Saturday, July 24, 2010

CDN Television: Rookie Blue, Episode 1.5 "Broad Daylight"

Rookie Blue
Season One, Episode Five, Broad Daylight
Original Air Date:  July 22, 2010

The main case this week was a string of B&E's, one of which, resulted in an injury to a maid at the house being robbed.  Nash doesn't want anyone to know she has a child because she doesn't want them to see her differently.  Diaz's girlfriend wants him to propose to her and Epstein thinks Diaz should stay a single man.  McNally spends the night with Callaghan but leaves before he wakes up.  Diaz and Epstein stake out a wedding where they think the burglars will strike next and end up revealing a little too much about themselves to Shaw and a female detective monitoring them in the van.

The main case this week was pretty straightforward.  The police were investigating a string of B&E's and when they thought they had their guys at one crime scene it turned out to be something else entirely.  It does provide a good way for one of our rookies to screw up yet again.  This time, it isn't just McNally making the mistakes.  Nash steps into it this time.

Nash is wanting to keep the fact she has a child secret from everyone else in the department because she wants to be seen as a cop and not as a mum that's also a cop.  Not even Detective Barker knows about her son.  Things don't exactly go as she plans and her secret is out.  It isn't as bad as she thought and even Barker is more accepting of her son than I thought he would be.  Nash's ex, and the father of her son, is a bit selfish.  His son seems more like a burden to him than anything as he wants to have his fun with his new girlfriend instead of taking care of his child.

Peck continues to be super annoying.  She doesn't really do anything other than cause trouble.  At some point later on that may play a big part but for right now, she just gets on my nerves.  Diaz doesn't really seem to keen on the thought of getting married despite the fact that he's basically been given an ultimatum by his girlfriend.  Epstein wants Diaz to stay single so they can continue enjoying the wild bachelor life.  I don't think Epstein quite counted on Diaz's girlfriend being gorgeous.

Swarek gave McNally a warning about Callaghan that Mr. Pretty Boy Detective always chooses a new rookie each year to chase after which she brushes off.  I know Mr. Pretty Boy Detective can't be all he's cracked up to be and McNally has some issues she needs to work through.

All in all, this was a quiet week.  Nothing major happened and the show seemed to be focused more on the characters this week instead of the crime, particularly Nash.

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