Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smuggled Tortoises and Frogs Seized in Malaysia

In mid, July, two Malagasy women were arrested after attempting to smuggle almost 400 rare Madagascar tortoises and more than 40 tomato frogs in their luggage through the Kuala Lumpur airport.  This is the second time smuggled animals have been discovered by officials in just a month.  The Radiated and Ploughshare tortoises and frogs were destined for pet shops or to be used as food.

The Radiated and Ploughshare tortoises recently discovered in Kuala Lumpur are extremely rare.  The trade of exotic animals is highly illegal and highly profitable, thus, it is thriving.  Madagascar is a prime source of profitable fare as the animals and plants on the island are, for the most part, unique only to Madagascar. 

For more information you can read an article from BBC News.

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