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US Television: Breakout Kings, Episode 1.5, "Queen of Hearts"

Breakout Kings
Season One, Episode Five, Queen of Hearts
Original Air Date:  April 3, 2011

When Leila Tomkins escapes from prison Charlie, Ray and the team must jump into action to prevent her from reaching her son, Taylor and harming him or anyone else.  They follow a long line of men Leila has conned and used to escape hoping one of them will lead them to her.  Meanwhile, Lloyd is dealing with his own problems as his prison gambling debts have grown to $800 and he's been given the ultimatum of pay up or be killed.

At Bixell Correctional Facility in Bedford, New York, Leila Tomkins is pacing nervously back and forth telling herself to "smile, everything's gonna be fine".  A guard, Eddie, comes to get her saying the warden wants to see her.  They go to a deserted room where they begin kissing and she asks him if he "brought it", which he replies he did.  He gives her a garment bag and she tells him to not go anywhere while she goes to change clothes.  She puts on the suit and heels he has brought for her and goes back to him.  She takes a cell phone from her pocket, causing him to ask where she got it from.  She tells him from another friend and shows him the phone that has a picture of his son on it.  She tells him if he wants to see his son outside of a pine box she needs to be in town in a half hour.  Eddie pushes her against the shelf but she warns him against taking any action.  She tells him she's already thought of how he can get her out.  A Scared Straight program is going on at the visiting block and it ends in 10 minutes.  Reluctantly, he complies.  As he's walking her outside, he tells her she will get caught but she assures him she'll make it out just fine.  She tells him to keep the other guards busy or his son dies and she threatens the woman ushering the Scared Straight participants onto the bus with death ensuring her a place on the bus.

At Maybelle Minimum Security Prison in Hudson, New York, Lloyd is discussing Greek mythology with three men he's playing cards with.  Shea comes to get him as they've been called to work.  Lloyd has lost the game (he had three queens and an opponent had a full house).  Lloyd starts to leave and the man who won stops him wanting his money.  He wants the money in his prison account that night or he will kill Lloyd.  Lloyd owes the man $800 and the man is more than willing to go back to a maximum security prison before he will let Lloyd disrespect him.

At the office, Charlie gives the team the details about Leila Tomkins.  She was five years into a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for stabbing her second husband 48 times.  Her first husband died in a house fire of which she was a suspect but she was never convicted of his death.  He warns them she is extremely dangerous.  Ray asks Julie to pull of Leila's visitation log, a request she had already put it.  Charlie continues that Leila's only lifeline is her 14-year-old son who is currently in foster care in New Jersey.  The FBI is at his foster families home in the event she tries to contact him.  Charlie notices Lloyd isn't paying attention and questions him on the age of Leila's daughter.  Lloyd responds she was 3 causing Charlie to tell him again to pay attention.  Erica mentions an old cellmate of hers from Bixell who could give her whatever information she might have on Leila and Charlie asks her to contact her.  The guard, Eddie Vaughn, arrives at the office carrying a box containing Leila's property.  Charlie takes him aside and Julie tells Ray he has a call from Teresa.  When he tells her he'll call her back, Shea questions him on who Teresa is.  He responds for him not to worry about it.  Charlie comes back into the room to tell the team Leila has four hours on them and they need to step it up.  Lloyd calls Shea aside and tells him he got taken in the card game he was playing earlier that morning and that the man who won told if he didn't pay up the $800 he would kill him.  He asks Shea if he could do something about it which Shea declines.

In the interview room, Eddie denies having a relationship with Leila when Ray questions him on it.  He maintains he brought the outfit in because she threatened his family.  Erica knocks on the door pulling Charlie from the interview.  When he returns, he asks Eddie if there are any nicknames the female Bixell inmates call him.  Eddie claims he doesn't know of any even though Charlie mentions one.  Ray tells him if he will be honest with them he won't have to talk with them again as they aren't investigating sexual misconduct at the prison, yet.  Eddie admits his wife has been going through some health issues and they haven't been intimate.  Charlie interrupts him wanting to know if he brought the teachers outfit in voluntarily.  He admits he did but says he didn't know she would use it to escape.  He tells them she told him another friend gave her the cell phone and he swears he has no idea how she got the picture of his son.  He says a lot of men Leila claimed were lawyers were visiting her trying to get her conviction overturned and he saw her kiss one of them.  He checked into the man and found out he was Lucas Harold, a go-kart track manager from Hempstead.  He claims she never talked about what she would do if she got out and never talked about her son.  He tells them she had told him she would be on a beach soon drinking a cocktail she would send him a postcard.

Julie went through Leila's belongings and found a travel guide to the Caribbean.  Charlie orders her to check train stations, Port Authority, airports and all other travel methods making sure to send her mug shot to each one.  She should also send the mug shot to every U.S. Embassy in every country that has a beach on it and go through the travel magazines to see if there are any missing or dog-eared pages.

In Hempstead, New York, the team arrives at the go-kart track managed by Lucas Harold.  Lloyd notices several teenage boys standing by the track and tells Ray there is something off with their body language; they are hiding something.  Charlie sends Lloyd and Erica to investigate the boys while he, Ray and Shea talk with Lucas Harold.  Lucas is worried something happened to Leila when they ask when he saw her last and when told she escaped the first thing he asks is if she's alright.  He tells them they met through a prison pen pal program and the two of them are in love, which causes Shea to laugh.  Outside, Lloyd asks the boys if they are going to take a couple laps around the track.  When one replies they are, he asks if they would like to put a wager on it.  Erica pulls him away asking what he's doing.  He tells her about owing the money at Maybelle and what will happen if he doesn't pay up.  He tries to convince her it's her problem too as they are a one-for-all team but she corrects him that it is only the team's problem when one tries to escape, not gets killed over prison debts.  Lloyd's phone rings and it is his mother.  She asks Lucas if he bought Leila a house, car or vacation spot and he replies "no" to all.  They do share a bank account which he can access from his work computer.  Lloyd argues with his mother when she will not loan him the money he needs.  She tells him to take responsibility and hangs up on him.  Lucas accesses his joint account with Leila and finds it is overdrawn by $8,127.00.  When Lloyd and Erica rejoin the team, Charlie tells them about Leila draining Lucas' account from a mall in Valley Stream.  Ray asks about the kids and both Lloyd and Erica tell him they are fine. 

Leila is with another man at a clothing shop.  He proposes to her and she accepts.  As he is gushing to the woman behind the register (Devon MacDonald), Leila glances to a small television behind the woman and sees there is a breaking news story about her escape on.  She calmly takes a pair of scissors from a cup near the register.  The sales lady glances back to the screen but the news story has changed and a weather update is now showing.  She hands the bag containing their purchase across the counter and Leila puts the scissors back in the cup and leaves with the man.

At Valley Stream Mall in Valley Stream, Long Island, Lloyd shows Leila's photo to a man working behind he counter in a gaming store (Ian Rayburn).  When he tells Lloyd he hasn't seen her, Lloyd questions him how much money he can get if he wins a game of 8-ball on the pool table behind him.  He says he'll even win two games in a row.  The clerk tells him gambling isn't allowed in the store causing Lloyd to leave in a huff.  At the clothing store where Leila and her friend made their purchases, Shea speaks with the sales clerk and shows her Leila's photo.  The woman tells him she was there.  He takes the information back to the team and tells them they should check out local motels.  Lloyd tells the team he isn't convinced Leila narcissistic personality disorder.  After he finishes, Shea tells him he just described himself.  Lloyd tells Charlie he can't completely pin down what Leila's game plan is as he doubts she'd be settling down with another dupe unless he was the dupe that would be getting her to the beach for the cocktail she told Eddie Vaughn about.  Ray returns with information that the man and Leila shopped at a store a few doors down from the shop where Leila was seen.  They bought $250 of clothing for a teen male.

In Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, the team arrives at the foster home of Leila's son and is met by the FBI agents protecting it.  There is clearly no love lost between Ray and the FBI agent in charge, Dingus.  Dingus is none too impressed with Ray and Charlie's team.  Charlie tells Dingus they want to talk with Leila's son, Taylor.  When he starts to walk inside, Dingus puts his hand up to stop him saying she hasn't been in contact with her son.  Charlie tells him they will ask him themselves and he should lower his hand or he will lower it for him.  Dingus gives them the names of the foster parents and the team enter the house.  Charlie asks Taylor how often he sees his mother which is once a year on her birthday.  They speak on the phone once a year on his birthday.  His foster parents haven't been in contact with Leila recently and the foster father admits they recently moved to terminate her parental rights so they could adopt him.  Lloyd feels that is the trigger that caused her to want to escape.  Ray tells Taylor his mother might try to contact him.  He says if she does he will let them know as long as they don't hurt her.  Charlie promises him they will not.  Lloyd asks if he can speak with Taylor in private.

In Tyler's bedroom, Lloyd talks about the "attachment theory" with him.  He tells Taylor about when he started harboring a lot of resentment against his mother and he is still making excuses for his mother years later.  He lets Taylor know he doesn't believe he will notify them if his mother contacts him.  He empathizes with him but tells him his own self-worth is the price he'll pay for covering for an unfit mother.  He writes his cell phone number on a pad of paper in the event Taylor wants to talk and notices he has a copy of the original Sandman comic on his desk.

In Colts Neck, New Jersey, Leila is with yet another man, Jeff, who tells her he got a call from the U.S. Marshal's about her.  She tells him that was expected and he should tell them he visited her in prison and that's it.  She picks up a bag and walks to a car.  He doesn't understand why she needs everything he put together for her and why she can't just stay with him.  She tells him she will stay with him the rest of her life but she needs to take care of a few things first.  As she's checking a gun on the front seat, he tells her he needs the car back the next day but she says she'll need it longer than that.  She asks if he wants her to get caught and threatens that when she does, she'll tell the police he provided everything for her.  He tells her he will not lie to the police.  She shoots him and gets in the car.

Charlie and the team arrive back at the office to find five men sitting there waiting on them.  Julie tells him they were five of Leila's repeat prison visitors from the last two months and she has calls into four others but hasn't heard from them yet.  Ray and Charlie begin interviewing the men and Lloyd assesses the remaining four.  Shea tells him to leave the men alone but Lloyd continues saying the attributes he described applies to millions of chat room users the world over causing Julie to close a chat window she had open on her computer.

In the interview room, one of them men tells Ray and Charlie Leila should never have been in prison to start with as her husband was abusive.  Charlie brings up the body they found in the park and Leila's first husband telling the man to wake up.  The man last saw her two weeks ago when she broke up with him.  As Charlie is leading the man out, another, Gabe Prescott, the man who was with Leila at the mall, arrives.  He drops his keys as Charlie is leading him to the interview room.  When he bends to pick them up, Erica notices his clothing.  She goes to Julie's desk so she can listen to Gabe's interview.  Gabe refuses to tell Charlie and Ray anything.  When he gets up to leave Charlie pushes him back into the chair.  He half admits being at the mall with her and admits he took a photo of a kid and sent to her in prison but he didn't know what she wanted it for.  Charlie tells him they need either her location or the phone number to the cell phone she has on her.  He says he doesn't know where she is and tells them they will never find her.  Ray demands the cell phone number but he claims he can't remember it.  Lloyd, who is listening, says he's defending Leila due to some version of Stockholm Syndrome indicating she threatened his life at some point.  Erica tells him he's wrong and asks Julie to borrow a few things.  Charlie informs Gabe what the sentence for aiding and abetting an escape felon is and Gabe said Leila told him she was released on her own recognizance.  Ray tells him he got played and Gabe says he has nothing else to say to them.  Ray amps up the interview wanting to know where Leila is when Erica enters and tells the two men to take a walk.  When Charlie questions her she tells him to go.  Ray and Charlie leave the room leaving Erica with Gabe.  When he starts talking, she slaps the table telling him she didn't give him permission to speak.  She tells him to apologize and when he doesn't, slaps him.  He immediately apologizes.  She talks with him about the foundations of a slave/mistress relationship and lets him know the extra large underwear bought at the store was for him, not Leila.  Erica establishes domination over Gabe and gets him to give her Leila's cell phone number.

Julie tells Charlie it will be a half hour before she can get a trace of the cell phone activity.  He tells her she needs to think outside the box as Leila has already got too much time ahead of them and they need a lead.  Ray's phone rings and it is Teresa, his daughter.  He goes to see Charlie telling him Teresa is downstairs and asks if he can see her for five minutes.  Charlie readily agrees.  Lloyd asks Erica how she read Gabe Prescott.  She tells him the pink underwear beneath his jeans was a good start but it's all in the eyes.  He asks her what he's into then and she tells him whatever he can get as he's desperate.  He asks her if Gabe is now under her control.  When she guesses he is, he asks if she'll take her classy chassis in and command him to give Lloyd $800.

Downstairs, Ray meets with his daughter and she gives him a cupcake for his birthday asking if his office is doing anything special for his birthday.  He tells her everything is fine and he's working a case right now and can't stay long.  She asks if he's on track to be a Marshal again and he says maybe, if the stars line up.  She questions how long he'll be at the halfway house which he hopes isn't too much longer.  He won't let her visit him at the halfway house or see his office because there are too many lowlifes there.  He tells her she is the only thing he cares about.  Julie alerts Charlie that the call history has arrived on Leila's phone.  Shea goes to get Ray and Teresa introduces herself as Ray's daughter.  Ray hugs his daughter and she leaves.  When she's gone he tells Shea he doesn't want cons around his family.

The team arrives at Taylor's foster home is told the boy is upstairs taking a nap as he isn't feeling well.  Ray and Charlie go upstairs looking for Taylor as he has been in communication with Leila.  They enter his room and find the boy gone.  He was last seen by the FBI agents a half hour ago.  Downstairs, Ray finishes a call with Julie where he learned there was no signal on either Leila or Taylor's phones.  Julie calls Ray to tell him there's nothing about Lucas Harold or Gabe Prescott along the lines of real property.  She finds something for the first man they interviewed, Milt Langley.  He owns rental properties throughout New Jersey.

In Oradel, New Jersey, Leila and Taylor arrive at Milt Langley's home.  He's surprised to see her and tells her he told the Marshal's he didn't know where she was.  She tells him she needs a huge favor as she and her son needs to stay in one of his houses for a few weeks, someplace quiet.  She goes on to say she broke up with him because she needed him to be convincing if the cops questioned him but she loves him and never wants to be away from him.  When he mentions the other pen pals she claims the Marshal's were lying but he doesn't believe that.  Taylor wants to leave but Leila shushes him.  Langley tells her she has to leave.  She protests and he pushes her toward the door insisting she leaves.  She turns around and pulls her gun on him admit protests from Taylor.  The team arrive at Langley's home and ring the doorbell but receive no answer.  Erica looks in a window and sees Langley's body causing Ray to kick the door open.  They search the house but find no one.  Lloyd's phone rings and it is Taylor calling.  Lloyd puts the phone on speaker as Taylor tells him his mother shot someone.  He tells them they're at a trailer park owned by the guy she shot.  He is worried about her and doesn't know what to do as she won't listen to him.  As he's talking, Leila knocks on the door.  Lloyd tells him to get out of the house as she might be suicidal and if he stays he may be hurt as well.  He says he can't just leave her and hangs up.

In Toms River, New Jersey, the team arrive at the trailer park where Leila and Taylor are.  Charlie knows they need to get Leila away from Taylor so he will not get hurt.  Erica mentions she did extraction work with her bounty hunter father and has some ideas.  Lloyd warns if it comes to negotiations they can't let Leila see them lying because a person with her disorder can't stand being manipulated.  Lloyd turns to Erica asking if she just said "bounty work".  Inside the trailer, Taylor is trying to convince his mother there is another way out than what she's thinking.  Charlie calls to Leila from outside announcing himself as a U.S. Marshal.  She tells Taylor she doesn't want to be separated from him again and asks if he wants to be from her.  When he tells her 'no', she tells him she has a plan where they can both be together forever.  Charlie tells her he has good news that Langley survived the shooting and will not press charges and Eddie Vaughn admitted he helped her escape.  In exchange for her testimony against him, she will not face charges.  She becomes angry going to the windows yelling to them they are lying.  Erica hits the gas on the teams vehicle, pulling the end off the trailer where Leila is.  Shea rushes in and takes Taylor to the ground protecting him while Ray and Charlie draw their weapons on Leila telling her to put her gun down.  She puts the gun in her mouth but before she can shoot, Ray hits her, knocking her out.

When everything is finished and the authorities have arrived, Dingus tell Ray and to Charlie to call for backup next time.  Dingus continues tormenting Ray knowing full well there isn't anything he can do about it.  Charlie knows this and pushes Dingus letting him know there is something he can do.  Lloyd tells Erica and Shea that he accepts responsibility for his gambling problem and asks if they will do him one favor.  When they find his body shanked he wants them to tell his mother that he (Lloyd) hates her.  Shea agrees he will and Lloyd tells him to instead tell her he's disappointed in her choices.  Erica introduces herself to Dingus and apologizes for being rude the first time they met.  Charlie calls her away causing Dingus to tell Charlie to take some charm lessons from her.  In the vehicle, she gives Lloyd Dingus' watch and tells him if he ever gets in trouble and jeopardizes her job there she will harvest one of his organs with her thumbnail.  He takes the watch and tells her it's worth $400 max.  When she shows her surprise at his reaction, Shea takes the watch and tells him it will be enough.

Charlie gets off the phone with their boss, Knox, who is happy for once.  A courier arrives with a package for Ray from his daughter.  Inside, he finds a picture and a card saying only "Remember".  Charlie tells him he'll wait for him in the car.  When he's gone, Julie takes the picture and asks if he remembers what he told her when she got kicked out of the Academy.  He said if she didn't give up, she could find her way back one day.  She asks if they do it together.

At Maybelle, Shea takes the watch to the man Lloyd owes the $800 to and tells him his boys debt with him is off the books.  The man tells Shea to tell his boy the watch covers half of it as there is an inconvenience fee applied.  Shea makes it clear to the man that the debt is paid and he will not even think of doing anything further.

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