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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.20 "Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Twenty, Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)
Original Air Date:  April 11, 2011

McGarrett and Danny go hiking in the mountains but get more than they bargain for when they find a dead boy.  The investigation takes Five-O into a possible connection to drug running via fishing boats.  Things become complicated when the evidence leads them to a runaway suspect in the murder of a college girl.  Meanwhile, Kono and Chin Ho must deal with the impending death of their Auntie Mele.  For Chin, the situation is even more tense because of his past troubles with the police department.

Danny and McGarrett are hiking in the Ko'Olau Mountain Range in O'ahu, a place McGarrett's father brought him every year as a child.  They're there to see the petroglyphs which Danny says is a fancy name for graffiti etched in rocks.  McGarrett gets Danny to stop talking for a bit so they can enjoy the breathtaking view around them.  He tells Danny he found another envelope on his doorstep yesterday morning containing an old matchbook that used to be in his father's toolbox.  Danny asks if he thinks Wo Fat sent it but McGarrett isn't sure.  Steve insists he's going to find out what the final case his father was working on was.  Danny doesn't think that explains why someone keeps sending the case evidence back to McGarrett.  Steve thinks someone might be trying to lead him back to Wo Fat.  Or, as Danny suggests, Wo Fat is trying to lure Steve McGarrett.  They continue walking until they reach the petroglyphs and McGarrett explains them to Danny.  McGarrett becomes interested in something over Danny's shoulder and goes to the edge of the rocks.  Someone is at the bottom.  Steve takes off his pack and calls to the person.  When there is no answer, he takes a rope from his pack and repels down to find the man is dead.

Upon closer examination, McGarrett finds the man has a gunshot wound with very little blood.  Danny looks around and finds no action or sign of struggle and suggests someone dumped him which McGarrett thinks was from a plane or helicopter.  Steve moves out of the way so Danny can take a picture of the man then tells Steve to come back up so they can call the crime scene unit.  Steve needs Danny to take up the slack in the rope as he climbs up.  As Steve is making his way back up to Danny, a large rock breaks free and hits him in the face knocking him to the rocks below with the dead man.  Danny calls to his friend who is on his stomach looking over the rock cliffs.  Danny tells him not to move but Steve insists he's good and manages to sit up, although he thinks his arm is broken.  He asks Danny to send the rope down but it is snagged on a branch.  There isn't any cell service where they are and Steve tells Danny he has to reach the summit before he can call a Medivac team.  Before leaving, Danny throws Steve's pack down and tells him not to move.  Steve gives his friend one last warning to be careful as the mountain is really steep.

When Danny leaves, Steve takes a knife from his pack and cuts his shirt sleeve back to get a better look at his arm which is indeed broken.  He grabs a nearby stick and breaks it off then tapes it to his arm for a splint.  Danny runs up the mountain a way then stops to check for service, which he doesn't have then continues on up.  Steve takes his cell phone from his pack and turns the recorder on and begins making notes about the dead man in front of him.  He has a small caliber gunshot, through and through.  He sees something unusual around the exit wound and, upon further investigation, finds they are fish scales.

At Five-O Headquarters, Kono is talking on the phone, visibly upset.  After she hangs up, she goes to Chin Ho's office to tell him their Auntie Mele (Elizabeth Sung) is in hospice as her kidney's are shutting down.  Chin Ho doesn't know if it's a good idea for him to go by and she tells him if he's worried about what their Uncle Keako (Sab Shimono) will think, don't.  He called and made her promise to bring Chin Ho by the house that night.  A call from Danny comes in and Chin Ho answers.  Danny tells them about Steve's injury.  Chin Ho triangulates their coordinates off the cell phone signal and tells Danny he will contact Army EVAC.  Kono gets their location and Danny adds they need a crime scene unit as soon as possible as well because they found a body.  He sends her the picture he took of the body and she tells him she'll run the picture through the system for a possible I.D.  Chin Ho returns to tell Danny the EVAC chopper is on its way and Danny tells them he's heading back.

Steve looks upward as the sound of thunder erupts.  When Danny returns he tells Steve Army EVAC is on its way.  Steve is worried that if it starts raining the mountain will turn into a big mudslide.  Danny is going to go down and untangle the rope and bring it to Steve.  Slowly, he makes his way down and manages to get the rope untangled.  Steve grabs hold of the rope and secures it to his climbing gear.  Using his one good arm to help him, he climbs the rocks as Danny pulls on the rope from above.  As Steve makes it to the top with Danny, the Army EVAC chopper, with Chin Ho on board, comes into view.  A man comes down and prepares McGarrett to go back to the chopper then the two go up as Steve thanks Danny.  Danny returns the thanks by pointing to himself, drawing a heart in the air then pointing to Steve.

Chin Ho and Danny return to Five-O headquarters where Chin Ho tells Kono Steve shattered his forearm and got some nasty gashes from the fall.  Kono has gotten an I.D. on the body, Jack Leung (Joji Yoshida), who was 53-year-old and worked a fishing boat with his son, Sean (James Kyson Lee).  Danny has an evidence bag of fish scales that were found around the gunshot wound and says the fishing boat would explain those.  Chin Ho speculates since they were found around the wound they might have been transferred pre-body dump.  Danny theorizes if they could identify the scales they might get close to their primary crime scene.  Chin Ho as a friend who is an ichthyologist at the University and might be able to help.  Jack Leung was a law-abiding citizen until three days prior when he was arrested on charges of assaulting another fishboat captain, Sal Groves (Evan Jones) at the docks.  Sal Groves is also a licensed helicopter pilot.

Danny, Chin Ho and Kono go to Pier 36 in Honolulu Harbor.  Danny asks Kono to speak with Leung's son, Sean, while he and Chin Ho speak with Groves.  When Kono finds Sean Leung, he is teaching a young boy how to tie a knot.  Kono identifies herself as and officer and Sean sends the boy elsewhere to work on the knot.  She tells him his father was found that morning.  He tells her the last time he saw his father was yesterday when the older Leung took the boat out for a short run and got in some nice fish Sean was able to take to market.  When she asks if he saw anything unusual he mentions finding his laptop on.  His father rarely used cell phones or computers.  She asks about Jack's altercation with Groves and Sean admits his father wouldn't say anything to him as he didn't want his son to get involved as he said he was taking care of it.

Danny and Chin Ho find Sal Groves on his boat.  When Chin Ho raises his badge and identifies them as Five-O and orders him to cut his engines he revs them up to make a run for it.  Danny and Chin Ho take off running and jump onto the boat as it comes near the docks.  They draw their weapons and order Groves to put his hands up, which he does.  Danny tells Groves to sit with him while Chin Ho searches the boat to which Groves says he can't search without a warrant.  Chin Ho enters the boat with Groves yelling to him.  Danny shows Groves a picture of Jack Leung and tells him they found him dead that morning.  Groves tells Danny Leung attacked him.  Chin Ho remarks he's got something and returns carrying a gun and a large bag containing crystal meth, both of which Groves maintains do not belong to him.  Chin Ho tells him if he talks with them and cooperates, they might be able to take down the big fish in the drug bust before they can find him (Groves) and kill him.  Reluctantly, Groves agrees.  He tells them Leung wouldn't go along with the drug business that was going on.  The fishing boats pick up drugs from container ships.  The men they were dealing with didn't like that Leung wouldn't cooperate and told Groves he had to get Leung in or they would take the business elsewhere.  While he admits he might have hit him a couple of times with a baseball bat, he insists he didn't kill Leung.  Chin Ho states that Leung found out about the drugs and threatened to call police.  Groves says "no, he just didn't want his kid involved".  Chin Ho tells him they will run the gun to see if it matches the one that killed Leung, then takes Groves in.

At headquarters, Danny is uncertain if Groves is the killer or not as his GPS put him 50 miles out to see at the time and the bank owns the helicopter Groves used to have.  From Leung's computer, Kono was able to find browsing history on the Jordan Rutherford case.  Two months prior, Jordan Rutherford was accused of strangling Vicki Hailama during spring break but disappeared the day he became a suspect.  She brings up a news story regarding the Hailama family press conference.  Chin Ho arrives with an identification on the fish scales:  etelis carbunculus or uhu as the locals know it.  The fish are rare and only one load of them were sold that day and they came from Leung's boat.  Danny says Leung was killed on his own boat while Groves was off catching tuna.  Chin was able to track the fish to a new restaurant.  He was thinking the killer may have left some evidence on the fish.  Kono's phone rings.  When she finishes the conversation, she goes back to Chin to tell him Auntie Mele will not make it through the night.  Danny tells them to go as Steve is on his way back and they will go see about the fish.

In Kaneohe Bay in Windward, Oahu, Kono and Chin arrive at the home of their aunt and uncle.  Everyone stops talking and looks at Chin when he walks through the door.  Their uncle comes downstairs and looks at Chin then embraces Kono.  He turns to Chin and extends his hand and the two men shake hands.  He tells them Auntie Mele is in the bedroom and heavily sedated but she will be happy to see them.  They go in to see her and when Chin sits down on her beside, she looks to him and tells him she's so glad he came.  She asks Chin to promise her he will look after Uncle when she's gone, which he does.  Uncle comes in and tells Chin he needs to talk to him.  Chin tells his aunt he will be back, kisses her cheek then leaves with his uncle.  When the men have gone, Mele tells Kono is it up to her to make the thing between Uncle and Chin Ho right.  Kono looks up to see the men talking across the hall and tells her aunt Chin won't talk to her about it.  Mele tells her everything was fine between them until she got sick and then Chin was dismissed from the force.  Kono asks if she thinks those two things are related and her aunt admits she's afraid to ask.  Kono can hear the men talking in the other room and looks up again.

Kamekona picks Steve up from King's Medical Center but had to stop to pick up ice first as there was a "big sale" on it.

As Kono and Chin are driving back from seeing their aunt, she tells him their aunt knows the thing between he and Uncle has something to do with him being kicked off the force and that she heard them arguing about money.  He tells her she heard wrong.  She thinks it was Uncle who took the money from the locker and Chin Ho took the fall but she hasn't figured out why yet.  He tells her to drop it and she pulls the car over.  He implores him not to lie to her now and asks if she's right or not.  After a moment, he tells her that Auntie got sick and needed a kidney but it is hard to get on the transplant list there in the islands.  Kono mentions she did get a kidney, though.  He tells her she didn't get it how Uncle said she did.  Uncle knew people in China who were able to get Auntie a kidney on the black market but no one in the family had that kind of money.  Chin didn't know Uncle was going to take the money but he did what he had to do.  She asks why he took the fall.  He questions what he was supposed to do; watch Uncle go to jail.  Crying, she tells him he's a cop and is supposed to tell the truth.  He says sometimes things aren't so simple.  He promised Uncle that Auntie would be shielded from everything and he kept his promise.  Kono tells him when Auntie passes he will tell the truth and asks if that is what Uncle wants.  He admits it is but wonders what good it will do.  He's finally found a home with Five-O and whatever happened, happened.

At Morimoto's restaurant, Steve and Danny arrive to speak with Chef Morimoto (Masaharu Morimoto), who is singing karaoke.  They introduce themselves and ask to see the fish they purchased that morning.  Morimoto takes them to the kitchen and opens the container of fish.  Steve volunteers Danny to look through them as he can't get his cast wet.  Danny puts on a pair of gloves as Steve tells him to be thorough and check every fish in the box.  Danny takes the fish out of the box one by one and eventually comes to one with a bullet hole in it.  Steve digs the bullet out of the fish so Danny can get it to the lab.

McGarrett arrives back at headquarters and tells her he and Danny recovered a fired round from a .38, the same caliber as Groves gun, and ballistics is running it through as they speak.  She shows him evidence the lab found traces of jet fuel on Leung's shoes, clothing and skin.  The skin absorption rate indicates he came into contact with it hours before his death.  It is a new bio fuel and only one airstrip on the island uses it.  The lab traced it back High Blue Jet Charters.  Their web site says they "fly everywhere" including, as Steve points out, remote locations where you can dump a body.

At High Blue Jet Charters in Waialua, North Shore, Danny and Steve show the owner a picture of Leung.  He recognizes him and says he worked there on the graveyard shift doing refueling and maintenance.  He said he wanted to earn extra money and was always talking about his son and their fishing boat.  He worked last night.  Steve asks if anything out of the ordinary happened last night and he said Leung wanted to use the computer in the office regarding a flight manifest.  He says the ground crew sometimes gets interested in the people using the planes but they didn't have any VIP's come through last night.  When they look in Leung's locker, Danny finds a flight manifest.  The manifest is for a jet owned by the Lotus Leaf Holding Company doing a one-way charter to Hong Kong for one passenger of which there is no name.

At headquarters, Chin finds information on Lotus Leaf Holding Company.  It is several companies folded into one.  It looks like an import outfit with real estate holdings as well.  The primary on the corporation papers is Donald Rutherford (Wayne Duvall), the father of Jordan Rutherford.  Kono arrives with the ballistics report on the .38 from the fish.  It wasn't from Groves' gun.  It came from a gun sold at Ace Gun & Rifle, the owner is an ex-cop who registers the ballistics profile of every gun he sells.  The buyer was Donald Rutherford.  Steve tells them about the manifest he and Danny found and that he believes it was Jordan Rutherford on the plane.  Donald Rutherford followed Leung back to his boat and killed him to keep his son's secret safe.

Steve and Danny arrive at the Rutherford House on Diamond Head.  They ring the bell and Steve informs Rutherford they are from Five-O and would like a word.  He tells them he'll be right down but after they wait for a few seconds, Danny asks if Steve thinks he's running.  He does and kicks the front door in.  They enter the house, guns drawn and Steve calls out to Rutherford.  Their search doesn't turn him up but doors and windows are locked and shut so he must still be in the house.  Steve goes to the truck and gets a heat-sensing device and they search the house again.  They find he is in an underground room beneath the basement.  Danny opens the door while Steve stands, gun-ready for whatever they find.  They see stairs and Steve walks down them into an underground room where Donald Rutherford is waiting with his gun raised.  Steve orders him to put the gun down and turns the lights on.  Rutherford refuses to comply and tells them they have no idea how hard it is to see their sons name dragged through the papers and have him hunted.  Steve puts his gun away and he and Danny tell Rutherford about Leung and how he took on a second job to take care of his son.  Rutherford admits that after weeks of hiding his son and trying to get him out he wasn't going to let Leung mess things up.  They tell him what his son did, which Rutherford thinks of as only a stupid mistake, and he tells them his son is safe now.  As Danny reaches for a picture of Jordan, Donald Rutherford focuses his attention solely on Danny giving Steve the chance to move in and overpower him.

Kono tells Sean Leung and his family that his father was working at the airstrip to help pay for the boat.  She explains why his father died and tells him that because of what Jack Leung did, Jordan Rutherford was picked up by Hong Kong police and is being extradited to stand trial for murder.  He thanks her for the work she did.  Before she leaves, his son gives her the knot he was learning to tie from his father, the same knot Sean's father taught him.  She tells the boy his grandfather was a hero and he should always remember that.  Kono gets in the car with Chin and the two watch the Leung's boat go out to where Leung's ashes will be spread.

Danny and McGarrett are waiting for the plane bringing Jordan Rutherford from Hong Kong.  He's taken into custody as Vicki Hailama's parents look on.  At the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Five-O and Kamekona are having a celebratory dinner.  After Sandrine (Renee Nobriga) asks if she can sign Steve's cast, Danny and Steve are both telling her how Steve was injured (Danny saved Steve's life which is or isn't basically not true according to which story you believe).  Kamekona, wanting some of the pretty waitress's attention, improvises a cast of his own from a tablecloth.  As the group watches the fireworks, Chin Ho receives a call and gets up from the table.  Kono gets up to go to him and he tells her Auntie passed.

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