Thursday, July 29, 2010

Australian Television: Tangle, Episode 2.2

Season Two, Episode Two
Original Air Date:  July 27, 2010

Life slowly starts to get back to normal for everyone following Vince's death.  Gabriel is becoming ever more distant to Ally as his and Nat's affair continues.  The tension in Christine and Tim's marriage grows.  Nat faces trouble with a colleague.  Ally and Gabriel find Vince's will in his office and Tim gets Ally to sign the papers for the land sale Vince was working on when he died.  Ally learns about Gabriel and Nat's affair.  Three months later, Ally and the kids have moved into a new house and Nat is invited to move in.  Romeo has anger issues to deal with.  Christine and Tim both have great news to celebrate.

After last weeks somber goodbye to Vince Kovac, this weeks show starts off running with the tangled web that is the lives of the characters.  The family and friends who came in to pay their respects to Vince go home and everyone goes back to their normal routines. 

Nat and Gabriel are still having sex virtually every time they see each other.  He's not very happy and is struggling with a whole host of emotions over Vince's death and how he does or doesn't feel about Ally.  I knew it would only be a matter of time before Ally learned of Nat and Gabriel's relationship and wondered how she would react to it.  It wasn't good.

Nat is true to form.  The producer that refused to give her the weather girl job wants to replace her on her job with a younger woman.  Scheming Nat refuses to let that happen and starts planting the seeds of revenge against her nemesis.  I can only imagine that, at some point, her scheming is going to get her into trouble and we'll be left with one very unhappy Nat.

The tension in Christine and Tim's marriage seems to be building at the start of the episode but as the show progresses it doesn't seem so bad.  In the first season, Christine seemed a bit selfish and controlling but she doesn't seem that way now.  She appears to have a lighter attitude this season and I like that. 

In the last six minutes of the show, we skip ahead three months to see that Ally and the kids are starting to build a new life without Vince.  They have moved into a new home.  After the disappointment and anger of learning of the affair between Nat and Gabriel, Ally has become friends with her sister once again and asks her to move in with her and the kids.  Both Christine and Tim have great career news to celebrate while Romeo appears to be dealing with his issues with anger. 

These new developments can only lead to more complications and problems for our characters down the road.  Tim's assistant didn't seem too pleased about Christine's new job.  Nat tells Ally she must have Gabriel back in her life. 

Tangle certainly doesn't disappoint if you're looking for a show with complicated twists and turns and complex and interesting characters.  The only problem I had with this episode was it seemed like the hour was over before it even started.


  1. I love this show, and I'm glad I found your review/thoughts on it as there is no official forum or anything like that to see what other fans think.

    I found it odd in this episode that Spiros didn't seem happy with Christine's job. Maybe there's something more to it!

  2. Thanks for visiting!

    I agree with you on Spiros. He certainly didn't look like a very happy man when he heard the news about Christine's job. He was happy enough about Tim's news but Christine's turned him sour pretty fast.

    I'm expecting some great sparks with this as well as with Nat and how she's scheming with her job.

    I love shows that are full of great twists and turns like Tangle is. It does need a discussion forum so fans can get together and chat about the shows.

  3. There's more to Spiros then meets the eye I think! Those scenes with Nat and her job producer (I think it was) are rather funny, I look forward to seeing how that turns out too.

  4. I agree about Spiros. When he was first introduced I thought he looked kind of sneaky and am convinced he has his own agenda. And with all the twists and turns that Tangle takes, you know if he does and goes after it, it will most certainly cause a heap of trouble for Tim and Christine!

    I love Nat. I can't wait to see how everything turns out with her as well. It will be interesting to see what road all that takes her down. If things work out for her or it gets her into trouble. lol