Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ian Somerhalder "Shaken" By Lack of Hollywood Support for Gulf Region

I just came across this article this morning or I most definitely would have shared it by now.

Actor Ian Somerhalder ("Damon", The Vampire Diaries & "Boone" Lost) has made two trips to the environmentally devastated Gulf region in recent weeks.  On his most recent visit, Somerhalder slept in his rental car, what he called the "Prius cabana suite" because there was no where else to stay due to all the people who have flocked to the Gulf region to try and help tame "the beast" as he calls it.  "The Beast", of course, being the BP oil spill.

Despite all the help in the Gulf, Somerhalder, a Covington, Louisiana native, notices there's something missing:  his Hollywood peers.

"Coming from the entertainment world, I'm really shaken by how quiet Hollywood is", admits Somerhalder.  While he assures his statements are made with the utmost respect for his peers and colleagues, he questions why there hasn't been a larger effort from Hollywood to raise funds to assist with the clean up. 

Hollywood is usually always right there to lend a hand, and some big names, when something bad happens.  But, I agree with Mr. Somerhalder, Hollywood has been surprisingly quiet on this whole issue.  There have been some celebrities who are admittedly trying to do whatever they can such as Kevin Costner.  But where have all the others been?

I applaud Mr. Costner and Mr. Somerhalder for their efforts and for standing up and doing what is right by putting themselves out there to help with this disaster.  I truly hope some of their colleagues in Hollywood take a page from their book and jump in to lend a hand or lend their name to the efforts in the Gulf.  The Gulf needs all the help it can get.

For more information, refer to the entire article including a video about Mr. Somerhalder's most recent trip to the Gulf.

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