Thursday, July 15, 2010

Which Came First? The Chicken, or the Egg?

Which came first?  The chicken, or the egg?  It's a question that has been asked by thousands and everyone believes they know the answer.  But, do they?  Does anyone?

A group of researchers at Sheffield and Warwick universities in Britain claim they have the definitive answer to the age-old question:  the chicken.

According to the scientists, a protein that speeds the development of the hard shell of an egg is found only in a chicken's ovaries is necessary for the protection and formation of the egg.  Thus, the egg can only exist if first created inside a chicken.

The scientists revealed their research in a paper, Structural Control of Crystal Nuclei By an Eggshell Protein.  They hope their research lends assistance to other science and technological research.

So, was "the chicken" the answer you always chose when you were asked this riddle?  ;)

For more information you can read this MSNBC Technology and Science article.

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