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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.20 "The Last Day"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode 2.20, The Last Day
Original Air Date:  April 28, 2011

After receiving a phone call from his mother begging him to return, Tyler Lockwood comes home to Mystic Falls unaware of everything that has happened.  Elijah reveals his plan to save Elena's life but Damon takes matters into his own hands as he doesn't think the plan will work.  Stefan takes Elena on a romantic day out as it could very well be the last day of Elena's life.  Damon tries to fix a mistake but pays a dear price for it.  Klaus obtains his vampire, his werewolf and the doppleganger for his ritual.

Elijah, Stefan and Elena discuss the events that will be unfolding that night.  Elijah confirms to Stefan the Sun & Moon Curse is fake but that Klaus has a very real curse placed upon him and what will happen if he succeeds in breaking that curse.  Damon enters the conversation wanting to kill Klaus that day with Bonnie but Elena points out that is not an option as if Bonnie used that much power it would kill her.  Elijah explains the ritual Klaus will be performing that night.  A witch will channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that is contained within the moonstone.  Klaus will then sacrifice both a werewolf and a vampire then, in the final part of the ritual, he will drink the blood of the doppleganger to the point of death.  Elijah removes an aged bottle from a box and explains it is an elixir he acquired some 500 years ago for Katherine.  It possesses mystical properties of resuscitation.  In theory, Elena will drink the elixir and she will die but will then come back to life.  Damon isn't pleased with this plan and feels it will not work.  He asks about the Gilbert ring and Elijah explains it only works on humans.  Since dopplegangers are a supernatural occurrence the odds is the ring will not work.

At the Lockwood house, Carol Lockwood is walking up the stairs as she is talking on the phone to leave a message for Tyler.  She tells him she doesn't know where he is but she needs him as she has had an accident and is in the hospital.  As she begs him to come home she reaches the top of the stairs where Maddox is standing.  She hangs up and asks him why she said that and he tells her "because you had a terrible fall" and uses his powers to push her over the balcony of the stairs to the floor.

Stefan and Damon talk about the attitude Damon is exhibiting.  Damon questions Stefan for believing Elijah but Stefan asks what he should do as Elena has made her decision and he's putting his faith in her.  Inside, Elijah asks Elena why she is willing to do everything and she tells him it is because she's the key to breaking the curse.  Klaus is there because of her and if she doesn't stop it he will hurt people.  He warns her there is a possibility the elixir will not work and she understands that.  They hear a commotion in the hall and find that Alaric has entered the house and Jenna is holding a crossbow on him demanding he leave.  Everyone converges in the hall and Alaric tells them Klaus let him go.  After proving it really is him, Alaric delivers a message from Klaus:  the sacrifice happens that night.

Carol Lockwood awakens in the hospital to find Tyler standing by the window.  He kisses her forehead and she is happy to see her son again.  At the Grill, Caroline surprises Matt by sneaking up on him while he's turned to clear a table.  The two make plans to spend his lunch break together.  Caroline has errands to run and tells him she'll return.  When she leaves, he goes to a table where Sheriff Forbes is sitting and tells her he can't do this anymore.  He feels either is Caroline is putting on the best show of her life or she's still the same girl he always knew and loved.  Liz assures him she isn't the same and tries to convince him the vampires are monsters and points out again that they even killed his sister and asks what other proof he needs.  He turns the question back on her and asks why she hasn't done anything before now.  She tells him she needs more information and, despite what she knows, she still looks at Caroline and sees her daughter.  When he says Damon is the problem she tells Matt that she shouldn't have involved him and thanks him for his help but she will take things from there then leaves.

At the Salvatore house, Alaric tells everyone he remembers nothing.  He blacked out and woke up three days later and Katherine was there.  Stefan tells him she's under compulsion and that Damon got some vervain to her but she can't leave until Klaus allows her to.  Elena asks where Damon is and Jenna tells her she saw him go upstairs.  Elena leaves the group to go see Damon as Alaric asks what else he did while under Klaus' control.  Upstairs, Elena finds Damon standing in front of the window in his bedroom.  She wants him to understand why she is doing what she's doing.  She assures him she will be fine as she will drink the elixir and Bonnie will kill Klaus and everything will be over.  He is still unsure as to whether the plan will work or not.  He isn't willing to take the risk that she may or may not come back to life after Klaus kills her.  She takes his hand in hers and says she is.  He softly tells her he can't lose her and she tells him he won't.  When she turns to leave, he moves in front of her telling her there is another way.  He bites his wrist and force feeds her some of his vampire blood.  Stefan rushes into the room and throws Damon away from Elena asking his brother what he did.  Damon replies he saved her life since she's so bent on dying he will know that she will come back this way.  Stefan points out as a vampire and asks how Damon, of all people, could have taken the choice away from Elena.  Stefan attacks his brother in anger and Damon comes back on him saying he should admit that he (Stefan) wishes he had the courage to do exactly what he just did himself.  The two continue fighting until Damon raises a broken piece of wood which goes into Stefan's stomach.  Elena orders Damon from the room and when Alaric and Jenna arrive, she tells them to get Damon out of the room.  Damon leaves on his own accord as Alaric tells Jenna to go to the basement and get some blood bags for Stefan.  Elena removes the stake and Stefan falls into her lap in agony apologizing to her.

Downstairs, Elijah puts away the elixir telling Damon they won't be needing it anymore as feeding Elena vampire blood rendered it useless.  He tells Damon to tell Elena he will be back before nightfall and they will proceed as planned.  As Elijah is leaving, Damon tells him they both know the elixir wouldn't have worked.  Elijah steps back to Damon saying he talks a good game but doesn't actually know anything.  Elena will never forgive him and never for a vampire is a very long time.

Upstairs, Stefan drinks from the blood bags Jenna has brought and his strength slowly returns.  Alaric and Jenna go downstairs and he tells her that he knows everything is a lot to take.  He tried to protect her but should have known she could handle it.  She tells him she is glad he's alright and kisses him.  Elena asks Stefan how Damon could do this to her.  He says they've never talked about what all this means and she tells him it doesn't matter but he disagrees.  He asks her to go somewhere with him.  She reluctantly agrees only when he promises it isn't far and just for the day.

Jules meets Tyler in the hall outside his mother's room and takes him from the hospital saying they have to get out of there and lock themselves up before night.  As they are leaving, they run into Caroline who is there to see about Carol Lockwood.  Jules gives them a minute to talk.  When he tells her he and Jules need to get on the road she comments he's leaving again.  He left for a reason but she says the explanation must have gotten lost in the mail along with his goodbye.  He turns to leave and when she goes after him is overtaken by something that forces her to her knees.  Tyler turns to look at her and he, too, is overtaken.  Maddox steps from behind a car and Greta comes up behind Caroline and injects her with vervain.  Once both Caroline and Tyler are incapacitated, the two witches take them away.

A worried Matt calls Caroline saying they need to talk as it is important.  As he is hanging up, he sees Damon enter the Grill.  Damon goes to the bar and orders a drink.  Alaric sits down next to him and Damon admits he screwed up.  Klaus steps up next to the two men.  He warns Damon not to do anything he would regret regarding his doppleganger.  Damon asks if he could talk Klaus into a postponement of just one month by any chance.  Klaus laughs the thought away and tells him he has his vampire, his werewolf.  The ritual will happen that night as he has everything he needs.  If Damon wants to live to see tomorrow, he will not screw it up.  When Klaus leaves and Damon sits down Alaric asks "you're gonna screw it up, aren't you?".  Damon asks his friend if he thought that taking the werewolf out of the equation Elena would get over the fact he tried to turn her.  Alaric doesn't think it will matter as Damon will be dead.  Damon points out that without the werewolf the ritual cannot proceed so he will have at least bought Elena another month and Alaric reminds him he'll still be dead.  Damon asks him if he will help him or what.  After a second, Alaric asks Damon what he wants him to do.

Stefan and Elena are walking through the woods and he won't tell her where they are going.  He wants to talk about everything.  As she tells him she doesn't know how she is feeling a majestic waterfall comes into view.  As she is gazing upon it, Stefan says he thinks she does know how she feels and it is OK for her to tell him.  She maintains she can't talk about it.  He's fine with that as that day is about her and they've got a long way to the top of the mountain.  She asks if he can do one of his super-power vampire jumpy things and he replies that since it's her last day as a human, why cheat now and holds out his hand to her.  She takes his hand and the two begin their climb.

At Alaric's apartment, Katherine is going through the refrigerator for something to eat but finds the blood bags empty.  She hears a noise and it is Alaric opening the door.  He invites Damon into his apartment, something that doesn't make Katherine happy.  Damon tells her he gave her the vervain now he's there to collect.  He tells Alaric he can leave as only one of them needs the blame for this and that he should go back to the house to prevent Elena from handing herself over.  Damon asks Katherine where Klaus is keeping his werewolf as a dead werewolf means no ritual.  She warns him against interfering and he counters that she should like his plan as it will buy another month of her pathetic life.  She informs him she isn't the vampire Klaus is planning to sacrifice as he as Caroline and Tyler and she is in the clear.  Damon drops the news on her that Elena has vampire blood in her system and if she comes back as a vampire, Katherine will have to compete with her for Stefan's love forever.  Katherine tells him Klaus has Caroline and Tyler in the tomb.

In the tomb, Caroline awakens to find Tyler already awake.  Tyler asks if she's alright and she thinks she is and tries to free herself but cannot.  He already tried to do the same.  She tells him the witches vervained her and when he asks who they are, she says she thinks they are with Klaus.  He asks who that is and she realizes that he knows nothing of what is happening and what is going to happen and tells him he never should have come back.

As they walk, Elena tells Stefan Bonnie will have to make her a daylight ring.  She asks what the best part about being a vampire is and he tells her the feeling she can do anything, be anyone.  Beautiful things are more beautiful, everything is heightened and you can live and love more intensely and powerfully.  She asks the worst and he tells her she knows that.  She comments aside from the blood.  He stops and tells her anger becomes rage, when you're sad you are in despair, grief and loss can cripple you.  He explains that is why so many of them turn their emotions off because it can become too overwhelming.  He tells her for a while for him the good wasn't worth the bad.  She asks how long it was before he learned to handle both and he tells her he is still trying every day.  He asks what else she'd like to know but she wants to keep walking as they're just halfway to the top.

Klaus returns to Alaric's apartment as Katherine is pouring herself a cup of coffee.  He knows something is wrong and asks what she's been doing.  She simply tells him making coffee.  He grabs her by the throat and compels her to tell him.  Again, she tells him making coffee.  He releases her and tells her to give him her bracelet.  When she does, he orders her to stand by the window in the sunlight.  She says she'll burn but he replies she doesn't have a choice.  She does as he orders and, sure enough, she begins to burn.  He calmly drinks coffee as he watches her burning and listens to her screaming.  After a few seconds, he tells her that's enough and she moves out of the sunlight and he guessed he was wrong.  He proceeds to tell her he needs her to do something for him.

Damon walks through the woods near the tomb and is met by Maddox who asks which one Damon is trying to save:  the blond or the wolf and asks if he really thought Klaus would leave them unprotected.  Damon attacks him and takes him to the ground but Maddox is able to use his powers to throw Damon off.  Maddox gets to his feet and starts to kill Damon when a shot rings out from behind them.  Damon looks up to see Matt standing behind Maddox holding a rifle as the witch falls to his knees.  Damon breaks Maddox's neck and looks to Matt.  He asks what he's doing there and Matt wants to know where Caroline is.  When Damon doesn't give him an answer, Matt raises the rifle to him and asks again where she is.  Damon raises his hands saying he's there to rescue Caroline then moves in fast to disarm Matt and knock him out with the butt of the rifle.  As she's removing the bullets from the gun, he tells Matt he's lucky he's screwed up already one that day or he'd be dead.  He drops the gun on Matt's body and picks up the bullets to see they are wooden tipped.

Caroline has explained to Tyler that the Sun & Moon Curse is fake but Klaus still needs to do the sacrifice.  He asks if she thinks Klaus will kill them and she replies that she thinks so.  He tells her Jules has been helping him come to terms with what he is while he's been gone and how to deal with it but that none of it matters anymore.  She asks why he didn't say 'goodbye'.  He asks if she wants to talk about it now and she says if they're going to die she might as well know the truth and asks why he left her.  He tells her he knew she hated him and thought she deserved better than having someone like him in her life.  She explains she was hurt because he turned his back on her when she needed him but she could never hate him.  They hear the door to the tomb open and Damon walks in.  He tells her Matt is outside with a rifle loaded with wooden bullets and she has explaining to do.  Tyler asks if Matt knows and she truly believes he doesn't.  Damon shushes her and releases her from the chains holding her.  They start to leave but she will not go without Tyler.  Damon asks Tyler how fast he can get away from there as it's getting dark soon.  Tyler tells him if he can get to the Lockwood cellar and he can lock himself up.  Caroline assures Damon she'll help.  Damon bends next to Tyler and tells him "don't make me regret this" then frees him from his chains.

Stefan and Elena finally make it to the top of the mountain and look out upon the breathtaking view.  Seeing she is still saddened, he tells her she can say it; the thing she's been wanting to say but was afraid of how it would make him feel.  She doesn't want to say anything but he tells her it might make her feel better.  He says he knows this isn't the first time she thought about drinking vampire blood to survive and admits even he's thought about it a hundred times.  She asks if he thought about it before everything with Klaus.  He admits he did and that if it were his choice, he'd want to be with her forever.  She asks why he never brought it up to which he replies if he knew it were an option she would bring it up.  It would be selfish for him to ask.  She comments it didn't stop Damon.  Stefan agrees he shouldn't have done that but he did so because he loves her.  She feels since he did that to her, he doesn't really know what love is.  She goes on to say she doesn't know if she does.  She knows she loves Stefan but her future and their lives together were supposed to be things she dealt with as they came along.  Tearfully, she tells him she doesn't want to be a vampire, she never did.

As Damon, Caroline and Tyler leave the tomb, Matt is awakening beneath the full moon.  Caroline runs to him and helps him to his feet as Tyler falls to his knees and looks to the sky.  He tells them it is starting.  Damon orders Caroline to grab 'boy wonder' so they can go.

When Stefan and Elena return to the Salvatore house, Klaus is there to meet them.  He asks Elena if she is ready to go.  she starts to step from behind Stefan but he stops her.  Klaus warns him against interfering saying there's no reason for him to die too.  Elena tells Stefan it is fine.  She will go and no one needs to get hurt.  She kisses him, tells him she loves him.  He returns the sentiment and they kiss once more.  She asks him to close his eyes.  When he does, she moves away from him to Klaus.  When he opens his eyes, they are gone.

Stefan goes inside and finds Alaric.  Stefan asks where Damon is.  In the woods, Damon tells Tyler he better not wolf out on them when Stefan calls.  He asks Damon what he is doing and he replies 'saving the day' and to tell Elena to stay put.  Stefan tells him she's already gone as Klaus came and took her.  Damon tells him he'll take care of it and the two hang up.  Tyler collapses in pain as his transformation starts.  He tells them he doesn't know if he can hold it off and warns them to leave.  Caroline tells him everything will be ok but he yells at her to go.  He lunges up from the ground and attacks Damon.  The two struggle but Damon is able to throw Tyler off.  Damon tells Caroline he's fine and orders her and Matt to get to the Lockwood cellar since if it held Tyler in it will keep him out.  He gives Matt the wooden bullets telling him if it doesn't, use them as they will buy them a couple seconds.  They run toward the cellar as Tyler continues his transformation and Damon flees the woods.

Klaus returns to Alaric's apartment asking where Maddox is as he should be back by now.  Katherine doesn't know.  He starts watching footage on his computer as she asks where Elena is.  He tells her she is with Greta and that it's almost time.  The door to the apartment blows open and Damon enters.  He tells Klaus he must postpone the ritual because he rescued his vampire and werewolf and killed his witch.  He tells Klaus he can kill him for it, he doesn't care, but it was all him.  Klaus asks Katherine to give he and Damon a moment.  When she's gone he tells Damon he's heard of him, the crazy impulsive vampire in love with his brother's girl.  He knew one of the brothers would try to stop him but it was a guess on who.  He shows Damon the footage he's been watching and explains he has a backup plan.  Jules is now the werewolf he will be using for his ritual and that he has a backup vampire covered too.

Caroline and Matt make it into the Lockwood cellar and she locks them in as they hear growling.  Matt raises the gun as they see Tyler come into view.  Caroline talks to him to try and calm him but he lungs at the gate.

Katherine gives Damon, who is out cold on the floor, some blood that is left in one of the bags and he awakens.  She tells him Klaus is gone to do the ritual.  She apologizes saying she had to do it as Klaus would have known she was on vervain if she didn't.  He asks what and she tells him she was forced to call her to lure her out as he needed another vampire.  Damon asks who she called but she is reluctant to answer.

Elena and Greta are walking through the woods and Elena asks where they are going.  She asks Greta if she's Luka's sister, that she heard about her and Luka and Jonas were looking for her.  She tells Elena she wasn't lost.  When Elena stumbles and says she cannot see anything Greta lights fires around them to illuminate the path.  In front of them, Elena sees the body of a woman on the forest floor:  Jenna.  She doesn't feel a pulse and asks Greta why Klaus killed her as she did everything he asked.  Jenna sits up with a start and Greta explains Jenna isn't dead, she's in transition.

At Alaric's apartment Damon struggles to his feet saying Klaus should have used him.  Katherine says he couldn't and tells Damon Klaus said Damon was as good as dead.  Damon asks what that means and Katherine pushes the sleeve of his shirt up and asks what a bubbling patch of skin on his arm is.  Damon looks to her and tells her it is a werewolf bite.

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