Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Funnies: A Little Political Humor

The Sunday Funnies today is going to focus on politics.  Politics doesn't make you chuckle, you say?  Oh, my.  Apparently, you haven't been watching the same politics I have.  And, being the open-minded individual that I am, I can find something that makes me chuckle on both sides of the aisles in US politics so both the Democrats and the Republicans get equal time here today.  Although, I admit that, of today's selection, one side of the aisle tends to make me laugh hysterically more than the other.  (I'll give you a hint:  it has nothing to do with pie.)

Now, on to the funnies...

Do you like pie?  What kind of pie do you like?  Do you like sweet potato pie?  Coconut cream pie?  Do you dream about pie?  Pumpkin pie?  Do you prefer your mother's sweet potato pie over pie you can buy at a diner?  If you had to choose one pie, what pie would you choose?  I like pie.  I like cake more than pie, but I like pie.  If it's the right kind of pie.

How many times can President Barack Obama say the word "pie" in a single speech?  Once?  Twice?  Three Times?  Fifteen times?  Watch the video and find out.  Both videos are basically the same thing, but, I think the fact that the same speech was given more than once certainly underscores just how much President Obama truly does love pie (or, at least likes to use it as an analogy)!

October 11, 2008, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

October 16, 2008, New Hampshire:

Have you ever wondered what God thought of Sarah Palin?  Did you ever wonder if God thought the same thing everyone else does?  Well, apparently he does have an opinion.  And he's posted it on YouTube:

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