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Australian Television: Tangle, Season One

Episode 1.1 & 1.2, Original Air Date:  October 1, 2009
Max Williams turns 15 years-old and receives a special visitor for his birthday.  His birth mother, Nat Manning, a former wild child has recently returned to Melbourne from London and she crashes his birthday party.  Max's father, Tim and his wife, Christine seem to have the perfect marriage and life, but there are issues simmering beneath the surface waiting to boil over at any minute.  Ally Kovac wants to have another child but, little does she know, her husband is having an affair.  Romeo, Max, Charlotte and Ned Dougherty party at the home of a dead man Max discovered in the woods near his home.  Gabriel Lucas, Vince Kovac's best friend, who is secretly in love with Ally, comes back to Melbourne.

Episode 1.3, Original Air Date:  October 8, 2009
Vince Kovac and his best friend, Gabriel Lucas, go on a skiing trip that is supposed to be a boys weekend.  However, Vince brings his mistress, Em Barker along on the trip.  The dead man Max found in the last episode is finally found.  Nat and her sister, Ally, go out for a night on the town.  Nat gets a new job in Melbourne.

Episode 1.4, Original Air Date:  October 15, 2009
Vince, Gabriel and Em return from their ski trip where Em was injured.  Vince introduces Gabriel to Charlotte, Em's daughter, as Em's boyfriend.  Gabriel agrees to pretend he is Em's boyfriend to save Ally the pain of knowing her husband is cheating on her.  Christine asks Tim if he's having an affair with Nat and her jealousy goes into overdrive.  Ally is worried she ruined the relationship she has with her radio friend, Yuri and she blames Nat for it.  Romeo, Charlotte and Ned Dougherty decide to party at the house of the dead man even though the body has already been discovered.  Gigi overhears Ally telling Nat about kissing a man outside the bar.  The party the kids have at the dead mans house is broken up by the police.  When the police call the parents in, Max wants Nat to come instead of Christine and Tim.  Ally calls Christine to let her know about Max's arrest.

Episode 1.5, Original Air Date:  October 22, 2009
The parents question their kids about their involvement with the dead man.  Tim faces some tough decisions when he has a chance for advancement to Health Minister at the expense of his mentor.  The parents get together for a meeting about what their kids have done.  Vince blackmails Bryan Dougherty with the finger his son cut from the dead man to prevent him from printing details about Max being at the party.  Ally, Em and Gabriel have an uncomfortable moment at the parent's meeting.  Tim skips the parent's meeting to have dinner with his mentor.  Em breaks up with Vince.  Max goes to visit Charlotte only to find Romeo there.

Episode 1.6, Original Air Date:  October 29, 2009
Romeo reveals to Max that he had sex with Charlotte.  Ally wants to go to counselling with Vince and Romeo; Vince doesn't want to go.  Em refuses to see Vince.  Ally continues talking with her Russian cosmonaut friend, Yuri.  Christine calls Nat wanting to meet with her.  Vince wants to use Tim Williams' new position to his advantage; Tim doesn't like the idea.  The relationship between Tim and his mentor grows bitter.  Ally agrees to go to a party with Nat and Vince becomes jealous because she looks great for their night out.  Tim's mentor commits suicide.  Ally tells Vince about kissing the man after her night out at the bar with Nat and he reacts angrily.  Charlotte and her parents go to their counselling session.  Christine, Nat and Max go to their counselling session.  Ally and Romeo show up for theirs but Ally decides she can't do it.

Episode 1.7, Original Air Date:  November 5, 2009
Christine buys condoms for Max to promote safe sex.  Ally and Vince's marriage becomes strained when his anger over her kissing the man outside the bar gets worse and she stands her ground to him when he wants Nat to move out.  Gigi questions Charlotte about her dad and Em having an affair.  Max spends an afternoon with Nat.  Gigi reveals to Ally that Gabriel and Em were never seeing one another.  Ally confronts Gabriel about Em and he tells her he's been in love with her for a very long time.  Tim calls Nat for a meeting.  Charlotte calls Max after she has an argument with her mother and is kicked out of the house.

Episode 1.8, Original Air Date:  November 12, 2009
Gabriel calls Tim about the state of health care.  The tension grows between Tim and Christine and Tim and Max.  Tim tells Christine he likes Nat because she's fun and his honesty is met with her jealousy.  Vince feels Ally is being strange towards him.  Max and Charlotte console one another.  Tim starts working on the information Gabriel gave him regarding the health care system.  Ally believes Vince is cheating on him so she follows him.  Christine confronts Nat about her relationship with Tim.  Ally confronts Em about her affair with Vince; Em admits to it.  Max asks Tim if Charlotte can move in with them and he agrees causing an argument with Christine.  Vince and Ally have an argument about Em.

Episode 1.9, Original Air Date:  November 19, 2009
Em warns Tim that Vince is going to cause trouble for him.  Ally comes home but she refuses to talk to Vince.  Ally and Gabriel talk.  Vince takes some of his anger out on Nat.  A high Nat calls Tim to ask him to meet her for a drink.  Tim admits he is still attracted to her but that he will always go back to Christine.  Tim and Christine tell Charlotte she needs to move out as Tim prepares for the impending problems Vince could cause him politically.  Ally and Christine discuss the marital problems Ally is having.  Christine adds more to her plate when she tells her Romeo was on YouTube having sex with a girl.  Vince confronts Em in public as Gigi looks on.  Gigi admits to her father she was the one who told her mother the truth about Gabriel and Em.  Romeo and Max have a fight.  Romeo and five of his friends, including Max, go out and they get into a car accident.

Episode 1.10, Original Air Date:  November 26, 2009
Ally and Vince return home from the hospital to find a naked man in the house, someone Nat brought home.  Vince argues with Nat wanting her out of the house for good.  Tim tells Vince he needs to get out of the property deal.  Ally goes to see Gabriel who asks her to marry him.  Max's hearing was damaged in the accident.  Nat goes to see Max in the hospital and he tells her he doesn't really see her as his mum which upsets her.  Nat tells Ally that she needs to leave Vince and that until she decides what to do, she might live with Gabriel since she can't live in the same house with Vince.  Christine angrily confronts the father of the girl who was driving the car during the accident and ends up having a civil conversation with him.  Gabriel goes to Vince and tells him he doesn't deserve Ally.  Vince ends the friendship.  Nat tells Tim that the press called her digging for details about everything going on with Max.  Vince apologizes to his family and tells Ally he will be fighting to keep his family.  Tim holds a press conference about the situation with Max.  The woman Vince is in the property deal with tells him he's out.  Max gets an unexpected visitor.  Ally tells Gabriel she's going to stay with Vince.  Vince and Gabriel end up fighting outside Gigi's school performance.  Something shocking happens to the Kovac family.

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