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US Television: Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1.19 "Na Me'e Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains)"

Hawaii Five-O
Season One, Episode Nineteen, Na Me'e Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains)
Original Air Date:  March 21, 2011

When a man dressed in a superhero costume and cape falls seventeen stories to his death at a Honolulu hotel, Five-O is called in to solve the case.  While Chin Ho and Kono investigate the scene of the crime at the hotel, McGarrett and Danny enter the world of science fiction fans in search of information about the victim.  As the investigation progresses, the Five-O team are led to yet another murder that happened in 2008.  Meanwhile, Steve McGarrett is approached by a woman from the CIA who wants the files belonging to his father and him regarding the investigation of Steve's mothers murder.

At the Lonopuha Hotel in Honolulu, Joanna Reidell (Susan King) is sitting by the pool reading a magazine while her son, Dillan (Ethan Carter), swims in the pool just feet away.  She watches him dive into the water and congratulates him on a job well done then looks back to her magazine.  He goes beneath the water again to swim.  When she looks up from her magazine again, her son is nowhere to be seen.  She searches for him frantically.  After a few seconds, he runs up to her with news he found quarter at the bottom of the pool.  She scolds him for running away and tells him to never do it again.  As they are walking back to where she was sitting, a man, dressed in a superhero outfit and cape falls out of nowhere onto the awning and chairs.

At Five-O headquarters, Danny and McGarrett are arriving for work and making small talk on their way in.  Danny is carrying a brown paper bag and McGarrett stops him wanting to know what is in the bag.  Danny tells him its his lunch and the two bicker for a second about Danny feeling McGarrett wanting to know every last detail of his life before Danny takes a large container of salad out of the bag to show his friend.  Grace, who is taking a nutrition class, is concerned about Danno's health so he promised her he would eat better.  The two men continue into headquarters still talking about eating when Danny notices a woman in McGarrett's office.  A woman neither of them know.

McGarrett approaches the woman and asks if he can help her.  She turns around and introduces herself as Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik) from the Central Intelligence Agency.  He gets a better look at her badge then questions what he can do for her.  She tells him she believes she has something that belongs to him and plays a recording.  On the tape, his father's voice can be heard saying he can't continue the investigation into the police department from the inside.  He asks how she got it and she simply replies "how'd you lose it?".  He tells her the tape was stolen by a local Yakuza boss, a man she already knows about.  She tells him to gather all of his case investigation files and all of his father's private files as the Agency has taken an interest into the investigation and she can say nothing more.  He tells her the Yakuza was targeting his father and responsible for his mother's murder.  To her, it's classified above McGarrett's pay grade.  He tells her to unclassify it and he won't even ask for a raise.  She asks if he wants her to have the director call the Governor to compel him to give her his files.  He asks if she's threatening him and she counters that she wants to know if he's going to make it hard on himself or if they will get along.  Danny opens the door to tell Steve they have something and he tells him he'll be right there.  After Danny leaves, McGarrett turns around for a second then turns back to Kaye and tells her she'll have his files by the end of the day.  He asks her to give him his father's recorder and she tells him he'll get that when she gets the files then leaves his office.

In Danny's car, he asks Steve why he didn't give Kaye his files then and there and wants to know what his play is.  Steve asks if Danny must know every detail of his life and Danny reminds him who he's dealing with in the CIA who wrote the book on interrogation procedures (which Danny is sure McGarrett has a copy of on his beside table as they speak).  McGarrett mentions that legally the CIA can only interrogate foreign nationals.  Danny tells his friend he's a devourer of dreams; he eats them like a little Pac Man in cargo pants.

McGarrett and Danny arrive at the Lonopuha Hotel where Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) is examining the body of the man who fell to his death that morning.  Max chatters on about superheroes as McGarrett and Danno listen with looks on their faces that clearly demonstrate they have no clue who he's talking about.  Once Danny gets Max back to the case at hand, Max tells them the Spectacucon 2011 convention was in town that weekend and he assumed the victim was going to attend.  Max has no I.D. on the victim yet but, from his injuries, assumes he fell at least ten stories and the case definitely is a homicide.  The man has glass fragments in his face indicating he was most likely thrown out of a window or sliding glass door.  On his wrists is residue from duct tape indicating he was bound and he has defensive bruising suggesting a struggle with his attacker.  In a pocket of the man's suit, Danny finds a cell phone with a message from a woman named Psycho Kitty (Aimee Zannoni) stating "Be Careful, he's looking for you."

At the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Spectacucon 2011 is underway with hundreds of participants dressed as their favorite science fiction characters.  As Danny and McGarrett are riding up an escaltor, Steve is finishing a conversation with Kono while Danny watches the people with amusement.  Kono was able to get an I.D. off the victim's cell phone.  He was Alex Baker and was an insurance adjuster from Atlanta that arrived two days ago for Spectacucon.  Chin Ho and Kono are checking out Baker's hotel room as they speak.  They search the convention for Psycho Kitty and Steve points out that, thanks to all the strange costumes, it might take a while to find her.

When Chin and Kono arrive in Baker's hotel room, there are no signs of forced entry or a struggle in the room.  Kono looks over some of the articles in the room while Chin Ho opens the intact sliding glass balcony door and looks over the railing.  The trajectory aligns up as it is a straight drop off Baker's balcony to where he fell.  Chin feels the room isn't the crime scene as the doors aren't broken.  When Kono walks onto the balcony, broken glass crunches under her feet and Chin knows it had to come from the suite directly above them.  The above suite, 1703, is registered to Jonathan DeMille (James Ransone) from Port Allen, Louisiana.  They find a card still in the lock on the door.  Kono removes and replaces the card a couple of times but it doesn't work.  She tries the card the hotel manager gave her for 1703 and the lock opens.  They enter and find the room a mess and the sliding glass doors all but gone.  They have found their crime scene.

At the convention, Steve is showing the picture of Psycho Kitty they got from the phone to attendees but no luck.  A man dressed in a Star Trek DS9 uniform walks past and they stop him.  After a brief discussion of who the man is really dressed as Steve shows him the photo.  He knows who the woman is right off and directs them to where they can find her and gives them her real name, Gail Woodson.  She tells them she and Alex met on an online message board and started talking on the phone.  They had similiar interests and their relationship got really serious, really fast.  They never met face-to-face until that day.  Her ex-husband Trevor Wright (Nicholas Masciangelo) showed up, got angry and caused a big scene.  Trevor told her she couldn't see Alex anymore.  If she did, he would find him and kill him.  At Five-O headquarters, they go over Trevor Wright's jacket from Jacksonville, Florida.  He has an insane number of assault charges and has violated his probation by being in Hawaii.  Danny gets a call that Trevor's rental car was found parked at Kailua Beach.

As Wright is bending to unlock the car, McGarrett calls to him and identifies himself as Five-O.  Wright takes of running with Steve and Danny in pursuit.  Steve chases him along the beach as Danny rides up on a cycle next to them, causing Steve to run all the harder.  Wright runs into the water and Steve jumps and tackles him to the ground and cuffs him.  On the beach, McGarrett pushes Wright onto the sand and tells him he's under arrest for the murder of Alex Baker, someone Wright claims not to know.  Once Danny explains who Baker is, Wright seems surprised to learn he's dead.  He tells them he wanted to scare Baker and that once Baker left, his ex-wife had made it clear they would never be together again.  He was upset and left the convention and came to the beach to take a dolphin watching cruise.  In his shirt pocket is a ticket for Dolphin Excursions at eleven that morning.  Wright tells them at least a dozen people can put him on the cruise.

At the crime scene, Chin informs Kono the suspect has a rock-solid alibi.  She's learned the name the room was booked under, Jonathan DeMille, has been dead for nearly a year.  A credit card with his name a social was opened just a few months ago.  Chin finds a $30,000 watch in the room which proves the room was tossed for something specific and not a robbery.  Kono had the manager run the key card they found in 1703's lock and the card was from 1603, Alex Baker's room.  Baker signed for drinks at the hotel bar that morning.  When Max ran Baker's blood alcohol he found it was three times the legal limit.  The theory comes to light that a drunk Baker got off the elevator on the wrong floor and mistook 1703 for his room.  Whoever was ransacking 1703 pull Baker inside thinking he's the man they want.

At the Davis Residence in Diamond Head, Chin returns the expensive watch found in room 1703 to the woman who lives there, Anne Davis (Perrey Reeves).  The watch belongs to her husband, Richard Davis (D. B. Sweeney) who is out of town on business and should return home that night.  She tells him the watch was stolen from their home three days ago and a police report was filed.  While he's waiting for her to get a copy of the report, he glances around the house and notices the collection of sports memorabilia in the home.

McGarrett is approached by a man on a bridge.  The man calls him by name and hands him an envelope "as requested", tells him to enjoy the rest of his day and walks away.  Steve opens the envelope and reads over the contents:  a personnel file of Jenna Kaye.  It shows that she is "on leave", is an analyst and the subject of the investigation is Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).

Steve goes to Jenna's hotel room and knocks on the door saying he's from housekeeping.  When she opens the door and sees him she shutshousekeeping.  When she opens the door and sees him she shuts it again as he tells her they need to talk. He kicks the door open and goes into the room.  He tells her she has two options:  the first is he walks out of there and the second is she tells him what is really going on because that is the only way she gets to know what he knows.  She tells him she's been tracking the Yakuza longer than he has and is listed in the footnotes of the State Department report outlining how they launder money as a source.  He tells her they got off on the wrong foot and he will call Director Hadley at the Agency and officially offer his services to her task force because that is the sort of freedom Five-O has.  He starts to make the call and she stops him.  She admits she isn't on official assignment.  He lets her know that he knows she's looking for Wo Fat and demands that if Wo Fat is working with the man who killed his mother she needs to let him know right now.  She tells him there's something she needs to show him but not there.

At Five-O headquarters, Kono shows Danny the credit card statements for Jonathan DeMille.  He's spent almost $20,000 in the last couple of weeks at a local strip club.  Armed with that information, they go to the club in search of DeMille.  The bartender knows "Johnny D" and tells them they aren't the only people looking for him.  A big guy that you can just tell is bad news has been looking for Johnny D as well.  When Kono tells the bartender about the murder at the hotel, he tells them there is no way he could have led the man to Johnny D's hotel room as you don't find Johnny D., he finds you.  Johnny was at the club Tuesday while Tiffany was working.  Outside, Kono pulls Tiffany Martin's phone records and text messages and runs a search for Johnny's name and finds several instances of contact between the two for a few weeks.  She continues her search but Johnny uses an untraceable pre-paid cell.  She tells Danny she can spoof Tiffany's cell and make it look like she sent Johnny D. a message.  Danny tells her to move over because it should be very filthy and since Kono is a young lady he should be the one to send it.  When it's clear his message won't do in the least, she pushes him aside and sends one of her own.  Within seconds, Johnny D. responds.

At Five-0 headquarters, Jenna gives Steve more information about Wo Fat who used to be a good guy before he realized criminal work paid better than government work.  There are twenty-three bodies tied to Wo Fat that she knows of.  She tracked Wo Fat to Hawaii a few months ago when he paid a visit in prison to the man who killed McGarrett's father, Victor Hess.  She gives him the information Hess works for Wo Fat, something McGarrett never knew as with the Yakuza.  None of them make a move without Wo Fat's approval.  She believes Wo Fat ordered the murder of McGarrett's father has Hess arrived in Hawaii before his brother had ever been captured by McGarrett's team.  He asks her why she broke away from the agency to hunt Wo Fat on her own rather than do it from within the Agency.  Three years ago, she was working the Central Agent desk at Langley when she discovered a series of illegal arms deals brokered out of China.  Her team traced them back to Wo Fat who wasn't on the Agencies radar yet.  She got too wrapped up in the hunt.  A team dispatched using her intel was killed in a set-up.  Her fiance was on the team.  She was removed from the team because of conflict of interest but she cannot let it go.  He asks what she'll do when she finds him and she replies "same thing you would do".  He tells her to wait and goes to his desk and gets the envelope from his desk drawer that contains the postcards and evidence stolen from his father's toolbox left on his doorstep a week ago.  As she looks over the cards his phone rings.  Danny tells him they have a lead on Johnny D.  He tells her to use his office so she can analyze what he has handed her and that they'll meet tomorrow to discuss what she's learned then goes to meet with Danny.

The team watches as Johnny D. arrives.  When he sees the lights on their cars, he tries to speed away even though his tires are shredded but he's easily caught.  They take him back to headquarters for interview.  When they show him Baker's picture, he asks a few questions about Baker then tells them he got word someone was following him and gives them a brief description and said he was laying low.  McGarrett asks him what he stole that was worth killing for.  He takes them to a house and opens the garage revealing it packed full of items he's stolen.  Steve and Danny search the garage and find plenty of expensive loot but Steve sees nothing an insurance claim wouldn't cover.  Steve picks up a snowglobe and hears something rattle in the base.  He opens it and hands what he finds (a memory card for a digital camera) to Danno then asks Johnny D. why he would steal the snowglobe, which has the Space Needle in it.  Johnny D. tells him he always wanted to go to Paris.  Danny asks where he stole the snow globe and he replies that he's hit so many places it's impossible to say.

At headquarters, Kono tells Steve the memory card is password protected with what looks like 64-bit encryption but she can crack it.  Chin presents them with a sketch of Johnny D's stalker based on his description and three employees reported seeing the man at the hotel around the time Baker was killed but he hasn't been able to match a name to the face.  When Kono has cracked the card, she brings up the contents, a video file.  It's dated July  2008 and shows Lindsey Roberts (Kristina Waiau), a murdered local girl with a mystery man.  Baker was killed and Johnny D. was followed because the mystery man wanted the evidence linking him to Lindsey's murder back.

At the Robert's Residence in Aiea, Steve and Danny speak with her parents Lisa (Cecilia Brown) and Phil (Don Nahaku).  Danny asks if she was involved with anyone and her father tells them she had no time for boyfriends between school and her internship.  They show her parents still photographs from the video they found on the card and they both immediately recognize the man:  Richard Davis, Lindsey's boss.  Max tells Chin and Kono that they weren't able to determine the murder weapon used to kill Lindsey but, during the autopsy, they recovered a wood fiber embedded in the skull.  Since the body was found in the woods, Max's superior ruled it was wood from there.  However, the question always nagged at Max and he did his own research using the wood fragment from Lindsey's skull, which he kept.  He saved for six months to pay for the testing on it.  The type of wood was old and wasn't from Hawaii and came from a baseball bat from the 1950's.

Chin and Kono arrive at the Davis home with a search warrant and arrest Richard Davis.  Chin goes directly to the baseball bat he saw earlier.  At headquarters, Chin and Steve question Davis about the bat and Lindsey.  He denies killing Lindsey and denies having an affair with her.  When shown a still from the card, he still denies killing her because he loved her.  He admits to the affair and that they were in his office but he never made any video of them together.  Danny opens the door and calls Chin and Steve out saying there's something they need to see.  Five calls from Davis' direct line to Lindsey's cell phone were found one week after she disappeared.  Kono did more digging and found prints belonging to Anne Davis on the memory card.  Anne pays her personal trainer $500 every month.  A few days ago, he got a $10,000 bonus.  When the photo of her trainer is brought up, along with his long record, Chin recognizes the face as it matches the sketch drawn up from Johnny D's description.  Five-O arrest him and bring Anne Davis in.  She watches the video of her husband and Lindsey but refuses to answer questions until her attorney arrives.  She sees McGarrett, Kono and Danny bring in her trainer.  McGarrett informs her he was much chattier than she was and he told them she gave him 10 grand to retreive some stolen goods, the snowglobe in particular.  She tells them she set up the hidden camera but never confronted Richard about the affair.  She emailed Lindsey from Richard's computer the night she learned of the affair and asked her to come over to her house as she wanted to talk.  Lindsey admitted she was in love with Richard and he was going to leave his wife so they could be together.  She didn't mean to kill Lindsey.  McGarrett gives the order to "Book 'em, Danno".

That night, as McGarrett is sitting in a restaurant, Wo Fat walks up to his table and sits down.  Steve pulls his gun on Wo Fat beneath the table but Wo Fat makes it clear he has an assurance of his own safety.  He describes the car Jenna Kaye is driving and says he's sure she'll make it to the restaurant without incident causing Steve to withdraw his weapon.  Wo Fat tells Steve he wants to know the man who is trying to know him.  McGarrett states that he believes Wo Fat is responsible for his parents' murders, which Wo Fat finds an "interesting theory".  Steve promises him if the theory pans out, he will find him and it will be on his terms.  Wo Fat gives him some advice not to dig too deeply into his (McGarrett's) families past as he might not like what he finds.  He puts money on the table to pay for the dinner then leaves.

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