about what she's about to do and she asks if he's worried about her.  He tells her he is and she kisses him then tells him she's sure.  Jeremy, hearing voices, asks Bonnie what it is.  She replies she can feel the spirits of the witches who died there.  He asks what they are saying but she can't tell.  She starts walking through the house and Jeremy follows.  When they reach their destination, she asks him to help her set the candles as the voices become louder.  Again, he asks what they are saying.  She opens her eyes and when he asks "what is it?", she simply shakes her head and says 'nothing'.  All the candles in the room light at once and Bonnie knows the spirits are ready.

At the Lockwood luncheon, as Elena goes forward to accept the donation to her mothers foundation, John sees Isobel and asks what she's doing there.  She tells him she is creating a distraction and bites him.  Stefan hears the sound first then, as it becomes louder, everyone does.  It is the sound of John falling down the stairs.  Stefan, and everyone else, go to John's side.  As Elena is walking out, Katherine steps in front of her and tells her she's wearing a nice dress and would she mind if she borrows it then puts her hand over Elena's mouth and drags her away.  The crowd assembles around John and Liz Forbes bends next to him taking over for Stefan.  He goes to find Elena and finds 'her' on the phone saying she's calling Damon but Stefan tells her they need to get out of there.  Elena is unconscious in the back of a vehicle with Isobel that is speeding out of town.  Outside, Katherine, pretending to be Elena, is talking to Damon telling him it must be Isobel.  Stefan tells her to have Damon get to the Lockwood's to deal with Damon.  Katherine then comments there's some serious explaining to do to the council about John being not so dead.  Stefan, knowing it isn't Elena, slams Katherine against a car then grabs her demanding to know where Elena is.  She stabs him with a needle and tells him she's sorry but she can't have him following her.  She throws him into the bushes then gets into Elena's car.

Bonnie begins crying then screaming as the voices in the house continue.  Jeremy tries to touch her but he is thrown back as Bonnie's screaming continues.  When he can get up and when her screaming stops, he runs to her asking if she's alright.  She quietly tells him "I did it" then falls against him exhausted.

Carol Lockwood apologizes to her guests for the scare as they are leaving.  Damon arrives and asks Liz how John is and she tells him he's dead.  He picks up John's hand and sees the ring and tells them he'll be fine in a couple of hours bringing Carol to question him.  Damon stands and tells them the ring is an old Gilbert heirloom that protects the wearer from death by supernatural entity.  He tells them they will need a good cover story but he must get John out of the house and starts dragging him away.  Liz goes outside and makes a call that it's a false alarm at the Lockwood's.  Outside, she sees Matt who demands to see his sister Vicki's file.  He wants to see how Liz covered up the fact she was killed by a vampire.  She tells him to calm down and he grabs her telling her not to lie.  She puts him down on the hood of a car warning him to calm down.

Damon takes John to the Salvatore house and when he washes his hands he gets a call from Stefan telling him about Katherine.  He hangs up and looks through the soaps and finds the moonstone is gone.  Katherine calls Isobel to tell her she's at her house but they must hurry as Damon knows Isobel's lodging tricks and he'll know where they are in 20 minutes.  Isobel assures her they'll be long gone before that.  Elena is starting to awaken in the backseat.  Katherine asks her how far away she is and Isobel tells her she's sorry but she had to do what she was told.  He wanted the moonstone and he wanted you, something Elena overhears.  Katherine asks "he?  he who?" but Isobel hangs up.  Katherine turns around and sees the same man who overpowered Alaric standing in Isobel's house behind her.  She rushes to him but he raises his hand and stops her.

Caroline calls Matt and leaves a message asking him to call her.  She hangs up and goes into her house and finds him waiting for her.  He tells her her mother brought him there after he accused her of covering up Vicki's death.  He didn't tell Liz anything about Caroline.  Caroline walks toward him but he backs away.  She asks why he stayed if he's afraid of her and he tells her he needs to know more about Vicki and her.  She tells him she'll tell him anything he wants to know.

As Bonnie and Jeremy are walking away from the old plantation he comments that there should be something in the grimoire that will help translate the chant he heard.  Bonnie tells him it was just a warning.  When he asks what kind, she says it isn't important, but he insists it is to him.  She tells him it's a lot of power to have access to and they were telling her to be careful with it.  He asks just how much power she can draw from the witches.  She closes her eyes and brings up the winds, turns day to night and conjures a storm.  He tells her 'fine' and she stops, returning everything to normal telling him the answer to his question is "a lot".

Damon and Stefan arrive at Isobel's house and go inside.  Stefan searches upstairs while Damon takes the downstairs but the house is empty.  Isobel drives Elena into Grove Hill Cemetery.  She gets out and starts to walk telling Elena just because she can't be compelled doesn't mean she can't force her to come with her.  Elena asks if she was compelled to betray Katherine and Isobel replies that if she was she couldn't tell her.  They stop in front of a grave marked Isobel Fleming.  Isobel tells Elena that her parents, Elena's grandparents, put the stone there when it became clear the police wouldn't find their daughters body.  They visit every week and bring flowers.  The Isobel they knew is dead and perhaps, a part of her, the human part she abandoned when she became a vampire, is buried there.  The part that used to dream of the day when she'd know her daughter.  Elena got to meet the other part, the one that would betray her own flesh and blood.  Isobel's phone rings and she answers it.  The man tells her he has Katherine and the moonstone and asks if the doppleganger is safe.  She tells him she is and the man orders her to let Elena go as Klaus has everything he needs for now.  Isobel's part is finished as she did what Klaus compelled her to do.  The man hangs up and Isobel apologizes to Elena for being a disappointment to her.  She takes her necklace off and burns in the sun before Elena's eyes.

At her house, Caroline tells Matt everything including that she promised herself she'd stay away from him but couldn't because she loves him.  He tells her he's all alone as his mother doesn't care and Vicki is gone and all of his friends are liars.  Caroline tells him she's still her.  She tries to sit down next to him but he gets up saying it's all too much.  She tells him what she can do because she wants to help him.  He tells her to make him forget since she's done it before.  He doesn't want to look at her and see what he sees knowing everything.  She doesn't want to but he orders her to.  Reluctantly, she complies.

At the Salvatore house, Elena is running Isobel's necklace through her hands.  She tells Stefan she never thought she'd feel bad about Isobel being dead but, she clearly does.  She asks why they let her go.  Stefan doesn't know why but he does know that anything John knows Isobel knows and, thus, Klaus knows.  He knows Elena will not turn herself into a vampire, the Salvatore brothers are keeping her safe and that she won't run.  Damon enters saying that's why they need to take some precautions as they all got played.  He puts papers down in Elena's lap.  It's the deed to the Salvatore house which is in Zach's name.  They want her to sign it and, when she does, it will be in her name.  Once it belongs to her, no vampire can enter without her inviting them, much like Isobel's safe house, and she can stay there with them until everything is over.  John awakens and Damon rushes to him and grabs him.  John insists he had no idea what Isobel was going to do and then looks to Elena and apologizes.  Elena calls Damon off telling Damon she and John need to talk.

Jeremy is reading over the grimoire and Bonnie tells him not to worry about it.  He learned the the warning was if she used too much of her powers at once it would kill her.  He asks how much it would take to kill an Original.  She tells him all of it.  He refuses to let her do it.  She tells him she wasn't born with her powers to float feathers and blow out candles.  He tells her Elena won't let Bonnie die for her and Bonnie says he won't tell her.  She tells him it isn't just for Elena, it's for him and everyone.  If she is the only one who can end everything it will be her decision.

Matt gets in the car with Liz Forbes and tells him he did it.  He drank the vervain stuff and and he got her to tell him everything then asked her to take it away.  Liz wants him to tell her everything Caroline said.

John tells Elena he always knew Isobel and Katherine were close but never knew they were working together against him.  He trusted Isobel because he was there when Elena was born and saw how heartbroken she was to give her daughter up and because she was the first girl he ever loved.  He believed she would help keep Elena safe.  At that point, he will do whatever Elena wants him to do.  If she feels safer with him gone, he'll go.  He gets up and Elena tells him everything he touches falls apart but he's the only parent she has left so she might be able to learn not to hate him.  Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie said the spell worked.  Stefan is happy something went right that day.  Stefan notes that Katherine had no idea Bonnie got her powers back and that Isobel had no idea where Damon had taken Bonnie or Jeremy or what they did there.  As they are the only ones that know, Bonnie is literally their secret weapon.

Klaus' witch is chanting as Katherine awakens.  Alaric is sitting in a chair and when the witch stops chanting, he stands and removes the needles from his arms and walks to Katherine.  She tries to leave but she is bound to stay in the room.  Alaric speaks to her, telling her he's missed her and Katherine knows that Klaus is talking to her through Alaric.

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