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US Television: Vampire Diaries, Episode 2.18 "The Last Dance"

Vampire Diaries
Season Two, Episode Eighteen, The Last Dance
Original Air Date:  April 14, 2011

Klaus continues to inhabit Alaric's body and goes out to see Elena in person.  The school is hosting a 60's themed dance and Klaus sends a message to Elena that he will be there.  Stefan, Damon, Elena and Bonnie make plans to go after Klaus at the dance but they don't know he's in Alaric.  Damon and Bonnie have a plan to kill Klaus that may be the the death of Bonnie--literally.  Elena enacts a dangerous Plan B.

Klaus, inhabiting Alaric's body, goes through the closet to select something to wear and isn't impressed with the selection of clothing available to him.  He asks Katherine for her opinion and she tells him the dark colors suit him better.  He asks about the dagger and white ash and she tells him it was used to kill Elijah and he can be found in the Salvatore's basement.  Klaus wants the dagger to stay exactly where it as as the last thing he wants to do is resurrect Elijah.  Katherine reminds him that Alaric is on the outs with Jenna.  He asks what else and she informs him that's it.  He touches her hair and she shrinks away asking him to just kill her as she's told him all she knows.  He believes that she believes that but wonders what they could be keeping from her.  He looks into her eyes and asks her to tell him.  She says they were wanting to see if there was a way Bonnie could kill an Original without the dagger.  He questions that Katherine said Bonnie didn't have her powers any longer and she replies that Bonnie doesn't, or didn't, she isn't sure as she's out of the loop since he kidnapped her.  Again, she begs him to kill her an be done with it.  He tells her that since he spent 500 years searching for her, her death will last at least half that long.  He holds out a knife and tells her he wants her to stab herself with it.  She takes the knife and plunges it into her leg.  He tells her to take it out.  While he's gone, he wants her to do that over and over and over again.  If she gets bored, switch legs.  He's going to go see Elena.  He kisses her lightly on the forehead and tells her to not look so glum as her fun is just beginning.

Elena signs the paperwork making her the sole owner of the Salvatore home.  She tells Bonnie the house is all hers, for now, and she is the only person who can invite a certain type of person inside.  Damon questions whether or not Bonnie can take on Klaus and Stefan says Bonnie feels she can channel enough witches power to kill him, something Elijah, an Original, thought would work.  Damon asks if she can do a witch tracking spell to find Klaus.  Stefan tells him she can't without something that belongs to Klaus.  Damon asks his brother if he thinks Klaus killed Katherine.  Stefan feels he probably has.  When Mr. Henry, the man who oversaw the change-over of the Salvatore home to Elena, leaves, Stefan and Damon try to come inside and cannot.  Elena cordially invites Stefan into the house.  She turns to Damon and asks him if she lets him in does he promise to obey the owner of the house.  When he says 'no', she tells him he promised she called the shots, no lies, no secret agendas.  He agrees and she invites him into the house.  When both brothers are inside, Elena puts her coat on and Stefan asks where she's going.  She tells him to school and both Damon and Stefan tell her they didn't create a safe house for her to leave it.  She appreciates what they're doing and can sleep well at night knowing she's safe there but she won't be a prisoner.  Bonnie assures them that she's ready.  If Klaus shows, she can take him.  As she and Bonnie head out the door, Stefan tells them he's coming with them.

Matt arrives at the Forbes home and Liz tells him Caroline left early for school.  He doesn't know what to do around Caroline and Liz tells him he can't let Caroline know that he knows.  He asks about the dance Caroline wants him to take her to.  Liz tells him to take her to the dance, something he feels he can't do as Caroline will figure him out.  She warns him that if what Caroline said was true, she isn't the only one.  The Salvatore brothers are vampires and the Gilbert family is in on it and Tyler Lockwood is god-knows-what (Matt kindly supplies werewolf).  There isn't anyone in the town she can trust.  She needs to take some time to figure out what to do.  He again expresses doubts and Liz assures him that Caroline believes he doesn't remember anything.  She asks him to buy her some time.

In class, Elena shows Stefan a poster for the 60's themed dance coming up and he shakes his head 'no'.  She shows it to Bonnie who gives her a nod then turns back to Stefan with a smile.  Alaric enters the classroom and asks what they are learning today.  A girl in the front mentions they've been covering the 60's all week since there is a decade dance that night.  He gets a look at Elena before turning to the board to write "the 60's".  He turns around and starts mentioning things that happened in the 1960's and mentions "Watergate".  Elena corrects him that was the 70's and calls him "Rick".  When everyone looks at her she calls him "Mr. Saltzman".

Preparations are being made for that nights decade dance and Caroline arrives to help.  She sees Matt and goes to talk to him.  He kisses her and tells her he's just practicing for tonight.  Jeremy asks Bonnie if she told anyone what it will take for her to do the Klaus spell.  She hasn't and tells him he will tell no one, either.  He tells her she can't do it since harnessing the power of 100 dead witches will kill her.  She tells him she's going through with it and if he tells anyone.  He interrupts her asking what she will do but she doesn't answer.  Elena walks up and asks if he's alright at the house alone with John.  She then asks about Jenna and he tells her it looks like she's staying on campus.  He tells her he's late for class then leaves.  Elena sits down and asks Bonnie what is going on.  Bonnie explains that she told him he had to dress up tonight and he got uptight.  Dana (Anna Enger) walks up to the table and tells Elena what she has to say will sound freaky but a totally hot guy wanted to know if she (Elena) was going to the dance that night.  Bonnie tells her to tell the guy Elena has a boyfriend.  Dana says Elena needs to look the guy up at the dance and tells her his name is Klaus.  Bonnie asks Dana if he's there and she doesn't know, but he wants to know if Elena will save him the last dance.  Bonnie knows Dana has been compelled.

Elena and Bonnie go back to the Salvatores with the news Dana brought her at lunch.  Damon wants them to find Klaus at the dance but Stefan points out they don't even know what Klaus looks like.  A knock sounds at the door and Alaric enters the house.  Damon tells him to put him down as a chaperon at the dance as Klaus has made his first move.  Elena asks what the plan of attack is once they find Klaus.  Bonnie speaks that up that she's the plan as he has no idea how much power she can channel.  She assures them if they can find him, she can kill him.  Alaric says it won't be easy as Klaus is the biggest, baddest vampire around.  Damon agrees and moves towards Bonnie who extends her hand and knocks him back impressing everyone in the room.  Bonnie says it doesn't matter if Klaus is an Original, she can take down anyone who comes at her.

Klaus returns to Katherine, who has been stabbing herself, saying that Bonnie is aiming to kill.  He tells Maddox (Gino Anthony Pesi) they are going to have to kill her.  Under a false bottom in one of Alaric's clothes drawers he finds crossbows, wooden bullets and automatics.  He removes a crossbow from the drawer and asks Katherine who Alaric is again and she tells him he's the local vampire hunter.  Klaus tells Maddox he wants him to take Bonnie out at the dance that night but Maddox warns him if she has a great deal of power she can sense him coming from a mile away and can't get near her.  Klaus will have to kill her himself.  Maddox warns him that no witch can handle channeling that much power and it will kill Bonnie.  He has to make her use it.  All he must do is keep attacking her until it kills her.  Alaric's body will last longer than Bonnie's as he (Maddox) can help him with a protection spell.

That night, Caroline is ready to go to the dance when her mother arrives home.  Caroline asks her mother if everything is alright and Liz writes it off to work stress.  Matt arrives to take Caroline to the dance and Liz wishes them fun.

Elena and Stefan are getting ready to go to the dance and he tells her it isn't too late to back out.  She admits she had all but convinced herself Klaus wasn't real.  Stefan tells her they will put an end to him that night.  She kisses him and tells him she loves him.  He remarks that he wants her to tell him that when the nights over.

At the dance, Alaric moves through the crowd of students casually.  He stops to talk with Dana and her date, Chad.  He asks them if he and his friends would like to earn a little extra credit.  Outside the dance, Jeremy stops Bonnie and takes off his Gilbert ring telling her he wants her to have it.  She jokes but he's serious.  She tells him the ring won't work on him.  When he comments it was made by a witch she says it was, yes, but to protect from the supernatural not for someone who is.  He feels he must do something but she tells him because a bunch of dead witches gave her a warning doesn't mean she will die.  She says she can't explain it but she can feel them.  She's in power and she knows she can do it.  As they hug, she sees Damon arriving over Jeremy's shoulder.  She says his name and he replies 'evening' and walks away.  Elena and Stefan arrive and the two girls embrace.

Inside, Dana is on the stage and tells the crowed there is a special shout out that night for Elena from Klaus.  Elena says she knows everyone there.  Damon suggests they should blend and let him come to them, something Bonnie agrees with.  She drags Jeremy onto the dance floor despite his protests.  Damon sees Alaric and goes to speak with him leaving Elena with Stefan.  Alaric comments about the message from Klaus and Damon says he isn't impressed then tells Alaric to let him know if he sees anything out of whack and moves through the crowd.  Elena sees Caroline arrive and says they have to tell her what's going on.  Stefan says he's on it and motions for Damon to come watch over Elena.  He and Elena start dancing.  Caroline takes Matt onto the dance floor and he looks at her strangely.  Stefan steps up to them and asks if he can steal Caroline for a minute.  Matt says he doesn't and goes to get them something to drink.  Stefan tells her Klaus is there and to keep her eyes open for anything weird.  Damon steps into the dance between Jeremy and Bonnie.  When Jeremy has gone, Bonnie asks him if he heard her and Jeremy talking.  He asks if it's true and she confirms it.  He asks if she'd lay everything on the line for Elena and with all that power if there isn't a way to increase her odds.  She tells him he should be careful as she might start to think he actually cares.  Jeremy and Elena watch Damon and Bonnie dancing and she asks what they are up to.  Jeremy says 'who knows' and she asks if he's fine.  He throws his cup down and walks away.

In the hallway, Stefan catches up to Jeremy telling him Elena thinks they should all stick together.  He tells Stefan he's fine as he has his ring but Stefan knows there's a problem.  Jeremy tells him about Bonnie.  He asks Stefan what he's supposed to do.

Everyone is having fun at the dance when Elena tells Bonnie they need to talk to her.  Damon, who is on the dancefloor, over hears Elena.  Stefan accosts Damon on the dancefloor and asks if he knew Bonnie was on a suicide mission.  Stefan has told Elena and he tells Damon he promised no more secrets.  Damon changed his mind.  Elena is angry and tells Bonnie it isn't an option, which Bonnie remarks is their only option.  Elena wants to find another way.  Bonnie asks if the situation was reversed, would Elena do it for her.  Her lack of an answer is all Bonnie needs.  Elena still tells her 'no'

Chad, and two of his friends accost Jeremy in the school hallway and pick a fight with him.  The three of them gang up on Jeremy and give him a pretty good beating.  Damon and Stefan run to Jeremy's defense and one of Chad's friends shoots Damon in the shoulder with an arrow using Alaric's bow.  The other two also have some of Alaric's weapons.  Stefan and Damon get the upper hand knowing Klaus has compelled the boys.  Damon wants to kill them but Stefan tells him not to as it's a distraction.  He sends Damon to find Bonnie and Elena while he takes care the boys.

Outside, Alaric goes up to Bonnie and Elena and tells them Klaus has Jeremy and to follow him, which they do.  Elena feels something isn't right and Bonnie asks where Jeremy is.  Alaric stops walking and starts talking about preferring the 20's over the 60's.  Elena asks Alaric if he's on vervain.  He says "I am not Alaric." and Elena figures out it is Klaus in Alaric's body.  He tells Elena he's not there to hurt her as she isn't on his hit list that night and looks to Bonnie and tells her she is.  He flies toward her and she knocks him back.  He tells her he knows a witch and she's going to have to hit him a lot harder than that.  She does and throws him down the hallway and into a sports display case.  Again, he gets up telling her to fire away because if she kills that body he will get a new one.  Bonnie tells Elena to run and the girls take off.  Bonnie closes the doors behind them and they meet with Damon in the hall.  Elena tells him Klaus is in Alaric's body.  He tells Elena to find Stefan now.  When she's gone he asks Bonnie if she can kil him and she tells him he has a protection spell.  He tells her she's got the power of 100 witches and she should break it.  She says she's trying but if she kills Alaric he'll possess someone else.  She knows that Klaus is trying to kill her because she has her powers.  He tells her Klaus does not win that night and asks if she's still willing to do whatever it takes to kill him.  She nods her head.

Elena re-enters the party to search for Stefan and Caroline sees her frantically searching and asks if she's alright.  As she's with Matt, Elena tells her she is and says she's looking for Stefan.  Caroline asks what's wrong.  Elena tells her to stay with Matt.  When she sees Stefan, Elena runs to him.

Bonnie opens the doors to the school hall and walks down to the end and into a room.  Alaric is sitting there waiting for her with a knife in his hands.  He asks what took her so long and if she wants to do it the easy or hard way.  She breaks his hand causing the knife to fall to the floor.  He stands and says "the hard way, got it".  She continues inflicting pain and injury to Alaric's body and Klaus asks if she'd kill her favorite history teacher.  She replies it is what Alaric would want and he'd want Klaus to suffer first.  Her nose is starting to bleed and he makes comment of her condition asking if that's all she's got.  She says let's find out.

Elena and Stefan meet Damon in the hall and she asks where Bonnie is.  Damon tells them she's doing what she has to do.  Stefan asks where she is and Damon tells him to let her do this.  Again, Stefan asks where she is.

Bonnie takes Alarics knees out and he falls to the floor.  Papers fly off the boards around him and the lights flicker.  He tries to get to his feet again and she puts him down yet again.  Elena and Stefan run through the hall toward the room where Bonnie is confronting Klaus.  When they reach the room, Elena screams "Bonnie, no!" as Bonnie sees her friends and closes the door so they cannot enter.  She attacks Alaric two more times and looks back to Elena who, along with Stefan, is beating on the doors trying to get into the room.  Alaric gets to his feet and Bonnie crumples to the floor.  The doors open and Stefan and Elena run to her.  As Elena is seeing to her friend, Stefan looks around the room and Alaric/Klaus is nowhere to be found.  Elena cannot find a pulse on Bonnie and she isn't breathing.  Elena begs Stefan to give Bonnie blood but he tells her it is too late.  Elena keeps begging for her friends life as Damon steps into the doorway.  He tells Stefan to get Elena out of there and he'll deal with the body.  Elena angrily asks "what you do mean 'deal with it'".  He tells her the sheriff can't know about it.  Damon demands Stefan to get Elena home now and let him clean it up.  Stefan helps Elena to her feet and she starts saying Jeremy's name.  Damon tells her he'll find him.  When they are gone, Damon closes Bonnie's eyes.  Damon delicately places Bonnie's body in the trunk of his car as Jeremy comes running up to him.  He asks where Elena and Bonnie are.  Damon tells him they need to have a little talk.

At home, Elena blames herself for Bonnie's death.  Stefan tells her it was Klaus; he did it.  Damon arrives home and Elena asks what he did with Bonnie.  He tells Stefan to calm her down.  He tells her to calm down.  She asks if he knew Bonnie would die if she harnessed all the power and he admits he did.  She slaps him.  He looks at her sternly and tells her she needs to listen to him and prepare for what he's about to say.  As Damon talks to Elena, Jeremy is at the old plantation home with Bonnie's body which is on the floor surrounded by candles.  Damon tells Elena Bonnie had to die.  Klaus using Alaric's body was a surprise and she wasn't prepared for that.  He wasn't going to stop and they weren't going to be able to stop him until he knew Bonnie was dead.  He had to believe it.  As Jeremy is lighting more candles, Bonnie awakens.  He goes to her and takes her in his arms.  Damon continues telling Elena that Bonnie cast a spell and she's alright.  He turns and walks away.

Stefan goes after Damon and tells him he could have told him to which Damon replies how can he know when Stefan will go blabbing things to his girlfriend.  Stefan asks if Damon understands what he put Elena through.  Damon says that's why he never told him because Stefan wouldn't have been able to do it.  Damon tells him he doesn't mind being the bad guy and making all the life and death decisions while Stefan worries about collateral damage.  He'll even let Elena hate him for it.  At the end of the day, Damon will be the one to keep Elena alive.

Jeremy asks Bonnie if she's sure it is safe at the old plantation and she is.  He hooks Internet up to a laptop and she tells him he doesn't need to stay there with her.  He tells her he won't let her out of his sight.  She asks him to talk to Elena for her.  Tell her how sorry she is for what she and Damon had to do.  Jeremy pulls Elena on video up on his computer and tells Bonnie to tell her herself.  Bonnie tearfully apologizes to Elena and her friend readily forgives as she just needed to see Bonnie's face to know she's truly alright.

Later, Elena goes to see Damon and he again tells her Klaus had to think Bonnie was dead and her reaction had to be real.  She tells him she understands why he did what he did.  She wants to get one thing straight with Damon:  she will not let Bonnie die for her.  He tells her they need to kill Klaus--the real Klaus--who he feels will probably be coming to pay Elena a visit now that he knows Bonnie is dead.  Damon tells Elena that Bonnie is the only one who can do it.  She insists they'll find another way and he replies that he hopes so.  She tells him she shouldn't have hit him and he says "apology accepted.  Damon wants to be clear about something:  if it comes down to her and the witch again, he'll gladly let Bonnie die.  He will always choose Elena.  She tells him goodnight and leaves his room.

Elena goes to the basement where Elijah is and opens the door.  She removes the dagger from his body and sits back against the wall

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